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Chart of Princess Diana

PRINCESS DIANA's chart is the chart of a well known divorced and early deceased royal wedded wife. The chart should indicate trouble in marriage and status and perhaps also the accident that ended her life. Does it? The chart data: born 1st July 1961 at 19h45 in Sandringham, married 29th June 1981, eldest child William born 26th May 1982. Diana died caused by an accident on 31st August 1997. 

Diana was known for her marriage. She shortly worked with little children. You can find that in the aspect of the dispositor of the MC with the Moon in the third house. She has the MC in Libra in the 22nd degree, a degree of carelessly and without much effort becoming rich (or... through marriage...). Probably that was her ambition: to do a good marriage. There are several indications for that. 
1. Six (midpoint) Yods! These yods point at important issues. 
2. Nine midpoint combinations indicating success. 
3. Tree of the midpoint combinations are on Zero Aries! (Venus/Jupiter, Venus/Neptune, Jupiter/Neptune, variying on the theme of Venus/Jupiter/Neptune that I found in the charts of those doing a fortunate marriage).
4. There is also a small trine. Jupiter disposes of the first house and is connecting several yods. Pluto is on top of the chart. Jupiter and Pluto are in aspect. The Jupiter-Pluto combinations indicates ambition and success and challenges. The MC in Libra also points at the importance of beauty, grace or diplomacy in her public function. At the same time it indicates that her goal is to find balance, peace and cooperation. 

Pluto is on top in the 7th degree of Virgo, a degree of the Cinderella complex. The picture Janduz had is that of a man and a woman, who is in the pillory. An arrogant Madame de Pompadour looks down on them and a poor woman is being shy on the side. Diana was the princess of the common people, the simple lady and the rich woman in the pillory. The Cinderella complex shown in Pluto on top in that 7th degree of Virgo. According to Janduz you need to leave the world of glamour behind with this degree in prominence. 

Unfortunately Venus, ruler of the MC and strong in Taurus, is afflicted. These hard aspects point at the divorces. They are: Venus semi square Sun, Venus square Moon, Venus square Uranus (!). Also Mercury, ruler 7, is inconjunct Jupiter, ruler 1. Enough indications to assume that in her life and culture there must be a divorce. 

Her ex, Charles, has Saturn in his second house of money, almost exactly conjunct her prominent Pluto (the Cinderella complex joins his status). He gave her status and money and he could take it away, too. A connection between Saturn and Pluto in a relationship is not easy and indicates traumatic divorces because both are linked to status and authority, to money and blame. Is not it typical that Charles was blamed and he has Saturn in this relationship, while she had Pluto (and died). 

At the time of the marriage Venus trined her progressed ascendant and was conjunct her Cinderella-Pluto!. She looked fabulous that day and must have felt being appreciated and acknowledged. Venus was fulfilling a heart desire! There was also Jupiter and Saturn square the progressed Ascendant and Transit Saturn trine Jupiter: she was moving. 

But...the most important aspect around the marriage was: Transit Pluto on the MC and semi square Pluto. A difficult time started. She had to see to maintain her position or gain her proper place and meet challenges. Exactly that what she valued most in life (sex, power, money and influence, Pluto on top!) added the other side of Pluto: problems, enemies, changes for worse, being forced to do things you do not like. And her Sun changed sign! Another way of living! About 5 weeks later the Moon trined the Sun in the 7th house. The honeymoon was over and they started to live together. And even before Wiliam was born Sun Arc Jupiter was conjunct Moon and Progressed Jupiter semi square the ascendant. Transit Venus squared natal Moon at the time of birth. These are common aspects for having a first baby and being happy with it. 

So it seems there were problems from the start, but she decided to go on and experienced happy moments. Yes, her chart does not only show bad times!

Jupiter opposed to Sun/Mars, Jupiter opposed to Sun/Node and Jupiter opposed to Mercury/Pluto: these are tree midpoint Yods with the finger pointing at Jupiter, ruler of the first house. Pluto is also making a midpoint Yod: exactly at Venus/Ascendant (being loved by many). Also the MC has a midpoint Yod with Sun/Jupiter! There are supportive midpoint combinations for success also, like f.ex. Moon semi square Jupiter/Ascendant, Venus sesquisquare Jupiter/Ascendant, etc.etc. 

Look at the Yod involving Jupiter (1), Mercury (7) and Pluto (12) connected with each other in sextiles: a fatal marriage? She had the ambition to marry rich and had five midpoint Yods at the time to become a princess and royal mother, apart from lots of other indications. 

Diana is a mixed type of earth and water (introvert, easily concerned and bothered). The Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius and both of the rulers of Sun and Moon are in opposition! There is hysteria, but also clairvoyancy and foresight. Cancer Sun is emotional. Moon in Aquarius looks indifferent sometimes or tries to stay reasonable. But the emotions and experiences Diana had, were rather special. The T-square of Moon and Venus and Uranus is repeated tree times in midpoint combinations! Love affairs, falling in love over and over again, and sometimes motherhood out of marriage are part of the meanings this combinations might have. 
The chart of Diana does not show a victim. It shows that she chose her own ways of doing things, and that she needed a lot of love. 

There is a significant lack of aspects with the ascendant. It means she was not very direct in the way she acted. Or she did things through others, or deviously. Her way of looking and acting could have nothing to do with what she felt inside. And on the other hand each event could have deep impact, because there were no ways to deal with it and give it direction and a place. It seems she was the play ball of events and situations and had little grip on it.

Mercury and Venus are oriental (as is the case with most of us) but so it the Moon. The Moon is walking away with her: emotions walk away with her. Moon is afflicted in the 3rd house of communications and transport and rules the 8th house of sex, life and death and other people's money. The main afflictions are with Mars (conjunct Pluto) and through the translation of light with the Node connected with Uranus. All in the ninth house of other countries, travel and publicity. For the accident we see even more clues. Mars, Uranus, Pluto close together in the equal ninth house of travelling. Afflicted Moon in 3. Ruler 8 in 3 opposed to planets in 9. Node exactly opposed to the midpoint Uranus/Pluto (radical relations, accidents together with others). And the supposed to (and always present) Vulcanus is almost exactly opposed to the midpoint Ascendant/MC. 

When she died there were these aspects:
Transit Uranus conjunct ruler 1 Jupiter (mostly a 'thank God'relief aspect, but in transit an alarming signal) ;
Tansit Jupiter opposed to Progressed Sun (being happy, but with some side notes);
Transit Uranus opposed to Progressed Mercury (nervous aspect, indicating the plan to speed ahead and connected to accidents involving 'hurrying' and technical problems);
SunArc Pluto square Mars/Vulcanus (a life in danger)
; Transit Mars septile Vulcanus (another indication for danger).
There are no transits involving the ascendant or MC except when you make a correction in birth time towards 19h46m22 (not unreasonable). Then the primary ascendant is sesquisquare Plyot and the progressed Mars is exactly moving from the ninth into the eight house. That is why I think she was born 80 seconds later than officially mentioned in her birth certificate.
In the lunar chart previous of her death Saturn is on the descendant and Neptune, ruler 4, is on her IC. The strange thing is converse progressed Sun is exactly trine natal Jupiter, conv. progr. Uranus is inconjunct Pluto and conv. Progr. Saturn is almost exactly opposed to the natal Moon, ruler 8.

All ingredients of the conjunction of Mars, Uranus and Pluto in the birth chart are mixed up that dramatic day!

Diana was not driving and had no influence on the events at all. Still I think the transits and progressions for the accident are not plenty. Only her rush and taking risks can be found and maybe that is just her share in the event.

Pluto is on top with Venus/Ascendant for the power of being beautiful and being married. Pluto is disposing the 12th house of discretion and secrets and in the 9th house of publishing. Pluto is part of the Yod with Jupiter and of the small tine with Sun and Neptune . Diana was an idol (Sun-Neptune effect) and that was even more so after she died (Pluto). Pluto is semi square the MC. So her position was in a negative way related to life and death, money and power and sex...A lot of people already seem to have forgotten that in the beginning the gossip magazines did not stop talking about the way Diana and Sarah Fergusson were spending heavy lots of money!
And that brings us back to Pluto on top in a Cinderella degree... (c)

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Men and Mars in women's charts

Last week four women were mentioned in the papers: Coco Chanel, a mayor, a model and a politician. Alle four were news because of the relationship with a man. Chanel because of her love for a German officer in war time, the mayor beause of sexual escapades on a Spanish tower, the model because of being in trouble after being the guest of the son of Khadaffi (Ghadaffi) and for being accused for being involved in him raping her friend. The politician was involved in a grant for a lover for a project in Afghanistan. Men! Their symbol is the symbol for Mars. And of course, Mars is very important in the charts of the ladies.
The mayor has Mars and Venus ‘calling’ (for passion at any level and I won’t joke about the tower).
The model was born on a day with a tight Yod between Mars (apex) inconjunct Neptune and Pluto.
The politician had a temporary importance of Mars (though, of course, she could have an angular Mars, which I don’t know). Her Progressed Sun is between opposition natal Mars and progressed Mars. She also has Pholus opposition progressed Sun and Progressed Sun in minor aspect (105d) with natal Pholus. If you want to know more about Pholus, check yesterday's post...
Last but not least: Coco Chanel’s Mars is angular, on the Descendant. That is a prominent place for Mars. See it here:
You can see the charts on
Mars is also prominent in the charts of cheating women:
For more about Mars in an important position, just click one of the labels.
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One year ago: Pholus again...

On year ago in Astropost: It is Pholus again... I wrote about a politician's coming out and the transits of Pholus that accompanied that moment. It was another message about a small - if not tiny - object that is reflecting the-cork-out-of-the-bottle-effect: the turning point in life. Pholus is now in the 15th degree of Sagittarius.

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Transits on the road

Usually I don't make notes or keep a diary (and I really plan - again- to do that from now on). But, during my holidays in France, I did and noted the position with the help of my apps. See for example the mail about the Virgo Moon on my Descendant and the desperate need to wash my hands:). 
This post is about what happened during some more transits that I had in August: Jupiter inconjunct Saturn (ups and downs), Venus trine Sun (nice time!), Mercury-Jupiter opposition and trine (swift transport and communication), Mercury-Pluto conjunction (@$%&!), Jupiter inconjunct Quaoar (going out, but...). 

When we left home, transit Jupiter was inconjunct Quaoar to illustrate the international perspective and things you forget, like passports and hand bags. Should Jupiter-Quaoar mean 'new perspective for a voyage related to a loss'? Next time I won't leave on such a day. And in particular not because it was also a Mercury-Neptune day (see the post). It kept us in Nancy for a few days longer. That wasn't so bad at all. Now we could see Place Stanislas (with a lot of golden gates). Stanislaw was a Polish king and the Duc of Lorraine in the 18th century and he is wanted this place. Not surprising that his Sun is 'calling' (without major aspects in orb 5 degree or in sign) and his Moon is in Leo. Glitter and glamour! 


 We continued the trip on a day with transit Mercury opposition Jupiter. We changed the destination on the way because of the weather reports but it was a nice ride without problems. The weather got better and better. That is because we went South...

Then, finally, with transit Jupiter trine Mercury (that is the day that I should have chosen for departure time. Mercury-Jupiter is good for traveling and communications**). Later, with transit Venus trine Sun (conjunct Pluto and sextile Neptune) we enjoyed the most beautiful view from a camping ever and nice weather for about 15 days. This is a photo taken from our place. Looks like trines, isn't it?

But all things come to an end. 
When I was in France transit Saturn was exactly inconjunct my progressed Jupiter. That was the day that I bought souvenirs and suddenly felt homesick. Impossible, you'd think. France is beautiful, nice, charming and the weather is fine. Lavender, sunflowers, peach trees, tomatoe plants and medieval villages, sunshine, nice old men saying 'Bonjour, Madame'... 

What more do you need? Well: home! You have to get back anyway and once you start thinking about it, just go. We do. If we can, we use to return one or two days earlier than we planned before, always. Silly but true. Si hemos de entrar en el desierto,  ya estoy en el desierto... (If we have to enter the desert, I am already in the desert). This is my desert and that is in front of my home. They are doing the street...
Planks to cover the sand in my street (not...)
Anyway, what happened when we drove back home, just two days later? Trouble, trouble and trouble...3 times. Damage for the caravan, having to repair the car after a sudden stop at the busiest roundabout in town, and in between a hard fall on my knees*) because of the instable planks. Someone in front of me hit a plank and I was launched to the ground. This all was followed by a tetanus injection, Betadine, bruises and for the car a conflicting garage bill. 

*)I fell with transit Mercury exactly conjunct my natal Pluto in the 6th house. Mercury-Pluto doesn't seem to help or ease any transport or communication.

**) With Jupiter-Mercury I wrote and translated a note for the other guests in two languages. Jupiter-Mercury also improved my French (J'espère!:)

See my favorite poem, created by Jorge Luis Borges,named 'El desierto'
and see the artist his chart on Art&Astrology

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Small orbs

On this blog you will only find small orbs. You know, orbs are the ranges in which an aspect is said to be in play. A 94 degree aspect is still a square - a 90d aspect- with an orb of 4 degrees. And sometimes I have to use the chart of a day of birth. If you want to know why, continue...

1. Because of the wider orbs, aspects between planets and lights are valid for at least hours and sometimes even for weeks. Thousands of men and women share the same aspects. 
2. And all the work to get a specific second of birth becomes futile when you use wide orbs. What does it matter if your Ascendant has degree 2, 4, or 8 when the orb is 6 degrees? Why do all that work and than throw it away? 
3. Because of my experience with midpoint combinations. 
The chart with hour of birth tells us about key characteristics, the main tools that a person got in order to survive life. The tightest and most individual aspects are midpoint combinations with Ascendant/Midheaven and those with the Moon. They (Ascendant, MC and Moon) move fast. If you want to be more specific, for example with twins, use those key midpoints to see the difference between one individual and another (...keeping in mind that twins, in order to distinguise themselves, may select different ways to express the same energy: also see the label Twins)

D.O.B. or W.O.B. or M.O.B.?
My advice is to use small orbs and tight aspect- or midpoint combinations. Extend the orb only if there is an object between the two other objects in a -too- large orb. ,  (There is mostly also a midpoint combination then). 
Using larger orbs, will turn the chart of the hour of birth into the chart of the day, week or even the month of birth. 

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Venus and Mars 'calling'!

With a chart with important positions for Venus and Mars, we are likely to be passionate. When neither Venus nor Mars make major aspects, passions may be river deep and mountain high. Often, that is not good for reputations and careers. A 'calling' Venus/Mars midpoint can be very demanding...It is the combination of beauty, desire and preferences with action, fire and drive: the red rose. 

When I read about the escapades of a Belgian female authority (filmed when she was notably having sex on a tower somewhere) I thought of Venus- Mars = passion. She was born on a day without Ptolemeic aspects for the planets of passion. That is just like in the charts of Hugh Hefner, father Lawrence Murphy. As it seems, when Venus and Mars are 'calling', sexual activity  will be prominent at any possible level and there will be passion, somehow, anyhow...and  for the Belgian woman: now...Why?

The video was made a few years back and was published now that: 
  • Progressed Mars is inconjunct her natal Sun (closer than at birth, and when there was a wide inconjunct of Sun and Mars) and 
  • Progressed Sun 105d natal Mars. 
  • Progressed Venus is sextile Mars, also, resonating the natal importance of Venus-Mars.
That is 3x a 'hit' with one of the prominent planets involved. That is enough (rule of 3) to make the theme of passion important today.

When both Venus and Mars are prominent passion is also prominent.
It's not that there can't be other signs of passion. It just means 'any level' from zero interest to the max and back. And often uncontrolable, too, depending on the influence of transits and progressions. A 'calling Venus and Mars' is reflecting a passionate nature, often expressed in relationships and love, and fiery desires. As always it depends on status, position, gender, time in history, culture and other circumstances wether this Venus-Mars effect will make you famous or notorious (if only in your own place or family). I don't know if 'passion calling' is about sex always. So maybe the passion means a hobby of catching butterflies in someone's chart:)! 

Hugh Hefner has it: a call for passions!
Unfortunately a priest had it, too.
More information about 'calling planets'...

Amy Winehouse had Venus/Mars rising before the Sun, mirroring that her passions came first of all.

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Saturn-Ascendant, size and Napoleon Bonaparte

Saturn seems to reflect reduced sizes. I first wondered why, since Saturn is the symbol of ambition, too. But then I remembered Napoleon Bonaparte, a small man, they say, with a lot of ambition to expand. I know of three other persons with Saturn close to the Ascendant and they are smaller than usual or don't seem to grow. I know two of them in person. And there is Bono (U2, 1.69m), who has the same seize as Napoleon. The frustrating thing was, however, that Napoleon's chart does not have Saturn on the Ascendant. He has Saturn rising before the Sun. So, I thought, either his chart is not correct (but it is an A-rated chart, though Astrotheme gives 11.00 sharp), or his size is not. I started googling 'Napoleon size' and I was relieved to find the answer to the question how tall Napoleon really was, here... The metric system hadn't been invented yet and there was a difference in French and English 'feet'. Napoleon was not short at all, there was a shortage in communications. In his days he was, in fact, rather tall!
So Saturn conjunct Ascendant is still standing for reducing size. Unless you have a lot of examples of the contrary, of course.

Here is Napoleon's chart:
Did you, BTW, notice that his Sun is 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees)? That is the signal of a person who wants to lead or draw attention, somehow, anyhow. He got what he wanted...I already mentioned the fact that Saturn is rising before his Sun. That shows ambition and points at the importance of management, administration...And  see Quaoar opposition Midheaven: he sure created a new reality in history...The grand trine between Mars, Uranus and Pluto points at successful revolutionary action. The chart of Napoleon Bonaparte shows the man that he was: first of all a man with ambition and a leader at any possible level, with the ability to act by surprise and the goal to create new perspective in his career and position. But it is also interesting to see the afflictions between Mars, Saturn and Pholus. I have seen this combination before. It means a depressing turning point in a battle. Eventually he came to Waterloo...

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Neptune, believe it or not, aspirin and love

A nasty aching jaw and a hurt knee inspired this blog.The pain was mellowed by aspirin. Does that relate to Neptune? It does, believe it or not.
Fountain of Neptune in Nancy, France
Neptune is about myths and beliefs, fans and followers of idols and ideologies. In a more personal way Neptune is also the symbol of being believed or not and of believing or not. Recent example is the chamber maid in the DSK-case. 

Mrs. Diallo has a transit of Neptune conjunct her Progressed Sun and Dimitri Strauss Kahn has Neptune opposition his Saturn (her Progressed Sun is opposition his Saturn, too). They are involved in a media circus around the accusation of rape. Whatever happened will remain a secret (Neptune!) but the damage has been done, to both of them. DSK lost his job and everybody now knows about his sexual preferences and affairs. We all know about the doubts about Mrs. Diallo, who certainly experienced what an afflicted Neptune can do for your imago. The officials don't believe in her no more.

When people do believe (in) you, you can lead a double life (like Josef Fritzl - Sun biquintile Neptune - did, very convincing) or you can be an idol (like Obama: Sun square Neptune or Elvis: Sun trine Neptune). As long as people believe in you or follow you, you are almost 'holy'. Nasty aspects of Neptune by transit or progression make it hard to make new fans. President Obama has an inconjunct of Neptune this (and next) year. He is being demystified and his voters sometimes don't believe in him any more. That is one of the effects of the inconjunction with Neptune. There is more about Neptune...

Believe it or not, just recently, I read that a simple aspirin can help against being home sick or ease the pain of a broken heart. Pain (mental or physical) is pain and there is a drug against it...Imagine! When you (have to) go for a more or less hard turkey end - when breaking up, going to another place for a vacation, emigrating or when you were suddenly cut off from your habits - the antidote is as chemical as your brains chemistry is. 
You know that Neptune is also the symbol of chemistry and ...of romance. When you read this ('Falling in love is about your brain chemistry'), you also know why chemistry and romance (idealizing a person) are part of Neptune's vocabulary. And, Neptune is also a matter of belief. So what if you fall in love when there is an influence of Neptune? Would you believe in it?

Neptune is now retrograding in the final degrees of Aquarius (conjunct the Sun of the Aquarians of February 18 and 19) and will move back into Pisces on February 4, 2012.  See the links for the posts about Neptune in Pisces in  history. 

Read: "Neptune for killing you softly", a blog about a dramatic event that inspired a poet

Astrological position of Mrs. Diallo

Chart, transits and progression of DSK in May


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Coco Chanel in love and war

Lisa Chaney writes in ‘An intimate life’ about the relationship of Coco Chanel with a German officer in war time, during the occupation of France. It is not the first time, but again it is news. That might be the reason why transit Uranus is square her progressed Sun now (upheaval). The Sun-Uranus ('Aurora') aspect is also the link between her chart and that of her younger lover, Hans Gunther von Dincklage, born December 15, 1896 (his Saturn square her Sun). Most women who had enemy lovers faced an ordeal after war, but Coco was arrested and soon released (for unknown reasons). She went to Switzerland. She has Jupiter, in the 7th house, rising before her Sun for an international orientation when it comes to partners.
Synastry between Coco and Hans
The famous lady of fashion and the enemy officer were an unusual couple. His Uranus is square her Sun. Her Uranus is square his Sun. I wrote about the Aurora-effect in Sun-Uranus synastry on Astrology&Love:
“…But, what if the partner is considered to be the ‘key to freedom’  in the eyes of the other? What if the partner ‘woke up’ his lover after a long, long and boring sleep?” and “Some persons want to have a different kind of life (than their parents had, for example) and – not deliberately -  choose the less resembling partner, the complete stranger, to liberate and alienate themselves from their backgrounds. How long could this have been going on? Until 'liberation day', of course.” Their Venus are 165 degrees apart. Venus quindecile Venus shows an obsessive love...
Natal, transit and progression in 1941
Her chart shows that there is a possibility of an affair starting in 1941. When she met him, in 1941, her Progressed Venus conjunct Midheaven reveals the love theme, but there was more. Progressed Sun square Jupiter and Transit Saturn inconjunct Midheaven and Ascendant show progress (she sold her products to the Nazi’s) and a crucial fault (see: about her in war time). In the Art&Astrology post about Audrey Tautou, who played the role of Coco Chanel once, I wrote about the talent in the chart of Miss Chanel: 
“ Coco Chanel had other kind of talents. She was able to lead a company. She started her career with an affair with a very rich man, while working at a tailoring shop. Maybe that is why Mars (men) is crucial in her chart? Another important planet is Jupiter. Jupiter is the first outer planet rising before the Sun. And last but not least there is Pluto. Pluto does not make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That makes Pluto important, the 'calling' planet. We see Mars, Jupiter and Pluto prominently placed in her chart. The combination of Mars, Jupiter and PLuto is an indication for a lot of energy and enterprise and a sign for success. Besides:
1. Moon is in Pisces for sense for 'la mode', fashion
2. Venus is square Neptune for artistic talents
3. Libra is on Midheaven for a career related to style and diplomacy
4. Uranus and Pluto are related to ASC/MC, signifying crucial and dramatic changes in life
5. Pluto is related to Sun/Moon and Pluto is in the 5th house of creations and fun
6. Jupiter is exactly conjunct Mercury/Pluto, for successful communications
7. Mars is exactly conjunct Jupiter/Pluto, confirming the crucial placements of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto (for successful enterpreneur)
There is one important thing in this chart that points at fashion (or any other branche related to the basic needs of menkind, like clothes, food, having someone to take care of you as a child and edcution). And that is the Moon. The Moon is the first planet that will be 'hit' by the Ascendant on the day of birth. The Moon is standing apart from the other positions in the chart.
Recently I wrote about bachelors and Virgo. There is no Virgo in the chart of Coco Chanel, except for the ruler of the 7th house. The Black Moon is on the Midheaven. Funny thing is, that Lilith is the mythical 'runaway bride' of Adam and that she never married. But she may have had a long lasting and late relationship with Von Dincklage. I find it interesting that she never married and yet has Jupiter in the 7th house. There is no key for marriage or divorce, except that Jupiter in the 7th house and Sun sextile Mars shows that she is independent enough to be her own 'man'. Jupiter represents the ‘lot of’ , ‘more’, ‘social improvement’ and ‘international’ or ‘traveller’. She went to Switzerland, probably with her German lover. 

In 1956 she returned with transit Neptune conjunct Midheaven (and that is the symbol of isolation). The French didn’t want her back then. But her success in the USA eventually made everybody forget about the war.

All is fair in love and war, they say. Did And Coco Chanel knew all about that?

Here is the chart with transits and progressions for now (Uranus and P MC with Pluto mirror, even after death, that there is 'stress' around her and her reputation).

Her Sun is square the midpoint Neptune/Pluto, the combination of the silent force in the charts of mediums, illusionists, mythical persons, writers of mysterious books and ...spies. Generally, people who know how to keep a secret.

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Bachelors, Virgo and Virgins

It is almost Virgo time, Venus is in Virgo and Virgo reminds me of Virgin, though they are not as cool as they appear to be, always:). I remember the Happy Virgin with Venus in Virgo-story (see: who born with the  Sun in Libra (and never married, by the way). There seem to be more batchelor with Sun in Virgo or in Sagittarius than in other signs, but I keep finding Libra when I look around. Take for example Cliff Richard. He is a Libra with Venus in Virgo, too. He even sang about bachelor boys! (See YouTube:

The 'domesticated batchelor' produced a list of famous bachelors in history (see: among whom: Ludwig von Beethoven (Sagittarius) and other componists, like Maurice Ravel. I know that Ludwig was in love with a woman once, but were they all real bachelors or were they homosexual in secret (don't tell, don't ask:). I am still looking for the hetero sexual die hard bachelor, not necessarily completely anti sexual. I mean the romantic figure who is overaged but handsome and lives in a castle waiting for the perfect bride (YOU!) to come bye. And there is one on the list: Hugh Grant! Let's see if his Venus is in Virgo...Helas! On September 9, 1960 (that is when he was born) the Sun is in Virgo and Venus is in Libra (square Saturn). Maybe a bachelor is simply created when either the Sun or Venus is in Virgo or Libra? Of course, not all Venus or Sun in Virgo remains unmarried. But apparently they are more picky when it comes to choosing a bride.

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Hunger strike with P Sun inconjunct Saturn

*) Annapoorna devi is the Hindu Goddess of nourishment
Dieting may be hard and difficult, so I am not surprised to see those hard and difficult aspects accompanying Anna Hazare's hunger strike against corruption in India. He is fasting since August 16. Here below is the chart. 

Positions on day of birth of Hazare, with transits and progressions
In short:
There is the theme of restricted liberty (progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn and transit Uraus). There are aspects pointing at values (Venus-Pluto) and the risk of wrong concepts (transit Neptune-Mercury). Ceres with Mars and Quaoar is perfectly describing the battle to create new realities by means of nutrition. 

How come that he is so fanatic to stop eating? 
- the Sun is 'calling' (statement for a leader, someone drawing attention). 
- Five positions in earth signs refer to what is material. Food is.
- Moon in Virgo is a principled soul with a need to serve. 
- Uranus is quintile Ceres (creative flashlight nutrition?)
- Saturn trine Vesta (devoted duty)
And so forth, but perhaps not eating is the only way that he can draw attention (Sun 'calling') and make a difference or start change (Uranus orientational)? I am afraid that it will harm his health now that P Sun is inconjunct Saturn. Especially when a person is older (and he is) there is a danger. 

*) Ceres is the symbol of nutrition. The Indian Goddess Annapoorna is, too. Try the label 'Ceres' to find out more about this dwarf planet or go to Astromarkt for more background info.

In 'Suspicious aspects' I write about Sun inconjunct Saturn and Mercury-Neptune afflictions in the natal charts of people who were (wrongly) blamed for crimes that they probably didn't commit. 
Last January I blogged about this aspect of Sun inconjunct Saturn,  following the arrest of someone who later said to plead guilty. See the post here:


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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Mayerling suicide (Prince Rudolf)

Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria was born on a August 21 and he committed suicide. He didn't die alone. Maria Vetsera, his young lover, went with him. His Saturn was on her Midheaven. He was married, but not with Maria and he was very ill (sex related illnesses). He had a lot of difficult transits and progressions except for the trine with Jupiter, ruler 8 (the only chance for a way out: death?). Jupiter sometimes shows up in charts of times of death when the person who dies sees it as a voyage to eternity or a better place or when someone who impersonates Jupiter (doctors, for example) help and comfort a patient. There are even Jupiter-Uranus combinations in the charts of final moments, resonating relief.

There is a romantic choreography about the suicide...Read all about the after all not so romantic story of Mayerling Castle, the synastry and the natal charts here:

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Suspicious aspects (re: West Memphis Three)

Sun inconjunct Saturn and Mercury-Neptune afflictions seem te be 'suspicious aspects', causing a problem when a person is somehow near or involved in a crime. Those aspects don't seem to help you when you are a suspect. Here is another example.

Three convicted men pleaded guilty to avoid to have to spend more months or years in prison, or even to avoid death, 18 years after the possibly wrong sentence for killing 3 boys. Their real murderer(s) might never be found. One of the West Memphis 3 is Damien Echols, born December 11, 1974, with Sun inconjunct the calling! Saturn and Mercury conjuct Neptune. I name those two aspects because I have seen them before in the charts of people with question marks behind their guilt. He could have been death, because that was his sentence... See the links about the aspects and other, convicted or not convicted, persons with these aspects.

About Sun incpnjunct Saturn in. Transit, Natal and Progression, in general. About a.o. Mercury-Neptune Mercury-Neptune and the invented crimes the Friedmans Mercury-Neptune and the wrong conviction of Dils Amanda has Sun inconjunct Saturn Many things were attributed ti the barefoot bandit, who has Mercury square Neptune Dupree was found innocent but spent the best part of life in jail. Other kind of aspects (no time of birth to see if the Mc was involved)

Recently I blogged about charts, guilt or innocence in and I mentioned that the chart doesn't tell us 'who did it'.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Chart of Bill Clinton

The chart of Bill Clinton misses the Moon-Jupiter aspect that most of the American Presidents have, but what he shares with them is Mercury conjunct Saturn and Pluto for the strategic mind and the political way to mention facts (or not:). Pluto is rising before his Sun to indicate that he is the kind of man who has a strategy and a policy. In fact, the conjunction of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto define him as a man with a political minded orientation. Even though he was sort of handicapped by Mars-Neptune on the Ascendant, he managed to become and stay the President of the USA. Sun sextile Jupiter and Uranus made him inventive enough. Jupiter quintile Pluto helped him to create success. But boy, Jupiter square Pholus really made it hard not to shoot his own successes.

Mars-Neptune is about the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol but also about affairs. His reputation (MC) will always be handicapped by the affair with Monica Lewinsky. I often wonder how people manage to keep their heads up after such an ordeal, but he does. Maybe that is the key to success and maybe Sun in Leo helps him to be proud. 
Happy Birthday, Bill Clinton!

The synastry of Bill, Hillary and Monica...

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The chart: no evidence

One year ago I wrote about the tragic story of Azaria and Lindy Chamberlain. It is now 31 years ago that a dingo took Azaria away and killed her. Her mother Lindy was accused of murder and had a hard time convincing the people and the judge that she was innocent.
Here is the link... to the complete article.

I quote:

The mother had a bad press from the start (Sun inconjunct Neptune in the natal chart) and was in a period of possible lost of freedom (SunSaturnUranus). It was a day with positions reflecting incidents or accidents (MarsUranus). She happened to share Mars-Uranus with her baby (the risk to share an accident). And the baby's chart had Sun square Saturn (it was a bad moment). One of the ways to read Sun-Saturn progressions or transits is: a period ending. Or life itself...The circumstances (a dingo hunting, a baby alone) did the rest. 

When deaths (and in particular violent deaths) are mysterious the close family members often are forced to prove their innocence. And charts are no evidence. They show the issue of violent death in the charts of the killer, the victim and the persons involved, like mourning family members. Just check the label crime or criminality and you will see surprising examples. The latest was that of Casey Anthony.

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