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3C: characteristics, circumstances, chart

Three is an important number. It takes 3 important transits and/or progressions at the same time to mirror a major event. There are also 3 component to consider and they start with a c:
- character,
- circumstances and
- chart.
As an example: Paris Jackson. She tried to kill herself on June 5, 2013 and it was not for the first time. See how the combination of who, where and in what situation she is, could lead her into hospital.

a. Death of famous father
Few people have the same circumstances as Paris Jackson. Paris Jackson doesn't have a common or easy life. In a lot of ways she is exceptional, starting with the conception. Her parents aren't the usual kind of parents. She is in the spotlights because she grew up in the house of the late King of Pop. The synastry between her chart and her father's shows that he almost obsessively protected his little girl. She was the apple of his eye.  His Jupiter was on her Descendant and quindecile her Sun. Now he is dead. He died during transit Saturn conjunct her progressed ruler 8th house: death (8) of a parent (Saturn).

Of course, those are only the facts that we know of... 

b. Age
It is understandable that she misses her father. But there is more. She is also a teenager and therefore in a difficult period in life. She lives with her grandmother, who has strict religious rules that she is not used to follow. Katheryn Jackson's - and those of her generation's - Pluto sits on Paris' IC.  Read 'Pluto when a child is born'. It is about the stress of being a parent (and perhaps a mentor to the child).

Progressions and transits give the impression of a difficult period. The present situation is mirrored by uneasy transits and progressions. The dramatic action in the chart of Paris Jackson shows like this:

Neptune on Progressed MC is confusing
One year ago the progressed MC was conjunct Neptune and that is very confusing. Her progressed Sun will square Neptune in a few years. She is not out of the danger zone, yet. Especially not, because Neptune is important (square Ascendant and !calling! - without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). This important Neptune is pointing at sensitivity for circumstances and situations at any possible level.  Neptune has another meaning and that is 'medication'.  (That is risky, too. Some anti-depression medication are suspected to be related to suicide attempts.)
Progressed Sun sign changing is life and lifestyle changes

Her progressed Sun is about to change sign, which is reflecting a period of changing life style. This doesn't help much when stability is needed. Often the period of change of the progressed Sun sign is a turbulent one. It is a chance to start another way of life, however.  Maybe therapy helps her to get there.

Transit Uranus and transit Pluto hit Moon and Sun/Moon midpoint

Her Cancer Moon needs to 'belong' to a family or group of people. Her Sun/Moon is square Venus: she wants love, luxury, kindness and pleasure. The natal Moon is in the 11th degree, Venus is in a 28th degree. Transit Uranus and Transit Pluto both hit her Moon, both will hit her Sun/Moon and both will hit Venus later. What does it mean that Uranus-Pluto hits her Moon inconjunct Uranus? This inconjunct makes it worse (see Characteristics below).
Transit Uranus and Pluto are causing extreme emotional tension right now and revolutionary change in the domestic and personal situation. Uranus and Pluto are often seen in cases of arrests, when there is sudden and unexpected change in life. In a way, Paris Jackson experienced such a change. She was taken to hospital and is not allowed to leave. Uranus and Pluto cause instability and unrest. Both planets will strongly change her motivation and sympathies in the coming period of her life. Tensions, normal in a teenager's life, will be extremely strong in hers. 

Natal, transits and progressions June 5, 2013

4. Mars 135 MC
When she cut herself, transit Mars was in the 4th degree of Gemini, sesquisquare her natal Midheaven (frustrated action  and anger)

5. Progression: Saturn instead of Jupiter rising before Sun
In the natal chart Jupiter rises before the Sun, but in the progressed chart it is Saturn. Before she looked at life on the bright side. Now she has become more serious, more worrying. The position of Saturn in the progressed chart makes Saturn's transits and progressions more important now than they used to be. 

There are 3 indications of major change in life, one indication of possible depression and one (on June 5) for taking action, getting hurt.


Mars is conjunct Saturn in the natal chart of Paris Jackson. In the progressed chart Mars is now in the 5th degree of Taurus. Transit Saturn is opposition her progressed Mars now.
Mars-Saturn is the aspect of discipline, punishment and dead ends, blocked energy and restricted activities. She is in hospital. 
(Again: when a natal aspect is being 'repeated' by a transit or progression, it 'sounds' louder).

Not every young girl who lost her father will do a suicide attempt. Paris Jackson's chart has two important features holding a risk:

Mars Saturn Pluto aspect combination in the natal chart; that is dangerous and warns for untimely death(s) as an issue in life.

Her Mars and Saturn in the 12th house of isolation and are sesquisquare Pluto in the 8th house of life and death. That combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto is a danger. It is the combination of violent or unnatural death threats. Mars-Saturn and Pluto are the trio of untimely death. 
So, it is important to watch her carefully. She tends to drastic measures. 

Moon inconjunct Uranus in the natal chart, hit by transit Uranus and transit Pluto: that is over reaction always and extreme tension at the moment.

See the post on Moon inconjunct Uranus, with more examples like Betty Davis, Jim Bakker, George Harrison and Gerard Depardieu:
What is that:- A lot of upheaval?- The need for exciting new experiences?- Being rather different from the rest of their family or group, involving a loss or lost contact?

With these aspects in natal, transits and progression, in her situation,  you may expect dramatic and dangerous action in times of trouble (like now).
It is the combination of circumstances, character and chart that does it. Dramatic actions don't come out of the blue because of a transit or progression. Every chart must be seen in the light of the situation, gender, genes, social circuit and culture.  Change one of the ingredients and you change the course of history...

With all that I'd almost forget to mention that basically Paris Jackson just wants peace, love, beautiful things and harmony. Her important Jupiter and Venus could be important in a 'socialite' career, for enjoying parties and having fun. Maybe one day she'll have all that...

On Moon inconjunct Uranus, more examples:
Here is the 2009 post on the chart of Paris Jackson and the death of Michael Jackson
NY Daily News shows a picture of an earlier scar on the wrist of Paris

On minor and major aspects:

Also visit:  on Mars Saturn:

Quoting my site Astromarkt:
In the natal chart, by transit, in the progressed chart or in synastry, the aspect of Mars with Saturn means: inevitable, obligatory action or inactivity based upon duty, age, fear or caution

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A Juno experience

In an earlier post I asked myself if Juno represents Mr or Mrs Right (follow the link to see the post).  I found that if that is true, there are many possible Mr or Mrs Rights in our lives, because there happens to be a variety of transits and progressions with Juno in a life time. Of course, you need to have the right age and circumstances to experience Juno. This week I am one of the examples. I am married for decades, but I signed a civil partnership document, as a witness, in a State Hall. It was my son's official happy day. Juno was there, too.

1. I had transit Juno exactly conjunct my progressed Midheaven.
2. My daughter in law had Progressed Venus - her ruler 7 - on the progressed Descendant and trine the Progressed Midheaven. Her progressed Juno was exactly square the processed Ascendant and inconjunct progressed IC.
Venus AND Juno are both signs of marriage.

To complete it all, the transit Northern Node was conjunct her and my son's Ascendant, symbolizing joining as a family. My son had transit Jupiter trine progressed Moon in the 7th house for the happy moment. Juno didn't hit his natal or progressed chart, but progressed Venus ruler 7 was on the natal midpoint of MC and Mars.

My conclusion: Juno is indeed a symbol of partnership and marriage. I experienced it.

When love is in the air, love is in the sky above. This must be the conclusion when you see the examples of charts  in times of marriage or divorce.

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Erika Leonard or E.L. James' best seller writer chart

Just like the charts of movie stars often reflect their main characters, the chart of an author may have aspects in line with his or her main characters or subjects. I found the day of birth of E.L.James (Erika Leonard). Her 'Fifty shades of Grey' is a Best Seller with capital B. It is an erotic trilogy.

Now look at that chart of March 7, 1963. There is a potential for a writer of erotic drama.

Mercury is 'calling' (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) which means: communications (writing, singing, speaker) at any possible level. It is like in the chart of the author of Harry Potter, who also writes with her name in initials: J.K. Rowling.
- Sun trine Neptune: good for fantasy (and hiding behind a pseudo). This aspect is sort of repeated by the placement of the Sun in Neptune-ruled Pisces, with Moon in Sun-ruled Leo.
- Venus opposition Mars (passion)
- Venus inconjunct Uranus (desiring tension and surprise in love)
- Venus biquintile Pluto (creative way to earn money and a creative way to deal with intense desires)
- Jupiter/Pluto midpoint is square natal Sun and that is one of the signs of success. It takes more, but strong self confidence is a good start!

It takes more (like an hour of birth) to complete the picture and find the aspects with Midheaven and Moon. Not every born on the 7th of March 1963 wrote such books. Here are three names of those born on March 7, 1963, too:
They don't mention E.L. James on this page,yet, but here is the source:

See about best seller writer's charts:

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View on astro chart of Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is on the way to Russia, from China, now that I write this (news on CNN: ). He travels with transit Jupiter on his Sun. Jupiter is the symbol of support, help and the international traveller. That is not the only thing that seems to be in line with what is happening. He is world news, things go fast and thanks to Dunyazade's comment I can now give you the natal chart with time of birth. Transit Pluto on the progressed horizon (conjunct Descendant) seems to be an appropiate statement for a difficult situation with lots of stress, pressure and danger.

Here is the hypothetical chart for noon (no hour of birth) with transits and progressions. In important periods in life, there are always more than two indications of an event or change. You may notice that there are three hard progressed aspects, even in this chart without time of birth.

1. Progressed Sun inconjunct Neptune. This is resonating the Sun opposition Neptune aspect in the natal chart. When aspects in the natal chart are 'repeated' or highlighted by transit or progression, it is time for the natal aspect to show up and tell us what it means.  Please read the article on Astromarkt (link below) about the confusing aspect Sun-Neptune.
In this particular case it could be interpreted like the manifestation of secrets with a loss involved.  The aspect is also pointing at having to give up on a certain life style, due to an affair.

2. Progressed Sun is square Saturn (a period in life is ending)
Sun-Saturn shows the nasty sides of life, facing responsibility and 'begin blamed'. Sun-Saturn marks the end of a certain way of life. This progression also marks a break up with his father, who asked him to stop leaking and come home.

Edward Snowden revealed 'government secrets' and may have to spend 30 years in jail or a lifetime abroad. He will not return to the USA as a free citizen. Perhaps that is why we see the third aspect:

3. Progressed Sun inconjunct Ceres, the archetypical mother and the symbol of dynasties, genes, seeds and roots. Sun inconjunct Ceres faces lost roots.

In the period of the first mention in the press that Big Brother is really watching us, transit Pluto was inconjunct his natal Mercury, so it was probably a day of intense mental stress. He had moved out of the USA to Hong Kong on May 20, with both Uranus and Pluto in hard aspect with Mercury, telling us about intense strain.

The time of birth is unknown, so there can't be a complete analysis. There are certain interesting placements that I like to mention anyway.
a. Snowden has Mars rising before the Sun, like many activists have. It is an indication of wanting to make a statement, ' doing something about it'.
b. There are no placements in earth signs and that is pointing at the importance of materialism, security and safety. Snowden had a good salary before he started leaking information about the government's interest in the people's internet activities.
c. I also like to mention the Scorpio Moon for the strong personality. Bradley Manning and Julian Assange also have the Moon in Scorpio.
d. There is a hugh number of trines, that again doesn't show an easy and peaceful life. See the post on trines and sextiles on this blog:
e. The Sun is in minor aspect with Uranus (157.5, sesquisquare + half semi square, tighter when born in the morning). This attributes to living as 'an alien', for example in another country or as an outsider in your own circle. See

The astrology of Snowden seems to be in line with the events.

On Sun-Neptune in the natal chart, by transit and in the progressed chart, see the article on my site Astromarkt:
Transits of Neptune can be very confusing...
See what the charts of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange have in common
What does Ceres mean in a chart?

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or click the labels below for more on mentioned aspects.

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Fatherday special + royal fathers' charts: George III, George IV and William

It is Father's day.
This post is about royal fathers and the transits and progressions on the day of the birth of their first born, completed with links to posts about father-son relationships, and to more on transits and progressions when a child is born.

Yesterday I saw a documentary about the history and interior of Buckingham Palace. I was interested, because when I was in London, I visited the palace. In the documentary they spoke of the kings George III and George IV. The first was a very disciplining father of fifteen (!15!). The last was a self indulging son who like architecture and decorating.

When George IV was born, transit Jupiter was exactly trine the Moon of his father, George III. The  progressed Midheaven of George III was also in hard aspect with Pluto, ruler of his 5th house of children.

George IV had one daughter, Augusta, who died together with the child when her first baby was born. Augusta was born when Jupiter was opposition the Moon of George IV.  He had married her mother (his niece) just to 'produce' a legitimate child and didn't have more children.
Here is the chart of George III with the transits of the day that his son George IV was born:

Two examples of Moon-Jupiter transits/synastry at the time of the birth of the first sun or daughter.
Now how about Prince William and Moon-Jupiter?*)

The transits in this period are pretty nice.
- On the 26th of June Jupiter will be on the Sun of Prince William .
- On the 7th of July transit Jupiter is on his progressed Venus. Those are happy transits.
- On July 17, transit Jupiter is conjunct his Moon and transit Saturn will trine his Moon. There is a third one: transit Mars will be on his Venus then.

Will it be July 17? If so the baby will have a Scorpio Moon for a strong personality, a 'calling' Sun for leadership and drawing attention, a 'calling' Venus for the importance of grace, diplomacy and style and a tight grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.
That grand trine is a bit wider on the 13th. That is when transit Mars is in Cancer, on the Sun of William after 3 a.m.
We'll just have to wait and see:).


In the solar return chart of his birthday on June 21, 2013, Ceres (dynasty, genes) is in the final degree of Cancer. That is  spot on the progressed Sun of the Prince and highlights the theme of motherhood/parenthood. It is been said that his first baby will be born around July 13.

- To avoid any misunderstandings (transit Mercury is square my Neptune now:), it is not so that births always happen when Jupiter is in aspect with the father's Moon.

- Not all British' royals were born with Jupiter-Moon synastry. On the day that Queen Elizabeth II was born, transit Saturn was on the Moon of her father, perhaps because he worried about the event. He died when she was 18.

- In fact, not everybody is born with a Moon-Jupiter transit. This aspect reflects the possibility of a happy moment to remember. In synastry, Jupiter helps and supports (see for an example of Jupiter trine Sun:
It is not that easy...

- Others have Pluto transits when their child is born. See:
On the day that Elton John's son was born, there was a transit Pluto, too.

MORE AND LINKS on ... the frequency of angular Jupiters in charts of royal heirs (kings to be, first born). on the (broken) relationship father-son Depardieu and the Mercury-Neptune aspects in their charts.
Mozart lost four (!) of his six children between 1783 and 1789.  Saturn joins Sun and Mercury in the fifth house of (pro-)creation. At the time of the death of his little son, transit Pluto was in aspect with the 5th house Sun and Mercury. When his little daughter died in 1789 progressed Moon squared Pluto and transit Saturn was on the Moon. 
PS In the natal chart Saturn also rules the 5th house. Times and lifestyle change when a child is born. Here you have a collection of signs of changing times.

Also visit: for the chart of William on his wedding day:

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The crisis in Nelson Mandela's chart

When you watch the chart, transits and progressions of Nelson Mandela, the crisis is eminent. It usually takes more than two important transits and progressions to indicate a main event or situation (the rule of three). provides a DD-rated chart (which means that the hour of birth is practically unknown). Even without using the Ascendant and Midheaven or Progressed Moon it is obvious that there is crisis going on in the life of the former President of South Africa. This is the list:

  •  Pluto
Pluto is in the 11th degree of Capricorn. That is 165 degrees from the natal Sun of Mandela (26th of Cancer). An aspect of 165 degrees is a quindecile. A quindecile shows an obsessive situation, a strong focus. Pluto indicates challenges, danger and stress. The Sun means life and health. It is the picture of 'health strongly in danger'.
  •  Uranus
Uranus is in the 13th degree of Aries (12d5m today) That is 165 degrees from the progressed Sun of Mandela, now in the 28th of Libra. Again you see the difficult quindecile and the Sun (health). Uranus shows unexpected news, tension and change.

Together, Uranus and Pluto are indications of dramatic or intens change.
  • Uranus is now opposite his Mars. 
That is not for the first time and it won't be the last. Complications like sudden fever or infections or accidents and incidents may occur during such a transit. 
  • Transit Pluto is going to square his Mars 
A new challenge, maybe a dangerous infection. 

  • There is help: Jupiter 
For the moment transit Jupiter is trine his progressed Sun. Jupiter helps. Jupiter helps you succeed. But Jupiter is often prominently present in the charts of the ill and dying, because Jupiter refers to doctors and to 'the journey' of life or the help 'on the way'. Medications seem to help him, right now, according to his grandson. 
(It may also help that he has Pluto rising before the Sun and Moon in Scorpio in the natal chart. Those people don't give up easily.)

The crisis is in the chart. We don't know how this will end. He is very old, but he is also surrounded by doctors. Pluto means crisis, but doesn't give an answer to questions about the result of the stress of a period of life and death. Some survive and conquer the crisis, even at old age. Nevertheless: he is 94! He is facing the final years. Perhaps that is the symbol of:
  • progressed Sun quintile Saturn (creatively ending - a period in- life)

This is the DD-rated chart with transits and progressions:

Also visit: for example about Progressed Sun Aspects or see this blog about Jupiter in charts of death:

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Getting back to Jodi Arias

On May 10, 2013 I wrote about the importance of Mars in the case of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander. Her chart WITH hour of birth shows an even more important Mars! In the natal chart of Jodi Arias, Mars is the most important object. I'll tell you why... And I counted 4 (four) transits and progressions with Mars in the days before and after the murder. Mars is the symbol of men, sex, procreation, muscles, wounds, hits, weapons, sport, aggressions, being assertive and of getting hurt or hurting others.

You can see the post about his and her chart and the synastry here, but in short on the synastry:

- Her Mars was 112.5 d his Mars (that is a square + half semi square).
- There was also a shared minor Mars-Uranus aspect in both charts: explosive fights and ditto sex.
-Mars quindecile Eris in her chart and (as he was her age) his Eris also quindecile her Mars symbolized the obsessive war of the sexes.

Her Mars is so important because Mars is opposition Aries point and 'calling'.  It means that the energy and drive of Mars can show up anyway, somehow and at any possible level!
I also mentioned that her progressed Sun was semi square Mars and that is reflecting time for ' manifest aggression'.

Now the time of birth of Jodi Arias has been published by (1.52 a.m. on July 9, 1980).

1. First observation
With the birth time at hand, it is obvious that Mars was even more important at the moment that she was born. 

  • The midpoint Sun/Moon is square her 'calling' Mars opposite Zero Aries
  • Her very important Mars is sesquisquare Ascendant
  • Her most important planet Mars is quintile Sun for a creative way to manifest the energy and drive of Mars.
Sexuality, work, energy, action: this all motivated her, but (I think, in this case) most of all MEN.

2. Second observation:
Saturn is conjunct the midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven and trine Midheaven. This issues the need to be respected. (see: ) Saturn is also inconjunct Midheaven in the progressed chart. Read about this:
It means lost status. That might be even more important for someone with a key need to be respected.

Now we have a very important Mars and a crucial Saturn. Together they are the symbol of discipline, punishment, dead ends and death. (And how about that lonely, not aspected Juno in the 5th, inconjunct Midheaven? Transit Juno was square her progressed Saturn at the time of the murder.)

On the specific day we see:
1. Progressed Mars (her important Mars!) trine progressed Ascendant (taking action, opportunity to act)
2. Transit Mars was square natal Ascendant (hurt; active or passive)
Remember the natal Mars-Ascendant aspect?

3. I already mentioned: Progressed Sun semi square Mars (manifest aggression)
Remember the natal Sun-Mars aspect?

4.. In the progressed chart Mars is almost exactly opposition Eris (wartime)
Remember the natal Mars-Eris and the synastry Mars-Eris?

5. Transit Pluto is sesquisquare progressed Ascendant (forcing changes, frustrating stress). Pluto rules her 7th house of partners and is the natural ruler of the 8th house.

6. Transit Neptune conjunct Progressed Midheaven (confusion, seclusion). Neptune is in the 8th house  of sex, crisis, life and death of the natal chart.

There are 2 aspects between Mars and Ascendant (one transit/natal, one progressed) and there is a natal aspect already. The Sun-Mars quintile is being enforced by the P Sun semi square Mars.
Important events are reflected by the resonation of natal aspects by progressed aspects or by transit.
There were 3 hits with the important Mars in total. This is a strong signal for anger, being assertive and taking action. In a woman's chart it is also a signal for the importance of males.
Besides, there are 'supporting' aspects. They don't help much.

Maybe you find even more when you see this chart with transits and progressions for the day that she killed her former lover, Travis Alexander. It was on June 4, 2008.

On midpoint combinations Sun/Moon and AC/MC:

Earlier post on the case:

The MC inconjunct aspect:

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Wedding and chart of Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Today Swedish Princess Madeleine is getting married and I just HAVE to write about it, because it seems as if she used astrology to set the date. First she announced her engagement with Transit Juno on her progressed Ascendant. And look at her chart, transits and progressions now:
1. Transit Uranus in the 5th house is trine her progressed Ascendant (excitement, change of name and/or situation, new perspective)
2.  Transit Uranus in the 5th house is conjunct her natal Sun/Moon midpoint (new motivations, children?)
3. Progressed Midheaven is sextile Neptune (romance?)
4. Progressed Sun trine progressed Moon (a traditional marriage combination)
5. Transit Saturn sextile Juno (confirmation of marriage?)
6. Transit Jupiter in the progressed 7th house is trine progressed Midheaven (happy conditions)
7. Last but not least: progressed Venus ruler 7 is conjunct natal Sun within a few weeks! Translated it is about the love of or in your life, starting a live with a loved one!

Now isn't that nice? For the synastry, see:
Here is the chart of Madeleine:
(added on June 9)
Transit Pholus is opposition her Sun and inconjunct her progressed Sun. This is reflecting a turning point in life with a loss or having to give up on something, involved.

Juno on the progressed Ascendant of Madeleine when she was engaged to be married

Before she had was engaged for a lot of years, but this engagement ended. I wrote about that:

On Juno:

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More AstroClick Travel lines

In this post I get further into AstroClick Travel lines to see if they are in line with people's careers. The results are interesting. President Holande is not at best in France. Queen Elizabeth is very formal in the UK. President Obama should move his office to New Orleans. It is just for fun (and I keep telliing you this:).

What is AstroClick Travel?  AstroClick travel lines gives you information about the astrological influences you can experience at a given place on earth.'s advice is to use AstroClick for entertainment, and not to base major decisions on it! AstroClick travel chart is one of the free charts offered by, only available in the English section. What you get is a globe with the crossing lines of planets, Sun and Moon with Ascendant, Descendant, IC and Midheaven, for example: Sun/Midheaven or Mercury/Descendant. Those lines are supposed to represent personal experiences related to the places on earth below those lines.

I gave an example in an earlier post and then I asked you about your experiences or to do the poll. There were 5 respondents, so I can hardly find the results (scroll down) representative for the users. But unlike   in other polls, they are unanimous: AstroClick Travel works!

It is just for fun, but do AstroClick Travel lines correspond with events and results in places where you live, too, I wondered? So I checked the charts of famous persons to see if their AstroClick Travel lines are in line with their career.

Consider this…
Is France OK for Holande?
  • Queen Beatrix' freedom of action is limited (Saturn AC line) in her own country, where her credibility was tested. She is more easy going in the Netherlands Antilles (Mercury Ascendant line). And that is correct!
  • Queen Elizabeth is even more 'remote' in her own country, with Saturn MC/Node DC's crossing line over London. It is the place where she accepts her destiny. 
  • Her grandson William may expect a position of authority in London one day (Pluto MC). 
  • Is it a sign for the future, that the Neptune IC line is the closest line with London, in the chart of Prince Charles?
  • Job related actions in France should be avoided by …. Francois Hollande! His Mercury IC line crosses the nation. (But he is on top of the nation! Does this mean that Mercury IC is OK, that his hour of birth is not or that the AstroClick lines have their exceptions?)
  • Deep painful conflicts were waiting in Spain and especially in Madrid of all places (Chiron AC line) for Inaki Urdangarin. He married the daughter of King Juan Carlos and was arrested for fraud. 
  • Silvio Berlusconi's Italy is covered by Moon Descendant, a line for retirement and memories.
  • Vladimir Putin's Pluto MC line over Moscow promises a powerful position over there…
  • Prince Johan Friso is in coma in a London hospital, exactly where his Saturn DC line is.

The lines over Washington in the charts of American Presidents are interesting and thought provoking.

- Try Barack Obama in Washington and what you get is unstability for business (Moon AC) but feeling at home with the children. He should move his office to New Orleans for success! (Jupiter MC line)

- Bill Clinton feels uncomfortable in Washington (Chiron AC: lessons to learn). He is more self confident in New York (Jupiter AC) and more successful in Rome or Berlin (Jupiter MC).

Maybe their hours of birth aren't correct? Or are there exceptions? Or... is it just for fun?

- George W. Bush, however, had pleasant family times in Washington (Jupiter DC), although also stress (Pluto AC).

- Richard Nixon's Neptune MC line over Washington seems to have announced loss of position…

I certainly advice you to have a look at the chart of Bono and the interesting crossing line over Istanbul. It is a mixture of Jupiter MC and Pluto DC. In the text they mention religion, spiritual ideals, and the danger of fanaticism and even despotism. I read that the people of Istanbul asked Bono to use his influence on his friend Erdogan (yes, they seem to be close, see:  )*.

As the hour of birth of Recep Erdogan is unknown, we may never know what line in his chart crosses Istanbul...

You'd better not have a Jupiter MC line over the ocean if you want to have a great position in life…unless you settle down on a ship crossing that line:).  LOL

Continue for the poll results and links...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

D DAY and Dwight D. Eisenhower's chart has a DD (sic) rated chart of Dwight D. Eisenhower, which means that there is no certainty about his hour of birth. So I use the 'time unknown' version to see how the position of his chart was on the day when the Nazis started to loose the war: D Day (the day of the invasion of Normandy). The movie 'The longest day' is about that important day in history.

Here is the chart of General Eisenhower with transits and progressions for June 6, 1944. Guess what: Jupiter was 'on his side'. Transit Jupiter was sextile his natal Sun. Jupiter is the astrological symbol of success, support and good luck. Also notice transit Pholus, sesquisquare his natal Pluto and semi sextile progressed Mars, symbolizing the intense turning point in war or the starting point (Pholus) of winning the war.

Eisenhower was born with Saturn rising before the Sun. He was a serious kind of person, a manager. The brave Scorpio Moon in aspect with Jupiter increased his popularity. The Moon-Jupiter aspect is frequent in the charts of American Presidents (they need to be popular in order to be chosen) and so is the combination of strategic communications: Mercury, Saturn, Pluto. He has Mercury half semi square Saturn and trine Pluto.
The sextile between Sun and Uranus is more than 5 degrees wide (yes, I am strict:) and that means that the Sun is 'calling'. People with a 'calling' Sun tend to take the lead and draw attention or be the star.

Thanks heavens his star was shining on D Day. 

With gratitude to all those men who gave their lives and fought to liberate Europe...

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ada Muir, a Gemini astrologer

In October 2012 I blogged about Margareth Hone, a Libra astrologer. I intented to write about an astrologer each month, but I forgot. Here is another try to start a series of posts on sun signs and astrologers, to begin with the natal chart of Ada Muir.

What Gemini can do for astrology, is communicating about it. That is what Ada Muir did. She wrote books, is know for The Torch and was a member of the AFA. She was a nurse and wrote a lot about herbs and health related to astrology, too. For this, I like to point at Ceres rising before the Sun. Ceres is  (among other meaning) the symbol of nutrition and motherly care. There is also a Sun in aspect with Neptune and Saturn. The Moon is also important as the Moon doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees.

Now where is astrology in her chart?

I always find an important combination of Jupiter and Uranus in the charts of astrologers. Jupiter and Uranus together reflect the helicopter view. They are also important in the charts of astronauts and a number of popes. That is because they, like astrologers, see the world and people from another perspective.

Jupiter is important in Ada Muir's chart, because Jupiter is exactly square Ascendant. Uranus is important because Uranus is 'calling' (not making aspects in 5 degrees or sign). Jupiter is semi square Uranus and biquintile the MC in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus).

So, in short: the important Jupiter and Uranus are semi square and both related to Midheaven.

The Moon is 'calling' in Aquarius.
Mars is in aspect with both Jupiter and Uranus.

Astro on Ada Muir:
More Moon in Aquarius here and more about Aquarius and Gemini
On Jupiter-Uranus and midpoint Jupiter/Uranus:

PS Jacob Jordaens painted the picture above about Gemini. Thank you Wiki Commons!

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saturn, Pholus and Erdogan

Istanbul as seen from the Bospurus, May 2012
Some time ago I wrote about Saturn and Pholus related to retirement. Soon afterwards, Queen Beatrix announced her retirement (
Pholus marks the turning point (the beginning of it0 and Saturn relates this to age, career or status. As you may see in this chart with transits and progressions of Recep Erdogan, prime minister in Turkey, he  has:

1. Transit Saturn opposition progressed Sun; hard confrontation with reality, facing the facts
2. Transit Pholus sesquisquare progressed Sun; turning point in life, risk of shooting own feet
Saturn is semi square Pholus right now! It is maybe the prelude to stepping back, but Erdogan's political career 'survived' many transits and progressions of Saturn. I wrote about Erdogan and Turkey in 2010, when he had Saturn inconjunct his Sun and the supposed to be Ascendant in the chart of Turkey received hard transits of Uranus and Pluto*).

Here is the chart (no time of birth) with transits and progressions.

In Erdogan's natal chart Sun is square Mars and trine Saturn. That highlights discipline. He is a self made manager.

You may notice that the Turkish' PM has Sun in Pisces and Moon in Sagittarius. The signs are ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. The combination of Jupiter-Neptune and Sagittarius-Pisces is related to religion and believing audiences. See the article on Astromarkt. Some of the people on Taskim square have their doubts about the question if the state will remain secular with PM Erdogan and his party.

Anyway, Saturn and Pholus together seem to be announcing a goodbye in some situations. But as charts should always been seen in the light of age, gender, class, history, situation etcetera, and as the time of birth is unknown (not allowing us to see what the MC does), we will simply have to wait and see if Saturn-Pholus has other means to show that time are about to change.

*)That is why I expected riots in 2012, related to the trial against the military top. However, it didn't happen and as I said in that post: the ascendant is strictly related to the TIME of the birth of the nation. One quarter of an hour difference and all that is left is Uranus-Pluto with Mars (a revolutionary change in the army).

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