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Pisces astrologer Alfred Witte

What is true about the story that Hitler used astrology to guide him trough the war (and into defeat)? Louis de Wohl made a living as a spie, telling the British what move was to be expected if Hitler followed the advice of an astrologer. It wasn't Alfred Witte. Alfred Witte was a victim of the Nazi terror.

The astrologer is in his chart like this:
-       Sun in Pisces (ancient ruler is Jupiter)
-       Moon Aquarius
-       Sun semi square Jupiter
-       Sun quindecile Uranus
-       Jupiter inconjunct Uranus (helicopter view with a loss involved)
-       Midpoint Jupiter/Uranus is semi square Sun

Pisces Astrologer Alfred Witte, the man who introduced the midpoints (a+b)/2 in astrology again, was arrested by the Nazi’s in 1941 and killed himself subsequently. Some of his students ended in concentration camps. The theme of (the danger of) unnatural death is in his chart: Mars conjunct Pluto, sexile Saturn (see the links for more information). On the day of his death transit Saturn was square Venus, Mercury and Moon.

Jupiter-Uranus is the astrologer’s combination. Uranus is the focal planet and perhaps Jupiter is opposite MC.

I deliberately avoid to use house positions or rulers here, because I  wonder if Witte corrected his natal chart so that it would be conjunct fixed star Spica. Robson says that Spica rising means good fortune (more than to be expected) and given Alfred Witte’s tragic end I dare to say that this is wrong.  Maybe the 9:12 was also related to that Jupiter on IC…?
The source note of Astrodatabank says that Wangemann gave a time of 7:54 p.m. but uses a chart with a quoted hour of birth of 9:12.  In the 7:54 chart Quaoar is on MC. You see the chart here, with transits and progressions for the day of his death:

Click for a larger picture

In the series of astrologers and their sun signs I like to point at the impact of the sign in the work of the astrologer. His sign is Pisces. Witte was victimized. It might be very Pisces, this sacrifice (and hopefully  rare) but there was also an element of Pisces in his work. He believed (Pisces!) in a range of calculated positions for imaginary transneptunian or Uranian planets named 
Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus and Poseidon.


On the chart of  Aquarius Reinhold Ebertin (he worked with Witte's midpoints, but without the transneptunians):

Biography of Witte:

Spica (on Constellation of Words)

On Jupiter-Uranus and astrology see Astromarkt:

Picture of Witte:,_Alfred

More Mars, Saturn, Pluto examples:

More history of the Hamburger School: and

*) On astrology and Hitler on 

Also visit: and see the labels. Above is a picture of the page on Kepler's harmonies mundi on Wikipedia.

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Uranus/Neptune: the Borg?

Astrofix once published an impressive list of meanings for Uranus-Neptune, like 'resistance against assimilation' and I had to think of the Borg. Uranus conjunct Neptune in 1821 mirrored the independence of Peru and Mexico and other Latin-American states. Uranus was conjunct Neptune in 1993 and in the chart of the Treaty of Maastricht, the first step to political integration (say assimilation) and the first step towards a political European Union, in spite of the resistance of large minorities. The Borg ('You will be assimilated") in Star Trek are the drones of the collective.

In 1993 Honda started to develop humanoid robots (see ) and perhaps that is just coincidence…

Now what if Uranus/Neptune midpoint combinations are in hard aspect with your personal planets, Sun or Moon, or with your Ascendant or Midheaven? Or in variations (like Venus/Uranus-Neptune, Venus-Neptune-Uranus)?

I found some examples that I mentioned on Astromarkt. Let's say that you can be a robot in love, influenced by your 'collective' being together with your loved one, when Uranus and Neptune join Venus, but maybe it is the collective concept of beauty that inspires you in your songs or art? This combination makes love blind. French singer Edith Piaf (see had Neptune opposition Venus/Uranus midpoint and in the end she married a young men who inherited all of her money. She had her very own ways in love. 

Needless to say, that it matters if Uranus or Neptune or Venus is important in a chart and that more signs are needed (not just one aspect or midpoint) to mirror the negative influence of excitement or technology in a chart. 

Uranus/Neptune midpoint is now at 353-354 degrees. That happens to be on my Northern Node, symbol of the 'community'. Maybe that is why I thought of the Borg?:)

See the labels for more on Uranus-Neptune. Did you know that transit Uranus AND Neptune were inconjunct John Wayne Bobbitt's Ascendant when he became 'famous'? Some odd way to find your way to the papers…

or translate the Astromarkt page where you can read (chart included) that on the very day that the Maastricht Treaty (first step to European political unity) was in effect (November 1, 1993) Uranus conjunct Neptune were  both inconjunct the Ascendant. 

Now how to see that?:)

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Aquarius Reinhold Ebertin, astrologer

Today is the birthday of Reinhold Ebertin, the author of my favorite astrology book: Combination of Stellar Influences. My Dutch version of the book is already falling apart, as you see above, but I also have a new English one.

I wrote about the astrologer in his chart, before, in 2008. Today I corrected this post and I added that the German Wiki informs us about sympathies for "Nazi" theories, demonstrated by publications and membership of a dubious club. Before, I heard that he was arrested in Nazi time. It is very much in line with a Sun trine Neptune aspect, this unclarity…

It is a pity!

It doesn't change the fact that COSI is one of the best books if you want to study astrology. There is nothing controversial (politically) in that book, that was translated in 1961 and first appeared in 1960. That happened to be the year that transit Pluto was conjunct his Mars and therefore trine his Jupiter (he had a tight Mars trine Jupiter in the natal chart). That is a combination that he described as a 'brilliant success'! Here is the chart with transits and progressions of 1960.
Click for a lager picture

About the astrologer in Ebertin's chart:
In the natal chart Jupiter is on the Ascendant (conjunct Chiron). The Sun is septile this prominent Jupiter and quintile Uranus. Also, Uranus in Sagittarius is semi square Sun/Jupiter.
Jupiter-Uranus combinations (the helicopter view) are almost always seen in the charts of astrologers and those who study astrology.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Mars sextile Pluto and the abuse of power

How does a seemingly ordinary mix of aspects correspond with crimes?

I already wrote about the number of sextiles and trines*) in the charts of criminals They often go for the easy way out (earning money without working, for example, or killing your hubby for the insurance money). Well, medical doctor Melvin L. Morse tortured his step-daughter by means of water boarding. Maybe it was the easiest way to test his theories on near death experiences. He told his daughter that she could remain under water for 5 minutes without brain damage…

The hardest major aspect in his chart is Mars square Uranus and there are a few more or less narrow trines and sextile, like Mars sextile Pluto. I think that this aspect allowed him to use his strength and power against his step daughter. It is not that you MUST abuse power with this aspect. It is just that it can.

Melvin L. Morse is the author of several works on near death experiences of …children. He also wrote about ritual suffocation. He was born on December 11, 1953 and on that day these were the most significant astrological positions (Astro ID). Of course, without an hour of birth the angular positions and the degrees of Moon, Ascendant, MC and Sun/Moon midpoint remain unknown.
  • Mercury is ‘calling’ (no Ptolemeic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees), for communication at any kind of level, somehow and anyhow. He is a writer.

  • Saturn rises before the Sun, showing the importance of status, parenthood (and parents) and responsibilities.

  • Saturn is ‘calling’, like Mercury is. Status, ambition, a position: at any level…

The prominence of both Mercury and Saturn is the prominence of a combination that is related to science (official knowledge).

  • Sun Sagittarius and Moon Aquarius, with Jupiter semi sextile Uranus for the ‘helicopter view’ (and different approach)

Now we have the importance of science and the character for the different approach…

Mars sextile Pluto is the most narrow aspect in this chart. 
It is the aspect of use and abuse of power, because of the intensity of his drives and energy. Mars is also square Uranus (for the short fuse). The Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination shows the drive to forcing changes and an exceptional drive to win (taking risks) here and now.

In addition, the narrow Venus trine Eris symbolizes the love for discord (enjoying discord). Venus is also ‘calling’.  This makes him charming and creative enough to be a beloved (Venus) scientific (Mercury Saturn) author (Mercury). With Jupiter/Pluto sesquisquare Venus he had a lot of success in society.

Apply his Astro ID to what they tell us that he did,  and you almost see the reason behind it.  Sun opposition Jupiter tells us about success and question marks regarding this success. It is the same story as the ‘positive’ negative dope control: some people don’t get away with it.  How a person with such a chart became a bullying terrorist at home is maybe visible in the Moon opposition Pluto and trine Mars (intens feelings released in using violence). But it takes an hour of birth for an analysis of the progressions and transits that lead him to where he is now (in prison).

He also founded the Spiritiual Scientific Research Foundation.
The ‘spirituality’ doesn’t seem obvious with this chart of the day, but the Moon could be trine Neptune, too. Moon with Neptune and Pluto mirrors the need to explore the unseen world (and is often related to addiction to drugs, medication or alcohol, too).

LINKS On my site Astromarkt there is more on Mars-Pluto aspects

*) For those who don't know: sextiles are distances of about 60 degree between two position in a chart, trines have a distance of about 120 degrees. They are considered to be 'easy', harmonic or soft aspects. They enable the easy flow between two symbols. Just for the record:

Conversion of some common angles[edit]

Turns  01/241/121/101/81/61/51/41/32/51/23/41
Radians0{\tfrac  {\pi }{12}}{\tfrac  {\pi }{6}}{\tfrac  {\pi }{5}}{\tfrac  {\pi }{4}}{\tfrac  {\pi }{3}}{\tfrac  {2\pi }{5}}{\tfrac  {\pi }{2}}{\tfrac  {2\pi }{3}}{\tfrac  {4\pi }{5}}\pi \,{\tfrac  {3\pi }{2}}2\pi \,
Degrees  15°30°36°45°60°72°90°120°144°180°270°360°
Grads0g16{2 \over 3}^{g}33{1 \over 3}^{g}40g50g66{2 \over 3}^{g}80g100g133{1 \over 3}^{g}160g200g300g400g
PS Moebius: The Orb of Celestial Harmony is a video game 

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

When to celebrate your progressed birthday

When the sun is conjunct your sun, it is your astrological birthday. (Your birthday may be on the same day or a bit sooner or later). YOU (Sun) are in the centre of attention (Sun) on your birthday. You are starting a new cycle in life that will begin again next year.

Since a few years, I noticed that when the sun is conjunct my progressed sun, I happened to be celebrating something. It uses to be a nice day. Perhaps that is the same with you? Anyway, now that I know, I do something special on my progressed birthday. Let me explain.

Why not? It is a reason for celebrating life!

Progressed birthday is the day that the sun is exactly conjunct your progressed sun. That is the position of your sun in secondary progression, in the progressed chart. Here is a simple way to find your progressed birthday.

You can easily find the progressed birthday like this:

a. start with your birthday
b. add the number of your years in the calendar
c. now you have found your progressed birthday

Say: you were born on December 1 and 21 years old, than your progressed sun has the degree of the 22nd of December and your progressed birthday is on the 22nd of December.

Mine is today, at almost midnight.

I calculated the chart for the exact moment. That is the moment when the sun is exactly at the same degree and minute as my progressed sun is now.  It is a sort of a progressed solar return chart that immediately gives information on the transits with your progressed sun. As you may see, transit Saturn will be square my progressed sun in early November 2014. On March 24 transit Mars will trine my progressed sun again (last time was February 4). The progressed solar return chart is the chart of a mere moment in time. I doubt it there is a special meaning that will last longer than my 'progressed birth day'. The solar return chart is believed to have a meaning for the 'trend' of the year ahead. The difference between a progressed solar return chart and the solar return chart is, that your natal sun has a fixed position and the progressed sun has not. The progressed sun moves about 1 degree each year, so that the progressed solar return doesn't last as long as the solar return does.  But let's see… I'll keep this chart in mind.

Now, it will be rather difficult to start a party at midnight in the middle of the week, but maybe I'll light a candle to celebrate my progressed birthday. And have that piece of pie the next morning!:)

The progressed chart is calculated for the xth day after your xth year. There is a symbolic relationship between the movement of the earth's axis and the earth's orbit around the sun. In a day and in a year you see the whole of the universe. The progressed chart (movement in one day) gives a view of the year ahead. That is (simplified) the general idea.

All about progressed Sun, what it is and how to calculate the progressed Sun here:

To get inspired to celebrate life:)

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Schapelle Corby's chart today

Here are relevant charts of Schapelle Corby, who is allowed to leave prison today. She has to stay on Bali until 2017. Below are the natal-transit-progressions, the natal-transit and progressed-transit charts. Her chart with Mercury sesquisquare Neptune is one of the examples of a case full of doubts (for more of those…)

You will see that progressed Venus has not yet reached Midheaven (a big wish to come true later). Transit Venus is on the IC (joy) now. Transit Saturn square progressed Sun describes the end of a period in life (and some limitations). Transit Jupiter was on Midheaven in September 2013 and hasn’t reached Midheaven for the second time, yet. That will be in April 2014. Today is in between these moments.

For a better view, click the picture or try and calculate these charts for July 10, 1977 at 11:50 a.m. Brisbane, Australia.

In this article of November 2008 ( ) about Sun conjunct MC without major aspects, I mentioned Schapelle Corby. 

Schapelle could have been sentenced to death, but being a foreigner helped her survive. She drew attention (Sun conjunct MC) and she had an excited or different behavior, too (Moon-Uranus). As she was good looking, they noticed her (Sun-Venus) and she had bad luck (Saturn related to Aries Point). All three of them have enemies and followers. Nicholas, who died a cruel death and was a person of cruel measures himself (Mars-Saturn and Pluto are prominent), is now considered a Saint. Martin Luther King, who did not seem to have lived the life of a saint, is still a worshipped person. And there are many people who believe that Schapelle Corby is innocent and even more who think that 4 years in an Indonesian prison is about enough. She wrote a book about her trial. I think it is a rather cynical reflection of the prominence of Mercury and Jupiter in her natal chart, that she is writing in a foreign jail. Mercury is the symbol of transportation and communications. Jupiter is the international and symbolizes traveling and publications. Neptune is opposition her Sun/Moon midpoint and on the final day of her trial transit Neptune was inconjunct her progressed Sun and MC to express the lost of her life as it was.

The Australian astrologer Helen Hartley published the reading of the chart of Schapelle Corby (born July 10, 1977 at 11:50 AM in Brisbane). I am not sure if that reading helps to liberate Schapelle. You find it here:”

Then Suzann asked me if she would be released sooner and I answered:

"Hi Suzann, the recent conviction of a British woman doesn't give much hope. There is Jupiter transit her Midheaven between September and May 2014. That might improve her situation. It will be between May 2015 and December 2017 that transits of Uranus and Pluto on MC reflect changing conditions. I hope for her that she doesn't have to wait till then!, but in 2018 MC conjunct Progressed Venus at least gives hope for better times in future."

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