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Pisces astrologer Alfred Witte

What is true about the story that Hitler used astrology to guide him trough the war (and into defeat)? Louis de Wohl made a living as a spie, telling the British what move was to be expected if Hitler followed the advice of an astrologer. It wasn't Alfred Witte. Alfred Witte was a victim of the Nazi terror.

The astrologer is in his chart like this:
-       Sun in Pisces (ancient ruler is Jupiter)
-       Moon Aquarius
-       Sun semi square Jupiter
-       Sun quindecile Uranus
-       Jupiter inconjunct Uranus (helicopter view with a loss involved)
-       Midpoint Jupiter/Uranus is semi square Sun

Pisces Astrologer Alfred Witte, the man who introduced the midpoints (a+b)/2 in astrology again, was arrested by the Nazi’s in 1941 and killed himself subsequently. Some of his students ended in concentration camps. The theme of (the danger of) unnatural death is in his chart: Mars conjunct Pluto, sexile Saturn (see the links for more information). On the day of his death transit Saturn was square Venus, Mercury and Moon.

Jupiter-Uranus is the astrologer’s combination. Uranus is the focal planet and perhaps Jupiter is opposite MC.

I deliberately avoid to use house positions or rulers here, because I  wonder if Witte corrected his natal chart so that it would be conjunct fixed star Spica. Robson says that Spica rising means good fortune (more than to be expected) and given Alfred Witte’s tragic end I dare to say that this is wrong.  Maybe the 9:12 was also related to that Jupiter on IC…?
The source note of Astrodatabank says that Wangemann gave a time of 7:54 p.m. but uses a chart with a quoted hour of birth of 9:12.  In the 7:54 chart Quaoar is on MC. You see the chart here, with transits and progressions for the day of his death:

Click for a larger picture

In the series of astrologers and their sun signs I like to point at the impact of the sign in the work of the astrologer. His sign is Pisces. Witte was victimized. It might be very Pisces, this sacrifice (and hopefully  rare) but there was also an element of Pisces in his work. He believed (Pisces!) in a range of calculated positions for imaginary transneptunian or Uranian planets named 
Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus and Poseidon.


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