Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Getting hurt with transit Mars (and Uranus)

This is about a personal experience with transit Mars. It is about transit Mars inconjunct Mars. It is about transit Mars trine Midheaven. And it is about transit Uranus quindecile Midheaven.
My Mars is exactly inconjunct my mother's Midheaven, so that we both had a transit Mars experience today.

1. Mars inconjunct Mars
I had transit Mars inconjunct natal Mars resulting in a complete energy drain. I slept about 10 hours, only interrupted by half an hour in the middle of the night. An inconjunct brings you out of balance. I was... Mars inconjunct Mars: loss of energy, not productive actions

2. Mars trine Midheaven
My almost 84 year old mother had transit Mars exactly trine Midheaven and transit Uranus quindecile Midheaven, too, today.  This was a great opportunity (trine) to show what she could do (Mars), all by herself, without any help (Uranus). So she wanted to fetch her mobile phone (that she can hardly use) and fell very hard, again.
Now her left arm has a big bubble and she has medication for the pain. Mars-Uranus for an incident and sudden pain.

Fortunately, she didn't break anything, this time. After August 31, 2012, when transit Saturn on her Midheaven (see that post named 'Saturn and hitting the floor') and she broke her hipbone in two places, she hasn't been able to walk without help any more. Another fracture and more surgery will be the end.

Mars trine MC: demonstrating that you can (but what if you can't?)
Uranus quindecile MC: strong focus on independent status or being determined to take a risk?

Falling isn't funny. But here is a link to YouTube about funny old ladies falling down (hopefully without injuries):

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