Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chart of a skydiver (Baumgartner)

Update: he did it! On October 14.
This is the chart of Felix Baumgartner, the skydiver who was about to jump today, from almost out of space. Here is the news with life video. And see that they say it is been called off. Another delay...gusty winds this time.

What kind of a chart does a dare devil have? Evil Knievel's chart shows caution (Moon-Saturn, or else he wouldn't have become that old). This chart, with Saturn rising before the Sun, shows the importance of caution and ambition. He is about to fall out of the sky in New Mexico, in an attempt to go supersonic from a record altitude (23 miles high). Saturn represents 'falling, but still, transit Saturn opposition natal Sun (and semi sextile Uranus), doesn't seem the right moment to me (it would never be the right moment FOR me!) I know that he wanted to jump on October 5 and weather conditions weren't right then. Maybe that was Saturn, too... And how about T Neptune inconjunct Uranus? A perfect aspect for a hype.

Here is the chart. In the natal chart Mercury and Uranus don't have aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. The Sun inconjunct Uranus and conjunct Saturn might mirror a sort of a lack of freedom or indepence and willing to break free (or to break records, in this case:).

For now:  watch progressed Venus inconjunct Jupiter (a party, with a 'but'), and transit Jupiter opposition Mars (a success? a lot of drive?). We don't know his hour of birth and can only guess about the aspects with his Ascendant and Midheaven. Transit Saturn is opposition Sun, so maybe this jump really ends a period of life. Maybe it is the limit.

May he land safely, whenever he jumps.

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Astromarkt said...

Baumgartner announces 'retirement' (no more of such dives) and that is in perfect line with Saturn (ending a period, see above).