Friday, June 28, 2013

A Juno experience

In an earlier post I asked myself if Juno represents Mr or Mrs Right (follow the link to see the post).  I found that if that is true, there are many possible Mr or Mrs Rights in our lives, because there happens to be a variety of transits and progressions with Juno in a life time. Of course, you need to have the right age and circumstances to experience Juno. This week I am one of the examples. I am married for decades, but I signed a civil partnership document, as a witness, in a State Hall. It was my son's official happy day. Juno was there, too.

1. I had transit Juno exactly conjunct my progressed Midheaven.
2. My daughter in law had Progressed Venus - her ruler 7 - on the progressed Descendant and trine the Progressed Midheaven. Her progressed Juno was exactly square the processed Ascendant and inconjunct progressed IC.
Venus AND Juno are both signs of marriage.

To complete it all, the transit Northern Node was conjunct her and my son's Ascendant, symbolizing joining as a family. My son had transit Jupiter trine progressed Moon in the 7th house for the happy moment. Juno didn't hit his natal or progressed chart, but progressed Venus ruler 7 was on the natal midpoint of MC and Mars.

My conclusion: Juno is indeed a symbol of partnership and marriage. I experienced it.

When love is in the air, love is in the sky above. This must be the conclusion when you see the examples of charts  in times of marriage or divorce.

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