Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4, 1944 (Anne Frank's arrest)

On August 4, 1944 Anne Frank was arrested. Some time ago I wrote about the chart of Anne Frank and about the transits and progressions of that day in 1944 (link). Here is what I found:

1. Progressed Ascendant trine Uranus
There is one ‘harmonious’ or ‘ soft’ transit on that day of P ascendant trine Uranus, the culminating planet in her chart. It could be interpreted as ‘an easy way to independence and freedom’ and in a way she was ‘ freed’ from the attic. 

2. Progressed IC inconjunct Quaoar
But, there is also P IC inconjunct Quaoar: an unbalancing new reality related to her home…The combination of Uranus and Quaoar with Midheaven suggests sudden new realities. There was unfortunately a bad sign...

3. Transit Saturn conjunct her Sun (and about to square Midheaven)
 Saturn is on her Sun and about to square Midheaven. Saturn is the symbol of endings. A period in her life ended and it started to end her life. 

4. Pholus quindecile Saturn and Sun (the sad turning point)
Pholus is in the 21st of Capricorn, quindecile Saturn and Sun. Pholus refers to turning points and an aspect of 165 degrees informs us about obsession or intense focus: on endings and separations. 

In a 'normal' society these aspects would have been difficult, too, but they would not have brought her to a concentration camp. Sudden new conditions (Uranus and Quaoar with the meridian) and the sad focus on the beginning of the final part of life (Pholus, Saturn and Sun) could also have been a sudden and sad separation in the family and no more. That is why you need to know where a person is (in what circumstances) before you read a chart or stick to generalities like facing restrictions (Sun-Saturn), facing a turning point (Sun-Pholus), lost of perspective (inconjunct Quaoar) and a swift new and amazing status (MC-Uranus). If you read that again, you may see that in her situation, those transits and progressions were dangerous.

Here is her birth chart with transits and progressions for the day of her arrest.

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