Thursday, November 17, 2011

Synastry of Johan Cruyff and Louis van Gaal

Ajax appointed Louis van Gaal as general manager to be, in 2012. It seems like a stab in the back of Johan Cruyff, Ajax commissioner, in the middle a period of serious discord in the football club. Van Gaal and Cruyff don't speak to each other since more than 20 years! They are no match at all and are supposed to work together! This is the synastry:

Sun of Cruyff in Taurus square Sun of Van Gaal in Leo
Moon of Cruyff square Moon of Van Gaal
Sun/Moon of Cruyff semi square Neptune of Van Gaal
A/M of Cruyff semi square Pluto of Van Gaal

And both men have Mars rising before the Sun (they are competitive - and they should be in their field:).

The discord in the chart of Cruyff is obviously related to Eris right now. Above is the chart, with progressions and transits. The day of birth of Louis van Gaal is August 8, 1951. Here is the chart of Cruyff with the natal positions of Van Gaal in green.


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