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Fatherday special + royal fathers' charts: George III, George IV and William

It is Father's day.
This post is about royal fathers and the transits and progressions on the day of the birth of their first born, completed with links to posts about father-son relationships, and to more on transits and progressions when a child is born.

Yesterday I saw a documentary about the history and interior of Buckingham Palace. I was interested, because when I was in London, I visited the palace. In the documentary they spoke of the kings George III and George IV. The first was a very disciplining father of fifteen (!15!). The last was a self indulging son who like architecture and decorating.

When George IV was born, transit Jupiter was exactly trine the Moon of his father, George III. The  progressed Midheaven of George III was also in hard aspect with Pluto, ruler of his 5th house of children.

George IV had one daughter, Augusta, who died together with the child when her first baby was born. Augusta was born when Jupiter was opposition the Moon of George IV.  He had married her mother (his niece) just to 'produce' a legitimate child and didn't have more children.
Here is the chart of George III with the transits of the day that his son George IV was born:

Two examples of Moon-Jupiter transits/synastry at the time of the birth of the first sun or daughter.
Now how about Prince William and Moon-Jupiter?*)

The transits in this period are pretty nice.
- On the 26th of June Jupiter will be on the Sun of Prince William .
- On the 7th of July transit Jupiter is on his progressed Venus. Those are happy transits.
- On July 17, transit Jupiter is conjunct his Moon and transit Saturn will trine his Moon. There is a third one: transit Mars will be on his Venus then.

Will it be July 17? If so the baby will have a Scorpio Moon for a strong personality, a 'calling' Sun for leadership and drawing attention, a 'calling' Venus for the importance of grace, diplomacy and style and a tight grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.
That grand trine is a bit wider on the 13th. That is when transit Mars is in Cancer, on the Sun of William after 3 a.m.
We'll just have to wait and see:).


In the solar return chart of his birthday on June 21, 2013, Ceres (dynasty, genes) is in the final degree of Cancer. That is  spot on the progressed Sun of the Prince and highlights the theme of motherhood/parenthood. It is been said that his first baby will be born around July 13.

- To avoid any misunderstandings (transit Mercury is square my Neptune now:), it is not so that births always happen when Jupiter is in aspect with the father's Moon.

- Not all British' royals were born with Jupiter-Moon synastry. On the day that Queen Elizabeth II was born, transit Saturn was on the Moon of her father, perhaps because he worried about the event. He died when she was 18.

- In fact, not everybody is born with a Moon-Jupiter transit. This aspect reflects the possibility of a happy moment to remember. In synastry, Jupiter helps and supports (see for an example of Jupiter trine Sun:
It is not that easy...

- Others have Pluto transits when their child is born. See:
On the day that Elton John's son was born, there was a transit Pluto, too.

MORE AND LINKS on ... the frequency of angular Jupiters in charts of royal heirs (kings to be, first born). on the (broken) relationship father-son Depardieu and the Mercury-Neptune aspects in their charts.
Mozart lost four (!) of his six children between 1783 and 1789.  Saturn joins Sun and Mercury in the fifth house of (pro-)creation. At the time of the death of his little son, transit Pluto was in aspect with the 5th house Sun and Mercury. When his little daughter died in 1789 progressed Moon squared Pluto and transit Saturn was on the Moon. 
PS In the natal chart Saturn also rules the 5th house. Times and lifestyle change when a child is born. Here you have a collection of signs of changing times.

Also visit: for the chart of William on his wedding day:

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Dunyazade said...

"Ceres (dynasty, genes) is in the final degree of Cancer. "

Can this also possible mean that this baby will be the last King...? (Just thinking out loud...)

Astromarkt said...

Interesting idea, Dunyazade! Worth a study on similar cases (Sjah Iran, last Greek and Italian king). We'll have to wait and see if Ceres holds a special position in the chart of the baby, too. Because if it ment 'final descendant' it would be lije that for all those born in these days. As Ceres moves to the royal sugn Leo, some astrologers would speak of 'rushing into Leo' (finale) eith other meaning, i'll be back on this subject!

Astromarkt said...

and I found one: Ahmad Shah born Jan 21 1898 had Ceres in the last degree og Gemini...