Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter stop

Dear readers, it is mid winter and it is almost Christmas time and New Year. There is a lot to do and it is cold. Well, not as cold as last year or the year before, but enough for a winter sleep period, like every year:). That is why I won't be back until 2012. Meanwhile, I might be on Twitter once and a while and if you like you can see the latest articles on my site Astromarkt (Sun-Uranus, Mao's chart and about Uranus Pluto in history) and the 2012-2013 horoscopes for sun signs.

Thanks for being here! I want a wish you a very Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays and a Good Beginning of 2012! 

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eclipses in 2012

Eclipses are part of a cycle named Saros Series. The Saros series numbers of the Eclipses in 2012 are contradicting all predictions of doom for the next year to come. The first eclipse is on May 20 (solar; lunar eclipse on June 4)) 2012. That is in 14 South and that points at success. The second one is in 15 North (solar on November 13, lunar on November 28). According to Bernadette Brady that it is mumber with an atmosphere of joy! So why worry about 2012? Persons born around May 20, June 4, November 13 or November 28: rejoyce! The eclipses are with you. Those who have the Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven (in natal or progression) in 0 or 7 Gemini, 14 Sagittarius or 22 Scorpio: be happy! Good prospects are to be honored! No better news than good news! However...Let's first see what happened last time when there were eclipses in 14 South and 15 North.


In May of 1994 during Saros serie 14 South Nelson Mandela became the President of South-Africa. But after November 1994 (15 North) the Mexican economy was in crisis! 

I don't now if there were good or bad events or changes in the lives of people born on May 10, May 25, November 3 or November 18 soon after the eclipses. If you were born on one of these data, please tell me and my readers about it. As far as I know there have never been studies about the supposed to be effects of the eclipses. But given the fact that the saros series of 2012 have a good press, let us wait and see and hope for the best!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice chart

The narrowest aspect in the Winter Solstice chart of 2011 is the applying trine between Sun and Jupiter. That is rather nice, this symbol of prosperity, even though the next one is Mars square Pholus (a turning point in a battle). In a way this Winter Solstice chart could point at growing hope and risky competition or aggression at the same time. If this was the chart of an individual, there would be self confidence and (because of that) growing prospects together with a tendency to take risks that could cause injuries. But only if this person was a military man or in a country at war or a later young lad who lives in the kind of neighborhood where one needs to fight to keep standing. 
Zeus/Jupiter is the symbol of moving forward
A Sun trine Jupiter is a jolly good aspect for a day (or 3), but the Sun moves on and so do we. Last year's Jupiter conjunct Uranus gave hope, but 2011 showed us revolutions that ended in question marks and economic ups and downs that after all brought us all at a lower level. The Sun is trine Jupiter and square Uranus on December 22. That is just like last year again a picture of hope. We can only hope that this time Jupiter-Uranus will bring us sudden windfall and relief and not just the hope for it. The expectations of 2012 are very law and there are even ideas about the world's end. Every era has those kind of ideas, but let us face it: there is a world economy in trouble and the West begins to loose the competition with developing countries like India and China. In my country thousands face the end of their job. It won't be easy in 2012, they say, but I wonder about March 12, 2012.

On the 12th of March 2012 Jupiter in Taurus will be trine Pluto in Capricorn. Sounds like growing profit and success in the material world. Sounds like a good beginning of spring. Is that just hope?...I hope not. Last time there was good news about the Euro and the market went up with Jupiter trine Pluto. So...perhaps this will happen again. But just like Sun trine Jupiter this aspect will be over and gone in a few days. And few of us will benefit from stocks rising...

I don't know what to think of this years Winter Solstice chart. The world is not homogeneous. People are different and so are countries and economies. But all human beings want to have hope for the years to come. In that sense it is great to see that there is still hope in the charts of astrological and calendar charts of importance. Hope keeps us going, so let us keep hope! 

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Monday, December 19, 2011

The astrology of the Bone Wars

The Bone Wars started when two competitive paleontologists came across 'themselves' in the ‘Great Dinosaur Rush’ of 1877-1892. Episode 4 of O'Hanlons Heroes - a series of discoveries through the 19th Century – is about the competition between Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh. They collected numerous bones of dinosaurs and tried to be number one in the field. They ended without a penny, partly because of the ‘war’ between them. They had a lot in common. Same 'job', same attitude towards each other, same dirty method to discredit the other one. 
I want to show you how their charts looked at each other and how the synastry between the charts tells us that the heroes ‘deserved each other’. 

Edward Drinker Cope was born on July 28, 1840,  a Leo with a Leo Moon, Sun sesquisquare Uranus, most probably Mars rising before the Sun (and Moon) and Mars inconjunct Neptune.

Othniel Charles Marsh was born October 29, 1831, a Scorpio with a Leo Moon, Sun square Uranus, Mars rising before the Sun and Mars square Neptune, tightly.

From what they share (Leo Moon, Sun afflicted by Uranus, Mars afflicted by Neptune and Mars rising before the Sun) it is without doubt that they were active, competitive and in a way tending to negative ways to fight or compete. Both longed to be the star in their field. Both were outsiders with the will to be ‘different’ and a tendency to be controversial. Those rather arrogant macho men were competing each other in remote places, digging for bones. They were enemies, but not from the start. There is a Venus sextile Venus synastry that tells us about sympathy in the past. But:

- They have Sun square Sun. Such a synastry aspect raises the question:’ Who is the boss, who is the real star?’
- There are two inconjunctions between the charts. Mars of Edward Cope is inconjunct Jupiter of Othniel Marsh and sort of a vice versa: Pluto of Marsh is inconjunct Jupiter of Cope. Inconjunctions cause lack of balance. Mars-Jupiter and Jupiter-Pluto are combinations of success and progress. Inconjunctions however don’t match. If they had joined forces, could they have had the same extraordinary result and amount of bones? Perhaps it was the competition that contributed to the results.
- Saturn of Cope is square the Pholus of Marsh. Though many of their contemporaries shared this synastry aspect, we can conclude that it is not a favorable one. Marsh as the catalyst of the guilt and restrictions for Cope?
- I would not be surprised if both had Sun/Moon in aspect with Uranus. That would have motivated them to go on and on and on…

Here is the chart of the day of birth of Edward. The positions outside the circle (the 'transits) are the positions of the day of birth of Othniel.

Anyway, they were two of a kind (rather macho outsiders) and they were competing in the same field with not matching sun signs and apparently they stimulated each other in their competition. They made a great contribution to science that way. And their story is a contribution to astrology, too. Their charts confirm the characters and the competition. I particularly like this quote, that seems very Moon Leo to me:

"The patrician Edward may have considered Marsh not quite a gentleman. The academic Othniel probably regarded Cope as not quite a professional."

They didn’t match, they tried to ‘beat’ each other the hard way, but if they hadn’t met, there wouldn’t have been such a storyJ. Sometimes people meet in order to stimulate each other to do what they always wanted to. On Astromarkt ( you see this about sharing Mars-Neptune (I mean when both have an aspect between Mars and Neptune in the chart):

Mars-Neptune: Being without job, sharing drugs or alcohol or medications. Maybe they are working together in a health or non profit organization. Or having affairs...Sorry, this is an aspect that does not cheer up…

Apparently with this aspect you can also have ‘dirty’ competition…

About the program with Redmond O’Hanlon

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Astrology and how John (es)Capes the submarine

Hero again, after death, is John Capes. The BBC broadcasted a documentary about the incredibly story of his escape out of the Perseus, a submarine in 1941. 

John Capes was a man who survived a disaster, but he was not completely believed until after he died. He was born September 20, 1910 and he escaped out of the sunken submarine ‘Perseus’ on December 6, 1941. You can read the story, verified in 1997 (12 years after he died), on

I was interested to see what in the chart tells us about the facts mentioned in the story.

When he was the only survivor after his submarine hit a mine, he had Progressed Sun trine Pluto. It is a ‘traditional’ aspect for a survival (a come back) and the trine is supposed to be harmonious (or showing a way out). It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be a survivor or winner in the traditional idea of what winning is. See the note. 

There is a tight Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination in the chart. He survived but he watched his mates die. Unnatural or violent death was part of his life. With Mars biquintile Saturn he found a creative way to discipline himself or have himself disciplined.

Transit Uranus was trine natal Sun. That is for adventures and unexpected changes. There is a trine between Sun and Uranus in his natal chart that tells us that he wanted to be independent and that he was inventive. That probably saved his life.

Transit Neptune was conjunct his natal Mars in Virgo. I think that that is a good astrological translation for the service of the navy. Neptune is the kind of symbol that goes along with disappearances and vanishing. His submarine went down and wasn’t found until after he died. He spent months hiding away from the enemy and had been reported missing.

Progressed Sun inconjunct Nessus is another sign of loss. In the natal chart the Sun is opposition Nessus.

Transit Pluto square Saturn is an aspect combination that I use to name ‘the die hard’ combination (with the risk of the boomerang effect later). He survived in such an extraordinary way that he wasn’t believed. I think that must have been nasty…

He was not believed. His story was almost unbelievable. And he was known as a story teller. That is because of Mercury in his chart. There are two possibities. Either Mercury doesn’t make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees and Capes was the kind of man who communicated a lot at any possible level or the Moon was opposition Mercury and Capes had a habit of adapting the fact to the audience. But this story was true…

In the natal chart Sun is square Pluto and conjunct Mars. He was likely strong and had an enormous drive. During the war he had the opportunity (trine) to show the world how strong he in fact was. He was decorated, but there were always doubts. And yet, it was after death that he became a hero. 

Mercury, aspects and lies, on Astromarkt

Mars-Saturn aspects on Astromarkt…

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Mars-Saturn-Pluto items on this blog:

There is another example of how Sun trine Pluto sometimes makes a man a hero because after death. The man who burned himself and later became the hero of the revolution in Tunesia (born March 29, 1984) had Transit Pluto trine Progressed Sun in that period of time. 

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The concern in the chart of the Pope

A chart should be seen in the light of a person’s age and status. The chart of the pope, too.

There is growing concern about the condition and health of Pope Benedict XVI since his last trip to Africa. It seems that he is exhausted. With Christmas on the way and a planned trip to Mexico in a few months time it will be hard to find enough time to rest for the 85 year old leader of the Roman Catholic Church.  And it seems that he needs that. The concern is reflected by the chart, transits and progressions. The planets involved are Saturn, Pholus , Mars and Uranus.


Transit Saturn was opposition his natal Sun in the last week of November and square Sun/Moon midpoint mid October. That is enough for repeated concern, worries or setbacks. Saturn square Sun/Moon makes it hard to get motivated. Saturn with Sun often (at this age!) is reflecting the fact that there is little you can do about aging.  Problems never come alone. The recent upset in Dutch media about numerous cases of child abuse in the RC church can’t be denied and faces him with the mistakes (Saturn) of the past.

On April 29 there will be another opposition of Saturn with his natal Sun and again on August 19, shortly after transit Mars opposition Sun. End of July/early August Mars will be square the progressed Sun, too. Those transits are hard to deal with.


Another astrological point of concern is transit Pholus, recently inconjunct the progressed Sun and soon to be square the Ascendant. That means that he recently had a turning point in life (or life style) with a loss involved. And that his circumstances are to change within weeks. Now that there is concern about his official duties during the week of Xmas, transit Pholus is square progressed Midheaven (changing status and conditions).


I live in a country where they find people over 55 too old to give them a job. The pope is 30 years older than that. His activities and his social top position on his age are rare (maybe except for China). Few of us reach the moment that transit Uranus returns to the position at birth. That is what the pope will see exactly on New Year’s Eve, soon after transit Saturn inconjunct his Mercury. And as most of us don't get that old, there is little information about the Uranus return. Could it be a last chance for change? When my life style changed completely I had Uranus opposition Uranus, the progressed Sun sign changing and luckily I also had Progressed Moon trine Jupiter. So my life changed for the benefit of myself (in the long term). But I don't see a lucky transit or progression in the chart of the Pope right now. So he'd better take good care of himself and avoid rushes and 'hurrying'. Uranus return is a few days after transit Mars opposition Ascendant (around December 28). And in January Saturn will be inconjunct natal Venus and...


If you want some good news about the Pope, here it is. In 2010 (see link) he also had very difficult transits and progressions. It may have cost him some energy, but he is still the Pope. There were previous concerns in 2003 (!). But charts don't lie and this chart mirrors worries and being tired.

Here is the chart with transits and progressions for now.

Also visit: for example about the astrology of popes. I quote:

The natal chart of the present Pope Benedict 16th has a crucial and calling Jupiter and Saturn, the combination for hierarchy and a vocation for clergy. Saturn is on top, so that he is above all a conservative in his conviction (Sagittarius) but open and tolerant in his aproach. Jupiter in Pisces calling can also be read as a call for expressing devotion at any possible level. Sun trine Neptune is an excellent combination for a spiritual leader.
BTW, an interesting position is that of Uranus, rising before the Sun. When Pope Benedict started his job, people spoke of an intermin pope, because of his age. However, Uranus position (oriental) is frequent in the chart of those who became older than average.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Heavenly Creatures: the synastry

This post is about two teenage girls (Pauline Parker and Juliet Hume) planning the murder on the mother of one of them, in cold blood. The movie ‘Heavenly Creatures’ ( on BBC1 this night) was based on that cruel true story. I plan to see it.

Of course, we don’t have the hours of birth (no Ascendant, no MC, no degree for the Moon, no Sun/Moon midpoint) but we do have a clue. We see that the girls were no match for each other, but that they were attracted to each other and aroused (somehow) aggression in each other that was already there from the start and found no way out in sport or sexual activity. 
1. being together (Sun-Sun) brought them out of balance (inconjunction)
2. they also shared a short fuse (they shared a Mars-Uranus minor aspect in the natal charts)
3. they completed each other with that. One had Mars rising before the Sun. The other one had Uranus rising before the Sun.
And that is only a part of the story...

The two girls, age around sweet sixteen, used a brick in a sock to brutally kill the mother of one of them. And they had planned this months before! They got away with about five years in prison and one of them, Juliet Hume, became known as Anne Perry, writer of detective stories. I want to have a quick look at the interaction between their charts, and between progressed charts. One of the conditions for release out of prison was that they should never meet again, because of the negative influence they had on each other. The mother didn’t want her daughter to see her friend, either.

Pauline Parker (daughter of the victim, Honora, born in 1909) was born in Christchurch May 26, 1938. Her friend Juliet was born October 28, 1938. Look at the charts. 
They have Sun inconjunct Sun in synastry and that is a statement for unbalance between them or for the fact that being together brought them out of balance.

The Venus of Juliet aka Anne Perry was opposition the Sun of Pauline, explaining the sympathy, admiration or love for each other. The opposition could reflect the present distance between them…

There is another inconjunction  of importance, resonating the natal aspect of Sun inconjunct Eris of Juliet/Anne: it is Eris of Pauline inconjunct the Sun of Juliet. Eris is the symbol of discord. The interaction between them created (Sun) discord (Eris) in a disproportional way (inconjunction). Like a jig saw the synastry aspect matched the natal aspect. Every pot has its lid.

Now that we know that their was love or admiration on one side and disproportional discord between or because of them, let’s see how their positions were at the day of birth and at the day of the murder (June 22, 1954) in the year that the Progressed Sun of Pauline was semi square the natal Sun of Juliet in the period of the murder, indication of lives getting involved in a frustrating manner.

The later author was born with Mars rising before the Sun, sextile Pluto and sesquisquare Uranus. I have written about Uranus-Pluto, Mars-Pluto and Mars-Uranus before and that combination issues ‘impulsive action’. In bad cases: sudden use of violence or sudden anger. Moreover: Mars is opposition Eris (and that is an aspect that we see when wars are beginning to join the military and discord or aggression and discord). (And in fact, those were these kind of days (see this:

Now we have impulsive act of discord, …at least. It could have been a great chart position in competition games like football, but …she is a woman. It could have been great for techniques, but… in those days women didn’t get the chance to do techniques. So there was a lot of energy and drive and short fuse ready to explode one day. That day, June 22, 1954 transit Pholus (the catalyst) was square her Sun and progressed Mars was square natal Pholus and half semi square the natal Sun. That is a Sun-Mars-Pholus combination meaning a turning point in life (with the risk of shooting her own feet) and a turning point in a struggle or fight (ditto risk). Something made her very angry.

Pauline has Uranus rising before the Sun and Mars/Uranus midpunt on the Sun. Mars is half semi square Uranus, a minor but not insignificant indication for an explosive nature. It is amazing how many 'harmonious' aspects are involved in her natal chart, in transits and progressions. The natal chart has Sun sextile Eris (discord's easy way out). It is all so easy going and it seems not to be in line with the events if you don't look at sextiles and trines as the 'easy way out'-aspects. Her diary is rather clear about it: she didn't really seem to have feelings for her mother, besides hate. In her natal chart the close aspects (max 5d orb) are Venus trine Jupiter  and Mercury trine Neptune and Sun square Jupiter. Those are not the aspects of fighters. There is only a wider square between Mars and Neptune, if you would not consider the half semi square with Uranus. It is like the 'hidden chart' of OJ Simpson. Fortunate aspects at first sight, dramatic minor aspect combinations.
Pauline Parker killed her own mother on June 22, 1954. She hit first. On the day of the brutal murder transit Pholus was trine her natal Sun (an easy turning point) and sesquisquare progressed Sun (a double turning point in life!) with transit Saturn trine progressed Mars (disciplinary measures). Ceres (symbol of motherhood) is trine natal Sun and sextile Eris. Transit node square Saturn and trine Uranus introduces the community with little freedom (like in jail). And there is Progressed Sun sextile Sedna (symbol of the daughter) highlighting the easy way out of being the daughter of her mother. Transit Uranus square progressed Venus shows unusual excitement. Progressed Mars conjunct natal Venus activates a passion. 

More about the case:

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sun-Saturn royal spouses

Four European civilians who married a King to be, and became a Princess (and probably will be a Queen one day) have a Sun-Saturn affliction. I wonder why. 
  • Status and position highlighted? 
  • Spotlights on criticism? 
  • Restrictions and protocol? 
  • Having to be slim all the time?:)
  • The importance of (later) parenthood?
It can't be 'the nasty side of life' (in the sense of poverty), because of their privileges. Or is it because they will never really really be royal or that their life is hard at the top? They smile and wave a lot and don't seem to be unhappy, so the question remains: why do these four future queens share hard aspects between Sun and Saturn? Any ideas? Or would it be just coincidence?

PS Princess Diana didn't have a Sun-Saturn affliction. Her Saturn was square Midheaven.

Post about Sun-Saturn and managers (or politicians)

And follow the labels...

THE CHARTS,_Maxima Chart of Princess Maxima of the Netherlands,_Crown_Princess_of_Spa Chart of Princess Letizia of Spain,_Duchess_Cambridge Chart of Princess Catherine of England

And Princess Mathilde (Belgium) born January 20, 1973 with Sun 135 Saturn

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Mourinho: news maker

This post is about unaspected suns and sun inconjunct Uranus and Mars-sun affliction. The example is the trainer of Real Madrid, who managed ti be rather quite today (and that drew the attention of reporters all over the world). He is not often calm.

Jose Mourinho (January 26, 1963) has progressed Mars opposition natal Sun in Aquarius these days. In the natal chart Sun is inconjunct Uranus (ruler of the sun). Would that explain a bit of his actions (like pointing a finger in someone's eye)? I read that he has been found 'beyond madness' and remembered that AstroFix MoonPluto once described Sun-Uranus as 'that is the nutty neighbour you don't invite'...With Sun quatronovile Uranus I am supposed to rejoyce in the nutty status (astrologers are consisered to be weird, aren't they), but inconjunctions may lead to lack of balance and he certainly acted in a peculiar way. It makes him a controversial news maker! But see the chart! Hoe else could he 'draw attention at any possible level, somehow, anyhow' to please the calling sun 🌅?
In Aquarius, a calling Sun has to be 'special, different' and so, in a way, he simply answers the call...and IS a special person. His nick name is Special One!

A calling Sun is for the leader or the star and (said it before) this can be at any level. He is one of the top coaches in the world.

With Sun biquintile Pluto he found a creative way to show authority. A sun in aspect with both Uranus and Pluto marks the impulsive personality.

Maybe an hour of birth would show more of his talents:). He has them.

He was 2010's best trainer and might become 2011's best trainer, but...the finger incident could be standing in the way. Today, Real Madrid lost against FC Barcelona...

Calling planets have no major aspects in sign or 5 d orb and are expressing their energy somehow...anyhow...

Never mind the typo's. This comes from the IPhone.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A doggy story

The natal positions, transits and progressions of dogs are just as much in line with ‘what happens’ as those of human beings. Today our ‘family dog’ underwent surgery, a spleenectomy. She is the oldest living dog of her race in the country and that is why it was difficult to decide what to do. But it was her lucky day (transit Sun trine her Jupiter; she will have a new basket soon as she gets home), the tumors have been removed (transit Pluto - sic- trine Progressed Sun) and now she may recover. However (see the chart) there is an awful lot of Saturn to remind her of her age.
First she had Progressed Sun conjunct Saturn and Mars on her Sun during an infection. She had transit Saturn opposition natal Sun and conjunct natal Pholus. That doesn’t ‘sound’ like an easy period in life. Still she manages to be cheerful. At the moment she is still asleep…
Solar transits, the daily motion of the Sun, colour your day. See it on Astromarkt, just click here.

Also visit: if you want to see the chart of the dog.
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

I would not employ...

This is about the results of the last poll and about Mars-Saturn synastry. The results of the poll 'I wouldn't employ...' (started after the news that in China Virgo and Scorpio people have problems getting a job) tell us that a small majority of the 43 voters doesn't judge by sign. The signs Aries and Gemini are not so popular. Neither is Scorpio. But less than 30 per cent would not hire one of these signs. Ninety percent of the voters would be neutral about Scorpio, Gemini or Aries, anyway. Sagittarius, Libra and Cancer don't have enemies at all, at least not among the voters. 

Our voters know what they talk about. They are highly interested in astrology. They know that people are not their sign. But, as someone commented, they like to avoid the pain of having to deal with people whose sun sign is afflicting theirs or their natal positions. I also don't judge by sign. I only want to avoid people with their Mars in hard aspect with my Saturn. Why? Here are 5 good reasons.

1. I have a personal experience with a very nasty person - I am not his only 'enemy' - who's Mars is square my Saturn...

2. Julian Assange's Mars in conflict with Hillary Clinton's Saturn and his anger about her.

3. Julia Child's Mars exactly square Julie Powell's Saturn. She cooked all the recipes of Julia Child and wrote about it, but Child was not happy with it.

4. Amy Bishop: her Mars was in conflict with the Saturn's of two of her victims.

5. The Mars of Loughner is square the Saturn of Gabrielle Giffords and he shot her (

Of course it depends on the situation and the person, but I would have serious second thoughts about employing someone who's Mars is in conflict with my Saturn! The nasty thing is that we can't avoid this synastry until we have a date of birth AND an ephemeris at hand to see it. And even if we know, how to avoid someone who sees you as his/her target? Maybe there are even readers right now with their Mars in hard aspect with my 1.5 degree Libra Saturn. If you are that person: glad to meet you. Hope you don't take this as an offense! Maybe there is some compensation, Venus for example... (I hope:).

Question: Have you ever been attacked by someone whose Mars hit your Saturn? Or, do you have any other Mars-Saturn synastry experience? And another (quite different kind of) question: do you think that Mars-Saturn could be the combination for heavy metal and hard beat, too.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sun signs in China

In China Scorpio (and Virgo) people find it hard to get a job. Employers prefer Capricorns, or those born under Libra or Pisces. Is that true? It is a crazy story! Can anybody please tell those bosses that people are not their sun sign and that all signs have necessary qualities? French coach Domenech tried to win with a team without Scorpio's and he failed (but maybe not because of that:). It is a pity that China has no free internet (recently Turkey followed into China's footsteps). And that there are so few of them who speak English. Or else they could join the international astrologer's community and see that there is no reason to force Scorpio's to start their own business and become 'the competition'! Think of that, Chinese employers! (and no, I am not a Scorpio, but I hate it when astrology is being abused to blame or hurt 1/12th of the population). It is a cheap alternative for a psychological test and just another way of making up your mind by using an oracle. The nasty thing is bias and prejudice. Those kinds of qualifications are rather silly, but I am afraid that that is the way that astrology is being used by the millions. And not just in China. Most of us started with sun sign astrology and not with the picture of a chart. And isn't it easy to put a sticker on a person and disqualify or not in a second? It is as childish as avoiding red heads or fat people. 

Now that I said this I must admit that shortly after problems with a Gemini I had just a second of second thoughts when I met another one! Just one second! I am only human, sorry! I want to put disclaimers at the end of articles about sun signs, telling people that a person is not a sun sign. Hope that it helps, but I have my doubts! It might be too late for Chinese Scorpio's!

Would you avoid to employ a Scorpio? Do you judge people by their sun sign? Just for one second? Do the poll and choose what sign you wouldn't give a job if you were the manager! Or select: I wouldn't select by sign!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The transit Saturn opposition Moon experience

Ever experienced transit Saturn in hard aspect with progressed Moon? It is depressing! It is marking a nasty period to remember. For me it is about being ill too long and watching sad stories.

Remember that on October 6 I had an acute vertigo with Pr A/M opposition Neptune and shortly after an exact transit Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra? It was very accurate 'Astrologic' for being ill in the field of balance (Libra). They told me that I would be cured in maximum 6 weeks. Most sites tell that and some people think that I should have been better because the books and sites say so. But it has been 8 weeks now and I am not much less dizzy and tired than it was 4 weeks ago! (Though I can write this post now and I couldn't do this in the first week, of course.) I had 3 days to remember how life was before the attack, and I had 47 days more or less seasick and tired. It's not as they said, but thanks to the internet I know that I am not the only exception at all! See the links for info and help in the UK ...It is a very interesting site about Labyrinthitis, written by two young women who have been suffering for months (or years)! I hope that I stop being 'dizzy' much sooner! But I couldn't help worrying, could I, with transit Saturn?

One day I will be OK, I know! That doesn't mean that I haven''t felt Saturn on my Moon! The aspect was exact last Sunday. That is when I watched a sad play (Ivan and the dogs, see YouTube) about the real life story of a homeless boy in Russia, who was sort of saved by dogs and in the end (unlike in the real life story) the dogs died! OMG! This didn't exactly help to make me feel happy! I love dogs (I have Sun sextile Neptune -read about Sun trine Neptune and dog lovers - and see the doggyscope on Astromarkt). It seems that I keep seeing sad stories everywhere! We are all in the middle of an economic and political depression, of course, and life is harder for others, I know, but I am glad that Saturn moves on. However, the old man is on his way to a square with Mars, just before Christmas. I will tell you what happened...

Today, I have one of those days that I would almost believe that the 'virus' (or whatever) has left my inner ear forever (but even though the Moon is in Sagittarius, I hesitate to start cheering).  I feel light and when I shake my head there is only a faint resonation of the movement. Can I see progress in the chart? Yes I can: Transit Jupiter sextile Jupiter. This should mean balance and equilibrium (that is what Hand says about this transit. For some reason there is a lot of balance in the text)! The transit will be exact very soon, on November 30. It will be exact again on January 20 2012 (with a number of transits indicating change and P Moon trine Venus). Maybe there is some progress in between! I consider the Pluto transit to be one of the indications of change and ... come backs! On December 20 transit Pluto is semi square my Progressed Sun. So, maybe just a few more weeks to go. 

What happened to you with transit Saturn with Moon or Mars? And/or how for those who had vertigo once: what transits and progressions accompanied that in your life?

1. gives a lot of information!

2. When you have transit Saturn opposition Moon or progressed Moon it is even harder when you try to keep up appearances and look 'normal', even though the mirror shows the contrary. (Have you read the Moon-Saturn post yet?)

3. In the post about Progressed Moon signs and body care I told (myself) that I should take care with dying hair now that I have Progressed Moon in Aries. The day before I had the attack I paid a visit to the hair dresser! 
4. In the post about aspect with Progressed Moon I mentined that with Saturn you tend to have low expectations and worry too much. 
5. I have Prg Moon in the first house and this is what I wrote about that:
Progressed Moon through the first house: growing need to present yourself, emotional coming out
This progressed Moon changes your attitude and often also the way you look. People will tell you how you have changed and find you more attractive. Your emotional coming out might cost you a lot of handkerchiefs...
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elections in Spain

This is the chart of Prime Minister Zapatero (Spain). On Sunday November20 2011 there are elections in Spain and as you see in the chart drawing: this is not the best moment for him. The polls are not in his favor. And Transit Saturn is exactly opposition Midheaven in the AA rated chart! Saturn means 'endings' or let's say: finito. And Midheaven is the point in the chart that is reflecting your social position. His main opponent, Mariano Rajoy has transit Pluto now square the natal Sun and that is a challenging aspect, showing stress in an intense period of change. The problems that he will be facing if he wins, are indeed a challenge.

Also visit: for example the article about Sun-Pluto aspects. Or see the labels about Saturn-MC. One of the posts is about Saturn_MC in Obama's chart (during bad results in an election and stitches)
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eddie Chapman and the chart of his day of birth

Just enjoyed BBC's story of Scorpio Eddie Chapman (aka Agent ZigZag), a criminal and a double agent in WW2. His activities saved many lives in London. Read the story on BBC: Ben Macintyre wrote a book about him. Here is my view on what in his chart contributed to his way of living. He was a spy and he also was a womanizer who didn't (manage to) keep his promise to a Norwegian mistress who spent months in jail because after the war the Norwegian judges didn't believe that the German officer in her house was in fact a British spy. And he didn't come back to tell them...

1. Broaken oaths...
He was born on November 16, 1914 with Sun inconjunct Orcus, symbol of broaken oaths.

2. The international
Do you mind if I like the fact that his Jupiter didn't make major aspects? That made him an international at any possible level!
It wouldn't surprise me if the midpoint Sun/Moon was square his 'calling' Jupiter. He escaped many times and lived in France, Norway and on a Canary island (Spain). He also was fond of fast cars. His Venus and Mars in Sagittarius might have attracted him to travelling.

3. Courage
He was an expert in explosives and didn't seem to have a problem with stress or tension much. Moon in Scorpio is courageous...

There are a number of necessary 'ingredients' to be a double agent, convincing and not afraid to even get back to occupied Europe. With his character and ability to convince (or cheat) he was fit for the job at that moment in history.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Synastry of Johan Cruyff and Louis van Gaal

Ajax appointed Louis van Gaal as general manager to be, in 2012. It seems like a stab in the back of Johan Cruyff, Ajax commissioner, in the middle a period of serious discord in the football club. Van Gaal and Cruyff don't speak to each other since more than 20 years! They are no match at all and are supposed to work together! This is the synastry:

Sun of Cruyff in Taurus square Sun of Van Gaal in Leo
Moon of Cruyff square Moon of Van Gaal
Sun/Moon of Cruyff semi square Neptune of Van Gaal
A/M of Cruyff semi square Pluto of Van Gaal

And both men have Mars rising before the Sun (they are competitive - and they should be in their field:).

The discord in the chart of Cruyff is obviously related to Eris right now. Above is the chart, with progressions and transits. The day of birth of Louis van Gaal is August 8, 1951. Here is the chart of Cruyff with the natal positions of Van Gaal in green.


More Cruyff:

About Van Gaal (incl. the hilarious video with Lederhosen):

Also visit: about matching signs

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturn-Neptune and less posts

The last time that I was blogging here was on October 6. There is a reason for not blogging for so long. I posted my blog, closed the laptop and only a few minutes later I experienced the effect of transit Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra and opposition progressed AC/MC. This transit had been exact a few hours before and it was just a few weeks after transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Mars). Can you imagine what happened? I will tell you about it.

What happened was this: the world suddenly seemed to have turned into a carousel, a speedy one, with me inside. I was very lucky to be at home and not in my car*), because I was very very sick within seconds. A sort of an intense sea sickness followed in the next hours. It is (I hope) a virus. There is no cure, it simply has to go away, slowly.

Since then, October 6, I haven't been able to use the computer for more than just a few minutes. The 'punishment' is getting dizzy and sick. So, I will have what I should have when Saturn hits Neptune:...involuntary detachment until I am completely OK again. CU!

PS I have been a great example for astrology now. All books warn us to see the doctor with such transits. I saw them! When you have such aspects: take care!

*) (yeah, Jupiter transit sesquisquare Sun, too...and Jupiter conjunct Ascendant in the natal chart, a lucky bird, LOL:).

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

The newspapers say it: Steve Jobs died, a day after the introduction of the Apple I-Phone 4S. He was a brilliant innovator and his ideas will be missed. Here are a few links to posts about him and about his extraordinary talent.

Quaoar is the symbol of creating new worlds and realities (or say: innovation!). Quaoar is exactly trine ruler Midheaven, Mercury in Aquarius, in Jobs' natal chart...

I wrote about Steve Jobs and Wozniak, the synastry and their roles:
Steve Jobs' 'calling Sun' is a symbol of drawing attention (the star, the leader, or say: being brilliant).

When he stepped back Pholus, symbol of the turning point, was there:

Inconjunctions of Saturn reflected his condition a year ago:

Here is the progressed chart of Steve Jobs. The progressed chart of Jobs has Mars ruler 6th house of illnesses in th eight house of life and death, inconjunct Ascendant now and transit Mars elevated, with transit Pluto trine Progressed Moon and Jupiter on the Descendant. Jupiter's presence is not unusual when suffering ends. Isn't Jupiter also a beautiful symbol for a voyage and passing away or moving on? See the label 'Jupiter life and death' for more examples.

For more about his life, see Wikipedia...