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Why Larry King goes on and on...

Larry King is in the news because of his announcement to stop his television shows. Here is the progressed chart with transits of Larry King, the man who wants to live when he ends “Larry King live”. 
Why now? a. In the progressed chart the Midheaven opposition Pluto (ruler 7th house of marriage) says that someone else or a situation (opposition) demands (Pluto) changes in the career. b. Larry King also has progressed Sun trine natal Jupiter, a good sign for retirement (and reflecting the recent 25-year jubilation). c. Progressed Moon is exactly square Pholus: an emotional or private turning point.
He is 76. Why only now? And why doesn't it mean full retirement? Well…here are 6 good reasons.

His Mars doesn’t make a major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. That means a prominent (‘calling’) Mars. An unaspected planet works like someone who is conspicuous in absence: he is here, there and everywhere. An unaspected Mars might indicate the workaholic: energy at any kind of level, working (somehow and anyhow). Mars is also strong in Capricorn and square Aries Point. Mars rules his third house (communications) and is in the 12th house (the media).
(BTW, see how transit Uranus is now square his ‘ calling’ Mars and progressed Mars is sextile natal Mars. Transit Jupiter and Uranus square in early June might have been helping to come to this decision.)

The Sun in the 10th house practically lives for the world outside, achievement and ‘ output’, drawing attention and being known. It is difficult to quit your job when your job is the thing you live for. That is why Larry stops on screen, but continues behind the screens.

The Sun/Moon midpoint is in hard aspect with Uranus and Pluto. He is motivated by improvisation, by sudden changes and by impulses. That is what keeps him going (and what made him change partner so frequently). He needs to be stimulated by news and politics...

The midpoint AC/MC is square Neptune, symbol of the media and television and everything else that you can’t really touch (the immaterial world). 

There is a need to convince, publish and/or travel exactly trine Uranus (need for excitement and news) and inconjunct Pluto.

The Moon inconjunct Pluto is likely to have domestic or emotional problems and challenges. The Moon rules Larry Kings’s 7th house of marriage and Pluto is in the seventh house…We have all read about his present marriage problems. (BTW This Moon ruler 7 inconjunct Pluto in 7 and semi square Saturn (ruler 1) is an astrological sing for divorces. This and…Jupiter in Libra square the horizon and the tight square between Venus – angular - and this Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of more, Venus is of love.) Venus-Jupiter prominent explains the multitude of marriages and …the popularity of Larry King.

In my post about Moon inconjunct Pluto you read this:
The effect of Moon inconjunct Pluto is (or may be...) that it forces a person to change behaviour and habits in such a way that it makes it difficult to keep control always…
Read Wikipedia about his financial problems at age 38 because of gambling. That was just before progressed Sun conjunct Pholus, just before a turning point in life…

6. SATURN (in first house) SQUARE MC: AMBITION
That is an interesting aspect in his natal chart. Often Saturn-Midheaven aspect refer to an untimely end of the career or at the bad sides of a certain position (public fall, for example). Business is hard with such an aspect and hierarchy/seniority is of importance in the working field or position. He started late with the Larry King Live shows and did it for 25 years. Maybe in his eyes: 25 years only?:)) Fact is that Larry King had a poor start and lost his father at young age. He quit school and started working to earn some money. It took a long time to reach to the top. Here is his chart with today's transits and progressions.

You see that Saturn square Midheaven doesn’t necessarily mean that you have little chances in life. Maybe sometimes a sober start, limitations or restrictions just fill you with ambition.  Examples like Larry King, Gordon Brown  and George W. Bush  show that ambition. And the intention to be taken seriously.


Uranus in Aries, 1927/1928 and 2010

This year  May 27 and on March 11, 2011 Uranus will be on 0.0 degree Aries (Aries Point). On April 1, 1927 and on January 13, 1928 Uranus was on 0.0 degree Aries, too. And what happened? I checked the internet and found 3 important events having impact on life on earth today: the independence of Iraq and Saudi Arabia and the invention of the first (primitive) particle accelerator. And how about you? Uranus-Uranus aspects by transit or progression tend to accelerate YOU!

The 1st automatic record changer was introduced by His Master’s Voice. That is all. On January 13m 1928 Uranus was on 0.0 degree Aries again. What happened in between? Chiang-Kai-shek started his counter revolution. Saudi Arabia became independent of Great Britain*) on May 20 (Treaty of Jedda; never knew that Saudi Arabia was once part of the British Empire). On July 14 in Hawaii there was the very first commercial airplane flight and six days later Lindbergh begon his NY flight. The first iron lung was installed on July 29 in NY. On November 12 Stalin became the undisputed dictator of the USSR (Trotsky was expelled from the Sovjet Union). Iraq became independent *)of the UK on December 14 and the first air conditioned office was opened in the USA.
You can find these facts on*)

What do these facts tell us about Uranus at Aries Point, the starting point of the Zodiac?
It seem that the introduction of Uranus in Aries is not very special for the entire world, at first. But, the final degrees of Pisces offered indepence to Iraq and Saudi Arabia and that was of importance to the inhabitans and to Great (but getting smallerJ) Britain. Now, with Uranus in the last decade of Pisces again, we see the impact of that event. So watch the news and look back after 82 years to see if anything happens now that will be important in 2092.


What does it mean that Jupiter joined Uranus on January 23, 1928 and that that was the day of ‘ Brave Soldier Schwejk’s premiere? On that day Chico  Carrasquel (Baseball Venezuela) was born and so was Jeanne Moreau (actress, Frane). But the world didn’t change much, even though Russia and Japan agreed to allow Japanes fishermen in Russian waters on that day. German Wikipedia mentions
“Auf den Färöern wird die sozialdemokratische Partei Javnaðarflokkurin („Gleichheitspartei“) gegründet. that all?:)

There is one invention that caught my eye, however. In 1928 Wideroe published a dissertation about the first particle accelerator ever.

And didn’t the Swiss start an accelerator (CERN) lately?

Sometimes it is easy to draw conclusions about a position in the sky and start associating. Uranus in Aries, what could it be? A fresh new start for astrology? Introduction of new techniques? An incident that awakens the world? And Uranus conjunct Jupiter, shouldn’t that be a sudden windfall for the world united? Looking back in history is sometimes like a cold shower, but it helps to see that relating events to positions is easier when you don’t use exact dates and positions. Or else I could refer to Uranus move to Aries as the prelude to disaster (October 1929, Wall street crash), caused by high expectations in the summer of 1929, but…Uranus had moved about 10 degrees into Aries by then. Or I could name the rise of the Nazi-party, but in 1928 (the period of Uranus at Zero Aries) the party had the lowest possible seats in parliament. The party started growing after the crash! 

My conclusion is that the impact of inventions or independence of nations in the period of Uranus move to Aries is visible about 80 years later. And most of us don’t live long enough to witness and understand the impact of the first and the results in the second move to Aries. That is it. Or am I accelerating? 

Few of us will experience a Uranus return. Some of us will experience a progressed Uranus return (when the retrograding Uranus goes direct in the first 2 or 3 months after birth). Transit Uranus opposition with Uranus is more frequent. I had it in a hectic month and year that changed my prospects. Sort of a midlife crisis, an wake-up call and bit of alarming change, but kicking! Or should I say: accelerating?

PS about the data of Brain History for Iraq and Saudi Arabia:
 The official indepence dates were years later. The British troops didn't immediately leave Iraq, for example. And the 'independence' date of Saudi Arabia is the date of the Treaty of Jeddah (permitting indepence to the King for part of the country). The official natal charts have other data.


Mercury calling...

Twitter is a typical product of Mercury. Mercury is the planet of birds, talking, speaking, words, communications, messages, blogging, transportation and…twitter. Especially when Mercury is ‘calling’ (that is: not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) people want to talk just for the sake of talking, write just for the sake of writing and twitter just for the sake of twitter. A ‘calling’ Mercury makes it difficult to be silent or count to 10 before opening the mouth. 
Examples? General McChrystal; Oriana Fallaci; someone I know who keeps you on the phone for hours, talking about nothing special…and I suppose a lot of twittering folks on Twitter. 

It is not bad when your Mercury is calling. It is just that you need to send messages and inform the world about your ideas. It is just bad when you twitter or say the things that your bosses (or worse: the authorities) don’t like to hear. This week a reporter joked on Twitter about a singer and he was fired because his job was to report about the singer on a contest. He had progressed Sun inconjunct Pholus to illustrate the lost (of a job) because of shooting his own foot or biting the hand that fed him. But could he have counted to 10? He had Mercury calling! sort of a drive to tell the world what you think, like bloggers do:) 

Mercury ‘ calling’ can be very helpful in sales. It is also perfect for a writer. The words won't fail you! Mercury ‘ calling’ is a prominent Mercury and one of the astrological tools for succes in communications. Mercury ' calling' is about communicating,somehow, anyhow. Mercury calling is to be preferred over Mercury-Uranus afflictions (that is when you keep joking or saying the wrong, offending or shocking things in the wrong context and in the wrong place, like Berlusconi does, or when nobody understands your irony).  Nevertheless, Mercury can call you to be the messenger whose head is chopped off. That is when you say what nobody wants to hear, just like with a Mercury-Uranus affliction. 

If your Mercury is ‘ calling’, don’t answer until you counted to 10 and write things down, read it, think it over and decide wether or not to tell the world about it. Just hum or whistle if you have to make noise:). And when you do the talking, say political correct and social things. It will be hard, but when your chart shows hard times it might be better to fight your first impulse and consider more profitable ways to use your talents (writing, singing or selling:)... Sounds easy, but try to repeat this whit your mouth shut!!@$! 



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oriana Fallaci (born June 29) and Vesta

This is about the natal chart of Oriana Fallaci, a very controversial – Sun square Uranus - journalist and author (Sagittarius MC and Mercury final dispositor of Midheaven) who died in 2006. See Wiki about her life. The hour of birth was mentioned on Luigi Stocchi’s site here… Scroll down for the drawing of that chart (with transits and progressions for the day that she died). It is said that she was born on a June 29, in 1929. Some sources mention June 24. I think that the chart below might be the correct one. The prominence of Mercury,Jupiter and Pluto is reflecting the famous author. The opposition of Saturn in Sagittarius and Vesta showed that her 'most cherished beliefs opposition to cultural traditions and authorities' (quoting

Instinctively I added Vesta as an additional object in the chart drawing and see: Vesta is opposition Midheaven (on the IC). Vesta is the symbol of the keeper of the domestic fire and of dedication. This dedication goes together with the symbol of 'background and home' (the IC).

The Romans related Vesta to Capricorn.

Mercury, Jupiter  and Pluto are the combination of a ' treasure of words'. This combination is prominent in the chart of Fallaci.
  • MERCURY ‘ calling’
Fallaci decided not to obey and to say no to oppression for the rest of her life. She also decided not to choose her words very carefully in doing so. Just like General McChrystal (see the post here…) she had a ‘ calling’ Mercury (Mercury without major aspects in sign). A 'calling' Mercury is reflecting the issue of communications, at any possible level...(About missing elements and aspects, see Astromarkt:Conspicous by Absence)
  • JUPITER ‘oriental’ (rising before the Sun)
Jupiter, ruler of the MC, is the oriental planet (that is the first outer planet rising before the Sun). Jupiter’s keyword is ‘ international’. She lived in New York and in Tuscany and interviewed VIPs all over the world form Kissinger to Khomeini and Sean Connery, too. Transportation (the axis of Mercury-Jupiter) was important and so was convincing others (also Mercury-Jupiter).
  • PLUTO ‘calling’
When Pluto calls you can’t resist power, influence and politics.
Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto are prominent. The prominence of these three promises an impressive vocabulary and success in the field of communications (using words, books...talking and writing). As Jupiter rules the MC and Mercury is the final dispositor or Midheaven, the career is related to convincing with words. It is more then ‘reporting’ only. And Saturn in Sagittarius also has a role to play...
In the article about sun signs and planets on Astromarkt (click to see the article I wrote this about Saturn in Sagittarius:
"Hypocrite? Maybe, but then Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince are too. You have a great sense for justice, and religion or conviction might play a heavy role in your life."
Translation:): you have a great sence of justice. Religion and/or conviction might play a big part in your life.
And that is in line with the importance of religion for her position and status in the years after 9-11. She was agnostic, but she spoke with the Pope and with Khomeini and she wrote a lot about Islam, as a professional (Saturn is on Midheaven) but with a sort of a dedication that makes it an issue of greater personal importance.

There is an opposition between Saturn and Vesta on the Meridian, perhaps showing a (public or professional) polarity.

When WWII started, the progressed Sun of Fallaci was conjunct Pluto (her ‘calling’ planet) and that is a sign for stress and challenges. It is also a sign of vital change (and being impressed, a period with great impact).

Her chart is pretty clear about it: she used a lot of words in her job and her position and the reputation is strongly related to the Sagittarian field of convictions and opinions.

When Vesta is prominent in your (progressed) chart (f.ex. because of angular or oriental placement, or because Vesta is ‘ calling’ – without major aspects-), the word ‘dedication’ is your keyword. You ‘ go for it’ when you belief in it. Vesta also indicated what not to do in order to ‘ recharge’ and in order to avoid 'getting drained'. In the chart of Oriana Fallaci that is ‘ writing, speaking’ …her job! But the third house is also the house of the lungs (she was a heavy smoker).

When your progressed Sun or Midheaven is in aspect with Vesta, you might get dedicated to a project or commit yourself to something that might drain you, if you are not careful enough.

ALSO BORN June 29, 1929: Pat Crawford Brown (actrice)

See Bob Marks about Vesta. Click the label to see more examples on this blog.

Interesting site with Saturn’s aspect with asteroids and small planets, like Vesta here…


Born June 29, Bernhard von Lippe (married to a Queen)

When Prince Bernhard of Lippe Biesterfeld met his later spouse, the Dutch Crown Princess Juliana, transit Jupiter, ruler of his 7th house of marriage and relationships, was conjunct (=on) his Descendant, the starting point of the 7th house.  
It was a perfect astrological moment. Also his progressed Sun was about to change sign, like his lifestyle was…Progressed Midheaven trine the Sun promised a bright future.  

It was time for a life changing relationship. 

You see his chart, transits and progressions for the early months of 1936 here.

Prince Bernhard was 'notorious' for various reasons. Accusations like ‘ Nazi-Prince’, the Lockheed affair (a scandal about getting money for using influence) and facts about his affairs make an astrologer think of Uranus. And indeed, Uranus is ‘calling’! in the house of values, sexuality and ‘life and death’. He survived accidents and surgery like a cat with seven lives! Maybe Sun trine Jupiter and half semi square Uranus helped him get old in spite of all the adventures.

He never divorced but he and his wife stopped sharing the bedroom in the 50ies. He had Mercury ruler 1 trine Jupiter ruler 7 and Venus trine Mars. But Venus was also square Saturn, semi sextile Neptune. Also there is a  Moon square Saturn and half semi square Neptune. Those are 3 out of 4 aspects that use to lessen the possibility of long lasting marriage in the chart of males. But this guy married a Taurus Princess and divorce was not good for the country (they thought), so they sticked together. The match?

Sun sextile Sun (they could live together)
Moon in Leo (he was rather luxurious) semi sextile Moon in Virgo (she was rather modest)
Mercury not in conflict with Mercury (neutral)
Venus in Leo contra Venus in Taurus (differences in style, sympathies and tastes)
Mars half quintile Mars (creative reproductionJ
Jupiter sextile Jupiter (matching convictions)
Saturn semi sextile Saturn (not matching moral)
Her Quaoar square his Saturn (a brand new status)
Her Uranus inconjunct his Venus (disrupted relationship)
Her Saturn trine his Descendant (enduring relationship)

This explains why they didn’t live together but remained married. It is one of those contradictions reflecting real life events. 

BTW His Saturn was square her Midheaven (he limited her status in the Greet Hofmans affair, the scandal of the Queen getting too involved  with a healer  who claimed to be able to cure her daughters’ eye ailment with prairs).

And think of this: Leo is a royal sign (the lion is the king of animals:).  Bernhard had Moon and Venus in Leo.  His fortunate marriage was important for his status. The ‘ calling’  Juno (symbol of marriage) is trine Midheaven.

108 year old man died

Jos Wijnants, age 108, died. He was born in Antwerp March 27, 1902 with the right genes (Ceres, symbol of genes and seeds, is 'calling' in his chart): his grandfather died at age 92.
But, what is in the chart of his day of birth that contributes to the astrological picture of a chance to get older than most people do? Here are some of the indications, limited by the unknown hour of birth.

1. There are more placements in fire and air than there are in earth and water. On Astromarkt I wrote about the effect of this, click HERE for more.
2. Strong Scorpio Moon
3. Sun sextiel Jupiter and in a minor (105 degree) aspect with Uranus creates a Sun/Jupiter/Uranus combination that is often reflecting the prolongation of life.
4. Saturn, symbol of old age, is not making any Ptolemeic aspect. Saturn is 'calling'! It is like if 'getting old' was his vocation. When 'Saturn is calling' you don't like taking risks.
5. 40% is in movable signs (and that helps to keep moving)
6. No inconjunctions at all!
Inconjunctions in the radix often mirror ailments or other fysical/mental problems from the start. In order to get old, it is better not to see them in the chart.

Those indication and the mix of them, together with helpfull genes, contributed to reaching the age of 108 (wanted or not). Of course, the individual chart with hour of birth might offer more info (like angular placements, the Sun/Moon and AC/MC midpoint, the Ascendant, etc.).

When you are born healthy, with a positive and strong character, you have a better chance of getting old. This chance is transtlated into astrological terms as 'movable signs', positive signs (fire and air signs) and balance (no signs of no balance, like inconjunctions). Earth signs and a strong Saturn help to be 'earth bound', cautious and 'sober'. This is the basic packet for getting old. But: there are always exceptions (just like with statistics)!

See the labels for more examples!


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Astropost: Astrology chart Johanna Sigurdardottir

The (lesbian) PM of Iceland got married and that is news. There is post in this blog Astropost: about the astrology chart of PM Johanna Sigurdardottir. Interesting besides: transit Saturn moved over her natal Venus and will be back again soon. She has been officialy living with her partner since 2002 and now (now that the law agrees) their partnership is a lawful wedding. Saturn is the symbol of what is lasting , public and official, Venus is for love.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Astropost: Conrad Murray, Saturn and Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson accuses Conrad Murray, see the news on Hollywood gossip

One year ago in Astropost: Conrad Murray, Saturn and Michael Jackson - click to see the post about the Saturn-effect in the interaction between the natal position of Michael Jackson and his doctor

Astrology and Gwyneth Paltrow's diet pattern

Basic changes are needed for macrobiotic actrice Gwyneth Paltrow, who had bad results in a Vitamine D-test. That is what she told the world (on her website). More sunshine (or meat, butter and milk) might be required (or more pills of course☺) . This post is about what in her chart shows the vitamine defecit or the fanatic diet and weakness of the bones. Perhaps there is a genetic disorder for Vitamine D, too? Maybe it is in the family genes (Moon and Ceres are involved). Anyway: the inconjunction between Pholus and Pluto drew my attention, because of an earlier post. And so did today's transits of Pholus and Pluto.

The AC/MC midpoint =Moon and the hard transit coming from Pholus on that crucial midpoint is showing that it is time for a change in habits. Pholus (the turning point) is prominent (angular placement, on the Ascendant) in the natal chart and so will this transit be. The Moon is related to Ceres and Saturn and that includes: nutrition (Ceres) and bones (Saturn).
Pholus is inconjunct Pluto in the natal chart. I have just posted about the extraordinary event on Wimbledon, exhausting the players and causing a ‘ crippled’ victory.

Third: the importance of the angular Moon and Saturn. The Moon is trine Ceres. Saturn is 112.5 degrees (square+half semi square) Ceres. This Moon, Saturn, Ceres and Midheaven combination could be read as: the disadvantages (Saturn) of a habitual (Moon) diet (Ceres) for the condition (MC) and the lack (Saturn) of what is needed (Moon) in nutrition (Ceres) related to the condition (MC) or a condition (MC) related to bad (Saturn) food (Ceres) habits (Moon). You can read this in various manners, but the result for the condition remains the same.

2. TRANSIT PLUTO SQUARE SUN (and natal Sun conjunct Pluto)
Sun conjunct Pluto (rising before the Sun) tends to be fanatic and the Sun rules the 6th house of diets and daily patterns. (The symbol of patterns is Pallas and she is in Virgo, the sign of diet. Pallas is close to the horizon.) For those with a Sun-Pluto aspect in the natal chart, progressions and transits between Sun and Pluto have a strong effect. Transit Pluto is now square her natal Sun. This transit issues cases of life and death and is very stressful and challenging often. It is one of the life changing transits that you can find in another post (link here…).

Bonestructures are related to Saturn and Capricorn. Transit Saturn’s conjunct natal Mars shows that the issue of death ends and lack of energy.
Quaoar, the creator of new realities, is opposition natal Saturn. The question is: structural change!

Gwyneth Paltrow is a celebrated actrice. The importance of the Moon – ruler of the 5th house of plays and games, in hard aspect with AC/MC, still in orb for quintile Venus and the position of ruler 1 Neptune on top of this chart in a wide opposition with Moon (both in aspect with the Ascendant) shows the pattern of artistic talents. Jupiter and Pluto (the combination of successes) are in aspect with Sun and Mars. The Sun is also involved in a combination with Jupiter and Neptune (for the fans, and the believing and admiring audience). More posts about the pattern of artistic talent on Art&Astrology.

The Moon is the symbol of habits and diets. For more information about the Moon and diet, and what colour food to eat on what day, see Astromarkt HERE...


Pholus inconjunct Pluto: the pyrrhic victory

Re: the historic extreme long fight between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner yesterday I had a look at the synastry between their natal positions.
Mars sesquisquare Mars
That is a frustrating (sesquisquare) competition

Isner’s Pholus square Nicolas’ Sun
Issuing a turning point in life

Mahut’s Pholus square John’s Neptune and inconjunct John’s Pluto
The game caused exhaustion, on both sides. Mahut lost (Pluto of Isner inconjunct his Pholus) but (inconjunctions carry a ‘ but’ always…) at a certain price (Pluto).
That is how I found a new word for the Pholus vocabulary*) (shooting your own foot, catalyst, turning point) and that is the Pyrrhic victory…a victory that comes at a crippling (sic!...Pholus and the foot...) cost.
The inconjunction contributes to the lack of balance and extraordinary challenge.See the label to find examples of the effect of inconjunctions with Pluto.

See the positions on Isner’s day of birth and the transits are these positions of Mahut in the chart drawing and/or watch the other 37 examples of the effect of Pholus… on this blog (link)

When your Mars is in tight aspect with the Mars in the chart of another person, you might start being attracted to each other (in order to become partners, cooperate or have a friendly competition). In the longer run the competition between you might change and get harder, until you fight each other and you (or both) get hurt. It is rather difficult to avoid competing and anger when there is no compensation coming from Venus...Of course there is competition in sports, always. But when the competers have a Mars-Mars conflict the level of aggression and/or competition rises because of the situation. (Any aspect should be seen in the light of the situation.)


- Pholus + Sun: turning point in honour or lifestyle/health, something starts changing your life. In some cases the persons sex life was in the spotlight
- Pholus+Moon: altering your needs, a turning point in habits
- Pholus + Mercury: turning point in communications, something starts changing your ideas
- Pholus + Venus: turning point in preferences or relations (with women); something or someone changes your preferences
- Pholus + Mars: turning point in a battle (and with the inconjunction: getting hurt!) or sexlife; something starts changing your drives and energy
- Pholus + Jupiter: turning point in conviction; something starts changing your convictions
- Pholus+ Saturn: turning point in a career
- Pholus+Uranus: sudden and unexpected change (perhaps due to an accident)
- Pholus+Neptune: turning point in beliefs and ideals
- Pholus+Pluto: dramatic turning point: the prize (or the price to pay) forcing a turning point (?)
- Pholus + Midheaven: turning point in a (domestic) career; something or someone changes your position in society
- Pholus + Ascendant: coming out (at a certain point)
- Pholus in synastry: the strong influence of someone, changing your life in a direct way.
In this case: Pholus inconjunct Pluto ...the Pyrrhic victory.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Christopher Coke, Neptune and Moon

A drugs cartel leader with the apposite last name ‘ Coke’ has been arrested and transferred from Jamaica to the USA. About 70 persons died since the warrent. He was born on March 12, 1969 just like Graham Coxon (guitar player, Blur), Beyazit Ozturk (showmaster) and had Silver (ice hockey player). What in the position of March 12, 1969 applies to a leading drugs dealer AND to artists or hockey players? Personal charts with hour of birth inform us about angular (crucial!) positions and the exact degree of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven. Aspects between Sun and planets are equal for all those born on the same day. The effect of the qualities that the aspects are representing is different for men and women, animals and human beings and are coloured by genes, situations, history, social positions and culture. The father of Christopher Coke died in jail, shot by unknown persons. So crime was in the family (either in the genes or in the social/economic situation).

Neptune is the symbol of drugs. So I guess that Neptune is of importance in the chart of mr. Coke. In the guess chart I placed Neptune on his Ascendant. Neptune then rules the 4th house of family background and sits on the AC (situation, names and nick names). In this guess chart Mercury (traffic) is on the IC. Yes, it would be nice for astrology if mr. Coke was born at 23 hours☺. Because today transit Neptune is square his Neptune and the guess Ascendant, symbolizing the negative personal situation and giving up (surrender).

Last year the USA asked for the extradition of Coke. That was with progressed Sun inconjunct Uranus (a change in life including a lost of freedom and independence). Now that he is being transferred to a jail in the States, transit Jupiter is opposition the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in his natal chart. Jupiter is conjunct Uranus today, like in his natal chart, but in the opposite sign (and inconjunct the estimated Midheaven of this chart). The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is opposite Chiron in Aries and the transits of Jupiter and Uranus today are conjunct Chiron in Aries.
Coke wanted to surrender because of the number of victims related to the attempts to arrest him and asked Reverend Al Miller to accompany him doing so. Jupiter-Uranus is the combination of relief. The opposition points at the relief for others or on behalf of others. That would also be in line with Neptune. Neptune is also the symbol of heroism and idols. Coke was dressed up as a woman (they say) and disguise is part of the Neptunic vocabulary, too. That is why I think that Neptune is important for Coke.

Also Transit Saturn is inconjunct progressed Pholus (negative turning point in a career) and this summer transit Saturn will be opposition his natal Uranus (mirroring limits of freedom).

And if this guess chart is true, transit Jupiter inconjunct Midheaven and quindecile progressed Midheaven shows the ‘ international’ aspect of it all, included the losts, the lack of balance and the never desired move to another country. Jupiter would be in the 9th house in the progressed chart, joined by Uranus and Pluto (the combination for a sudden change or arrest).

Interesting besides: the progressed Sun is biquintile the progressed Jupiter now, reflecting a creative way to make life better or being helped in a creative way. I wonder in what way? Perhaps in the way that he was arrested (dressed up, helped by a vicar?).

How about the showmaster, the guitar player or the ice hockey man born on the same day? Notice that the Moon is the oriental object in this chart, rising before the Sun and Mercury. The Moon doesn’t make major aspects. That makes the symbol of education, early environment and family influences the most important symbol in this chart. Your genes and social/economical circumstances are most important and should be considered while reading any chart. But when Ceres and/or the Moon are prominent, these considerations are of extreme importance. Like in this chart.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marcello Lippi, the lost match and the retirement

Marcello Lippi’s team (Italy) lost and he immediately retired. What transits and progressions of the chart (no hour of birth) support this event?

1. His progressed Sun is conjunct Uranus
That is one of many signs of changing times and lifestyles. The progression with Uranus often reflects sudden changes, incidents or upheavel (nerves).
2. Transit Pluto sesquisquare Mars
Forced to defend yourself or a difficult competition (and the risk of getting hurt)
3. Transit Saturn square natal Jupiter
Ups and (more) downs…

Here is the chart.

The example of Lippi is an example without hour of birth. Perhaps his individual natal or progressed chart offer more astrological info for the present personal situation. Remember: it takes more than 2 indications for a major change in life or lifestyle! See a list of possible indications here...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prince Albert (really? really!:) getting married

Just like the last time (in 2008) there are strange transits and progressions accompanying the announcement of a future wedding of Prince Albert II of Monaco and his long time friend Charlene Wittstock. For example:

Venus has recently changed sign to Aries and is now receiving a conjunction from the planet of surprise: Uranus en close to an inconjunction with Pluto. Sounds like an impulse…

Transit Uranus is also inconjunct the ruler of the 7th house (Jupiter). That sounds like ‘ a relief and positive change, however, but….’ There might be considerations.

Last but not least: Progressed Ascendant is exactly square Neptune and transit Pluto is inconjunct the progressed Descendant. This combination is very mysterious…

There is one happy progression: progressed Venus at Zero Aries is in aspect with Jupiter, but…it is an inconjunction. So there is a party, but it might be a bit overdone?

Albert is one of the most desirable ‘royal bachelors’ . Maybe that is why Juno, the symbol of marriage, is conjunct his Ascendant. It didn’t help him to get married, but he has two children with two former lovers. He has acknowledges that he is the father of these children, but they will not the next Prince or Princess of Monaco.

His Saturn in the 7th house, on the Descendant seems to be the living proof of the astrological idea of restrictions, barriers and AGE related to marriage. Moreover: his Venus is semi square Saturn!
Recently I posted on Astrology&Love about Saturn's role in a post named
A little married and more...Saturn and Pluto in Libra' re: the book about the trend not to marry (but live together). The effect of Saturn in Libra and Saturn in the 7th are often similar (when related to the 7th house or Venus).

Will Charlene Wittstock be the final partner? Let us see how the match is. I wrote about them before:
There is a strong Sun-Neptune connection between them.

Happy and pleasant wedding parties benefit from a Venus-Jupiter aspect by transit or progression. Venus-Jupiter is one of the most pleasant combinations of planets, because it multiplies (Jupiter) fun (Venus) and joy (Venus). Even in bad times, Venus-Jupiter helps because you feel the love and support of many. As you can see on the right, Jupiter is today in the 2nd degree of Aries. People with Venus there, or in any other 2nd degree might enjoy this transit. Venus is now (June 23, 2010) in the 11th degree of Leo.
Click the label ' Venus Jupiter' to see some eamples of the effect of Venus-Jupiter.

*) Link to article on about Sun-Neptune here...and to a post on this blog about the ' romantic' effects: ' Neptune, for killing you softly...

There is a post about Grace Kelly (Princess Gracia of Monaco, mother of Albert II) here, too...


General McChrystal's Mercury called

General Stanley McChrystal was born on August 14, 1954 (no place and no time known). He was not very nice about President Obama (said he was not impressed) and pretended not to know who Vice President Biden is. Apperently the general is not a fan.
Now he has to face the President. See the story on CNN... Why do I mention this? To show you how the transits and progressions seem to indicate the perfect timing of this incident...There are 4 heavy transits and progressions indicating restrictions and upheavel. And the strong role for Mercury-Pholus in transit and synastry shows how the President and the general communicated and got hurt.

1.Transit Saturn is square natal Mars
Dead end...Being restricted in action
2. Progressed Mars is square natal Neptune
Mistake...doing the wrong thing
3. Transit Uranus is quindecile progressed Sun
Being in the news in an obsessive way
4. Transit Saturn semi square natal Mercury
Goodbye...(frustrating bad news)

And that is without hour or place of birth, so maybe there is even more.

How come that a general makes such stupid remarks in a public magazine like Rolling Stone? Perhaps it is because of the calling Mercury (Mercury without majour aspects, sesquisquare Mars (sharp words...)
When Mercury 'calls' this sometimes leads to talking too much, at any possible level. It is a good tool to use in communications, too. A 'calling' Mercury just needs a little control.

And then there was the transit of Pholus, the catalyst, the symbol of the turning point...

There is a strong interaction between Mercury and Pholus in Obama-McChrystal's synastry.There is also an active transit.
Transit: Transit Pholus was trine the calling Mercury of McChrystal and offered an opportunity for a mental turning point or: for shooting your own foot just by communicating like you do.

Synastry with Obama: The general's Mercury is opposition the Pholus of Obama, by the way, and vice versa! Maybe that explains why the words of the general hurt so much and why the general will now be hurt by the anger of Obama.

Isn't that coincidence?
Here is the chart of President Obama and the positions on August 14, 1954.

Another Pholus aspect is Saturn-Pholus in the general's natal chart, reflecting the risk of a turning point in career. See the label 'Pholus' for more.

It takes 3 or more indications for serious (happy and unhappy) incidents like being fired, getting involved in accidents or falling deeply in love. Transits and progressions making aspects similar to those in the natal chart or with prominent planets of the natal chart have a stronger effect.

Talking about Mercury...Were you looking for the chart of Freddie Mercury? Click for Art&Astrology here...

Also born on August 14,1954: Mark Fidrych, famous baseball player. He died April 13, 2009 due to an accident.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Carlos Quieroz

Just a quick glance at the time unknown chart of Carlos Quieroz, the happy coach of Portugal (defeating North Korea with 7-0) was enough:

- progressed Sun in the 11th degree of Pisces is sextile natal Jupiter in the 11th degree of Taurus and Jupiter is for success;
- transit Northern Node is at 12 Capricorn and that is pretty close to the natal Sun (how about reading this as 'starring role in a community?)
- transit Jupiter is sextile the natal ('calling'!) Pholus.
I tend to see Pholus (shoot, foot) as a symbol of football. Jupiter sextile Pholus than means: succesfull or international (Jupiter!) football.

The Portugese coach has Sun trine Jupiter in the natal chart and that is great (think this over...:)

It is hard to believe, but a nice aspect with Jupiter sometimes means ... nothing special. I mean: you can't count on an effect. See the posts about Jupiter and Jupiter in the 12th house about this and don't expect too much. If you don't your chances of feeling great will grow, even without promotion, success, travelling or 'being published'. Jupiter sometimes means being helped by a good advice or doctor, meeting a coach or counting your blessings...(especially when Jupiter is in the 12th house of the natal chart or by transit).


Andrès Escobar

Colombian football player (defender) Andrès Escobar deflected the ball into his own net during a match against the USA and was murdered when he returned to Medellin. He was born March 13 1967 and died July 2, 1994. His progressions and transits show the importance of the individual chart (AC,MC and Moon degrees) and of the situation/circumstances in an individual's culture and country. The level of danger is different in different countries and the passion (and gambling) around football (soccer) is more intense in passionate countries.

The astrological picture is incomplete because we don't know the hour of birth, but watch this:
Escobar's progressed Sun was inconjunct natal Pluto.
Transit Pholus was inconjunct his natal Saturn.

Shooting your own foot (or goal; Pholus) causes extraordinary (inconjunct) disadvantages (Saturn) and your life and lifestyle in this period is at danger with disproportional stress.
Inconjunctions often mean a lost.

In the natal chart of Escobar Saturn doesn't make any aspect at all. This 'calling' Saturn at Aries Point points at the importance of mistakes, career, ambition and caution. It is a fine position for a manager.
Any transit or progression with this calling Saturn is to be important.

Again, this chart didn't kill him or else any person born that day would be death by now. One of them is a Dutch referee who is now starting a career in...politics. Administration is one of the key words of Saturn, too.

In general the inconjunction between Pholus and Saturn refers to an unbalancing turning point in a career. The inconjunction between Sun and Pluto shows a possible lost of selfesteem. An inconjunction is a 150 degree aspect, often between positions in the chart with a distance of 5 signs (like 0 Aries and 1 Virgo) with a maximum of 2 degrees orb.

This example of Saturn-Pholus can be added to the others in the Pholus Files...


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nicolas Anelka and Raymond Domenech

Nicolas Anelka (born in Versailles, March 14 1979) offended his trainer (Raymond Domenech) during the WC2010 and was sent home, but still Domenech is rather calm about the incident, explaining that the WC football players suffer from a lot of stress. Anelka didn't want to apologize...

Jupiter is the planet of tolerance and wisdom. Raymond Domenech's Jupiter is sextile midheaven. Unfortunately, Anelka's Saturn is square the Midheaven of Domenech and inconjunct Domenech's Jupiter. Saturn is the hard liner of the planets, building barriers. The Saturn of Anelka is opposition his Mars and Mars is rising before his Sun. One of the possible effets of the Mars-Saturn opposition has been described on Cafe Astrology:
You can pick at yourself and others unmercifully

And that is what happened now and the target was the position (MC) as a coach (wise man leading the team: Jupiter) of Domenech. Notice that Anelka lost the confrontation...He was sent away. Mars-Saturn conflicts often eventually hurt yourself. And Jupiter is ...well, Jupiter is why Domenech is able to be tolerant. He already won.

How about you?
With an oriental Mars (that is when Mars rises before the Sun*) your orientation is on what Mars means: action, sport, aggression, militarism and drive. Hard aspects with Mars hurt (you or others).So when Mars is important (like when Mars is oriental), your first idea is to DO something (to hit, hurt or start up something). Anelka's prominent Mars is helpful in sports, but might damage or hurt sometimes, too. The oriental Mars is found in the charts of 'tough' women, soldiers and sports men or entrepeneurs and everywhere where the action is.

*) You find the planet rising before the Sun, by moving your finger clockwwise from the position of the Sun. The Ascendant (moving anti-clockwise) will reach Mars just before the Sun comes up (again), when Mars is the planet rising before the Sun.

In 2008,when I didn't know his hour of birth, I wrote about Domenech and his interest in astrology. Here is the link. It seems that he composes his team using sun sign astrology and I remarked that his idea to not have Scorpio's or Leo's in his team (because he is an Aquarian) might not help him win (since the Dutch team that defeated his had 2 Scorpio's). Domenech is an Aquarian and Anelka is a Pisces (uhmmm...) Of course, you know that astrology is about more than just sun signs...


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wedding of Victoria of Sweden

See the post on Astrology & Love about Victoria and Daniel, a good astrological match, getting married Saturday, June 19, 2010.

And how about you? Find your match on Astrology&Love...


Friday, June 18, 2010

Uri Geller and Van der Sloot's ticket

Uri Geller offered Joran van der Sloot money for a ticket to Aruba, just before Joran van der Sloot was arrested. The idea was to hypnotize the man in order to find out the truth about what happened to Natalee Holloway. Geller says that he absolutely didn’t pay more than that and about 600 dollar for expenses. There is a link to his statement in this post.

Interesting for astrological reasons:
1. Venus-Pluto, the combination of earning money (the money axis)
- Venus-Pluto of Joran van der Sloot is exactly conjunct the Midheaven of Uri Geller.
2. Sun-Pluto
- Uri Geller’s Pluto is exactly conjunct the Sun of Joran.
Café Astrology uses the word ‘mesmerizing’ for the Sun-Pluto combination in synastry. (Mesmer is the man who first used a sort of hypnotism). I think that is fascinating! (another word in the Pluto-vocabulary).

A few months back a Dutch magician had a program about Uri Geller’s tricks, revealing and explaining them. His Pluto is exactly square Uri Geller’s Sun.
The Sun-Pluto interaction between charts is always challenging and intense. Often it is about values, authority, issues of life and death or influence. And sometimes there is a drama –or plain jealousy - connecting the lives of both of you.

Uri Geller was born December 20, 1946 in Tel Avic at about 2 a.m. He is the famous 'spoon-bender'.
In his chart (above) Jupiter is the planet orientation (symbol of the international). Uranus is ‘calling’ (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). The prominence*) of Jupiter and Uranus promises successful use of techniques and being resourcefull.

You read this blog probably because you have an interest in astrology. Tight Jupiter-Uranus combinations with Sun, Mercury, Venus or Midheaven are frequent in the charts of astrologers, as you may read in this post...

LINK to all posts about Joran van der Sloot:
Please use the labels for more examples of the mentioned aspects.


Statement Uri Geller about the ticket of Joran van der Sloot:

*)Angular planets, planets or the Moon rising before the Sun, planets without major aspects in sign (and orb 5 degrees) are prominent planets.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Synastry coaches Okada (Japan)-Van Marwijk (Netherlands)

The chart below shows the astrological postions at noon for the day that Takeshi Okada was born in Osaka. He is the Japanese coach (WC 2010).Bert van Marwijk is the Dutch coach. His positions are the 'transits'. Okada doesn't like Van Marwijk and it is more than a matter of competition. Okada is offended because Bert van Marwijk forgot him, completely, and didn't remember his face. Van Marwijk even asked him if he knew who the Japanese coach was...

It is easy to dislike each other, because:
- The Sun of Van Marwijk is opposition the Saturn of Okada (distance)
- The Sun of Van Marwijk is inconjunct the Neptune of Okada (disproportional grieve)
- The Sun of Van Marwijk is square the Pluto of Okada (anger)
- The Northern Node of Van Marwijk is square Okada's Saturn (distance again)
- The Mars of Van Marwijk is square the Uranus of Okada (short temper..)
- The Jupiter of Van Marwijk is opposition the Uranus of Okada (I liked the interpretation of Skyviewzone, especially the part of little understanding of what each of the two is about:)

Yes, this interaction between the natal chart positions shows distance, disturbance, hot temper and humilation. And that is exactly what Okada says: he thinks that Van Marwijk humilated him.

On Saturday June 19, 13:30 hours, there is the match Netherlands-Japan in Durban RSA. Let's see if revenge rally is sweet:)

What if you meet a person who has such a lot of difficult synastry aspects with you? Avoid the man or woman!:) Unless you really like to be tought a lesson in relationships...You can calculate the synastry aspects between your chart positions and his/hers even if you don't know the hour of birth. Just create a 'time unknown' chart with the transits for the day of birth of the partner and see what aspects are between the positions. Curious about aspects and more basics of astrology? Click here...


Paul Gascoigne's accident

This post is about Paul Gascoigne's natal positions, transits and progressions during the accident of June 13, about accidents in general and about the daily motion of the Sun (the solar transits). Some days are just more 'risky' than other days are. Transit Sun in hard aspect with Uranus is one of those days. Gascoigne had T Sun square Progressed Uranus on July 13.
On July 13 there was a car accident and Paul Gascoigne was one of the passengers.The driver (a woman) has been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. Next July 28 'G8' will have to face the judge for a similar accusation. In February he was arrested for drink-driving. (See the news here...)

There is no hour of birth for Gascoigne's chart. The observations ar just observations of the positions for Gascoigne and time twins. They are not the complete astrological picture, because there is no known Ascendant (symbol of the situation) or Midheaven (symbol of the conditions). The Ascendant is very important in cases of accidents.
1. Natal chart
. Sun 105 Uranus
. Afflicted Mercury
. Saturn semi square Pholus
. Mars in a wide opposition with Saturn

2. Progressions and transits
. Progressed Sun square Lillith
. Progressed inconjunction of Neptune and Lillith
. Progressed Sun also conjunct Progressed Mercury (the symbol of communications and transportation)
. Transit Node square Eris
. Transit Jupiter and Uranus trine the 'calling' Jupiter (for the 'international' and for 'travelling')
A Jupiter/Uranus combination adds relief to every situation (in whatever way).
. Progressed Saturn conjunct progressed Eris
. On the day of the accident the transit Sun was exactly inconjunct Progressed Neptune and square progressed Uranus. The combination of Uranus and Neptune often indicates lost of consciousness (fainting).

It takes more than 3 indications at the time to reflect serious incidents and accidents. Almost always the Ascendant, Mars and Uranus are part of the picture. I noticed that Saturn-Pluto-Ascendant midpoint combinations are related to the traffic accidents described in the famous book of C.E.O. Carter. See the label 'accidents' for more info or go to Astromarkt.

Check the Sun's daily motion trough the zodiac and see how the transits of the Sun make aspects with your natal or progressed chart positions. These transits contribute to a general picture of 'what sort of a day it was'. In this case, the square between transit Sun and progressed Uranus pointed at upheaval, incidents and accidents, nerves, being in a hurry and unpleasant surprises or...accidents. On Astromarkt I wrote this about the transit Sun in hard aspect with Uranus:
Sun with Uranus:
Surprises, unexpexted things coming in your way, acting too soon

Transits of the Sun with Uranus happen a few times each year, reflecting 'those kind of days'. They usually don't point at a serious accident, unless there are 3 or more serious indications in the chart and in the transits and progressions. More about the daily motion of the Sun on Astromarkt (link).

Click here for more about the ups and downs in the chart and life of Paul Gascoigne on this blog...

I found an interesting article about the Sun signs and driving here...


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bernard Kohl, Sun-Jupiter and Orange
Re: the news about the four year ban instead of life for Bernard Kohl, who quit cycling anyway, here are the links to the posts about his case and the Sun-Jupiter connection with doping news. The judgement and ' conviction' come with transit Neptune semi square his natal Sun and that means disappointment. Four years is a long time when you are 28.

Jupiter was important in his birth chart and at the time when he was found positive. Jupiter is the symbol of positivism and that is usually nice. But being found positive in a doping case is less positive:)

AND HOW ABOUT YOU? And what has orange got to do with it?

Sun-Jupiter aspects in the natal chart are reflecting the will to succeed and enthousiasm. But what if you want to succeed and everybody else wants it, too? That is where it might become easy to help (Jupiter) yourself (Sun) to be better than the rest. The nice thing about Sun-Jupiter is that you allow yourself and others to have some space. The bad thing about Sun-Jupiter is that you allow yourself (or others) a bit too much. And there you go. Easy aspects with Jupiter make it easy for Jupiter. With hard aspects with Jupiter it is harder and it takes more effort to succeed. Landis, Beltran and Marion Jones have the opposition between Sun and Jupiter. Oppositions are like question marks: can I succeed by myself? That is the question in question.
See about the risk of dubious moral with Sun-Jupiter opposition. It is also hard to live up to your means with Sun-Jupiter (maybe because you think that you deserve it?:). No kidding: it depends on your moral and level of ambition if you want to win using drugs or not. And people like you and me don’t often get the advice to use some doping, not even with a Sun-Jupiter aspect in the birth chart. Neither do those with a Sun-Jupiter aspect have something to do with the colour orange (like the members of the Dutch royal family 'Van Oranje'; most of them have a Sun-Jupiter aspect!). I have a quintile between Sun and Jupiter and my sites are always orange for some reason:) And for some reason I like to end this post in a positive way...So if YOU are a Sun-Jupiter: stay positive, keep learning and traveling and stay tuned.

See the label Sun Jupiter or use the links above.

See about astrology and colours...


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

JÉROME KERVIEL AND NICK LEESON:Same issue, same birth charts?

Jerome Kerviel is on trial now. Here is the post about his chart and the comparisson with fellow gambler Nick Leeson, written in January 2008: Astropost: JÉROME KERVIEL AND NICK LEESON:Same issue, same birth charts?. Both have important Saturns and Jupiter-Neptune had a key role in the events. Both speculated with millions (of others) and damaged the bank.

If your Saturn is important, for example because Saturn is:
- on Zero Aries or in hard aspect with Zero Aries
- rising before your Sun
- not making major aspects (conjunctions, sextiles, trines, squares or oppositions) within 5 degrees and in sign
- angular (on MC, IC, Ascendant or Descendant)
Then you are probably someone who is ambitious or trying to do what his parents wanted you to. With an important Saturn you choose classical studies and decent jobs, for example, or you choose to do your job as a clerk, with the elderly or with a long way to go to the top. Saturn is the symbol of construction works, business and administrations.

Jupiter-Neptune is the combination of fans, followers and all those with a believing audience. Jupiter-Neptune is also the combination of speculations and beliefs. If the combinations of Jupiter and Neptune is important in your chart (at a certain moment) you tend to have great expectations of the future with the risk of great disappointments, too, helas!:)
More about Jupiter-Neptune? See the labels.

Obama's inconjunct Neptune and how about you?

This post is about Obama (and you, of course). Two transits mirror the difficulties of today: Transit Uranus opposition progressive Sun and transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Sun. This post is more about the the inconjunction with Neptune. Here is his chart (natal, progressions and transits for today):

Problemous news is making Obama’s life hectic, even if he didn’t cause the problem, like now with the Gulf oil disaster.
Uranus is the symbol of news, the opposition is related to ‘ the others’ and the progressed Sun refers to life in progress. The transits and progressions show the problem: someone else caused an accident/incident and now he is nervous.
Transit Uranus has been opposition Obama’s progressed Sun in March.Transit Saturn will be conjunct his progressed Sun again in July. Then Transit Uranus comes back mid August and starting March of 2011. And if that is not enough, Neptune will be mirroring trouble from then on till after next elections.
Transit Neptune inconjunct Progressed Sun: that is the transit that won’t stop damaging the image of Barack Obama until February 2013. Again and again Neptune will catch up with the Progressed Sun or vice versa. The transit will start its ‘activities’ in March 2011, reflecting the ‘ fallen angel’ (and bad press). I have another one: it won't be easy to live up to the expectations (his and those of his fans and followers).

Now how about you?

If your (progressed) Sun is in the 29th degree of Cancer or Virgo your (progressed or natal) Sun is inconjunct Neptune in June and July of this year 2010. In 2011 the transit comes back in January/February, and in the last four months. If you were born with Sun sesquisquare Neptune your progressed Sun will be inconjunct Neptune within 15 years. If you were born with Sun opposition Neptune your progressed Sun will be inconjunct Neptune within 30 years. With Sun tightly square Neptune in the natal chart, it will take about 60 years for the Sun to be semi sextile or inconjunct Neptune.

Your natal Sun is in the 29th degree of Cancer for those born around the 21st of July and in the 29th of Virgo for those born around the 21ste of September. Your progressed Sun is in the 29th degree of Virgo if you are 20 and born on September 1, for example. Just calculate your chart and progressions on

There is a difference in situation and condition that shows up with inconjunct Neptune, but you will always experience that your weaknesses show in a disproportionate way. If you are old, your health situation might suffer. If you were dating, you may experience disappointment after disappointment without understanding why: you are just overly negative and that shows…If you were an idol before, your weaknesses show and your admirers know. If you were not an idol, you might become one, suddenly, and be lost in the world of the media. Sun inconjunct Neptune shows that there is little proportion in his relationship with the media and in beliefs of all kinds (yours and others). Also, your lifestyle might not be in balance with his ideals or vice versa. You even might loose contact with reality (but only in extreme cases of course!). In other words: with Sun inconjunct Neptune you have to get real and give up some of your beliefs and ideals. For some of us that is reason for loosing grip. Others might find a new balance between real life and glorious dreams.

Is there anything good about Sun inconjunct Neptune? Yep. You may be negative and face disillusions about the real world, but you might also see that in order to realize a dream or live life the romantic/idealistic/artistic way you have to give up part of yourself and take care not to loose your you and your self image. It is difficult but essential to keep up the spirit and to believe in yourself (but facing reality, too). That is how I see it. And this aspect is of course more important when your Neptune is important, like in the chart of Obama, whose Neptune is on top and square natal Sun (and inconjunct the Sun of JFK, BTW).

More examples here…Like Pat Robertson and more heroes, idols and fallen angles.... Sun inconjunct Neptune-examples:
. Idol Susan Boyle
. The dramatic and disappointing romantic love of Maria Callas for Onassis (Onassis' Neptune inconjunct her Sun),
. The adoration of Obama for JFK (Obama's Neptune is inconjunct JFK's Sun)
BTW: Russell Crowe has natal Sun inconjunct Neptune, too.


1. Sun-Neptune combinations in general diffuse you about yourself or others. See the post about Sun Neptune...

2. Barack Obama's Progressed Sun sign is changing this presidential period and the first aspect in the new sign is a trine with Jupiter. That is very beneficial. The transit of Neptune occurs before and after this trine with Jupiter. So his personal life might
improve, while there is a tendency to 'demystification' .


Monday, June 14, 2010

Daniel Agger's own goal

Daniel Agger’s own goal started the defeat of Denmark in the match Netherlands-Denmark. Here is the chart of the moment of the goal with the natal positions of Daniel Agger (who shares his birthday with me). Observations:

The transit Sun is inconjunct Daniel Agger’s Saturn and that is a bad sign for just one day.
Transit Uranus square natal Neptune refers to a ‘ disaster’
Transit Pluto is semi square his Mars (frustrating use of force, violence or defence)
Transit Jupiter and Uranus are square his Neptune: maybe an opportunity to repair this moment of disappointment
Transit Quaoar is conjunct his Sun: creating a new realitiy in life (it is a period of chances).

Watch the progressed Sun conjunct Jupiter. Maybe better next time? I hope that the next match doesn't finisch at the same hour, because as you see in the chart below, the Ascendant of the final moment is exactly at Mars/Saturn, a deadly moment of lost.