Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jupiter, the first born

When I read that a missile named Juno was on her way to 'husband' Jupiter, I notice the remark that Jupiter is the first born planet of our Sun. That explains. It explains the frequency of angular Jupiters in charts of royal heirs (kings to be, first born). I have Jupiter on the Ascendant and I also was the first born child.

First born...It is another way to read Jupiter in a chart. I know that in history the first born son of a farmer got all of the property while the others had to find something else to do to make a living. Being first born was a privilige...(sic). Women like me were not to inherit the land, unless there was no boy. They could of course marry another first born. I did:)  However, today laws changed and the angular Jupiter of my chart in my position and circumstances doesn't give me a better start. Or does it? First borns get more attention, at first...

Check the label Royalty at the bottom to see the mumber of prominent Jupiters on the charts of those born with blue blood and those who were or are to be king, like for example Prince Willem-Alexander and Prince William. Given their circumstances they may expect to benefit from their rank in family births.

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