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Azaria and Lindy Chamberlain: 30 years ago

Azaria, the baby of Lindy Chamberlain (born March 4, 1948) was probably killed by a dingo, now 30 years ago. Nobody believed it. Lindy spent years in jail...Lindy Chamberlain wrote an 30th anniversary letter, that you can see here…

The charts of mother and daughter, synastry, transits and progressions are reflecting a bad press (Lindy: Sun inconjunct Neptune), shared risk of accidents (Mars-Uranus synastry and Mars-Uranus transits), a period ending for the baby (Sun-Saturn) and restricted freedom (Saturn-Uranus transits) for the mother. 

When Azaria was taken and killed by the dingo, progressed Sun was exactly square natal Saturn (see the chart), as if to illustrate bad luck and hard times or...time ending. Here is her chart with transits and progressions for the fatal day (it is an Astrodatabank A-rated chart):

Lindy Chamerlain was accused of the murder of her (never found) baby and sentenced, but released when a piece of torn baby clothing was found near a dingo’s nest. Here is her time unknown chart with transits and progressions for August 17, 1980 with observations...
Positions on day of birth Lindy and transits on August 17, 1980

- YOD of Sun inconjunct Neptune and Pluto
Lindy has Sun inconjunct Neptune and Pluto (a Yod showing how she drew attention and became known related to a dramatic lost). How easy is it with such a combination to be seen in the wrong light! Neptune is the symbol of fantasy (and suspicion), religion, immaterial things and… wild animals. The inconjunctions often mirrors a lost. 
Her religion (she is a Seventh-day Adventist) was not much of a help in Australia. Wild animals ruined her life. The Sun inconjunct Pluto also shows little balance in self esteem. An unsolved drama had a destructive influence on her life. Up to now the authorities failed to say sorry...

- Mars-Saturn-Pluto
There is another clue to the fact that she was found guilty of murder. Her Saturn is right between Mars and Pluto. That is a combination for the theme of dramatic and violent death that she shares killers and victims like Berkowitz, Volkert van der Graaf, the girl Mahaty (killed by Karen Homolka) and JFK.

- Mars-Uranus synastry
The event seems to have been a case of bad luck and coincidence. Mars of the little baby born June 11th 1980 opposed to Lindy's Sun and her Uranus squares Mars of Lindy. On the day the dingo kidnapped the baby Lindy Chamberlain had a.o. transit Mars trine Uranus and transit Uransu square to Mars. The Mars-Uranus conflict that is connecting mother and child is activated on that day. Azaria has Mars sesquisemisquare Uranus (67.5d). Lindy has Mars sextile Uranus. BTW: transit Mars and Uranus were in aspect with natal Mars and Uranus of the mother at the time of her daughter's death and her arrest. Mother and child shared a Mars-Uranus aspect.
Sharing Mars-Uranus means (quoting my site Astromarkt)
Mars-Uranus: new experiences in work activities, sport or sex. Male friendships like was the case with the martyrs in Algeria (read that article), who also shared a horrible incident that ended their life. Johann Calvin and his opponent Michael Servetus shared a Mars-Uranus aspect. Servetus (Mars inconjunct Uranus) was killed, Calvin was responsible. They had a controversy. *) 
 -  Saturn-Uranus
The mother had  Sun trine Saturn and sesquisemisquare Uranus in the progressed chart: the combination of restricted freedom. She was arrested and spent years in jail.

The mother had a bad press from the start (Sun inconjunct Neptune in the natal chart) and was in a period of possible lost of freedom (SunSaturnUranus). It was a day with positions reflecting incidents or accidents (MarsUranus). She happened to share Mars-Uranus with her baby (the risk to share an accident). And the baby's chart had Sun square Saturn (it was a bad moment). One of the ways to read Sun-Saturn progressions or transits is: a period ending. Or life itself...The circumstances (a dingo hunting, a baby alone) did the rest. 

When your Sun is in the 28th degree of Cancer or Virgo today (and that is when you were born on a July 21 or September 21, you have transit Neptune inconjunct natal Sun today. Depending on the importance of your Neptune (f.ex. if Neptune is angular) you might suffer more or less from giving the wrong impression, being the victim of gossip or accusations or perhaps you are just a bit too romantic today. And if you are in the real jungle out there: take care!

Progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Neptune (the combination for 'fallen angels' and difficulties in living up to expectations). Transit Pluto inconjunct progressed Sun - and conjunct progressed Neptune-for possible lost self esteem (other effect: winning, but at your own expense). The inconjunctions are reflecting that she has to give up on her life style. 

The Sun inconjunct Neptune is the combination of ‘ the fallen angel’, too. It is simply not a pleasant aspect that either turns you into an idol or makes you the victim of gossip. See for example how this aspect combination influences the life of idol Susan Boyle and…President Obama, now that he is falling of his pedestal…

*) The fact that victims and killers or group victims share the same aspects show that charts can't be used as a tool for judgement. The aspects just indicate a 'theme'  or ' issue' that will be of importance in some way. Mars-Uranus, for example, is often seen related to sports. More Mars-Uranus or other background info needed? Click the label below...

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