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Sirius, election day and Obama's progressed chart

BO and B.Obama running
Looking back at my 2010 post about Obama and about the 2012 elections, I read what I wrote about fixed star Sirius again. I almost forgot that the fixed star Sirius is opposition the Progressed Midheaven of Barack Obama in this period of Presidency. During the first year of his office, transit Sirius passed the progressed meridian.

Sirius, if culminating, means 'high office'*) and being the President of the USA is perhaps the highest office in the world. Sirius is opposition MC, and that is the opposite of culminating. Barack Obama IS the President. Perhaps it is enough to hit the meridian...

Here is the progressed chart of November 6, 2012 when transit Sun is trine Sirius, a perfect day to see who will be the next one in 'high office'. In fact, transit Sun was trine Sirius every Presidential election day of the past century and trine everybody's Sirius. Barack Obama's progressed Midheaven also 'hits' that trine.

 Sirius is the 'dog star' (think of Sirius Black in Harry Potter: he sometimes appeared as a dog). When Barack Obama entered the White House, he was given ... a dog (called Bo, B-arack O-bama). Time will tell if transits and progressions go bye. It will be November 6 soon.

Here is the natal, progressed and transits of November 6, 2008, when transit Jupiter was square the progressed Ascendant. (Jupiter is quindecile natal Midheaven in 2012 and transit Pluto opposition natal Sun/Moon. In the solar return chart for birthday in Washington DC, Jupiter is on top)
2008, natal, transits and progressions
Washington DC solar return 2012

1. Wrote about the 2 november 2010 elections and jumped to 2012, thinking about Sirius in the progressed chart of Obama:

2. Dog Days, fixed star Sirius and Sirius Black

3. *) Constellation of Stars tells you more about the meaning and positions of fixed stars. Here is something about Sirius, citing Robson who told us that if Sirius is culminating you may expect a high position in the government! (It takes more than a fixed star to become a President, of course!:)

4. President Obama's progressed chart says more about his career than the natal chart does. The elevated Saturn in Capricorn with Pluto rising before the Sun are telling us about the importance of strategy (politics) and status (managing). He sort of grew into this position, as I explained in an earlier post. And now he will always be one of the Presidents...


a PS: watch Mitt Romney's progressed Midheaven square Sirius here:

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Amber said...

It's great to see somebody else writing about the progressed moon and the upcoming election. Just love the progressed moon, its my favorite prediction tool! I just wrote a blog about how Mitt Romney will probably lose because his progressed moon is just entering the 12th house, while Obama's is in the second. Also, interesting to learn more about the dogstar... Thanks.


Astromarkt said...

Thanks for your comment. In a few days I'll write about the astrology lessons learned drom this election.