Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Pluto trine transit

On September 12,  2012 there were elections in my country and the winner had transit Pluto trine Ascendant on the very day of the elections. Pluto with a trine often reflects winning. This transit doesn't say that it will be easy, after winning. Instead, you face a lot of challenges. This liberal PM has to try to work together with the socialists and their first challenge is how to pay for all the debts.

I have another example, also of a politician. On September 25, the chairman of the Dutch parlement was chosen by the members and the winner was a woman who's Northern Node (symbol of a group or party or nation) was trine transit Pluto. That is another winner with Pluto's trine! The day after she was confronted with political problems (curious? ).

But what about 'civilians'? I went back in history to see when I had transit Pluto trine Ascendant.
When I had transit Pluto trine Ascendant I was not in any kind of competition.

Pluto is reflecting force, strenght, intensity, profit, power and politics. Politicians may win with an exact transit of Pluto.

Pluto is also mirroring stress. The Pluto trine is like a big waving flag on life's path or on someone's horizon. But perhaps that is when the race is starting?

About transits of Pluto with Ascendant or Midheaven:

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Update about transit Jupiter (when you are ill)

Above is the painting of Hendri Goltzius (1612). See how Jupiter watches that hip and thigh!:) 

Last time I blogged about transit Jupiter trines. Transit Jupiter was trine Progressed Sun, but inconjunct Progressed Midheaven in the chart of a woman when she underwent surgery for the second time (since something went wrong the first time). She broke her hip when she fell on August 31.

 I wondered about the effect of this Jupiter trine (and hoped for the best). We all expect fortune with Jupiter trines, but sometimes people just die during such a transit. Maybe sometimes that is when the surgery was a success, but not for the patient.

Luckily, this Jupiter and this trine helped her. There is no pain anymore! And the medical team expects her to recover and start walking again, but ... (With an inconjunct/quincunx there is always a but... ) It will take longer to be able to walk again. The new pin and screw are in a lower place where it takes longer to heel.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jupiter when you are ill

A chart must be read given the circumstances and situation. You can't just expect happiness and good luck when Jupiter hits your chart. Jupiter is the symbol of good fortune and progress, but sometimes people die during an exact transit of Jupiter. There is a reason for that. Jupiter is the symbol of the wise man, the doctor, someone to help you and judge and guide you. Jupiter is the symbol of the verdict and the diagnosis. Doctors are human beings. Sometimes they are wrong. And sometimes doctors help you, when you are dying... Here is a personal example.

I have told you about my mother (83), who had aging problems (transit Saturn square Sun) and then fell (transit Saturn on her MC) and broke her hip on two places. Saturn is for falling and breaking and old people tend to break bones easily. Next she had surgery. They placed screws and pins. They made a picture of it on the 8th day and said it was OK now and she could try to walk again. But, she started to complain about increasing pain and the exercise was a torture. Because of the fact that her knee had swallowed they made a photo of her knee and than said nothing was wrong with her leg (...). But it was.
One week later the doctor in the nursery had to fight to get my mother back to hospital (the surgeon insisted that her hip was fine...). He insisted that a complete photo and blood analysis would be made. Then, finally they noticed the reason for her complaints: one of the pins had moved and hit the bones! It is rare, he said. And he added: you have had bad luck. That is exactly the case. She had Saturn with Sun and MC and she has a natal  chart with Sun inconjunct Saturn. Transits between planets or lights that make an aspect in the natal chart, are noticed...

Today transit Jupiter is trine her Sun and soon enough there will be an inconjunct with her progressed Midheaven. Jupiter is her ruler Ascendant. The Sun is ruling the 8th house of life and death.

The inconjunct mirrors a ' but '... and I know what else it might mirror. They don't know what to do next, yet. But, fortunately (...) , now she gets morphine to ease the pain, at last. It's no good for a woman of her age to be sedated. It's no good for an old person to have surgery, again. There is a big risk that she will never be able to live independently again. And there is a risk that she won't survive it. But what else can they do?

I hope that Jupiter really helps her. No more pain, please. As Jupiter is also making trines with my Progressed MC and Jupiter will be square my Mars next Wednesday, there is still hope. Maybe she can return home and walk.
Meanwhile I do what Jupiter's do: give her some support.

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Uranus-Pluto riot (and Orcus inconjunct Saturn)

Last Friday there were riots in a sleepy village in the North of the Netherlands (see BBC news). A girl had invited all persons on Facebook to join her birthday party. She did this by accident. In the days before the 'party' officials tried to convince the 'invited' crowd not to come to Haren, but in vain. It was, apparently, time for a riot.

This destructive 'party' in a silent village was unexpected (Uranus), dangerous and violent (Pluto). Uranus was square Pluto. Here is the chart of the day of birth of the girl (the hour of birth is not hers!) who celebrated her birthday with the transits of the day of the riots.

Apart from the fact that Uranus-Pluto mirror dramatic change and sudden stress, there is also transit Orcus (symbol of promises) inconjunct Saturn to reflect the extraordinary nasty effect of 'broken promises'.


 I wrote about Saturn-Orcus before: Saturn is quindecile Orcus in Obama's chart. During transit Saturn square Orcus, the fact that he couldn't keep all of his promises was an issue.
On Orcus and oaths (and ephemerides)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Saturn hits Mars: struck by reality

When my Progressed Saturn was conjunct natal Saturn I wrote about 'memento mori': time to think about old age and saying goodbye. Not for me, not yet, but for my mother. She started aging, harder and harder. (Saturn is associated with parents and old age, all things solid and stiff.)

Then, a few weeks later, she fell hard; transit Saturn was in aspect with her MC. She broke her hip (two places). Some people really fall and not just of there pedestal when Saturn is in hard aspect with MC.

Last weekend (transit Saturn square Mars) I was confronted with the consequences of that fall and struck (Mars) by reality (Saturn). I sat by her side in hospital where they did a check up because of her continuing complaints about pain. I realised that she is losing contact with the world and that I will have to do a considerable lot of organising, washing, visiting, administration and worrying. And I know that all of my efforts to turn back time, will be useless.

Hard labor! Mars-Saturn. Bend or break! Are Mars-Saturn transits supposed to make you tough? I wonder. I feel drained. I am glad that this transit is over now. But the situation remains. Something is wrong and it looks like it will never be OK again.

Yes, life is hard, but I know that life could be even harder, so I dare not complaint. Even though I seemed to ask for accidents, reading the phone on the stairs, I haven't broken arms or legs and my heart is still beating and noone I love or like has died. It is more that I have to learn how to deal with this, now.

Tomorrow is a transit Sun square Venus for me. Perfect day for a bit of fun! or candy, of course:)! So if you have a nice happy end story of transit Saturn with Mars, please tell me about it.

Sorry that my story isn't cheering you up! Maybe next time...

I typed on IPad in a hurry. Mars (makes) Saturn (mistakes), so forgive me if you find one or two. If three, please tell me! (rule of 3, you know:)!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Lottery and Jupiter inconjunct Uranus

Jupiter inconjunct Uranus can be Astrological for the unhappy lucky winner. An example...

Lottery Winner Jack Whittaker was born October 9, 1947:
His chart has Jupiter inconjunct Uranus. The Jupiter Uranus combination is almost always, one way or another, present in charts of lottery winners ( but it doesn't work the other eay around; it's like statistics).
The inconjunct says that you have to give up on something, that loss is involved. Whittaker had problems ever since he won. He drank too much, was robbed and sued. He lost a daughter and a granddaughter. Can we blame the lottery for all that? No. But it is clear that some sudden windfalls (Jupiter/Uranus) don't make happy. The inconjunction is a tricky aspect. That aspect might explain why Whittaker's name is on the list of sad lottery stories.


See the label Inconjunct or go to Astromarkt ( ) for more about the aspect of 150 degrees. This connection between two places in a chart is the symbol of lost balance.
Inconjunction: sigh on the bridge...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Feel good moments with Saturn

Today my Cancer mother, on bed in hospital, hardly able to move because of her broken hip,  said: "there was a horoscope in today's paper and it was exactly right". I checked the paper, found the horoscope for Cancer and the first sentence was ;" You feel restricted". Clearly true, Saturn square the late Cancer Sun.
There are more ways to feel restricted. Now, Saturn is square my Ascendant/MC and sextile my Venus. I had to clean my mother's house, do her washes and help her brush her teeth without spilling water. That is life, that is Saturn. There is stress and of course I would prefer to take care of my mother but I have to go to work, and it is busy there.... But there is also a feel good thing about it. How can Saturn, the old devil,  make you feel good?

 Well, I like to see how clean her house is now and that she has bright and shine pyamas. It feels good to take care of someone, omce you get used to the daily pattern. Maybe that is Sun/ Moon conjunct Ceres (motivated by the "big mother" principle) or Moon trine Saturn (feeling responsible) or it is my Pisces Ascendant (ok for sea and hospital). Or maybe is it just because I am a woman? In the meantime, my mother finally starts eating (I brought her a strawberry milkshake with a straw and watched her enjoy it) and now she is ready for revalidation in a nursing home. They will see if  there is room for her. Things are getting better. 

That is why I wonder about the final hot of transit Saturn square my Mars on the 15th. Tooth ache? Burn out? Broken leg? Too much work to do? Out of order? Or simply the end of this period of activities? I'll let you know! 

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturn and hitting the floor

My mother broke her hip with transit Saturn on her Midheaven, soon after transit Saturn square her Sun. In her natal chart the Sun is inconjunct Saturn. That is perhaps why she hit the slippery stones real hard when she made a wrong move. Saturn's hard aspect is astrological for falling, biting the dust, hitting the floor and ... endings. She just left the operating room now that I write this, succeeded surgery. She is lucky if she is home before Xmas.

Earlier I wrote about Progressed Saturn conjunct natal Saturn and 'memento mori'.  I had noticed transit Saturn square her Sun at that time and saw that Saturn was on his way to a conjunction with MC. That worried me, because I know that Saturn is about aging, falling, ending periods…  One day she suddenly forgot who I was and, trying to avoid problems, I started with visiting her doctor and I hoped that it was finished for a year or so now that she got more aid, a perfect stable chair and bed and even better slippers. She was in good hands, in good order and taken care of. But: Saturn hadn't finished yet. Maybe you simply can't avoid Saturn. Especially not when there are more of such indications, like:

- Transit Chiron square Jupiter (ruler of the Ascendant), a symbolic word about healers around.
- Progressed Sun/Moon sesquisquare Uranus and semi sextile transit Saturn seems to reflect the excitement and nerves, the surgery and the limited possibility to move around.
- The fact that she was already unstable and she is old.

Of course, the situation is being mirrored in my chart.
When they called me, I was spending time in the caravan by the sea. It was with Transit Uranus exactly semi square my progressed Sun and Transit Neptune was inconjunct progressed Saturn. Uranus suddenly changes everything, like an alarm ringing in the morning. And Neptune-Saturn is the combination for illnesses and hospitals. I planned to have heavenly times by the sea and I end up by the side of a hospital bed. Hey, care taking and the sea, that is both Neptune and Pisces. Hospital must be the right spot for me in Saturn's eyes:)…
I am on the way to hospital!


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