Monday, August 2, 2010

Mercury opposition Neptune and planning a trip

My ship was to sail on July 26, at 17.00 hours. Of course I had a look at the chart for that moment and I wondered what would go wrong. That was because of a prominent opposition of Mercury and Neptune. See the chart below:

Neptune is exactly opposition the elevated Mercury
Both are in hard aspect with the Ascendant

Why is that not fortunate for departure time? 
Mercury is the symbol of transportation. 
Neptune is the symbol of confusion. 
An opposition always raises eyebrows and means: question marks. Someone or something else, something that you can't control has an effect or makes things questionable. 
The question was: will the transportation (Mercury) be a mess (Neptune)? Will there be confusion about the plans? 
A very appropriate question for a moment to sail away...and because of the prominent placement of the planets I suspected a confusing situation at departure time and that was right. 

 What happened?
On the moment that the ship was due to sail away, they were still loading food and supplies. That was because of a traffic jam earlier that afternoon, when all passengers were arriving and there was no clear notification of where to put the luggage and how to get on board. One of the passengers with the most luxurious cabin sat in the hall for 3 hours, waiting, even though she signed in on the internet. It didn’t seem to worry the luggage handlers in the terminal. They kept telling us that it wasn’t a big deal and all was going splendid. 

Well, all is well that ends well and we did get on board. With a better departure chart! Here is the first chart:

The ship ultimately left at 18:54. That was with Quaoar on the Ascendant in Sagittarius. At 18:54 Mercury and Neptune didn’t have a prominent position any more.  It was time for new horizons and time for a new and relaxing chart. Eventually, it was a very nice, relaxing and enjoyable voyage.  The chart for the true departure time has Venus elevated and all day long Jupiter was rising before the Sun. The combination of a prominent Venus and Jupiter is perfect for parties, weddings and vacations. Spica was on Midheaven and that is another good sign.

So, even when your trip starts with Mercury in hard aspect, don’t worry. It is often just a schedule thing…and you might end up with Spica on Midheaven (promising good fortuneJ)
BTW I remember having a meeting planned with Mercury square Saturn in a prominent position and it turned out to be ‘ too late’ because we met half an hour earlier, accidently. 

Here is the chart of the real moment of sailing…

 For more examples of the reflection of Mercury-Neptune combinations, try the label!


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