Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Watch your step with Saturn return

In an earlier post I told you about my Saturn return and the final come back on August 7, last weekend. What happened? I was to spend a weekend walking in the hills, but as I wretched my ankle a week earlier I had to limit myself. That is all, really! Some Saturn returns are not that bad at all. Perhaps Saturn's transits teach you to respect your age and be more careful, by means of painfull hints like twisted ankles, about priorities and time running (instead of me:) or time running out...In fact, that is what happens on a solar return day, too. When it is our birthday, we sigh about getting older, too!
Saturn's return can be celebreated like a birthday (really! see that post). It is a longer  period than a year,  a 28-30 year period. The first Saturn return you become an adult and the second time you get old.  If you are lucky, you will celebrate the 3rd Saturn return and than you will be overaged, if not dead, on your way to be classic. Saturn return time is time to count your blessings...even on one foot. And time to consider your next steps...

Want to know more? Read Wiki about Saturn returns...


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