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View on astro chart of Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is on the way to Russia, from China, now that I write this (news on CNN: ). He travels with transit Jupiter on his Sun. Jupiter is the symbol of support, help and the international traveller. That is not the only thing that seems to be in line with what is happening. He is world news, things go fast and thanks to Dunyazade's comment I can now give you the natal chart with time of birth. Transit Pluto on the progressed horizon (conjunct Descendant) seems to be an appropiate statement for a difficult situation with lots of stress, pressure and danger.

Here is the hypothetical chart for noon (no hour of birth) with transits and progressions. In important periods in life, there are always more than two indications of an event or change. You may notice that there are three hard progressed aspects, even in this chart without time of birth.

1. Progressed Sun inconjunct Neptune. This is resonating the Sun opposition Neptune aspect in the natal chart. When aspects in the natal chart are 'repeated' or highlighted by transit or progression, it is time for the natal aspect to show up and tell us what it means.  Please read the article on Astromarkt (link below) about the confusing aspect Sun-Neptune.
In this particular case it could be interpreted like the manifestation of secrets with a loss involved.  The aspect is also pointing at having to give up on a certain life style, due to an affair.

2. Progressed Sun is square Saturn (a period in life is ending)
Sun-Saturn shows the nasty sides of life, facing responsibility and 'begin blamed'. Sun-Saturn marks the end of a certain way of life. This progression also marks a break up with his father, who asked him to stop leaking and come home.

Edward Snowden revealed 'government secrets' and may have to spend 30 years in jail or a lifetime abroad. He will not return to the USA as a free citizen. Perhaps that is why we see the third aspect:

3. Progressed Sun inconjunct Ceres, the archetypical mother and the symbol of dynasties, genes, seeds and roots. Sun inconjunct Ceres faces lost roots.

In the period of the first mention in the press that Big Brother is really watching us, transit Pluto was inconjunct his natal Mercury, so it was probably a day of intense mental stress. He had moved out of the USA to Hong Kong on May 20, with both Uranus and Pluto in hard aspect with Mercury, telling us about intense strain.

The time of birth is unknown, so there can't be a complete analysis. There are certain interesting placements that I like to mention anyway.
a. Snowden has Mars rising before the Sun, like many activists have. It is an indication of wanting to make a statement, ' doing something about it'.
b. There are no placements in earth signs and that is pointing at the importance of materialism, security and safety. Snowden had a good salary before he started leaking information about the government's interest in the people's internet activities.
c. I also like to mention the Scorpio Moon for the strong personality. Bradley Manning and Julian Assange also have the Moon in Scorpio.
d. There is a hugh number of trines, that again doesn't show an easy and peaceful life. See the post on trines and sextiles on this blog:
e. The Sun is in minor aspect with Uranus (157.5, sesquisquare + half semi square, tighter when born in the morning). This attributes to living as 'an alien', for example in another country or as an outsider in your own circle. See

The astrology of Snowden seems to be in line with the events.

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Dunyazade said...


See here, birth time:

"Edward Snowden - birth time From: Marjorie. (20 Jun 2013 15:35):
Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, has a time from his birth certificate of 4.42 am 21 June 1983 Elizabeth City, North Carolina (via Sy Scholfield, thanks). "


Astromarkt said...

Thanks very much! I added the chart with time of birth now!

Dunyazade said...


My Sun is on his Venus; his Moon is on my Rising Sign; his Neptune is on my Moon. Boyfriend material, LOL!
(I'm joking, of course.)

His Progressed Sun is at 28º Cancer - so in two years time he'll have a major life change. (Actually - in a year he'll begin to see major changes in his life, I think). The change will be to Leo - so he'll take more of a leadership role?

In July of 2014 Jupiter in transit will be right on top of his Progressed Sun in Cancer (very late degrees) - so I believe he'll be again in the news Big Time! Maybe not in a very pleasant way because the progressed Moon will be at 0º Capricorn - not a very happy place, in an emotional way. This Moon will oppose his natal sun - a separation of some kind?

Plus, in his Solar Return chart for 2014/2015 - he'll have Moon and Uranus conjunct in Aries. Emotional upheaval coming out of the blue?

Well, we'll wait and see.


Astromarkt said...

PS watch importance of Uranus, angular and square Sun/Moon

Dunyazade said...

Sun/Moon= 6º Pisces.

Interesting. Neptune is transiting it, also.

Astromarkt said...

Nu ook op Astromarkt in het Nederlands over de horoscoop van Edward Snowden

Astromarkt said...

Indeed, Dunyazade, this must be a misty situation and influence his motivation.

PS I read that he asked for political asylum in Ecuador.