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Uranus, Neptune and the arrests of a crime reporter

M.Escher drew a world upside down...
Famous detective/reporter Peter R. de Vries (known for the Natalee Holloway case) has been arrested in Perth, Australia, where he was confronting a British/Australian diving instructor with the death of Mariska Mast, who died under suspicious circumstances in Honduras on the island of Roatan. The instructor was arrested but allowed to leave prison. He had to leave his passport behind. But the man has two nationalities and was able to fly away…to Australia. That is where Peter R. de Vries located the man and where the police protected him and arrested the reporter for trespassing. See the news…
His arrest is mirrored by transits of Eris, Vesta and Quaoar and by transit Uranus semi square progressed Midheaven. Uranus is always around when there is upheaval...

See the chart, the observations, the links, but first more about the important Neptune in Scorpio in the chart of the arrested reported. The placement of his Neptune is reflecting the man who is very much motivated to uncover mysteries...It is a prominent Neptune.

1. Neptune is rising before his Sun (in a position that marks the orientation).
2. Neptune is the ruler of Midheaven. 
3. Neptune is square his Sun/Moon midpoint (the point of motivation). 
4. Neptune is inconjunct Aries Point and half semi square the Sun. Neptune's only major aspect is with the Pluto, ruler of Scorpio. The midpoint Neptune/Pluto is opposition Midheaven.  One of the issues of Neptune in Scorpio and of Neptune/Pluto is uncovering mysteries as well as discretion about the sources of information. See the links for more examples and info.

Peter R. de Vries has been arrested more than once (twice for trespassing now) in different circumstances and with different transits and progressions. There is no recipe for arrest in astrology, but Uranus-Pluto combinations in the natal chart often give an indication of impulsive behaviour that easily leads to a sudden dramatic change like an arrest. De Vries had Mars sesquisquare Uranus and quatronovile Pluto (rejoycing taking risks)...

Here is the chart of Peter R. de Vries with transits. Transit Eris is inconjunct the natal Sun. Eris happens to be the symbol of discord. The inconjunction refers to losing (balance). Transit Vesta, symbol of dedication, is quindecile natal Mars. The quindecile between Mars and Vesta could be read as an obsessive dedication to the job. Transit Quaoar is inconjunct the Ascendant. That is referring to an unbalancing situation in a ‘new world’, creating a new reality.  In the words of Peter, after his arrest: ‘ It is the world upside down’.
natal and transits

Those were the transits of the asteroids. But what do the old guys in astrology say?
Natal, progressions and transits 

We see transit Mercury opposition his MC for a day with important messages and communications. Transit Uranus is semi square progressed Midheaven. And that is ' astrologic' for a frustrating shock, changing your status, or at least an unpleasant surprise or a riot. But, he is part of the news!:) and news is his job. An arrest might not be the most pleasant way to be mentioned in the papers, however.

At the time of his arrest (Friday, August 20 at 16:15 in Perth) the Midheaven is pointing at the Neptune of the reporter and transit Uranus is on the Descendant. This combination of Uranus and Neptune often appears when there is a hype or a hoax, or negative news in general (example: the chart of Obama these days)..

Peter R. de Vries has been arrested before. When he was 11 (after stealing a ballpoint, with Neptune and Pluto transitting his Sun and Midheaven) and on September 13, 2006 (case was dropped later...).

The chart of the nuclear accident at Tsjernobyl has Uranus angular and Sun opposition Pluto (trine/sextile with Neptune). The accident was kept a secret for (many, vital) days...
More about Neptune-Pluto combinations...

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