Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Carla Bruni offended

An offense targets you. Perhaps that is why transit Mars is square the Ascendant of Carla Bruni, now that it is public knowledge that the official press in Iran calls the French first lady a whore and an immoral woman, following her support of Sakineh Mohammadi, the woman who has been convicted for 'murder' by the authorities in Iran. With transit Jupiter square natal Sun, however, Carla Bruni will be supported and helped. Transit Node conjunct progressed Venus is also like a warm bath. There are enough plasters for the wound, if there is any. It is not as bad as what happens to Sakineh Mohammadi...

Continue for the chart and the links to more about Carla Bruni or sign the petition for Sakineh Mohammadi here: http://freesakineh.org/

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mercury trine Uranus and Progressed Sun square Mars

Mercury-Uranus: learn to count to 10
Whenever I read about controversial discussions, I think of Mercury-Uranus. It is an aspect for provoking discussions and communicating political incorrect opinions or ideas in the wrong company, before having counted to ten. This post is about a Mercury trine Uranus. 
A trine is a harmonious aspect and offers chances. The trine shows what you can do (and often you choose the easy way and do what you can do). Astrological aspects don't show right or wrong. They just show possibilities. In this example Mercury trine Uranus made it possible to write a shocking book named ' Deutschland schafft sich ab'. A complete controversy followed...

The author is Thilo Sarrazin, a controversial German politician (SPD, socialist democratic party) born on February 12, 1945 in Gera. His Mercury is trine Uranus with a 2 degree orb. In progression Uranus has now reached natal Mercury and perfected the trine. This year his progressed Uranus is trine his Mercury. Exactly this year he is in the news (Uranus) with his books (Mercury), ideas (Mercury) and opinions (Mercury). 
Trines enable events. A trine between Mercury and Uranus enables you to rebel with words and Sarrazin wrote a political incorrect book. Now mrs. Merkel wants him to be fired. This happens with his Progressed Sun square Mars. One of the meanings of Mars is...fire.

Continue for the chart, the links and more about Progressed Sun square Mars and an advice for the Mercury-Uranus-man or woman...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ceres and the will of Liliane Bettencourt

Writer François-Marie Banier is no longer the heir of Liliane Bettencourt, principle shareholder of l'Oreal. He had enough, she said. She gave him about one billion during their friendship and her daughter Françoise started a trial against the 'exploitation of the weakness' of her mother, who also was one of the victims of Bernard Madoff.The writer is 25 years younger than Liliane Bettencourt and could be her son. Ceres is the symbol of motherly love and heirloom  (see the post about Ceres).
Ceres of the writer (27Ar11) is exactly opposition the Sun of Liliane Bettencourt (27Libra11).

Continue for the charts and more links...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It is Pholus again...

Pholus keeps coming back on this blog. This time I noticed the transit and progression with/from Pholus with the progressed Sun in the chart of Crispin Blunt. Crispin Blunt, a conservative British politician, had a public coming out yesterday. The BBC-news reported about it (link). It must be an enormous turning poin in the life of the father of two. This situation is being reflected by a double Pholus aspect:

- transit Pholus square his progressed/solar arc Sun
- this is the year of his progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Pholus. 

It is amazing that a piece of stone  (dimension 185x16 km; the remains of shattered objects) keeps coming back as the symbol of a dramatic or important change! Pholus is small, unseen, but significant...as it seems (see the examples). A Pholus-Sun contact often has great impact. (BTW: when an asteroid hits the sun, the sun isn't left undamaged... See YouTube)

Pholus + Sun: turning point in honour or lifestyle/health, something starts changing your life. 
In some cases the persons sex life was in the spotlight. Examples are in the ' Pholus files', just as links to more information about the myth and more posssible meanings of Pholus aspects.

Here is some information about the object Pholus:

More coming outs:

More Pholus? see the label

The zodiac has 360 degrees, divided into 12 pieces, the sun signs. The sun moves through the zodiac in an average 365,25 days every year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Capricorn is the 10th sign. Pisces is the last sign. Every day the Sun moves about 1 degree further in the zodiac. This is 'secondary progression'. 
In June the Sun will move less than 1 degree, in December the Sun will move more than one degree per day. So when you are born in summer, it will take a little bit longer before your progressed Sun will reach the next sign, than when you are born in winter.

You can calculate the progressed Sun on Astro.com (it is for free).

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Friday, August 27, 2010

The sometimes controverial statesman in the chart of Jimmy Carter

This is the chart with transits and progressions for Jimmy Carter, now that he is coming back from North Korea with a released American prisoner, Aijalon Gomez. (See the announcement here..) North Korea only wanted to let him go, if Jimmy Carter came to get him and Carter agreed. Transit Vesta, the symbol of dedication, is on Carter's Sun right now:
Natal and transits of Jimmy Carter
There are more transits and progressions at the moment that you see in the chart above and in the chart of natal, transits and progressions (later in this post). The natal chart shows us an ambitious leader with a very strong personality who is first of all a dedicated idealist with sometimes controversial ideas and decisions. This post is about a 'calling' Sun and Saturn, Moon in Scorpio trine Pluto, Venus with Neptune/Vesta and last but not least about Mercury-Uranus...Those are the most important features of his chart. They tell us the main story...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chart of moment of intruder in Paris Hilton's house

chart of moment of call and (in green) natal positions day of birth P.Hilton

This is the chart of 6:42 a.m. on Tuesday August 24,when Paris Hilton called the police about an intruder in her house. The green position are the positions on Paris Hilton's day of birth. The hout of birth of Paris Hilton is uncertain. So we don't know the degree of the Moon. What combinations are there on that moment?

  • The transit Moon is semi sextile her Pholus and transit Moon is also on her Mercury.
    Moon > Mercury-Pholus: a mind changing moment
  • Her Uranus trine Uranus and square the Moon of the  moment (upheaval, sensation). T Uranus is also conjunct her Pholus.
    Moon and Uranus- her Uranus and Phoulus; sensational moment that awakenes her at sudden 
  • The Ascendant is conjunct her Vesta (symbol of 'home').

This seems to reflect the situation: her home (Vesta) is the place of event (Ascendant), she is suddenly awake (Moon-Uranus-Pholus) and immediately start thinking, calling and twittering.
More observations:
Transit Chiron is on her Sun and semi square her Chiron.
Her Node is inconjunct transit Node.

More about Paris Hilton, the party animal in her chart, about her arrest in Sout Africa and about you:  when to have a party...

Link to the news and source of moment:

It is not the first time that someone broke into her house. See this video with pictures of the house:

and see the labels...

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Divorce, Uranus and Tiger Woods

Natal, transits and progressions of Tiger Woods today

Transit Uranus is semi square his progressed (SA) Sun, now that Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren agreed to divorce (see the Telegraph). The news about Tiger and his marriage started with Uranus, when he had transit Uranus on the Descendant,  and ends with it...Tiger Woods has a minor aspect between Venus and Uranus: a half semi square (22.5 degrees.  Venus-Uranus. Venus-Uranus aspects are often mirroring affairs.
Minor aspects likea half semi square are not as 'obvious' as major aspects are.

There are a few posts about Tiger Woods:

(Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren didn't match and a Mars-Mars conflict illustrates the fight in the end... )
(About the hype around Tiger Woods)
And related, about Orcus and oaths…
When partners have a strong Orcus-connection, there seems to be an oath in question.

About Venus and Uranus in general:

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Re: the fallen tree (link to AOL...) before the Anne Frank Museum (the tree that she mentioned in her diary):

Astropost: Chart, progressions, transits of Anne Frank

and related to the story of Anne Frank, the chart of day of birth of Miep Gies:
Miep Gies is the woman who took care of the diary of Anne Frank during the war.
(about Sun inconjunct Saturn, Gordon Brown and the death of Miep Gies)
(about the hard impact of Saturn in times of war)

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott: authority and rebellion

There is no clear result after the elections in Australia, where the (left wing) socialist Gillard and the (right wing) liberal Abbott were trying to become the next Prime Minister. The result of the elections is that the keys are in the hand of smaller parties, like the Green and that it takes more than one party for a government. The transits and progressions are almost just as unclear. The hours of birth of the candidates are unknow, too.

The charts of the days of birth are those of an authority and a believing rebel.
Julia Gillard is the PM of Australia and she has the chart of the authority. Her time unknown chart reveals why she is a politician. Pluto is prominent. On her day of birth Pluto, the planet of strategy, power,influence, money and politics, was rising before the Sun (in other words: Pluto was oriental or orientational if you like). That also means that she seems to know the right persons...and to be 'playing chess', like having elections at the right moment:).
If she was born in the late afternoon or evening (later than 14:00 hours), the Sun would be 'calling' and indicate leadership and drawing attention, somehow, anyhow*). That is why I posted this 18:00 hours chart. It is just a time and not the official or estimated birth time! Continue to read about her chart and Tony Abbott's....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lot of children

What is the astrological recipe for having many (more than an average number of) children? I think that it takes a combination of indications like:
- an important Mars (for production), 
- planets in the 5th house of children
- and for enjoying it: Venus-Jupiter! 
That is what I see in the example charts. Of course, it is important to know circumstances (where you live, what is 'normal'). In China you ought to have 1 child, and in other parts of the world women keep getting as many children as they can (wanted or not). I don't have their charts, unfortunately, but I have the charts of two persons in my Western world whose number of children was important enough to be mentioned in the press. The example charts are those of Nadya Suleman (14 children) and Rod Stewart (7 up to now). He is in the news these days, because he is expecting his 8th child in March 2011 (with Transit Saturn on his Ascendant). That is when he will be 68! 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Uranus, Neptune and the arrests of a crime reporter

M.Escher drew a world upside down...
Famous detective/reporter Peter R. de Vries (known for the Natalee Holloway case) has been arrested in Perth, Australia, where he was confronting a British/Australian diving instructor with the death of Mariska Mast, who died under suspicious circumstances in Honduras on the island of Roatan. The instructor was arrested but allowed to leave prison. He had to leave his passport behind. But the man has two nationalities and was able to fly away…to Australia. That is where Peter R. de Vries located the man and where the police protected him and arrested the reporter for trespassing. See the news…
His arrest is mirrored by transits of Eris, Vesta and Quaoar and by transit Uranus semi square progressed Midheaven. Uranus is always around when there is upheaval...

See the chart, the observations, the links, but first more about the important Neptune in Scorpio in the chart of the arrested reported. The placement of his Neptune is reflecting the man who is very much motivated to uncover mysteries...It is a prominent Neptune.

1. Neptune is rising before his Sun (in a position that marks the orientation).
2. Neptune is the ruler of Midheaven. 
3. Neptune is square his Sun/Moon midpoint (the point of motivation). 
4. Neptune is inconjunct Aries Point and half semi square the Sun. Neptune's only major aspect is with the Pluto, ruler of Scorpio. The midpoint Neptune/Pluto is opposition Midheaven.  One of the issues of Neptune in Scorpio and of Neptune/Pluto is uncovering mysteries as well as discretion about the sources of information. See the links for more examples and info.

Peter R. de Vries has been arrested more than once (twice for trespassing now) in different circumstances and with different transits and progressions. There is no recipe for arrest in astrology, but Uranus-Pluto combinations in the natal chart often give an indication of impulsive behaviour that easily leads to a sudden dramatic change like an arrest. De Vries had Mars sesquisquare Uranus and quatronovile Pluto (rejoycing taking risks)...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prominent positions (like in August 18-birth charts)

Today it is the birthday of Tad Mann, Dione Forti and Waldyr B. Fucher (astrologers),  Robert Redford(actor), Roman Polanski (director) and Boyer Coe (Mr. Universe). Their charts show us that the most prominent positions in their charts give an indication of the (most important part of their ) professional careers. How about your prominent positions? And what are they?

Planets (and Sun or Moon) on prominent positions stand out above all others. Find your prominent positions and check their meaning. Consider that there are a lot of ways to express your prominent planets! (So if you don't know the meanings, start learning about the basics of astrology and the basic meanings of Sun,Moon and planets here...). 

Prominent positions are:
- 'calling' : no  major (Ptolemaic) aspects in orb 5 degrees or in sign
The energy of the planet will be expressed at any possible level. I wrote more about this on Astromarkt ('Conspicuous by absence')...For example: a 'calling' Mercury tends to talk,talk and talk (at any level...). More links follow...
- 'oriental' /'orientational' :rising before the Sun,Mercury and Venus. Everybody has at least one prominent planet: the object that it is rising before the Sun, Mercury and Venus. For an example of where to find the oriental placement, scroll down to see the chart of Robert Redford with Mars rising before the Sun. Continue for more...
- angular placements
A planet near the meridian or horizon has an angular placement (on Ascendant or Descendant, on Midheaven or IC). Scroll down for the links that lead you to explanations and examples.

First: some examplary charts.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Azaria and Lindy Chamberlain: 30 years ago

Azaria, the baby of Lindy Chamberlain (born March 4, 1948) was probably killed by a dingo, now 30 years ago. Nobody believed it. Lindy spent years in jail...Lindy Chamberlain wrote an 30th anniversary letter, that you can see here…

The charts of mother and daughter, synastry, transits and progressions are reflecting a bad press (Lindy: Sun inconjunct Neptune), shared risk of accidents (Mars-Uranus synastry and Mars-Uranus transits), a period ending for the baby (Sun-Saturn) and restricted freedom (Saturn-Uranus transits) for the mother. 

When Azaria was taken and killed by the dingo, progressed Sun was exactly square natal Saturn (see the chart), as if to illustrate bad luck and hard times or...time ending. Here is her chart with transits and progressions for the fatal day (it is an Astrodatabank A-rated chart):

Lindy Chamerlain was accused of the murder of her (never found) baby and sentenced, but released when a piece of torn baby clothing was found near a dingo’s nest. Here is her time unknown chart with transits and progressions for August 17, 1980 with observations...

How do you speak 'astrologic'? (Poll)

Learning astrology is like learning a language. Understanding astrology is related to the amount of words that you know, your practice in reading/speaking the language and of the frequency that you use it. When you start learning a language you go through various stades. It takes hours until you reach the A-level (when you can introduce yourself and ask if there is a doctor nearby). It takes weeks to understand the answer that you get:) and it takes even more months to be able to travel in the foreign country, read the messages and schedules and use the proper words in shops. When you are an advanced student in the new language you learn about dialect and exceptions and specific expressions. It is not easy to learn a new language and it is not easy to learn astrology, either. In fact, sometimes it is difficult. It takes time, effort and real interest. How many of us have this time, want to make this effort and are really interested?

On this blog I try to give examples of how astrology works in every day life. I use the news to find subjects and objects of study, telling you what I observe and how I interprete this (giving more links to examples or to other sites). It is not a blog for starters, I am afraid. And that is limiting the amount of readers, of course:).
Some posts on this blog are easy readers. Most are perhaps (too) difficult. But maybe I underestimate my readers. (I don't know much about my public as they are anonymous.) Are you:

A-level Strict beginners (know about sun signs, the planets and Ascendant)

B-level Beginners, had an intro in aspects

C-level Advanced, know how to read a natal chart

D-level More advanced, know about transits, progressions and solar arcs; had an introduction in synastry aspects and midpoints

E-level Very informed, interested in more (like asteroids, midpoints, patterns)

Time for a poll. What level do you have in astrology? How do you speak astrologic?
(the poll is on the right)

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

North Korea: des astres...

  It seems that when you don't control things, the asteroids are the reflection of 'disastres' (a word originating from French that means: what comes from the stars, des astres). When you are a football player or coach in North Korea you are supposed to win or...you will be tortured and sent to a prison camp! This is the chart of the day of birth of the coach:

natal, transits and progression Kim Jong-hun
The coach's name is Kim Jong-hun. When he started training the boys, the progressed Sun had recently changed to the next sign*) and  he started a new life and lifestyle. This chart shows that it takes background info to read it. You need to consider that this coach lives in an extreme world. When there is little personal choice to make and an irrational government or strict rules for society decide about your life, your life path is marked with little dangerous and sharp stones and any step can cause injuries or falling. Maybe that is why the most tiny objects (the asteroids) are so important in this chart?

Saturn and Ceres seem to illustrate the consequences of breaking unwritten society rules. The Saturn-Ceres combination is active in this case and I have a second (Japanese) example...

Princess Anne, reading her chart on her 60th birthday

Princess Anne will celebrate her 60th birthday on August 15, a mile stone. For this occasion I had a look at her birth chart and the synastry with her former and present husband (for this, see Astrology & Love) as well as the synastry with Princess Diana. When I had a look at her chart and the synastry with Princess Diana (they weren’t friends, according to the press) I noticed that both ladies have Sun semi square Uranus in their natal charts and that the Uranus of Anne is conjunct the Sun of Diana and vice versa.. It is the recipe for mutual enstrangement, for being ‘alien’ in the eyes of each others.
Sun and Uranus shared in aspect might indicate joined rebellion. How long this will last in a proper family home in a suburb, especially when the aspect is hard? http://www.astromarkt.net/artsharing.htm
Both divorced, but while Ann was discrete and silent, Diana communicated in all sort of ways about her failing marriage. They were completely different in many ways.

One of the things that caught my eye in the synastries with her husbands was the fact that both have an aspect between Venus and Pluto.  Mark Philips' Venus conjunct Pluto made me think of the Venus inconjunct Pluto of Princess Anne’s second husband. Venus and Pluto are important in the chart of the Princess (the elevated and the orientational planet). Venus-Pluto is the combination of (marriage for) money or politics/strategy, jealousy and the ‘beauty and the beast’ (see Astromarkt)…http://www.astromarkt.net/artvenuspluto.htm 

But back to the chart of Princess Anne… The complete picture is that of a strong willed independent and somewhat extraordinary lady with a need to serve as a profession, sense of style and a creative way to express her energy and drive. She is above all a lady, but she once said that she would have preferred to be born as a man. Perhaps it is that Sun quintile Mars that made the Daily Mail name her: the best king (…) we ever had… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1302639/The-best-king-Why-Princess-Anne-man-brothers-lot-interesting-too.html 

For more details and for the chart with transits and progressions of her second wedding day, continue… 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Obama in hype-time

Here is the chart of Obama, his natal positions, some progressions and transits. The astrological weather prediction for Obama promisses sudden mist and faint lightning. The symbols of flashes and unclarity are making hard aspects with his Sun today and tomorrow. Uranus and Neptune*) hit his Sun: it is time for a hype around his person again (a combination of true and false news in the media). And there is progressed Mercury square Saturn: mental restraint, worries and criticism...

Three is a crowd and those are three difficult transits and progressions to deal with in the light of the steps to next elections (November 2, 2010; election for House of Representatives).  Time seems to be against him right now.

What is up in his chart?

August 15, 1945

Chart for moment of surrender
This is the chart with the tightest orbs for the surrender of Japan, on August 15, 1945 at noon (when the speech of Emperor Hirohito was broadcasted). The tighest aspects on that special moment are significant:

  • Sun in Leo inconjunct Pholus : turning point for a leader, with a lost involved (surrender)
  • Moon in Scorpio trine Venus: good moment of harmony and peace
  • Moon biquintile Eris: creative moment in discord
  • Mercury is 'calling': important communication
  • Mercury quintile Orcus: message creating an oath
  • The Sun is 'calling': full attention for the leader
  • Sun sesquisquare Eris: a frustrating spotlight on discord
  • Venus semi square Midheaven: frustrating peaceful status quo
  • Chiron semi square Ascendant: frustrating situation of healing pain
  • Pluto is rising before the Sun: politics and strategy come first
  • Saturn and Neptune are also without major aspects, reflecting a sick situation and disappointment.
The combination of Moon trine Venus, semi square Jupiter and square Pluto illustrates a moment of joy and victory for peace.

It seems that the moment of surrender was corresponding with astrological reflections of lost and victory... Read Wikipedia and see for example that most Japanese retreated into their homes to contemplate about the speech and watch the position of the Moon (the people) in the 12th house of retreat and privacy. Also notice the conjunction of Mars and Uranus: the army was upset and revolted! Mars-Uranus is the combination of revolt (see the labels for more about Mars-Uranus).

- Gene Upshaw was born on August 15, 1945. He was a famous American football player and later executive director of the NFLPA (a professional association of football players), leading a strike. I have often found Pholus related to football and without Ptolemaic aspects with the Sun, the Sun is 'calling': we see a football star (with strategy/politics first).

- Alain Juppé was born on August 15, 1945. He is a leading figure in French politics.

The positions on the day of birth shows possible choices and opportunities or limitations. It depends on your genes, gender, situation and status and on the choices that you make, in what way you will translate the astrological vocabulary.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Football and love affairs

In February of this year the affair of (married) John Terry with the friend of Wayne Bridge ended the friendship between the men. It was hot news for weeks. Now there is a similar affair in German football. Read in WSC…how Michael Ballack is the John Terry of Germany and Christian Lell is Germany’s Wayne Bridge...Ballack had sex with Lell’s friend Daniella and Ballack is married (just like John Terry).

Just like in the John Terry-Wayne Bridge-case there is no day of birth for the woman involved. That is a pity, because the woman is the link between the men and it would be interesting to see how her natal astrological positions are linking them. To make it easy for astrologers, Venus is strongly connecting the charts of the football players...Venus is one of the symbols for ladies. So we don't need to 'cherchez la femme':)! There is a significant and strong interaction between the Venus of the men involved. Venus-Neptune, Venus-Pluto and Venus-Pholus are part of that interaction. They are the symbols of love and romance, jealousy and turning points in love life.

Also, the meaning of the transits and progressions of Michael and Christian are reflecting their present situation. And Mars (symbol of sports, energy, drive and males in general) is important for both. In Michael Ballack’s chart Mars is ‘ calling’. Christian has a very tight square between Sun and Mars. For more details, chart drawings and links, continue…

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elvis Presley's dying day

Progressed chart of last day of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley died 33 years ago. Had he still lived, he would have been 75 now. The birth chart with transits and progressions of his last day (scroll down) and the progressed chart for August 16, 1977 (above) tell us about the circumstances. This post is about his death, with links (incl. quotes) to posts about his talent, the T-square in his chart and the relationship with his manager.

When he died his progressed Sun had just entered Pisces. When the progressed Sun changes sign often life style or life itself changes and sometimes people with a progressed  sun sign changing pass on to ‘ another life’.  There are a few interesting transits and progressions on the day of his death. They include the eight house of life and death, the twelfth of isolation and the fourth of endings. The most important planets involved are Pluto, Saturn and Neptune. Here is a list:

  • Transit Pluto is sextile natal Ascendant (an easy way out to transformation) and conjunct natal Mars. Pluto is in the 8th house of life and death in the natal chart and rules the progressed Ascendant.
  • Transit Saturn just left the eight Placidus house and is about to be inconjunct the progressed Ascendant. When Saturn leaves a house, there is often a present left behind, but (inconjunct) in this case something was taken away.
  • Transit Neptune was near the Ascendant (the conjunction was in the months before his death). Neptune rules the 4th house (of going back home) and is the symbol of weaknesses, confusion, isolation. Neptune also rules drugs, dope and medication.  Neptune is elevated in his chart. That illustrated the importance of music as well as of drugs.
  • The progressed Sun had just been quindecile Neptune for  a period of strong focus on isolation, medication and drugs. This period had not improved his health...
  • In the progressed chart ruler 8 is Mercury and Mercury is inconjunct Pluto (the ruler 8 of the natal chart). Pluto is close to the descendant in the progressed chart. It is the reflection of extraordinary mental problems.
  • And last but not least: in the progressed chart the Sun was conjunct Saturn to illustrate the end of an era (and seeing your mistakes, faults and limitations).
It is the combination of transits and progressions, natal chart and personal circumstances/genes/gender that ' does it', always.  Neptune for drifting off, Saturn for deficiency and Pluto as one of the symbols for danger (in the same short period of time) were together mirroring the disastrous situation of the addicted and overweight star. 

More observations:

  • Transit Jupiter was inconjunct Venus (statement for too much to be good for you and extraordinary popularity with a ‘but’)…
  • The progressed Moon is trine the Sun and half sextile the Northern Node (being in the spotlight in the community)
  • Transit Node is square natal Sun (unhealthy company)
  • There are a two (soon perfecting) applying narrow trines in the progressed chart: Mercury trine Mars and Venus trine Jupiter. Venus is also quintile Pluto. Like in more such cases, the success (Jupiter/Pluto) came back after death. 


The most important player in the T-square, Uranus (dispositor of the 3rd house of communications), is inconjunct Midheaven from the 5th house of pleasure, (pro)creativity and entertainment. That is a statement for a unique, very special and unbalancing position in the field of show and fun, connected to his voice. 

Watch his fan sites...There are even people who do not believe that he died and they keep hoping that they will see him again one day. That is the effect of being an idol. As he is not real (Neptune on top) he stayes alive in everybody's imagination. 

Tom Parker's Quaoar*) is precisely inconjunct the Sun of Elvis. Elvis created a completely new world for Tom Parker, who had Quaoar trine Midheaven. But there was little balance in the way that the new world of Tom Parker was connected to the life and lifestyle of Elvis. 

Natal, transits and progression for August 16, 1977

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Ed Stafford, the Amazone and his birthday

This post is about the time unknown chart of the man who walked 2,5 years along the river Amazone (see the map). His name is Ed Stafford and he was born December 26, 1975 in Peterborough, England. He started his journey on April 2, 2008 and completed it last week. Two aspects on his day of birth resonated in the transits and progressions during these 859 days: Mars-Jupiter and Sun-Uranus.  Now he is a successful explorer. 

The journey in an unknown and uneasy part of the world is a Sun-Uranus journey: an adventure and enstrangement are included. About two years ago the progressed Sun was square (progressed) Uranus and that is an important symbol of changing lifestyle. In his natal chart the Sun is sextile Uranus (for an easy way out to adventure and to independence.

Progressed Mars was sextile Jupiter and showing ‘successful efforts’ and ‘increasing energy’  during the complete period. In the natal chart Mars is sextile Jupiter and in the progressed chart the sextile perfected. Mission completed!


Watch your step with Saturn return

In an earlier post I told you about my Saturn return and the final come back on August 7, last weekend. What happened? I was to spend a weekend walking in the hills, but as I wretched my ankle a week earlier I had to limit myself. That is all, really! Some Saturn returns are not that bad at all. Perhaps Saturn's transits teach you to respect your age and be more careful, by means of painfull hints like twisted ankles, about priorities and time running (instead of me:) or time running out...In fact, that is what happens on a solar return day, too. When it is our birthday, we sigh about getting older, too!
Saturn's return can be celebreated like a birthday (really! see that post). It is a longer  period than a year,  a 28-30 year period. The first Saturn return you become an adult and the second time you get old.  If you are lucky, you will celebrate the 3rd Saturn return and than you will be overaged, if not dead, on your way to be classic. Saturn return time is time to count your blessings...even on one foot. And time to consider your next steps...

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Mars-Uranus and the progressed chart of Ted Stevens

Today there was the news about Ted Stevens' death following an air crash. It was the second time that he was involved in an air crash. In 1978 his wife died and he survived. It is also the second time that I post about Ted Stevens here. The first time was two years ago, when he was found guilty of corruption. Later, they dropped all charges because of  prosecutorial misconduct .

Ted Stevens Mars was square Uranus in the progressed chart. Mars-Uranus is a combination for accidents and fast changes or injuries. It was not the only hard aspect. Transit Neptune was opposition natal Mercury and that is typical for miscommunications and misty situations with transportation. There is no hour of birth for Ted Stevens, so that the transits and progression of the Ascendant and Moon are unknown. But it is clear that in the progressed chart the Sun was sextile Pholus. And that is another word for a turning point in life. With these three symbols together there the reflection might be what happened.

Here you see the progressed positions for Senator Ted Stevens.

Another example of a Mars-Uranus accident is Richard Hammond's in 2009: http://astropost.blogspot.com/2009/08/richard-hammond-topgear-his-chart-and.html

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fergie's money is news again

If Pallas on the Ascendant in the first house really is the symbol of the problem solver*), than Sarah Ferguson probably knows how to deal with the money problem that she is supposed to have (see LA Times...). It is not a small problem. It is about millions. Venus-Pluto on either side of Midheaven are already telling us about the importance of money issues. The combination of (earning) money is also rising before the Sun. And with the Moon inconjunct Pluto there is a tendency to eating disorder and to being submissed to certain needs and habits. It is  a difficult combination for emotions**).  The Moon inconjunct Venus-Pluto could be read as: 'extraordinary (inconjunct) need (Moon) for money (Venus-Pluto). 

 Progressed Moon square Ascendant sheds a light on her circumstances and situation, while the transit of Pluto semisquare progressed Moon is resonating the natal Moon-Pluto combination and showing us the problem to control needs and habits. Right now we also see transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Midheaven (for extraordinary upheaval) and transit Pholus on the progressed Sun (for a turning point in life). Here is the chart with transits and progressions:

Venus and Pluto-aspects mark the issue of values (earning money; the price of luxury, love and comfort; difficult choices to make and the danger/challenges of your preferences, etcetera). For more about Venus-Pluto, see Astromarkt...

2. **) For more about Moon inconjunct Pluto, see: http://astropost.blogspot.com/2009/04/effect-of-moon-inconjunct-pluto.html
3.  More Sarah and her money issues? see the post of May 23…

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mercury-Saturn, Naomi Campbell and Mia Farrow

Naomi Campbell and Mia Farrow have different recollections of what happened on September 29/30 1997. Naomi thinks that she received a pouch with dirty stones that she gave away asap, not knowing if they came from Charles Taylor. Mia Farrow believes that Naomi said she got a (hughe) diamond from Charles Taylor and that she was excited about it. It seems that Mia Farrow's memory is better...
It is a classical Mercury-Saturn thing...

Above is the chart of Naomi Campbell.The transits are the positions on the day of birth of Mia Farrow (the Moon degree for her hour of birth is the 12th, btw).
The charts of Mia Farrow and Naomi Campbell contain the same aspect combination: Mercury-Saturn.
Mia Farrow has Mercury inconjunct Saturn and that Naomi Campbell has Mercury conjunct Saturn. They share a Mercury-Saturn combination. In the article about sharing aspects I wrote about Mercury-Saturn:
Mercury and Saturn: sharing the same hard convictions, being serious about that. With hard aspects you are both mistrusting the world outside and that is what joins you.
Since I wrote that, I noticed that Saturn is often about critism, too and that the connection of Mrcury and Saturn might be reflecting critisism about one's statements or ideas. Or about statements!

Mercury-Saturn is one of the aspect combinations of the post about 'slow answers,lies and Mercury'. Maybe sharing this aspect means that there is an issue about statements of the past. And apparently the world is not sure about who is telling the truth (and who is remembering the words of 13 years ago). Another quote about Mercury and Saturn (see Mercury and Lies, link below):
You just don't tell it all, sometimes because it is not official, or allowed or decent.
There may be many reasons for being cautious when you communicate and when Mercury-Saturn is around.
And there may also have been many reasons for not telling the truth at breakfast. Astrology doesn't help in such cases. The charts just reflect the issue of being restrictive with information, the Mercury-Saturn issue.
BTW: now that their statements are conflicting, we see Mia's Mercury square the progressed Sun of Naomi.

Here is some more about the synastry between Charles Taylor, Mia Farrow and Naomi Campbell...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moon opposition Moon

Clara Rojas’  "Testimonio de un secuestro" describes her six years in the hands of FARC, living in sad and sickening circumstances in the jungle of Columbia, after being captured together with her former friend Ingrid Betancourt. The development of the friendship between Clara Rojas and Ingrid Betancourt is a good example of the effect of conflicting moon signs. In the jungle their friendship turned into distance. Why? First of all because circumstances changed for a longer period. And also, because of their moon signs.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Christina Applegate and Jupiter

Christina Applegate (Kelly BundyJ) and her Dutch husband to be, Martyn LeNoble, are expecting a baby. This news and the announcement of their marriage reached the public with transit Jupiter in harmonious aspects with the difficult combination of Sun, Saturn and Neptune in Christina’s natal chart. Two years ago, she was fighting breast cancer. Now she is happy…Jupiter is the symbol of it. And Jupiter happens to be the dispositor of her 7th house of marriage. Here is the chart with transits and progressions for the day of the news...

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Mars square Uranus on October 12, 1983

The Katie Piper story is a tragic story about a beautiful woman whose ex-boyfriend hired a person in order to throw acid in her face on March 31, 2008. She was born October 12, 1983, just like the late Anthony Arline (football standout, suicide July 2010) , Gonzalo Garcia (football; attacking midfielder) and Alex Brosque (soccer player, had a baby on March 2, 2010) or Nolan Reimold (basesball outfielder*) and many many more men and women who didn’t have this nasty experience. The hours of birth are unknown. So what can an astrologer say about this sad incident and about the differences between her life and the lives of the sportsmen? 

First of all: that she is a woman!...A woman with Mars rising before the Sun (and Mercury) and square Uranus...

The chart of the day of birth of Katie Piper has a prominent Mars rising before the Sun. It is the mark of the fighter (the entrepeneur, activist, soldier of sportsman) and for women it is often reflecting an orientation on what men do or on men in general. Mars is the symbol of males. While the men have an orientation on what men are supposed to do (play football, for example), to Katie Piper A MAN is of utmost importance: Daniel Lynch, her ex, a martial arts enthusiast…

This oriental Mars is square Uranus. Mars-Uranus is the combination of incidents, accidents, short fuses and special drives or energie. In the charts of the males, this is one of the indications of possible divorce. It is accelerating drives, aggression and efforts. In the charts of those who need to be driven and swift, this aspect is helpful but it can also cause driving too fast. People with Mars-Uranus want to make changes, now! But what if you are a woman with an oriental Mars square Uranus? Apparently, you might get involved in accidents or incidents with peculiar men or sudden (Uranus) attacks (Mars) ment for you.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lance Armstrong, doping and T Jupiter inconjunct Sun

With transit Jupiter inconjunct progressed Sun, Lance Armstrong has again been accused of using/promoting doping. Again I see the Sun-Jupiter connection in doping cases. There are other transits at the moment (Transit Saturn conjunct natal Venus for limiting joy, transit Uranus trine Jupiter for a relief, transit Uranus trine Neptune, transit Node semi square progressed Mars etc. etc.) and of course there is more in life than a repeated accusation coming from someone who has been found guilty of using doping, but the fact is that Sun-Jupiter transits and progressions keep popping up when doping is involved (or when someone is being found ‘ positive’). 

The negative effect of the positive Jupiter has been described in an earlier post about Floyd Landis that you find here (see the links). The effect of the inconjunction has been described here.. You can read the inconjunction with Jupiter as: ' success and support, but...' and than start looking for what is getting lost or what it is that you have to let go. Here is the chart with the transit...

For more about Lance Armstrong on this blog: http://astropost.blogspot.com/search?q=lance+armstrong

For more about doping cases, start here…http://astropost.blogspot.com/search/label/Doping or use the labels...
About Claudia Pechstein
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Marion Jones

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Transit Saturn: priority time

Recently I saw the effect of transit Saturn opposition progressed Sun in the chart of someone that I know. She is over 80 years old, now that this transit mirrors the end of a period in life and the disadvantages of growing old.  Fysical problems start creating barriers. This woman has always been healthy and wanted to travel again. There will be restrictions from now on and she doesn’t like them (of course). Her age doesn’t help and she sees it. Perhaps this will be the last time, the last big journey...

Transit Saturn in conflict with (Progressed) Sun happens more than once in life. The effect will be felt more when you are old or poor and when you have a Sun-Saturn aspect in the natal chart. It is often difficult to keep up standards and to keep respecting yourself when there is full view of your disabilities, mistakes and faults. The transit might last and be felt longer when Saturn is retrograding and coming back a few times.

Is there a positive side on Saturn? Perhaps this: when you learn to deal with your own definciencies and while learning how to control life and life style living with your handicaps, with schedules or deadlines, you may find a way to a more efficient and wise use of your (and others’ ) time on earth. The race againt time and restrictions can’t be won, perhaps, but you see priorities now. The big question is: how to spend time the most economic way…This is me, having a Saturn return today:)!

For those who want to spend their holidays in line with their signs in order not to waste time on the wrong sort of place, see the Sun sign- sunshine- holiday guide here...

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Barack Obama's birthday

Only 3 weeks to go and the progressed Sun of Barack Obama, who is celebrating his birthday today, will be in the next sign, Libra, moving towards a pleasant trine with Jupiter. The polls may disagree*), but charts don’t lie: better times are coming. And that is in fact good news for the USA, because the people are subject to the chart of the leader. When he is fine, the nation is fine (whoever he may be).  But is he, now?

The inconjunction of transit Pluto with natal Moon will certainly stress emotions, but the sextile of transit Jupiter might also give hope. However: it is his birthday and exactly today is the progressed Mercury square Saturn (bad news, writer’s block, restricted communications, a hard decision to make). The message is: you get olderJ
Anyway, it is his birthday (not his solar return), so celebration time. (I guess that there are no flags like when a queen or king is celebrating her/his birthday?) For more about Obama, see the label...

*)The progressed IC has been inconjunct Pholus (indicative for bad polls). And that is over. 

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Refudiating Palin and Mercury quintile Uranus

Sarah Palin used the word refudiate (to refues and to repudiate) when asking peaceful muslims to reject the building of a mosque close to Ground Zero. She has Mercury quintile Uranus: to creatively invent words…

Above is her guess chart with transits and progressions for March 2010. And here are links to more posts about her…

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Bill Cosby lives

Bill Cosby, who is fighting announcements of his death lately, is an actor 1). Here is his A-rated chart, with transits and progressions and here are some astrological observations, perhaps explaining the hoaxes and his feelings about them. There are more than 10 transits and progressions.

The progressed Sun is changing sign and lately received transits from Uranus, Saturn and Chiron, reflecting periods ending. The natal Sun is inconjunct transit Quaoar, mirroring a new reality involving a lost. Transit Pholus is inconjunct Moon and IC for an emotional turning point with a lost involved...and more...Anyway, Cosby IS alive but he is not having much fun because of the hoax.

See the chart, observation list, links and more...