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The scandal in the chart of Weiner

Anthony Weiner keeps coming back in the news and it is again about sex. I have mentioned Weiner in the post on Venus-Mars-Uranus combinations: I said:
Venus, Mars and Uranus together are the symbol of sudden passions and adventures or acting on impulse when attracted to someone. 
His chart has Venus/Mars semi square Uranus, which is about as much as 'news -Uranus- on sex -Venus/Mars', but not always. There are always more reasons and more indications. There are a few things that 'catch the eye', like:

1. the position of the Sun between Uranus and Pluto
It is about dramatic and radical changes in life (see ) Uranus+Pluto is 'ultra-'. Quote:
ULTRA…In times of conservatism, the Uranus-Pluto person might be ultra left. Today, when most of the western democracies seem to be operating on the originally left side of the political spectrum, the rebel (Uranus-Pluto) is often seen as ultra right. The controversial politician Geert Wilders lives in safe houses since the murder of Theo van Gogh. In his chart Uranus and Pluto rise before the Sun. Uranus and Pluto together often provoke the enemy and/or forces to or obliges a new life style. 
So let's say: he is not the kind of guy to make it easy on himself when he makes choices.

2. Uranus rises before the Sun and Saturn is calling! (no major aspects in sign)
Saturn and Uranus are prominent in this chart. They are the combination of 'breaking free' and 'limited freedom' as an issue.

3. His progressed Sun sign has by now changed to Scorpio. When the progressed Sun sign is changing, your life and life style tends to change. It is always a hectic period.
This year the progressed Sun in Scorpio will be trine his natal Saturn and that means: self respect or being respected, possibly after a goodbye or after closing down a period in life.

He is married. Above is the chart of his day of birth with (in green) the transits of the day of birth of is wife Huma Abedin (assistent of Hillary Clinton), who was born on July 27, 1976. The synastry of their charts shows a lot of holes.

a. Their sun signs don't match.
b. They share a Leo Moon. They may have the same kind of needs and habits, usually.
c. There is no aspect between their Venus. Perhaps there is a Venus-Ascendant connection (but as there is no hour of birth, that is a big ?).
d. Their Mars are in compatible signs. Her Mars is conjunct his Sun.  I wrote about the Mars-Sun synastry of the Dutch royal couple, title 'When Mars kicks you'. It is a little competitive, this synastry aspect. And yes, she has a top position in society.
e. His Neptune square her Venus is romantic, but could be disappointing, like all romance is.
f. They share Sun-Uranus aspects. His is conjunct, hers is square. I quote myself:

Sun and Uranus shared in aspect might indicate: joined rebellion. How long this will last in a proper family home in a suburb, especially when the aspect is hard? But in a group of inventive people or in a place where news items are made you certainly can go for ‘sensation’ together. This relationship could have an unusual start. Too much tension could lead to stress, even if the surprises are nice. Both being independent and willing to be free it will be hard to stay together as a couple. With harmonious aspects this tendency for doing things the way you want it, will be tempered and then your unique qualities come to the light, better than if you were alone. 

Transit Neptune is now inconjunct her natal Sun and before that Saturn square her Sun. Those are difficult transits to deal with.  I just published an article on Sun inconjunct Neptune in the progressed chart. It is a very confusing aspect combination.

Of course, not everyone born on September 4, 1964 does as Anthony Weiner does. Genes, gender, position in society, culture and circumstances AND the choices that you make define a person, not his chart. The chart says how you deal with certain challenges and issues. Three of the hundreds of others born on September 4, 1964 are:

- Guy Donald Boros,  golfer
- René Pape, German bass
- Tomas Sandstrom, NHL forward 

But there can be only one Anthony Weiner and only one such chart...

Mr. Weiner is hot news again today: transit Uranus inconjunct his natal Sun likely provides nasty surprises...

Also visit: for example on sharing aspects (that is when you and your lover have the same aspect combination):

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The Leo Astrologer: Alan Leo and A.T. Mann

Every month I write about an astrologer's chart. Now it is time for the chart of a Leo astrologer and for an answer to the questions: Where is the astrologer in the chart?
One of the books of A.T.Mann
Alan Leo is a Leo astrologer who 'gave us' sun sign astrology. I wrote about him before , related to the sun sign hoax of 2011.
A.T. (Tad) Mann is a contemporary astrologer born with Sun in Leo. He published his chart for August 18, 1943 at 15:03 EWT Auburn NY USA. (Astrodienst uses 15:05) Here it is. It is an astrologer's chart:).

Jupiter-Uranus combinations are frequent and often important in the charts of astrologers, astronauts and some modern popes. Astrologer Mann has a prominent Jupiter-Uranus, too.

Jupiter+Uranus=helicopter view (see the article on Astromarkt).
This chart has Jupiter sextile Uranus and the midpoint Jupiter/Uranus is semi square natal Sun. Jupiter rises before the Sun (the international, the guide). Uranus is angular, on the Descendant. That means that Jupiter and Uranus are important.
There is even more Jupiter-Uranus: Venus is novile Jupiter and bi septile Uranus.

PALLAS for patterns
I like to point at Sun trine Pallas (inconjunct Midheaven). Pallas is square MC in the chart of Tycho Brahe (that you see here ). Patterns (related patterns) are important in astrology.

VENUS for style
Tad Mann is also an architect and designer. Venus (style) is conjunct Midheaven and quindecile Moon (in a wider opposition with Neptune). That is the pattern of artistic talents that we see more on Art&Astrology.

In what way does a Leo help astrology? I think that one of the way that Tad Mann helps, is by visualizing the solar system patterns, like here
linking them to the concept 'so above, so below'...

A YouTube video of A.T. Mann:

His website:

More astrologer's charts on this blog:

Bob Marks on Pallas 

Something about the sign Leo

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Jupiter, the jolly judge?

Every time that Jupiter has a part to play in an act of justice, the suspect benefits from it? It seems so, when you see the examples here. Jupiter is the symbol of protection and support. Jupiter doesn't make a difference between those who are guilty or not guilty. Jupiter is not 'justice'. Jupiter sometimes is the jolly judge in persona. But not always. There is always a 'but'

Let me give you some examples:
1. Roman Polanski
He asked a mother to send him her 13-year old daughter for glamour pictures and had sex with her. The Swiss judge said that he was NOT to be send to the USA and the French don't want to send him away either. He is protected by friends in politics. Protection is Jupiter. That is why his chart had progressed Sun semi square natal Jupiter and transit Jupiter trine progressed Mercury at the time of the verdict. See

2. Bertrand Cantat, a popular artist in France, was supported by his fans and friends, even though he killed his friend Marie Trintignant on July 27, 2003. He said he hit her 19 times (and on the head) because he was angry and jealous. Mars (rising before the Sun) is opposition Uranus and Pluto in the 7th house in his natal chart.

Now how about Jupiter?
Jupiter is 'calling' in his chart and Jupiter (ruler of the 11th house of friends) is inconjunct his Midheaven.
On July 27 2003 this important Jupiter his his chart. Transit Jupiter was trine his progressed Sun. His friends said it was an accident, he was outraged and it was a crime passionel.

He was convicted in 2004, got 8 years but he didn't have to stay in prison all that time. Many famous Frenchmen found that the fact that he was political correct in their eyes, should help him. He was released in 2007, on October 16. That's when I wrote about his case: 

See Wikipedia for more:

3. Louis Althusser "massaged the neck" of his wife and she died. He was not convicted for murder. How come? Read the post on the case … Now how about Jupiter?

1. transit Jupiter was on his Ascendant and inconjunct his IC on the day of the death of his wife.
2. Jupiter is 'calling' in his natal chart and inconjunct Northern Node.

More on Astrology&Love:

4. DSK
I wrote about him many times. When he was almost due to be sent back to France I wrote:

Will the judge let him go? Will there be less strict conditions? If that is so, the lesson is: never underestimate the effect of Jupiter-Uranus in the chart of a wealthy man with good lawyers and never underestimate the effect of Neptune in the chart of a chamber maid. In this blog about Nafissatour Diallo you read that her progressed Sun changed sign and transit Neptune is now conjunct her progressed Sun. It is the combination of the negative view and the media attention.

And Jupiter happens to be positive…

5. In "Jupiter and the wheel of fortune" I name:
Genarlow Wilson: he had to spend many months in jail for voluntarily sex with a girl of his age (but not 18 yet). Jupiter was trine his Sun when he was free again (together with Saturn-Uranus indications for 'breaking free').

6. Marc Dutroux, the serial killer, was found not guilty and/or released several times, with the help of Jupiter. See how:

yes, there is always a but. Consider this.

Transit Jupiter conjunct Sun, transit Sun square Jupiter, natal chart with Sun opposition Jupiter...on the day of his arrest, later he was hanged and recently found not guilty: Colin Campbell..
Why? His Sun is opposition Jupiter. Saturn rises before the Sun. Pluto opposition Mars/Saturn…

Jupiter doesn't help always… It is really a matter of 'wheel of fortune'. You also need influential friends!:) 

There is also a negative way to be found positive:

For more about the mythology of Jupiter and another message about the prominence of Jupiter in the charts of criminals, see Skyscript:

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The bright side of the chart of the royal baby born July 22, 2013

On the chart of Prince George....
The youngest British royal was born in July 22, 2013 at 16:24 BST in London. It is a birth a few hours before the full moon in Aquarius and still with the Sun and Moon in Cancer. It sounds like a moment waiting for the increasing manifestation of starlight. The parents waited a few hours to tell the world about the birth of their first born. It seems to be British tradition to wait with announcements until the Queen and PM have been informed. Also, William and Kate wanted to tell the family first, personally. Surprisingly, when the announcement was made, the Sun and Moon had entered the next sign, Leo and it was full moon. Spotlights on!

I use not to analyze charts of very young children. They are just starting, everybody is happy and it is better to keep it that way  for a long long while. So let me focus (for almost 100%) on the bright sides of the chart, please. It is not difficult. It is the chart of a good looking, charming, energetic boy.

Watch Venus and Uranus in hard aspect with the Ascendant and you will understand that he will likely be attractive not just because of his position, but also because of his looks. Venus is in Virgo (a 'cool' sign for a man). With Moon inconjunct Venus, both in aspect with the Ascendant, there may be a lack of balance in the relationship with females, too. Moon and Venus are in hard aspect with Neptune (Moon is semi square and Venus is opposition Neptune). This sensitivity and desire is good for the development of artistic talents. But it is also an indication for the issue of love affairs.

Venus had an important position in the sky at the moment of birth, elevated and conjunct Regulus. Heinrich Himmler had Venus conjunct Regulus and this didn't make him a nice guy (see Astrodatabank:,_Heinrich ). Constellation of Words quotes Robson about violent attachments and nasty love affairs.
He'll have a number of years to learn how to deal with that!:)

No matter at what hour: Mars rises before the Sun and is conjunct Jupiter. Great achievement, success and/or a lot of energy is to be expected. It will be first of all an active child. Maybe he will follow his father's footsteps and have a job in the army, later.

There is a lot of water in this chart, in particular because of placements in Cancer. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn are in water signs. There is a rare grand trine of Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn and there is a tripod pattern in the chart.

Water is the element of 'going with the flow' and at the same time: of traditions. It is easy with such a lot of positions in water signs to sense what the people wants and what is current or not. The grand trine makes it easy to choose the easy way out in times of trouble.

The combination of Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn, reflecting the sun signs of his father and mother, is a combination of taking care and the need of security and something to hold on to. May I refer to Cafe Astrology for more on Sun opposition Moon? The Scorpio Ascendant is in aspect with Sun and Moon: he'll do well in the spotlights.

The importance of the dynasty and being the heir is represented by Ceres. Ceres is biquintile IC and quindecile (165d) natal Sun.
First borns have a special position when it comes to inheriting a title. This young man has Jupiter in the 6th degree of Cancer, part of the grand trine. Jupiter is in minor aspect with Midheaven (a 75d aspic) and IC (105).

I quote myself about William on Father's day (

" In the solar return chart of his birthday on June 21, 2013, Ceres (dynasty, genes) is in the final degree of Cancer. That is  spot on the progressed Sun of the Prince and highlights the theme of motherhood/parenthood".

The Ceres of this father's solar return chart is in 29d29 Cancer. That is conjunct the son's natal sun.

The Jupiter of William is square the boy's Sun (out of sign). He might spoil his Sun a bit too much and wants to help and protect him more than is usual.
Transit Saturn was trine his natal Moon on the day of birth, so in the relationship there will be a strong sense of responsibility.
On the day of birth the Sun was conjunct William's progressed Sun. It must have felt like a 'birthday':) In the synastry it means that the first period of baby boy's life there will be a strong bondage.

The Jupiter of Charles is inconjunct the Sun of baby boy. Grandfather may want to spoil him…

Mother Catherine had progressed Sun square Ceres (the symbol of dynasties and motherhood) and Progressed Mars square Sun. Transit Jupiter was inconjunct her Mercury and sesquis quare her progressed Sun.
I gave her a guess chart for a birth at 9:05 a.m. so that transit Uranus ruler 1 was square her natal Moon and transit Jupiter inconjunct her Midheaven, roughly. Here it is:

LINKS Announcement of baby born

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It is a boy! Chart of new royal

16:24 I read, here is the chart:

And at 16:24 it is a Cancer, and it is a Capricorn Moon opposition Sun.

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The difficult decision - Transit Pluto conjunct Mercury

Pluto is the symbol of intensity, challenges, problems and value. Mercury is about thinking, deciding, communications and transport. I like to tell you about a personal experience related to Pluto conjunct Mercury. On this blog I mentioned what happened with transit Pluto square my Mercury:

" Transit Pluto with Mercury transforms opinions and ideas. You might test your ideas about (for example) your political party during this period. The result might be that you decide to leave the party. The result might also be that the evalution of ideas intensifies your opinions (and the way that you communicate about them). You might also be studying hard in this period. I had this transit when I seriously studied astrology for the first time. "

On July 16, when I had transit Pluto exactly conjunct Mercury (along with many other transits) and I had two important appointments:
- one with my doctor (one that I could not reschedule) and
- one with my manager (on a moment of my choice).
I sort of manipulated the stars because of all these EXACT  transits and progressions. I decided to make a difficult decision on the day that I had the results of a yearly medical test with difficult transits. It was a go or no go moment. A good test result would lead to an important step. Guess what kind of difficult decision I made with this list. The answer is in mirror writing below.

1. Transit Pluto (ruler 8 in 6, transit in 11)) exactly conjunct natal Mercury (in 11th house, ruler 4 and 7)
(See the post on transits of Pluto: : intensified mental activity )

2. Transit Saturn (in 8th house, natal ruler 11/12 in 7) square progressed Mercury 
(More on Mercury-Saturn here: : this transit is about drawing conclusions and saying goodbye)

3. Transit Orcus on my natal Descendant
(See )
Contracts involved?

4. Transit Pallas (transit in 4, natal in 10) opposition natal Venus (in 10)
Patterns involved?

5. Progressed Mercury is semi square natal Sun and a bit wider semi square Midheaven
Mercury in natal 11 (ruler 4 and 7), Sun in 10, ruler 6. Progressed Mercury is progressed ruler 1.

6. Transit Saturn exactly semi square natal Sun and a bit wider semi square Midheaven
(More on transits of Saturn with Sun here: )
Saturn transit in 8, natal in 7 ruler 11/12. Sun in natal 10, ruler 6

7. Transit Jupiter quindecile natal Midheaven soon after quindecile Sun
The quindecile refers to a strong focus or obsession. Jupiter is supposed to improve or make things better.
Jupiter is natal ruler 10 and 9 (and the co ruler of natal first house) and in the natal 12th. The transit Jupiter is in the 4th house.

8. Transit Jupiter inconjunct progressed Mercury
The inconjunct or quincunx mirrors 'something lost or given up'.

9. Transit Venus sextile progressed Ascendant
The sextile with the Ascendant is the trine with the Descendant, and all in all: a harmonious aspect with the horizon.

BESIDES, in 2013:
  • Uranus and Pluto in hard aspect with Sun/Moon midpoint (revolutionary change of motivation)
  • Pluto square MC in the solar return chart (change, transformation)
  • Neptune crossed my Ascendant and is 75d Sun and MC now (confusion)
  • Pholus is almost on my Sun and Midheaven again like last Xmas (shooting own foot? turning point in life and condition or career)
So, my decision was not just because of Pluto-Mercury...The number of transits and progressions indicate that something important happened. But maybe you experienced that transit Pluto conjunct Mercury always signals some kind of go or no go moment?

What happened when transit Pluto was conjunct, square, trine or opposition your Mercury?


Use the generator if you can't see:

boj ym tiuq I :tnemeriter ylraE

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One more Cancer astrologer

I know Adrian Duncan as the author of World of Wisdom, a program that I bought many years ago, also for the colorful chart drawings. Unfortunately, I use Apple products now, so that I can't show you a chart with these colors.

Here is something on the astrology in his chart for 11:46 on a Sunday July 17, 1949 in York, England (by Astrodatabank). I am glad to see a Jupiter-Uranus combination in this chart again, because IMO that most astrologers have that. It is in the chart of Adrian Duncan like this:

1. Uranus is conjunct MC (a prominent position). Jupiter is in minor aspect with Midheaven (157.5 d = half semi square + sesquisquare). MC with Jupiter and Uranus is one of the indications for having a helicopter view just like astronauts, some popes and many astrologers.

2. Jupiter is opposition Sun and Sun is half semi square (a 22.5d aspect) Uranus. Here we have the Sun-Jupiter-Uranus mixture!

3. Moon is opposite midpoint Jupiter/Uranus: good intuition, says Reinhold Ebertin in his famous book Combination of Stellar Influences (COSI). That is a third Jupiter-Uranus combination!

Three times ought to be enough. But there is more:
4. Uranus is the most important planet in the chart. Uranus is elevated, conjunct MC, and rising before Sun and Mercury. Uranus is the planet of techniques. As Jupiter has a special position in the planet pattern of the chart. Having an important Jupiter + Uranus contributes to the pattern that suits an astrologer.

It is his birthday now. Here is the chart with progressions and transits.

Transits: Jupiter (trine MC), Saturn (trine MC), Neptune (trine MC), Vesta (inconjunct IC) and Pholus (quindecile MC) are in tight minor and major aspect with his Midheaven. In the progressed chart the Sun is almost exactly trine Pholus.
Such a lot of transits with the meridian, together with Pholus could mean that a change is being prepared or made. Perhaps a domestic change, perhaps in the professional field. I bet that he knows best what it means!:)

Adrian Ross Duncan about his career on WOW

Also visit: for example about Jupiter/Uranus midpoint and Jupiter-Uranus aspect combinations:

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Sun Saturn synastry and the inconjunct

I have blogged and written articles about Venus-Saturn (link) and Mars-Saturn synastry (start here if you are interested). Now how and what about Sun -Saturn synastry? I have already given some examples of Sun-Saturn relationships on this blog Astropost and on my other blog, Astrology&Love. I like to mention these:

1. Dominique Strauss Khan
His Saturn was inconjunct the Progressed Sun of mrs. Diallo at the time of his stay in the hotel where she worked. (see: )
" Such Sun-Saturn is apparently about being blamed or accused and facing responsibility."

2. King Juan Carlos
His Saturn is square his wife Sophie's natal Sun. They didn't celebrate there wedding day after the public came to know about his affaires:

3. Bill Clinton
His Saturn square the Sun of Hillary Clinton and we all know what happened. They are still officially married:

4. Barack Obama's Saturn is conjunct his wife's Sun:

On 3+4: What do these presidential couples share?
Read it here:

5. Saturn of Danny DeVito is opposition the Sun of Rhea Pearlman ( )

6. Michael Jackson's and Conrad Murray's Progressed Suns were both conjunct the Saturn of his doctor at the time of his death.
On Conrad Murray, Saturn and Michael Jackson:


In 'Astrological' question marks are oppositions; guilt or responsibility is symbolised by Saturn (Roman God of time). Medications (and drugs) are related to Neptune.
Now watch how Saturn is involved in this. Dr. Murray has a difficult progression with Saturn. His progressed Sun and the progressed Sun of Michael Jackson reached the point of the doctor's Saturn in this year. Is that coincidence? Or does it mean that there was a starring role for Michael Jackson in the bad times for Dr. Murray? 


Sun inconjunct Saturn is one of the hardest aspects to deal with. It always takes more than just one aspect and charts should always be seen as a whole, related to circumstances, gender, genes and history or culture, but still I find it a difficult aspect.

In the natal chart the Sun inconjunct Saturn is often mirroring a defect, an inability or 'bad luck'.  Use the label inconjunct Saturn to find examples of that.
Transits of Saturn inconjunct Sun and progressions of the Sun inconjunct Saturn sort of makes way to criticism and places you in the position of the 'lame duck'.

A recent example is the Belgian king to be Philip, who will have a hard time to convince the people that he CAN be a king. I wrote about his chart some days ago:

A tragic example of Sun inconjunct Saturn between two persons, is the synastry of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

The Sun of George Zimmerman (October 5, 1983: it is his Saturn return now) is inconjunct the natal Saturn of Trayvon Martin (February 5, 1995). George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin and ended his life. Not all encounters of Sun-Saturn quincunxes end in such a drama, of course.  If Zimmerman hadn't carried a gun, it hadn't happened at all. The symbol of a gun is Mars.

Mars is the symbol of fire, weapons and injuries.
On February 26, 2012 transit Mars was inconjunct the natal Sun of Trayvon Martin.
On February 26, 2012 the progressed Sun of Trayvon Martin was opposition the natal Mars of George Zimmerman.
It is as if there was a conspiracy of the stars to bring those men close together with a weapon at reach. Even without hours of birth and more transits and progressions to consider, it is obvious that Mars (aggression, weapons, injuries) was an issue between the men at that time and moment.

PS one more example:
Saturn of Joran van der Sloot sesquisquare the Sun of Stephany Flores, his victim (

Also visit: for example about Saturn in love: or about the 150 degree quincunx or inconjunct aspect:

See about Sun-Saturn synastry on Cafe Astrology:

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The chart for talking for hours (re: Wendy Davis)

When I read that Wendy Davis talked for 11 hours in an attempt to stop the law against abortion in Florida, I wanted to know about her chart. Talking for so long is exceptional! What in her  chart indicates perseverance and communications, I wondered. So I produced her chart on (without hour of birth) and I noticed that it is (again) a combination of skills, character and the right moment to show it.

You see:

1.  She has 5 to 6 positions in fixed signs. You know that the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) are the signs of strong will and being determined? She has Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Neptune and possible also the Moon in fixed signs!  It means that she will not stop when she meets resistance.

2. Talking about communications is talking about Mercury. Mercury is in Taurus, widely square Saturn (orb 4d+), conjunct Sun and maybe square the Moon (depending on the hour of birth). Mercury is also biseptile (2x septile = 2x51.42=102.8) Pluto. The Mercury-Saturn-Pluto combination is the political combination of strategic talking. It definitely served a political goal to talk for hours!

3. Why now? She has transit Uranus square Progressed Sun and transit Pluto sesquisquare natal sun. The Uranus-Pluto combination is the combination of revolt and protest. Uranus-Sun often brings a person 'in the news' and hard aspects with Pluto show stress situations.
Moreover: transit Jupiter trine progressed Mercury helps you while communicating!

See the chart, transits and progressions here:

PS The chart of  the day of birth of Wendy Davis has Jupiter rising before the Sun and calling! (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). That is a statement of conviction, optimism, the international... at any possible level.  There is also a tough Mars opposite Saturn to deal with.

1. On Saturn-Pluto combinations Quote:
" Many politicians have Mercury, Saturn and Pluto combined in aspect or midpoint structure. Only a few of them don't."

2. Will Wendy Davis run for governor?

3. Use the labels below to find more examples of fixed signs, Uranus Pluto and transit Jupiter.

4. Also visit: for example on Mars-Saturn aspects. Quote:
inevitable, obligatory action or inactivity based upon duty, age, fear or caution. 

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chart of Arthur Ashe (born July 10, 1943)

Arthur Ashe was born on July 10, 1943. He was a successful tennis player who unfortunately suffered from hereditary heart disease. He died because he became infected with AIDS when they operated him in 1979 and 1983.

His natal chart has Saturn rising before the Sun (pointing at ambition and the importance of parents and parenthood). This Saturn is exactly inconjunct Pholus in the 4th house and rules the 4th house of family matters. In the 8th house of death Uranus (surprise) is conjunct Ceres (genes). There is also Mars/Saturn midpoint semi square Descendant to show the issues of both discipline and death on the horizon.

It is no surprise that he wrote a book. Mercury is elevated and 'calling' (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees), so communications is ringing.  Mercury is also important for tennis as Mercury rules the arms.

I like to point at Mars square Jupiter and Pluto. The combination of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto increases energy and drives. This is one of the key combinations for success. Jupiter and Pluto are in the 10th house of career, also stimulating and empowering ambition.

The surgery of 1979 (december 13) was with transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Moon and transit Neptune was square Progressed Venus*, natal ruler 1 and 8).
When he found out that he had AIDS transit Saturn was opposition progressed Moon. Saturn-Moon transits go together with nasty moments to remember. In line with the alarming message, transit Uranus was square his progressed Mercury in September 1988, when they told him.

Here you see natal with transits and progressions on December 13, 1979.


*) The Venus-Neptune transit makes me think of poison (Neptune) in the veins (Venus)Also visit: All rights reserved

Getting hurt with transit Mars (and Uranus)

This is about a personal experience with transit Mars. It is about transit Mars inconjunct Mars. It is about transit Mars trine Midheaven. And it is about transit Uranus quindecile Midheaven.
My Mars is exactly inconjunct my mother's Midheaven, so that we both had a transit Mars experience today.

1. Mars inconjunct Mars
I had transit Mars inconjunct natal Mars resulting in a complete energy drain. I slept about 10 hours, only interrupted by half an hour in the middle of the night. An inconjunct brings you out of balance. I was... Mars inconjunct Mars: loss of energy, not productive actions

2. Mars trine Midheaven
My almost 84 year old mother had transit Mars exactly trine Midheaven and transit Uranus quindecile Midheaven, too, today.  This was a great opportunity (trine) to show what she could do (Mars), all by herself, without any help (Uranus). So she wanted to fetch her mobile phone (that she can hardly use) and fell very hard, again.
Now her left arm has a big bubble and she has medication for the pain. Mars-Uranus for an incident and sudden pain.

Fortunately, she didn't break anything, this time. After August 31, 2012, when transit Saturn on her Midheaven (see that post named 'Saturn and hitting the floor') and she broke her hipbone in two places, she hasn't been able to walk without help any more. Another fracture and more surgery will be the end.

Mars trine MC: demonstrating that you can (but what if you can't?)
Uranus quindecile MC: strong focus on independent status or being determined to take a risk?

Falling isn't funny. But here is a link to YouTube about funny old ladies falling down (hopefully without injuries):

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Cancer astrologer: Jan Gerhard Toonder

Late Dutch astrologer Jan Gerhard Toonder is well known among students of astrology for the book that he wrote in 1970, together with John Anthony West: "The case for astrology". I referred to that book on Astromarkt when I wrote about time twins and here ( ). I mentioned the book, because there is a story in that book about a king and a stable boy born on the same place and hour. That story is in fact a myth and untrue (someone verified it...). Nevertheless, the book contains a lot of interesting information waiting to be verified by those interested in astrology.

You know that I always search for Jupiter-Uranus connections in the charts of astrologers. Toonder has Jupiter in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus in Aquarius, on Midheaven. The birth time given by Astrodatabank is 0:40 hours, while the source note gives 1:00 a.m. If the birth time is in between, the MC is in between Jupiter and Uranus*)
Here is the chart:

You may wonder what is typical for a Cancer astrologer? I think that it is history. One of the concepts of Cancer is to keep the past alive. Jan Gerhard Toonder wrote about the dawn of astrology. He also mentions important works and findings. It is almost a complete work on ideas, myths (!) and facts about astrology! To give you an idea:
On page 41 (Dutch version) he says that astrology might be known thousands of years before Babylon. A temple in Luxor (Egypt) shows a painting of a human being and signs like Sagittarius, Leo, Taurus and Aries (for the head, just like today!) related to certain parts of the body. Hundreds of years before Christ there is an inscription in Assyria:"When Jupiter joins Venus, the prayers of the nation will reach the heart of the gods. Merodach and Sarapanitum will hear the prayers and have mercy on the people. May they send me a donkey to rest my feet… written by Nirgat-itir." He also tells tales about Kepler and says that this astronomer/astrologer stopped calculating the chart of Wallenstein for the day that he died (and this BEFORE the day that he died). Unfortunately he doesn't give data... BTW the picture here is also without date:).

So, Jan Gerhard Toonder (and John Anthony West) gave us a story about astrology's history. An interesting story, that would be more complete with chart drawings and data. I'd like to verify some of those stories. Jan Gerhard Toonder was also a poet and an author of more books. His brother (Marten Toonder) was an author, too, and much more famous than he was.

*)As always with stats, I also found astrologers without a Jupiter-Uranus connection in the chart. But most of them have it.

Gemini: instructing
Libra: working together

In the Case for Astrology is an untrue story about time twins that I mention in this post:

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Charts of Albert and Philip of Belgium today


Today at 18.00 uur there will be a speech of King Albert. The general idea is that he will announce that he is stepping back, probably in favor of Philip. Philip won't have easy times if he becomes king. First of all not, because there are doubts about his ability to be a king. King Albert's ailments and age might be the reasons to abdicate. He also faces the problem that his DNA is wanted by Delphine Boel (the daughter of a former mistress). 


  • Progressed Sun trine Uranus (exact in 6 weeks time) announces a smooth change in lifestyle
  • Progressed IC quindecile Saturn mirrors the end of a period 
  • Transit Pholus moved over his progressed Descendant: turning point in relationships and start of a different situation
  • Progressed Mercury ruler 5 (house of children) is square MC: decission making regarding children
  • Progressed chart has Ascendant square Quaoar (new horizon, new scope)
  • ! Ceres (dynasty, succession) is opposition progressed Ascendant (development in situation connected to family or genes) 
  • Progressed Sun sextile Uranus: easy change
  • Progressed Venus opposite Moon (question if the feeling or moment is OK)
  • Progressed Sun getting closer to inconjunct Saturn
This Sun inconjunct Saturn is one of the hardest possible aspects to look forward to. It is the aspect of the 'lame duck', falling of the pedestal, getting into a difficult position, life being too hard and goodbye's to a life style with losing balance as a consequence (or losing a lifestyle and that being the reason for depression). Sometimes people fall hard and break a leg during this progression or transit. Anyway, I placed the picture of the Lame Duck tango step because it is hard to do and because the change of the crown is a sort of a dance, too. 


  • Severe eduction (Pluto of his mother on his IC)
  • Military (Mars on MC)
  • Problem of communications (Mercury in Pisces, badly aspectes, on Aries Point and no placements of planets, Sun or Moon in air signs). 
  • Calling Sun and Saturn (like in the chart of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands)
  • Angular Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, Ceres=Jupiter=Sun/Moon... that is rather fortunate. 
  • Jupiter trine Pluto...that is one of the keys to success, in particular because both are angular
Even though there are serious doubts about his possible future role in society, there is a chart that points at a good position in society. I don't know if the 'stars' knew that he would be the first in line to succeed the king, but he certainly has indication for being a manager.  Tonight we will hear if he is supposed to 'manage' the royal household of Belgium, a nation with a French speaking part that prefers royals and a Dutch speaking part that wouldn't mind to be a republic.

And see the labels below this post for more information about inconjunct Saturn and royalty...

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