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When to celebrate your progressed birthday

When the sun is conjunct your sun, it is your astrological birthday. (Your birthday may be on the same day or a bit sooner or later). YOU (Sun) are in the centre of attention (Sun) on your birthday. You are starting a new cycle in life that will begin again next year.

Since a few years, I noticed that when the sun is conjunct my progressed sun, I happened to be celebrating something. It uses to be a nice day. Perhaps that is the same with you? Anyway, now that I know, I do something special on my progressed birthday. Let me explain.

Why not? It is a reason for celebrating life!

Progressed birthday is the day that the sun is exactly conjunct your progressed sun. That is the position of your sun in secondary progression, in the progressed chart. Here is a simple way to find your progressed birthday.

You can easily find the progressed birthday like this:

a. start with your birthday
b. add the number of your years in the calendar
c. now you have found your progressed birthday

Say: you were born on December 1 and 21 years old, than your progressed sun has the degree of the 22nd of December and your progressed birthday is on the 22nd of December.

Mine is today, at almost midnight.

I calculated the chart for the exact moment. That is the moment when the sun is exactly at the same degree and minute as my progressed sun is now.  It is a sort of a progressed solar return chart that immediately gives information on the transits with your progressed sun. As you may see, transit Saturn will be square my progressed sun in early November 2014. On March 24 transit Mars will trine my progressed sun again (last time was February 4). The progressed solar return chart is the chart of a mere moment in time. I doubt it there is a special meaning that will last longer than my 'progressed birth day'. The solar return chart is believed to have a meaning for the 'trend' of the year ahead. The difference between a progressed solar return chart and the solar return chart is, that your natal sun has a fixed position and the progressed sun has not. The progressed sun moves about 1 degree each year, so that the progressed solar return doesn't last as long as the solar return does.  But let's see… I'll keep this chart in mind.

Now, it will be rather difficult to start a party at midnight in the middle of the week, but maybe I'll light a candle to celebrate my progressed birthday. And have that piece of pie the next morning!:)

The progressed chart is calculated for the xth day after your xth year. There is a symbolic relationship between the movement of the earth's axis and the earth's orbit around the sun. In a day and in a year you see the whole of the universe. The progressed chart (movement in one day) gives a view of the year ahead. That is (simplified) the general idea.

All about progressed Sun, what it is and how to calculate the progressed Sun here:

To get inspired to celebrate life:)

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