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Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott: authority and rebellion

There is no clear result after the elections in Australia, where the (left wing) socialist Gillard and the (right wing) liberal Abbott were trying to become the next Prime Minister. The result of the elections is that the keys are in the hand of smaller parties, like the Green and that it takes more than one party for a government. The transits and progressions are almost just as unclear. The hours of birth of the candidates are unknow, too.

The charts of the days of birth are those of an authority and a believing rebel.
Julia Gillard is the PM of Australia and she has the chart of the authority. Her time unknown chart reveals why she is a politician. Pluto is prominent. On her day of birth Pluto, the planet of strategy, power,influence, money and politics, was rising before the Sun (in other words: Pluto was oriental or orientational if you like). That also means that she seems to know the right persons...and to be 'playing chess', like having elections at the right moment:).
If she was born in the late afternoon or evening (later than 14:00 hours), the Sun would be 'calling' and indicate leadership and drawing attention, somehow, anyhow*). That is why I posted this 18:00 hours chart. It is just a time and not the official or estimated birth time! Continue to read about her chart and Tony Abbott's....
With the prominent Sun and Pluto she has the combination of the political (Pluto) leader (Sun) in her chart. And without a prominent Sun (born before 14:00 hours) there would still be that Pluto: first of all strategy, courage, politics and the will to win.

natal (time unknown), transits and progressions
Julia Gillard is the first female leader in Australia.
Today, she barely won the elections (with about + 75 votes) and didn't get enough votes for a majority in parliament. Now that I write this there is still no clear winner in Australia. Transits of Jup;iter, Saturn and Pluto in the 3rd degree are in aspect with her progressed Mars in the 3rd of Sagittarius. I think that Jupiter-Saturn perfectly describes the ups and downs of politics (Pluto).

The same combination is making transits with the positions in the chart of opponent Tony Abbott: Jupiter,Saturn and Pluto are in aspect with his natal Pluto. One of these aspects is an inconjunction between Jupiter and Pluto. Inconjunctions often refer to a lost or in this case: a nice result, but...not the winner? Jupiter is also inconjunct his Neptune...

Anyway, Tony Abbott's chart shows the idealistic rebel and the controversial believer in his cause: an 'eye opener'. He has a very tight square between Sun and Uranus*), and that makes him an outsider, independent, free and 'a mad monk' in the eyes of his fellow student priests, for example. With Sun-Uranus you don't seem to fit in the old boys' network. Mercury and Jupiter are 'calling' and that is pointing at successful communications. He is convincing enough to be able to win the elections,but perhaps not today.

(I choose my words carefully, because when Obama has difficult transits with Saturn at the end of his campaign, it was not about politics, but about the death of his grandmother. Winning elections is important, but sometimes it is not in a period of joy. That is why the charts of the political leaders are sometimes confusing. Just as confusing as the results of elections can be.)

I  read that in 1983 Abbott wanted to become a priest. With Neptune rising before the Sun (beliefs,idealism) and Jupiter 'calling' (conviction) that is understandable (in astrological terms).

*) With Sun square Uranus you are not part of the network, just like Vaira Vike Freiberga and you tend to raise eyebrows, like Beth Ditto. Sun-Uranus conflicts often cause enstrangement. See the post about that..(about Amber Nicklas and Anna Chapman) and a historic example of a Sun-Uranus conflict in '
Statue for the Enenmy, here...

a. When you don't know your hour of birth, you can read your chart using the prominent positions of the planet rising before the Sun,Mercury and Venus and the planet without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degree ('calling'). *) When a planet or light doesn't make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees, this planet or light is 'calling' (conspicuous by absence) and prominent. For more about prominent placements, see this link...
b. Sun sextile,  trine, novile, binovile or quatronovile Uranus mirrors rejoycing to be different than the rest (independent in opinions, not part of the incrowd and a bit 'strange' in the eyes of those around you,even if you could be 'compatible' somewhere else, but not where you are most ofen). It seems that Sun-Uranus aspects function as showing alternatives and 'eyeopeners'.

BTW: the Sun is 'calling' Julia Gillard. The Sun also 'calling' in the Chart of David Cameron
and see the labels...


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