Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sirius, election day and Obama's progressed chart

BO and B.Obama running
Looking back at my 2010 post about Obama and about the 2012 elections, I read what I wrote about fixed star Sirius again. I almost forgot that the fixed star Sirius is opposition the Progressed Midheaven of Barack Obama in this period of Presidency. During the first year of his office, transit Sirius passed the progressed meridian.

Sirius, if culminating, means 'high office'*) and being the President of the USA is perhaps the highest office in the world. Sirius is opposition MC, and that is the opposite of culminating. Barack Obama IS the President. Perhaps it is enough to hit the meridian...

Here is the progressed chart of November 6, 2012 when transit Sun is trine Sirius, a perfect day to see who will be the next one in 'high office'. In fact, transit Sun was trine Sirius every Presidential election day of the past century and trine everybody's Sirius. Barack Obama's progressed Midheaven also 'hits' that trine.

 Sirius is the 'dog star' (think of Sirius Black in Harry Potter: he sometimes appeared as a dog). When Barack Obama entered the White House, he was given ... a dog (called Bo, B-arack O-bama). Time will tell if transits and progressions go bye. It will be November 6 soon.

Here is the natal, progressed and transits of November 6, 2008, when transit Jupiter was square the progressed Ascendant. (Jupiter is quindecile natal Midheaven in 2012 and transit Pluto opposition natal Sun/Moon. In the solar return chart for birthday in Washington DC, Jupiter is on top)
2008, natal, transits and progressions
Washington DC solar return 2012

1. Wrote about the 2 november 2010 elections and jumped to 2012, thinking about Sirius in the progressed chart of Obama:

2. Dog Days, fixed star Sirius and Sirius Black

3. *) Constellation of Stars tells you more about the meaning and positions of fixed stars. Here is something about Sirius, citing Robson who told us that if Sirius is culminating you may expect a high position in the government! (It takes more than a fixed star to become a President, of course!:)

4. President Obama's progressed chart says more about his career than the natal chart does. The elevated Saturn in Capricorn with Pluto rising before the Sun are telling us about the importance of strategy (politics) and status (managing). He sort of grew into this position, as I explained in an earlier post. And now he will always be one of the Presidents...


a PS: watch Mitt Romney's progressed Midheaven square Sirius here:

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Transit Uranus, Morales and Berlusconi

Transits of Uranus  are almost always shocking, surprising or life changing. Today transit Uranus was opposition the Sun of Silvio Berlusconi and unlike before, the judge wanted him behind bars! Of course there is more bad news in the chart to accompany the change: Progressed Mars is inconjunct Saturn. A Mars-Saturn conflict is never easy. Neither is the inconjunct. Mars-Saturn is about discipline (or being disciplined) and quincunxes are about losing balance and loss. He lost his case. Also, during the trial, transit Neptune was in conflict with Mars. Here is the chart with transits and progressions. For more about Berlusconi, click the label!

In 'Transit Uranus, Morales and mice'  I wrote a bit about Evo Morales, Presidente of Bolivia (second term), but not much, more about the surprising elections of that moment. Today, October 26, is his birthday. Even though the hour of birth is still a mystery, I like to mention this chart. It is because the Scorpio Sun conjunct Mars, both quintile Uranus, is so clearly visible in the unorthodox and 'macho' behavior. He ones said that all women got pregnant in the villages that he visited (he didn't say if he fathered their children).

Every person born on October 26, 1959 has Pluto rising before the Sun (for the strategic vision and -says Noel Tyl - for knowing the 'right' kind of people -). They also have Venus 'calling': that makes them keen diplomates and points at the importance of style and women. A Venus-Pluto prominence also tells us that 'to have and to have not' (or money) is an issue. There is more in the chart of October 26, 1959. And that is the number of positions in fixed signs: a sign of strong will.

Two actors, a football player and an anthropologist were among those born on the same day as Evo Morales. It all depends on where you were born, your situation and… the natal chart with hour of birth. Evo Morales became a political activist and a president later.  He used the Sun/Mars quintile Uranus (creative short fuse, creative way to be 'different') in the world of politics where he refuses to wear grey suites and ties.

For those interested in the Mars-Uranus effect, see A prominent Mars-Uranus tells us about the importance of revolution, speed (and the risk of accidents), making fast changes, extraordinary use of energy, humanitarian actions and … terrorism. A Mars_Uranus conflict in the male chart is one of the indications of divorce. The other ones are: Moon-Saturn, Moon-Neptune, Venus-Neptune, Mars in Libra, Venus in Aries, conflicts between the first and seventh house.

Visit: for examples of charts with Mars-Uranus aspects and midpoints

About transits of Uranus, see this post on this blog.
If you want more about Berlusconi, than use the search bar on top (on the left) or click on the label below..

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Juno and the engagement of Princess Madeleine

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is engaged, again (Daily News reports: ). Juno is on her Progressed Ascendant now.

In 2010 her long time relationship with fiancé Jonas ended. I blogged about that moment (here is the link) and showed you that there was a complicated composition of sad transits and progressions with one exception: JUPITER
Jupiter is the symbol of traveling, having success or being supported. Jupiter is a positive sign and often indicates the bright side in a bad situation.  Transit Jupiter was opposition her Midheaven and so she went to the USA. That is where she met Christopher O'Neill. Happy again! 

I studied the chart, progressions and transits and found an interesting transit of Juno (symbol of marriage) exactly at the progressed Ascendant (horizon…). Marriage IS on the horizon when you get engaged. Juno, in mythology, is Jupiter's wife. 

Does Juno reflect Mr or Mrs Right, I asked myself in an earlier blog. I mentioned a few examples and one of those was... myself. Juno is important in my chart. She rises before the Sun and that is a prominent position. I am married, yes, since many many years. Juno was square my Moon and trine my Ascendant when I first met him. But in December 1977 transit Juno was on my Sun/MC when I moved (we moved closer to my family in law). And on other occasions I can't remember what happened. It would be dramatic if transit Juno  indicated 'Mr. Right' every time. That is because Juno moves quickly. Every 4 to 5 years transit Juno is conjunct my Sun and MC, for example. She will be conjunct my Sun and MC on November 20/21 2012 and that is very very soon....!!! 

My conclusion was that it takes more than a transit of Juno to meet Mr. Right, but IF you make an announcement or IF you have an important moment regarding marriage, watch Juno. She might be there...

(If anything important happens, I will let you know...)

Ephemeris of Juno on (choose astrology and planetary tables)

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ambition in the chart

A Ferrari is a cute and fast car. It is an ambitious car, too. But it is not about the car here. It is about  a doctor with the name of the car. And about signs of ambition in the chart of his day of birth. 

Doctor Ferrari (March 26, 1953, Ferrara) is said to have received a million dollar following his advice to Lance Armstrong. That is a lot. And Lance Armstrong was not the only one... What does it take to be able to receive so much money for such advices? And what has he got (apart from the knowledge)?

1. Saturn! Saturn rises before the Sun in the chart of Ferrari. It is the symbol of the manager, the one with an official degree and 'classics'. Becoming a doctor is gaining status. 

2. Moon in Leo. That is a good Moon for the need to be the boss, be the star and be the king or queen. You shine like a star when Moon is in Leo.

3. The 'calling' Sun. When the Sun doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees, you have a special urge to draw attention, somehow, anyhow. Perhaps as a 'star' or a leader...

4. A combination with Jupiter and Pluto helps you to be a success. Doctor Ferrari has Sun semi square Juptier and sesquisquare Pluto. The Sun-Jupiter-Pluto combination increases self confidence. 

5. Discretion! (Mercury inconjunct Neptune and inconjunct Pluto, in a Yod) 

It is the combination that does it! Those qualities are also the qualities needed for top politicians (discretion, ambition, being serious and drawing attention/being a leader). At least two politicians were born on the day that Michele Ferrari was born. 

But there is also something difficult about the aspects on his day of birth. The Mercury-Neptune inconjunction can cause legal problems, too. It all depends on the whole chart, the situation and the choices that one makes. See the examples (use the label Mercury Neptune). It won't be the first time that doctor Ferrari is in trouble.


In 1999 Ferrari told the world that he worked with blood doping. This openness (P Sun conjunct Jupiter) in good times turned out to be wrong in 2002, when he was being prosecuted but found not guilty (lack of evidence). In 2002 Progressed Sun was inconjunct Neptune. 


At the moment transit Uranus is square his Sun. You know what transits of Uranus do? They amaze, surprise and shock you! With Uranus hectic and nervous times are coming. And when you are a VIP, you get attention (wanted or not) with transit Uranus. 

PS Are you born around March 26, June 27 or October 28? Transit Uranus hits your natal Sun, too. You can simply be upset. You can also become a controversial person. Change is is in the air. And that is in the air for Ferrari, too.  


other doctor with wrong perscriptions : Conrad Murray. Nog een dokter die bekend werd om het verstrekken van foute middelen was Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson). This is the chart of the day of birth of Ferrari. The transits are of the day of birth of Murray. 

Here is the link to the chart of Enzo Ferrari and to more about the life of the man of the car...

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Armstrong, Tour de France en Uranus-Pluto

This blog is about doping, Armstrong and the Tour de France.  It is not the first time that I write about this subject (see the link below). There is a reason to write about this again. It is because of Lance Armstrong and because of Uranus-Pluto.  Time for a big change of the Tour?

I am supposed to be good at riding the bike, because of the fact that I was born in a country full of bikes. But I am not. I don't use my bike, unless it is beautiful weather without a breeze and in company of my husband who has to help me get over a dike (and even then I often simply have to step off and walk). I also don't like watching the Tour. In my eyes it is a superhuman effort and it is impossible to complete the Tour without using doping. It is a crazy challenge. But, some people think that it can be done with training, muscle power and the will to win. So be it. Maybe it can. One of the people who won, was Lance Armstrong.


Were we surprised that an average biker came back after cancer treatment and became the best of them all? The investigators were surprised and wanted to know more. The public considered him to be a hero and a living miracle. (We want to believe that miracles exist. We can, can't we?) That miracle and the idol are in the chart. It is in Jupiter conjunct Neptune, quintile Mars (trine Uranus).

Above is the chart of the day of his birth (time unknown) with today's transits and progressions.

Those are the tightest aspects of this chart. Visualize it!

Jupiter conjunct Neptune
Mars trine Uranus

The devoted public (Jupiter-Neptune) created (quintile) by a fast man (Mars-Uranus). 

People enjoyed watching him win. But now... 

In hard times the hard aspects in the chart sound louder. Now we see Mercury square Saturn (it takes time to give an answer...). And the bad side of Jupiter-Neptune becomes clear: you can cheat better with Jupiter-Neptune. It is pay back time (transit Pluto inconjunct Saturn) now that newspapers want the millions back that they payed him when they 'falsely' accused him. There is a lot of news, tension and controversy (transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Sun). And it is not the end, yet. Progressed Sun is getting closer to a quincunx with Saturn. That is one of the hardest aspects to deal with! It is about losing status and condition. It is about falling hard (a real fall or a fall from a pedestal). It is also about having to deal with the facts of life.  

The natal chart with Sun conjunct, and Mars sesqui square Pluto tells us about a strong drive to win. And yes, that is why...When Lance Armstrong came back after cancer treatment, transit Jupiter was inconjunct his progressed Sun and that is what I call 'the negative positive' aspect. Jupiter is always there in the stories about doping and it might not be coincidence that Jupiter is the symbol of coaches and doctors, too. They 'helped'  the men win and they never joined forces to make an end to the crazy demands. But it might be time for a change right now! 


Here is the chart of the very first Tour de France. I took 12:40 for starting time, just like in one of the later Tours de France. And see: the Uranus-Pluto square hits the Sun of the first Tour de France. This sun is in the 9th degree of Cancer. Both Uranus and Pluto (the duo of dramatic change) are in hard aspect with that degree. Early December will be the final opposition of transit Pluto and end of March 2013 you see transit Uranus square that degree. It is time for a revolutionary change! Starting with the "parcours"? Above is the picture (thanks Wikipedia!) of how they climb up Alpe d'Huez. 

Watch Mars quintie Uranus in the Tour's chart! Mars-Uranus really belongs to the Tour.


On doping at Astropost (Engels):
On Saturnus en Pluto and the boomerang effect: 
On Jupiter, Neptune en the devoted public: 

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mars-Mars synastry

When - in a relationship - Mars is in conflict with the partner's Mars, you might expect fire. When there is fire, you might also get hurt.

Maybe that is why there are so many examples of conflicts of Mars in synastry in the charts of divorced couples.

 Let us say that when there is a Mars-Mars synastry, there is at least smoke and often fire, and even more often: sex (as an issue of importance). Fact is that this fire can cause arguments and even fights.

In not romantic relationships Mars-Mars synastry mirrors either cooperation or competition. When Mars is conjunct Mars, you may expect joined drives to achieve a common goal. Their may be (sometimes stimulating) conflicts between you when Mars is in hard aspect with Mars, but an opposition might see you end up in a duel or you just split up, in the end.

Depending on the situation and on the other players in the synastry Mars will be the warming fire or the overheated fighter. It is up to us to keep it in control. To some of us, that is harder.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chart of a skydiver (Baumgartner)

Update: he did it! On October 14.
This is the chart of Felix Baumgartner, the skydiver who was about to jump today, from almost out of space. Here is the news with life video. And see that they say it is been called off. Another delay...gusty winds this time.

What kind of a chart does a dare devil have? Evil Knievel's chart shows caution (Moon-Saturn, or else he wouldn't have become that old). This chart, with Saturn rising before the Sun, shows the importance of caution and ambition. He is about to fall out of the sky in New Mexico, in an attempt to go supersonic from a record altitude (23 miles high). Saturn represents 'falling, but still, transit Saturn opposition natal Sun (and semi sextile Uranus), doesn't seem the right moment to me (it would never be the right moment FOR me!) I know that he wanted to jump on October 5 and weather conditions weren't right then. Maybe that was Saturn, too... And how about T Neptune inconjunct Uranus? A perfect aspect for a hype.

Here is the chart. In the natal chart Mercury and Uranus don't have aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. The Sun inconjunct Uranus and conjunct Saturn might mirror a sort of a lack of freedom or indepence and willing to break free (or to break records, in this case:).

For now:  watch progressed Venus inconjunct Jupiter (a party, with a 'but'), and transit Jupiter opposition Mars (a success? a lot of drive?). We don't know his hour of birth and can only guess about the aspects with his Ascendant and Midheaven. Transit Saturn is opposition Sun, so maybe this jump really ends a period of life. Maybe it is the limit.

May he land safely, whenever he jumps.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Mercury-Saturn trip

Delay, that is what astrologers expect (at least) when there is a Mercury-Saturn combination in the air or 'hitting' a chart. A good example of the Mercury-Saturn aspect is John Cleese's cab experience. He was in a hurry and had to pay a fortune to go from Brussels to Oslo because there were no plains due to volcanis ash.

When you travel with Mercury Saturn something might go wrong with your appointment. So when I met another astrologer in London with Mercury square Saturn, we were both too early as we expected delays! It's harder to be exactly on time with Saturn...even for astrologers.

Mercury-Saturn block or delay normal transport.  I wonder if  Mercury Saturn is at home on every airport, always, but I am sure that my weekend flight to Nice on October 5, 2012 had a Mercury-Saturn component. We had a delay when we left and we had a delay when we were going home. Cause: there was malfunction in an earlier flight....We also had to be patient in a row for about 1,25 hours just to get the rental car that we ordered.  I waited for more than half an hour, standing in a line up, to get an expensive bottle of water, as the automatic lemonade supply didn't function and the hall was overcrowded because all of the plains were cancelled or delayed. Of course, the rental car had a bruise (not ours), too. More delay...

Interesting is, that when we were not waiting or traveling, time flew! Especially when I was sitting on the terrace, eyes closed, listening to the trees. Maybe time flew because this weekend was a pleasant one (I had T Venus on my Descendant!). The only nasty thing about the Provence in October : insects. I had mosquito stabs on arm and leg on the right side of my body and now I have big red hot spots and a stiff ankle and antihistamine inside. You can't have them all, can you? Not with Mercury Saturn! There must be a disadvantage about the trip...

Daniel Baxter has some nice cartoons about flights and delay...
More about Mercury on Astromarkt

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Margareth Hone, a Libra astrologer

Margareth Hone was a well known British astrologer and a Libra, born on October 2, 1892. She was known as Peg Hone in the 50's of the 20th Century.
Margareth Hone helped founding The Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1948. She worked with the important British astrologers of her days. What Libra can do for astrology, is finding allies and seeking balance working together and finding diplomatic ways to communicate the meaning of the chart.
She helped to found the UK Astrological Association. She wrote "The Modern Text Book of Astrology".

This is her chart. The transits and progressions are for the day of her death (see Progressed Sun inconjunct Progressed MC and transit Neptune - ruler 8th house of life and death - square Ascendant).

Most astrologers have a Jupiter-Uranus connection in their charts. It is different and not so obvious in the chart of Margareth Hone. Venus is in aspect with both Jupiter (trine) and Uranus (quintile). The Aquarian Moon (ruled by Uranus) is in minor aspect with Jupiter (67.5 degrees, a half sesquisquare).

Her prominent placements included the Mercury-Saturn conjunction rising before the Sun and the Venus-Chiron conjunction with the Ascendant. I'd say that this Mercury-Saturn points at the importance of science (and ambition to write or give instructions). There is a big trine between Sun, Moon and Neptune-Pluto in the 10th house. Neptune and Pluto are the planets of mystery and the ' supernatural' or say: spiritual. Maybe she was highly sensitive? (Was she involved in theosophy, like Carter?)
The elevated Vesta tells us about dedication, above all.

Charles E.O. Carter appreciated her work. This famous astrologer knew Margareth Hone. Astrology (IMO) is symbolized by Jupiter-Uranus. The Jupiter-Uranus connection can be found in the synastry of the charts of Margareth Hone and Charles E.O. Carter.

  •  Her Jupiter is trine his Midheaven (in aspect with his Jupiter/Uranus midpoint). 
  • His Uranus is trine her Moon. 
As you may notice, Jupiter and Uranus are prominent in the chart of Carter. Jupiter rises before the Sun and Uranus is conjunct Ascendant. Jupiter is half semi square Uranus. Maybe that prominence tells us how important astrology was for Carter. This is his chart

The picture above is Jacob Jordaens idea of Libra (17th Century), found on Wikipedia.

1. About Margareth Hone

2. C.E.O. Carter wrote 'The astrology of accidents' and I wrote about that on Astromarkt:

3. I plan to write about an astrologer each month. Here is the link to what I blogged about Virgo astrologer Zipporah Dobyns (who worked with asteroids, the small objects...)
What the sign of Virgo can do for astrology is:
- keep up the standards and never believe it all
- contribute perfect data
- find ways to use astrology in every day's life (without drifting away, I mean)

4. About Jupiter-Uranus and the charts of astrologers:

5. About aspects between Jupiter and Uranus and midpoint combinations with Jupiter/Uranus:

6. Neptune and Pluto; combination of the silent force

7. Bob Marks about Vesta

and see the labels for more background info!

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