Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Saturn hits Mars: struck by reality

When my Progressed Saturn was conjunct natal Saturn I wrote about 'memento mori': time to think about old age and saying goodbye. Not for me, not yet, but for my mother. She started aging, harder and harder. (Saturn is associated with parents and old age, all things solid and stiff.)

Then, a few weeks later, she fell hard; transit Saturn was in aspect with her MC. She broke her hip (two places). Some people really fall and not just of there pedestal when Saturn is in hard aspect with MC.

Last weekend (transit Saturn square Mars) I was confronted with the consequences of that fall and struck (Mars) by reality (Saturn). I sat by her side in hospital where they did a check up because of her continuing complaints about pain. I realised that she is losing contact with the world and that I will have to do a considerable lot of organising, washing, visiting, administration and worrying. And I know that all of my efforts to turn back time, will be useless.

Hard labor! Mars-Saturn. Bend or break! Are Mars-Saturn transits supposed to make you tough? I wonder. I feel drained. I am glad that this transit is over now. But the situation remains. Something is wrong and it looks like it will never be OK again.

Yes, life is hard, but I know that life could be even harder, so I dare not complaint. Even though I seemed to ask for accidents, reading the phone on the stairs, I haven't broken arms or legs and my heart is still beating and noone I love or like has died. It is more that I have to learn how to deal with this, now.

Tomorrow is a transit Sun square Venus for me. Perfect day for a bit of fun! or candy, of course:)! So if you have a nice happy end story of transit Saturn with Mars, please tell me about it.

Sorry that my story isn't cheering you up! Maybe next time...

I typed on IPad in a hurry. Mars (makes) Saturn (mistakes), so forgive me if you find one or two. If three, please tell me! (rule of 3, you know:)!

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Unknown said...

I understand completely. Saturn hit both my Sun and Moon last year and my Dad got really sick. Since there's just the 3 of us - me, my mom and my dad, I had to take on more responsibility for the both of them...and it changes everything. You can't really go backwards from that. Saturn is a whole new level of responsibility, and Saturn rules aging as well.