Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mars-Uranus-Pluto resonating crisis

Chart of the moment that I wrote this, by
Today Mars is in Aries, Uranus is in Aries and Pluto is in Capricorn. Mars is conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. That is an aspect combination as in the chart of Anders Breivik. It was in the chart of the moment of the shooting incident in Denver and in the chart of the shooter. I had that combination of transits with my personal chart when I had a dental treatment. Not nice, but not as extreme as could have been. Today we have that combination, too. Uranus is square my Uranus and both Mars and Pluto are in hard aspect with my Sun/Moon midpoint. I'll be careful...

Here is the chart of the day of birth of the European politician who had to deal with the monetary crisis in Cyprus, Dijsselbloem. He is young, he is fast and they accuse him of being furious and saying that the European way to handle the bank crisis in Cyprus is a template for future crisis in other countries. He says he never said that.

You can see by the chart that there IS a crisis in his life. You can also see that there is a sort of a preposition for fast handling and wanting to make intense changes at once. It is the Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination!
He was born with Uranus conjunct Pluto and inconjunct Mars. Uranus hits his natal Sun. And today there is a combination of Uranus-Pluto and Mars, too. These transits sound the same as in his birth chart. It is as if the bell tolls for him. Mars-Uranus-Pluto is resonating the natal position. This is HIS moment of crisis, too.
Is that just coincidence?

See: about shooters and shooting about the intense Uranus-Pluto combination about what happened during Uranus-Pluto aspects in history (crisis, of course:)

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Amanda Knox again

Amanda Knox is news again (see: with a suggestive picture...) How do the transits and progressions show that she heard unpleasant news? Here is the chart, with transits and progressions. You'll see transit Pluto inconjunct progressed Sun for a lot of stress and pressure, losing balance. And transit Neptune is conjunct progressed Midheaven. Neptune is confusing and Neptune is the symbol of gossip, the media and isolation.

In the progressed chart, Venus is inconjunct Neptune and the Sun is semi square Chiron. In the progressed chart Neptune is opposition Ascendant (a growing opposition) and that is the symbol of insecurity and uncertain situations, caused by others.

For more about the case and the charts involved, start here:

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MADame Ceres with transit Mars and Pluto

You know that Mars is square Pluto and sextile Jupiter today?
These transits of Mars, Pluto and Jupiter hit my midpoint Sun/Moon*). That is giving a whole lot of energy and drive. This aspect combination said: you are motivated (Sun/Moon) by an enormous amount of energy or ... work.

My Sun/Moon is conjunct Ceres (nutrition).  So those transits of Mars and Pluto and Jupiter also hit my Ceres. I happened to be angry about an overload of mistakes by care takers of my mother. Imagine: they gave her a wheel chair that was too high and 4 persons didn't notice that her feet were 4 feet above the floor! That is just one thing...
Maybe I simply had an overdose of caffeine. I had 4 cups and chocolate, too, today. This is what an overdose does on spiders' webs:

This seems to be a good moment to tell you about Sun/Moon = Ceres. You see:
Sun/Moon = Venus is motivated by kindness,
Sun/Moon = Mars is motivated by work or sex,
Sun/Moon = Mercury is motivated by words and plans,
Sun/Moon = Jupiter is motivated by coaches or wise words coming from a doctor or minister, Sun/Moon = Saturn is motivated by parents and ambition,
Sun/Moon = Uranus is motivated by change and turning worlds upside down,
Sun/Moon = Neptune is motivated by dreams and ideals or art,
Sun/Moon = Pluto is motivated by values, power and authorities, but
Sun/Moon = Ceres is motivated by the goddess of motherly care, nutrition and seeds or genes.
Let us say that you have to give me something to eat or drink if you want something done:). It is also true that I noticed that I like taking care of someone. (I should get a pet!)

If I was an athlete, I would be happy today. Mars = energy!
Now I got angry! And I had every right to be angry! I had a very good reason to be angry! You know that song 'I am mad again'? If not, check YouTube:
I felt a bit like that, even though I had no friend who was messing around with anyone I love. It is over now.  I am a MADame again. I even remained polite!
Don't worry!:) Transits get bye..

*)Transit Mars in Aries is square my Sun/Moon. Transit Pluto is conjunct my Sun/Moon. Transit Jupiter is inconjunct my Sun/Moon. The combination of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto often helps to achieve a lot (like the laundry:).

Also visit: for example about Ceres.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The chart of Pope Francis

In 'Habemus...'  I wrote about the chart of Pope Francis or Papam Francisco aka Jorge Maria Bergoglio:
- Sun is 'calling' = leadership
- Mars is rising before the Sun (activism, energy)
- Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aquarius (like me, so that is what I like about him:)
- and Jupiter trine Uranus
so this pope will be one with a helicopter view.
Now we all know his hour of birth (9 p.m.). Here is the complete chart with transits and progressions for the day that he was elected by the cardinals in Saint Peter's in Rome (March 13, 2013):

Now that I now his hour of birth, I can add this:

  • His Cancer Ascendant is in line with his way of doing things: the simple way. 
  • Pluto is important. There are no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees with Pluto. Pluto 'calls'. When Pluto is important, cases of life and death, sexuality, values, authority and stress will be important at any possible level, somehow and anyhow. Pluto is in his first house. Together with the NA Sun, Pluto shows the leading authority that he is today.
  • Transit Pluto is in aspect with his Ascendant (for stress and pressure). 
  • Transit Pluto is also in aspect with his progressed MC (sort of a forced change in the career)
  • Pholus holds an angular position in the natal chart (on the Descendant), signaling a possible important change of situation.
  • Progressed Midheaven had been opposition Pholus before the election, starting a - at the time unnoticed -change in the position and status. 
  • Sun/Moon midpoint is square Mars. He is motivated by doing things, an activist and driven do-er. 
  • Sun/Moon midpoint is in Capricorn. This means that the career is important (in heart and soul someone serious and ambitious).
  • AC/MC midpoint is conjunct Orcus, the symbol of oaths and promises. 
  • Sun and Moon are in hard aspect with midpoint Jupiter/Neptune. See the article on Astromarkt about Jupiter with Neptune Quote: t is the combination of the devoted audience and...the remedy.
What is important in the chart of this pope is the fact that he is a man drawing attention, a 'star' (Sun NA) who does things the simple way (Cancer Ascendant) even though he is ambitious and serious (Capricorn Sun/Moon). His Saturn in Pisces almost makes him feel obliged to suffer or to be lonely. Faith is serious when Saturn is in Pisces. It is a position that makes it harder to be a celebrity. Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Pisces might (together) point at the conservative in the chart of Pope Francis. That seems at odds with the Aquarian Moon, but I always say that Aquarius is not the sign of happy renewal. It is the sign of change in the way that the Aquarian sees it as a must. Rick Santorum has Moon in Aquarius. Retro-progression is also change...

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The sex incident in the chart of John Wayne Bobbitt

John Wayne Bobbitt was born March 23, 1967. We know him because his wife cut off his penis on June 23, 1993, now almost 20 years ago.

There are few men who beat up their wives and get such a violent answer. Most of them get away with it. So there must be some sign of 'punishment' in his natal chart and there is.  It is Mars inconjunct (quincunx) Saturn and Sun.
Saturn rules the 8th house of life, death and sex. Mars is the ancient ruler of the 8th house and rules the male sexual organs. Inconjuncts reflect loss. So Mars inconjunct Saturn ruler 8 is a perfect way to describe discipline (Mars-Saturn) or being disciplined  and losing (inconjunct) a sex organ (Mars).***)
This is of course not the only indication for getting hurt, related to the other gender. Let's see how his chart looks like.

  • No placements in air signs, except for the Ascendant. Means that you can't always reason with him. On Astromarkt you find this:

No air:Social contacts are an issue. Sometimes unreasonable, sometimes very bright...

  • Saturn rises before the Sun and is conjunct Sun. Both are inconjunct Mars. Means that the issue of death, discipline and punishment is a theme in his life, however: with a lack of balance (his way to punish his wives, and the punishment that he got).  Sun-Saturn is the aspect of the will to be in control (like managers and dictators are). With Saturn rising before the Sun he faces restrictions related to discipline, being disciplined and matters of life and death.

  • Mars is novile Uranus. This minor aspect shows that he rejoices at fast sudden actions (like accelerated speed and sudden explosive anger). As Uranus holds a key position (square Ascendant) this is an important aspect in the chart of THIS man, born at that time and place.
  • Pholus and the Moon are angular. Moon and Pholus are symbols of change. 
- Pholus (IMO) is also a phallus symbol.*). With Pholus conjunct Midheaven the social position of a person is likely to reach a turning point at some time in life. Think of Susan Boyle.
- The Moon is a female symbol and the symbol of education (in the first years), taking care and those who take care of you, needs and habits or customs. 

  • Mars is novile Uranus + Moon biquintile Saturn and square Neptune + Venus is quatronovile Neptune: those are all 4 of the aspect combinations mentioned in 'Divorce in the chart' as a 'signal' for divorce in the charts of men, except that only one of the four aspects is considered to be an affliction. 

- Minor aspects are 'hidden' aspects of a character or person. They don't show up at first sight. The novile is 1/3 of a trine. The quatronovile is 4x a novile. This minor aspect Venus qn Neptune says that he is a romantic guy. You wouldn't believe it, perhaps, but he kept sending Valentine cards to his ex. The biquintile is 2x quintile (Moon-Saturn biquintile = creative way to control emotions).

Midheaven and Ascendant are related to the exact time and place of birth. No other person (usually) has the same combination of Ascendant and MC degree with the Moon and Sun/moon.

  • Midheaven makes a few intersting aspects, like Neptune square Midheaven (and Lilith semi square) Midheaven. Together with the conjunctions of Pholus and the inconjunct with Jupiter, they contribute to the picture that we get from his status, career and position. (See the link to Wikipedia). Jupiter trine Neptune for example describes the movies (having an audience and fans) and being a minister and (adult) movie star.
  • The Ascendant is almost exactly square Uranus. That makes Uranus important in this chart. That is why the progression and transit with/by Uranus had such an impact.

Here is the chart of John Wayne Bobbitt with transits and progressions of the day of the incident:

SHRIEK! It's Uranus
Transits and progressions show us loss, shrieks and a world turned upside down.
- Progressed MC opposition natal Uranus
- Transit Uranus inconjunct (!) Ascendant
- Transit Neptune inconjunct (!) Ascendant
The Uranus-Neptune combination often turns up in times of a 'hype' **) and he sure was one.  Uranus is the symbol of news, excitement, surprise, accident and incident. Again there is the inconjunct for the loss.

*) On Pholus and the phallus symbol:

**) On 'hypes': Obama in hype time:

About Sun-Saturn aspects:

Also visit: for example about Pholus

Of course, it isn't so that every person with Mars inconjunct Saturn ruler 8 will have the same experience. A chart is a description in symbols. Those symbols represent such a variety of words that in this case, for example, he could have died, too. But he didn't. He survived, was 'repaired'.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy New Year! It's Zero Aries today.

When the Sun leaves Pisces and enters Aries, a new cycle stars. The first degree of the astrological zodiac is Zero Aries (0-1 Aries) and the last one is 30 Pisces (29-30 Pisces). The exact moment of Sun in 0 Aries is the moment of astrological New Year.

It is an interesting and complicated Astro New Year's chart of 2013!
The chart of this New Year has a Yod (Jupiter with Saturn-Pluto) and the Moon-Uranus square is in aspect with Pluto. Meanwhile there is quintile Venus-Jupiter.

All charts have different positions of Ascendant and MC. That is why all positions are in different houses. But all charts have:

- Venus quintile Jupiter
Great for a party or a wedding! This aspect creatively increases fun and pleasure. It is a 'sweet sugar, sweet candy' aspect. The nasty side of a Venus-Jupiter aspect is getting fat and ... diabetes.  But not yet, not today. It might be a sign for a creative (quintile) solution (Jupiter) regarding money (Venus) and banks (Venus).

- Moon square Uranus
This will be mirroring the need for change, surprise, shock and news (again and again, sometimes disturbing). It is the aspect of emotional detachment and a moment of panic. Both Moon and Uranus are in aspect with the Yod.

- There is a Yod with Jupiter on the Apex. Saturn and Pluto are inconjunct Jupiter in Gemini. Governments and institutions are trying to find a balance in the budget, in taxes and in the world of money business (banks). Will the finger pointing at Jupiter point at hope and growth? Does this Yod reflect the success of austerity?

I think of what happens in Cyprus. The plan was that money of the people should be taken away in order to save the banks. The people didn't buy it. The parliament voted against it. The Euro dropped. It was communications with a loss involved. And now what? Those who studied economy don't know what to do next, it seems. There is a continuous stream of bad banks, countries in trouble and increasing pain for the citizens. Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio seem to cooperate to create ' die hards' , survivers only. Jupiter often is a help in times of trouble. Jupiter is the symbol of protection. Pope Francis used the theme of protection (Saint Joseph) in his inauguration speech. He pointed at the importance of helping each other and helping the poor, the common people. There is something in this Yod that reminds me of those words.

Jupiter is part of the Yod. Jupiter is quintile Venus. Let's see if the quintile as creative as it is supposed to be... Maybe then it is a real happy new year in Europe!

Continue for the Aries ingress charts of New York, Paris, London, New Dehli and Nicosia (Cyprus)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sweet Pisces?

Pisces is often regarded as the sign of sweet romance, fancy dreams, ideals and self sacrifice. I see Pisces (especially MC, Venus or Moon in Pisces) in the charts of artists, too (see Art&Astrology). There are probably millions of nice Pisces. Most signs have more than 80% nice folks, I bet! That is also true for Pisces. But when those born under Pisces drift away in nasty fantasy or destructive ideologies, beware! The Sun is moving to Aries now. Time for a look at the edge of Pisces.

Here are 3 Pisces who weren't soft at all. Pisces is also the sign of enslavement and drugs, of victimizing and 'letting go'. On the edge of Zero Aries, I show a few bad Pisces. They acted like sharks.

The chart of Josef Mengele (sadistic doctor in Auschwitz) is an example of that. The 'harmonious' sextiles and trines didn't help his victims. What is in that chart that made him so cruel? Why didn't he have a heart?

Mengele is a Pisces with Libra Moon inconjunct the Pisces MC.  Venus is square Neptune. It is a kind of a pattern of artistic talent like the ones that can be observed on my blog Art&Astrology. In 1943, when he entered Auschwitz, transit Neptune was trine his Progressed Venus. Venus trine Neptune (romance, affairs and artistic visions): it's such a contrast given the situation!

Meanwhile transit Pluto was about to conjoin his progressed Ascendant. He had a motor accident and fever soon after his transfer to the horrific place where he was given free hand in medical tests with (for example) twins.

This man choose to become what can be seen in the chart if you read it in the darkest sense. H was a fanatic (Sun square Pluto) activist (Mars rises before the Sun!),  follower (MC and Sun Pisces) of the Nazi ideas. With Sun conjunct Eris he lived amid and with discord; in fact, he joined it.
He studies to be a doctor (Chiron in the 9th house?) but he became a torturer in the end. In between he served in the army (Mars). But all the time he followed the road that suited him best, caring for his 'group' only. That is because of Mars-Saturn-Pluto and the calling Moon square AC and inconjunct MC.

What he became might be related to the position of the Moon and of Mars.
- Mars rises before the Sun, is in the 8th house of life and death, square Saturn and biquintile Pluto. The Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination often mirrors brutal force to achieve a goal. It is the combination that can be found in the charts of those who deal with the issue of unnatural death (of themselves or as a theme in life). Saturn is semi square the midpoint Mars/Pluto.
- Moon is in Libra, not making narrow major aspects. The Moon is inconjunct Midheaven and in the fourth house. When the Moon is 'calling' there can be emotions and 'feelings of
Quoting myself:
Moon without aspects attrackts children. Everything related to children (education, care) will be highlighted. The Moon is of importance for memorising, like in history and when you play a certain role on stage, but also for cooks.- The other side of the calling Moon is that what you need is so important, that sometimes you are overruled by your needs. If this Moon rises before the Sun, the person involved will be lead by needs and emotions.
When the Moon is 'calling' habits and needs may take over. There can  be emotions and feelings of 'belonging to' at any possible level. This man didn't have compassion for those who didn't belong to his 'family' and 'group of people'. His 'calling Moon' was out of balance and he gave up on emotions (inconjunct Moon) for his goals (MC). He never felt sorry for what he did. He never had to pay for it. All that he had to give up was his country of birth (Moon inconjunct MC).
This unbalanced Moon ruled his Ascendant in Cancer. Cancer is a water sign and going with the flow in order to survive. The sextiles and trines made it easy for him to join the ones in charge. And the most prominent object in the chart (Moon, calling, ruler 1) was square Ascendant to make it hard to care for others.

Charts are to be seen in the context of history, social situation, gender and genes. This man was a doctor in Nazi times. He believed that he was the member of a supreme 'race' and that all that he did was justified by just that.

This was one example of a nasty Pisces.

II Joseph Edward Duncan III

Joseph Edward Duncan III was a serial killer, dressed  up like a clown. I wrote about him before, in 2008.


III John Wayne Gacy
I don't like clowns, ever since I was a kid, and I know that I am not the only. This clown, John Wayne Gacy, was a serial murderer who was executed in 1994. He was a Pisces, born March 17, 1942. Here is the chart for the period of his first murder. He had transit Jupiter trine progressed Sun: a signal of success. In his eyes, he was lucky. And he was, because he wasn't caught and could go on killing.
The tightest aspect is a minor aspect: Venus sesquisquare Neptune. Venus is also trine Jupiter (a very narrow trine!). The combination of these aspects seem to indicate false romance (like fairy tale marriages, a big success on screen). Mars sesquisquare Pholus is also rather tight (frustrating turning point in activities or fights or... sex).

If you read his chart with the usual analysis, this is what you get:

1. Uranus and Mars are angular: short fuse on the horizon
2. Neptune is the planet of orientation (an idealist, ideologist, believer, artist or... someone who doesn't fit in the real world)
3. Movable signs and Sun/Moon in Pisces*) don't explain the killings, only the 'double' world that he created. Sun/Moon is opposition Quaoar and Neptune, illustrating being motivated by strange new fantasy worlds.
A sick person was born with key position for sudden anger and a fantasy world in the natal chart...


Every sign has examples of heroes and criminals. Pisces is no exception. The keywords of Pisces are:
cooperation, empathy, go with the flow, sacrifice, secrecy, miracles, idealism, imagination, fake, informal, no limits

But 'no limits' isn't limited to love...

A long time ago I had the birth data of 3 persons who misbehaved during WWII in prisoner camps. Apart from Venus-Pluto aspects I found that they had an overdose of placements in the water signs Cancer and Pisces. Going with the flow, or letting go is not always a quality of nice persons. Pisces aren't always sweeties. To describe persons like the 3 examples above as 'unconditional loving persons' would be far from right. However, perhaps, they really really loved their pet, who knows.

See about Pisces: 

*) Sun/moon in Pisces
 Motivated by empathy, compassion and illusions (dreams or ideals). Needs art, belief or spirituality to feel alive. Highlighted romance. The day dreaming member of the family who is isolated, listening to the music, watching television or in other ways out of reach until help is needed.
In a marriage: the romantic partner (with a risk to be desillusioned).
-      Thom Hoffman, actor and photographer with Sun in Pisces and Moon in Aries. Sun/Moon in Pisces is opposition Jupiter. See:
-      Ronald Reagan (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus, Sun/Moon in Pisces at Zero Aries, in hard aspect with Jupiter)

About Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, AC and MC in Pisces
About bias in the chart:

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Don Johnson's chart and life (a Venus-Uranus thing)

On the way to the office I listen to the radio in my car and this week there was an 80s week. That brought me back to Miami Vice. I confess: in the 80s I was a Miami Vice fan, especially because of Don Johnson. Looking back, I can see why (well, who can't:)?). It must have been the combination of the music by Jan Hammer, the fashion, the cars (I love fast cars) and the man…It is also a Venus-Uranus thing.

I didn't 'fancy' movie stars since I was a teenager, so Don Johnson had something special. There is an astrological explanation: his Venus is inconjunct my Uranus. His Venus is also inconjunct the Uranus of many women (and men!) of my age. Venus-Uranus: that is an exciting aspect…! The quincunx points at the exaggeration.

Of course, I was not his only fan, at the time. But there is more in the synastry. Perhaps that is why I even bought his CD. It is:

  • His Jupiter is spot on conjunct my Moon. 
  • His Ascendant/MC midpoint is conjunct my Jupiter. 

Jupiter always helps to make you a fan.
There is also his Sun conjunct my Chiron. Every person born on December 15 has the Sun on my Chiron. I can heal them all:). You see, I checked the web for the synastry Sun-Chiron and found something about healing and teaching here (

Of course, I never met Don Johnson and our worlds are far apart (geographically and socially). Even if we were neighbors, his Saturn square my Sun could have been standing between us.

Here is his chart with today's transits and progressions.

Don Johnson is an actor. His Sun is in minor aspect with Neptune (a semi sesquiquadrate, 135/2=67.5 for the reader with an eye for calculations). Sun-Neptune aspects are not uncommon in the charts of actors in series. They sometimes take over the habits and attitude of the character they play. See Astromarkt about Sun-Neptune and identity questions (am I who they say that I am?).

The Moon rises before his Sun and is square Venus. There is no closed pattern of talent like in the charts of other actors and artists. His MC in the first degree of Gemini is in minor aspect with both Venus (112.5 d aspect, square + half semi square) and Neptune (wider sesquisquare). So Midheaven is in aspect with Venus and Neptune and via Venus with Moon. Circumstances (the public) are important in the reason why he works in the entertainment industry.
Mercury rules the MC and is in the 5th house of entertainment. The final dispositor of the Midheaven is the prominent Moon. An important Moon helps to keep memories alive and to act.
He has Venus biquintile Uranus, for creative rhythm and for a creative way to be attractive again and again. Maybe that is why he married Melanie Griffith twice.
BTW The chart is AA-rated by Astrodienst. That is because a not named friend said that he looked at the BC. I hope that is correct.

Don Johnson has six children now (watch that Jupiter - symbol of 'a lot' in the 5th house of children!)

He married Melanie Griffith (twice), even though their Venus don't match at all (his in Aquarius, hers in Virgo).
He also had a relationship with Barbra Streisand. They had a Mars square Mars synastry (fire and …fight later) and his Jupiter and Uranus were in hard aspect with her Sun and Pluto. They had an affair in the years that his progressed Sun was in aspect with both Jupiter and Uranus! Barbra Streisand came into his life when sudden windfall and positive changes happened or maybe she was the positive change of his life. However: his Scorpio Moon in hard aspect with her Sun/Moon midpoint shows attraction. But her Saturn opposition his Sun/Moon midpoint could have been the breaking point. Perhaps the age difference (a Saturn issue) did it.

Until Miami Vice Don Johnson didn't have much success. But he was good looking in the 80s!  When Miami Vice started on September 28, 1984 there were signs of change.

- his progressed Sun was in the last degree of Capricorn, about to change sign
- transit Pluto had been inconjunct MC (stress, change with a loss or lacking balance)
- progressed Midheaven was about to make a quincunx with natal Jupiter (progress but having to give up on something to achieve it)
- in the progressed chart MC conjoint Uranus (square Ascendant), signaling a significant change in his position in society
- also in the progressed chart there was Pluto semi square MC and AC: a challenging and sometimes difficult change in status and situation.
- Venus was trine Neptune in the progressed chart. There were golden chances for the artist and for romantic affairs.
The inconjunctions or quincunxes seem to mirror the exceptional and unbalancing success. In total the list above includes 5 signs of change.

Those aspects where when the most successful years in his life started. I think that the first aspect in the new (progressed) sign says a lot about the nature of changing life style when the progressed Sun changes sign.

For Don Johnson, the first aspect to make in the new sign was: Progressed Sun conjunct Jupiter and inconjunct Uranus, this within 4 years.

  • In 1987 he was named the sexiest man alive. 
  • In 1988 he had that relationship with Barbra Streisand and he had a prize in the World Offshore Powerboating Championship. 
  • In 1989 he married Melanie again. 
But then, in 1992, 8 years after the start of Miami Vice he started drinking again. His attitude during the making of later series seems to have been bad (arrogant behavior: Jupiter inconjunct Ascendant).
In May 2008 he almost lost his house. That was with transit Saturn close to the Ascendant, after Transit Saturn square MC and with Progressed MC inconjunct Sun and Progressed Sun. Also transit Pluto was inconjunct his natal MC and conjunct progressed Moon. It must have been a hard period of stress.

With transit Pholus coming up and the progressed Sun about to change sign again, other changes in the life of Don Johnson show up on the horizon in the next two years. The days of Miami Vice have gone.

He is 63 now. Progressed Venus is close to conjoin Jupiter and have a party, a wedding or at least: more luxury and fun. Progressed Mercury conjunct Jupiter, not long ago. In December 2012 he was with Jay Lenno. In January he was paid 19 million dollar for his share by Rysher Entertainment for  half of the copyright of Nash Bridges, enough for retirement?

Let me end this with a link to YouTube where you find a lot about Miami Vice and Don Johnson, starting with the December 5, 2012 appearance at Jay Lenno's show:

And you know what? That was with his progressed Venus inconjunct his Uranus! He did it again: the women screamed! Venus-Uranus: flash back.

Also visit: for example about the aspect Venus-Uranus and midpoint Venus/Uranus

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papam Francisco

It was Mercury on Jupiter/Neptune midpoint*) today and I already tweeted: talking about faith, faith, faith. It was a good day for a decision (Mercury) about religion (Jupiter/Neptune), I thought. Apparently, it was. I don't know if it was a good decision, but today, March 13, 2013 at 19:06 white smoke announced the new pope. We heard his name: Jorge Maria Bergoglio. He will be Pope Francisco.

Here is his chart without h.o.b. but with transits and progressions.

The Astro I.D. of this pope is like this:

- Sun is 'calling' = leadership
- Mars is rising before the Sun (activism, energy)
- Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aquarius (like me, so that is what I like about him:)
- and Jupiter trine Uranus
so this pope will be one with a helicopter view.

*) see comments
Mercury is in tight aspect with both Jupiter (square) and Neptune (conjunction) so that the midpoint Jupiter/Neptune is semi square Mercury. I am used to say Mercury=Jupiter/Neptune in such a case. It is Mercury semi square Jupiter/Neptune AND in a tight aspect combination AND Mercury is in Pisces in aspect with the ancient and modern ruler of Pisces (the sign of Christianity).
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Divorce in the chart

As charts are to be seen in the context of history, genes, gender, social position and culture there is no world wide guide line for marriage or divorce. A chart mirrors what is below. ('So above, so below' is also 'So below, so above').

Astrologer Ram found a pattern in the charts of divorced persons and in the charts of those who never get married at all. That was in the first half of the 20th century, so that we need to see the pattern in the context of history. It was exceptional to divorce in those days.
Today, it is much easier to divorce and (at least in Western Europe) nobody cares if you marry or not (and still live together as one). So things have changed. Also, the rich and those who live in the world of 'stars' find it less easy to stay married and easier to divorce. That is why they don't need that much of the found indications as in those days.

The indications

For men and women it is not good for long lasting marriages to have conflicts between the Ascendant and Descendant (the first and seventh house. So when there is a conflict between ruler 1 and ruler 7 or positions in the 1st and 7th house, there is problem in living together as one couple.

Difficult hard aspects for men are:
- Moon in conflict with Saturn
- Moon in conflict with Neptune
- Venus in conflict with Neptune
- Mars in conflict with Uranus

Difficult hard aspects for women are:
- Sun in conflict with Mars
- Sun in conflict with Uranus
- Venus in conflict with Uranus
- Mars in conflict with Saturn

More of those afflictions increase the possibility of separations. With 2 or more of those indications it is harder to stay with the first marriage partner or… it is harder to get married at all.  Almost every time that I write about divorce, here or on Astrology&Love, I mention these findings.*)
Venus in Aries and Mars in Libra aren't stimulating relationships, I noticed. Venus is the mundane ruler of Libra and the 7th house. Mars is the ruler of the 1st house and of Aries. When they are in each other's sign, that is a weak placement for relationships.

1. In 'How long will this love be going on?' I mention the power of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) in holding on to what they 'got', so that it takes them longer to decide that separation is the best. ( ) But it is never the other way around. Barbara Streisand has many placements in fixed signs and she divorced.

2. In 'Multiple marriages, double bodied signs and Jupiter in 7' there are examples of divorce related to the 7th house cusp and Venus in the movable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).
a. Barbara Streisand 'had enough' on Mars semi sextile Saturn and ruler 7 Venus in Pisces, quintile Uranus. But she is star.
b. Zsa Zsa Gabor (6 February 1915, 20:08 CET Budapest) married 8 times. Her chart has Venus in Capricorn square Aries Point, but she has Pisces on the cusp of the 7th house and the ruler of Pisces (Neptune) is 'calling', biquintile Mercury ruler 1. Picture it: ruler 1 Mercury biquintile the 'calling' Neptune ruler 7 for a creative (biquintile) way to relate at any kind of level...
So there are also creative and 'easy' aspects pointing at divorce.

3. Danny de Vito was talking about divorce. There were very few indications for divorce in the natal chart, but it is harder for a rich man:)

Here are some examples of following 'the rules' of Ram:

I. In 'Divorce and the charts of women' you see the pattern in the charts of Caroline and Stephanie of Monaco

II. Elvis and Priscilla Presley divorced. Elvis had Venus sesquisquare Neptune and Mars-Uranus biquintile.

III. Roger Vadim and Brigitte Bardot had 'the indications' as you may see in this post on Astrology&Love that I quote here:
" Vadim married more than once. Moon square Saturn and Mars square Uranus are two of the indications for divorce in a man’s chart. Bardot has Mars opposition Saturn and a double bodied sign on the seventh house cusp to illustrate the risk of divorce or separation. She married three times. She is now still married with number three, a right conservative politician."
Use this search label 'divorce to find that story and more on Astrology&Love:

IV. More personal example: a family member (female) with Sun and Venus square Uranus and ruler 1 in conflict with ruler 7. She married and divorced twice.

V. Princess Anne of England married twice. Her natal charts has 3 out of the 4 indications for divorce for women*) and a conflict between the rulers of the 1st and 7th house. That is enough for at least one divorce. 

VI.  Princess Irene has all of the four aspect combinations of possible divorce in her chart, but only 2 of them are difficult (the square and the quindecile):
- Sun binovile Uranus (going your own way, regardless of other’s opinions), 
- Venus quintile Uranus (creative adventures in love) and 
- Mars square Saturn (seperation from a man, dead ends) with 
- Sun quindecile Mars

As I said, it is the context (the culture) that 'does it'. It is also the character that does it. Sometimes there is a 'happy divorce'. Sometimes circumstances change very much and it is the progressed chart that contains the indications for separation or divorce. People are individuals (most of them:). Yet, maybe sometimes, the natal chart is involved:).

*) PS I find it interesting that the conflicts between Moon, Venus and Neptune are also found in the pattern of artistic talents… (see Art&Astrology).

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Golden Oldies of Astropost -4 - accidents

Last post about 'Golden Oldies' (IMO:) on this blog was related to crime. This post is about astrology in general. If you are interested in sun signs only, use this link to all posts about sun signs only...:

1. A simple one to start with: an insurance company found that more fast Aries than cautious Capricorn are involved in accidents:

2. Basic knowledge: what is a chart? If you don't know, read this:

3. See what a difference an hour of birth makes in this example: about fysic Luis Alvarez and the son of Aga Khan

Also visit: for example for an answer to the question: how to read a chart?

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Transit Neptune conjunct Ascendant: unclarity

Not everyone ever gets transit Neptune on the Ascendant. You need to have your Ascendant on the right side of the zodiac to experience this:). I happen to be a 'lucky one' and I can report about my transit experience.

What happened was, that I went to a shop for an eyesight test. This was just to make sure that the test of the week before was correct. Someone else assisted and she was in a real hurry. She didn't care much about the fact that I slipped out of the chair, that the instrument was not in balance and that I told her that I didn't see a thing. That was so unlike the week before!
After various attempts to make me 'confess' that I could read the figures she stopped. After using a bright light in my eyes, she adviced me to hurry to a doctor, because one eye had lost 50% of the sight because of cataract.

I was really confused when I left (typical Neptune!) and started to do some test myself. I can see, I can see with both eyes and one eye is not much better than the other. However, there are spots en there is unclarity. I always thought that it was because of the screen but now I keep seeing them all the time.

Isn't Neptune the symbol of uncertainty, unclarity and mist?  I'm wandering in it! And there is more to this story:
- With Pluto and Uranus on the brink of hitting my Sun/Moon midpoint, I wouldn't be surprised if I had to see a surgeon.
- When I had that test transit Saturn was semi square my Venus and transit Mars was square my Venus,  killing my pleasure in buying new glasses:).

PS when you google Neptune and Eye you get an optician.

Neptune may be confusing sometimes. Read about the confusing transits of Neptune...
Here is what was to notice about the transit of Neptune on the Ascendant of Christina Aguilera...

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Golden Oldies - 3- events

There have been 2 'golden oldies' posts now (see label). One with links to (in my opinion interesting) posts about crime, one about basic astrology. They contain links to posts that I have chosen because of the fact that they are a good old example to be used in the study of astrology, even though they were written in 2007/2008 and even though I learnt since then (I hope)... Here you find some examples of shocking events in the past.

1. When planets don't make narrow aspects in sign, I name them 'calling' planets. They manifest at any possible level, somehow, anyhow. A natal Sun without Ptolemaic aspects within 5 degrees of orb, in sign, is a 'calling' Sun. Somehow this natal Sun will draw attention, take the lead and be the 'star'. He or she will be noticed.

The founder of the FARC in Colombia, Manuel Marulanda, died and I noticed that he had that calling Sun, too. There are a lot of bosses and leaders (of the band) with a calling Sun (see the label for more examples). They are not always terrorist. This one had Mars and Uranus rising before his natal Sun. Read about his chart here:
With Mars-Uranus you may be accelerating , things must go faster than fast. Your short fuse demands change immediately and that is why so many terrorists have a Mars-Uranus aspect or Sun related to midpoint Mars/Uranus as you may see on Astromarkt.

2. In June 2008 the city of Donetsk was shocked by an explosion. The chart of that moment has Uranus elevated, Neptune on Midheaven opposition Mars and Mars biquintile Uranus. Mars-Uranus (see under 1.) is explosive by nature.

More explosions: 
The explosion caused by Breivik in Oslo, had AC/MC midpoint opposition Uranus, while Mars was rising before the Sun ( )
Uranus rises before the Sun in the chart of the explosion in Cali (
Those placements occur every day. They mirror a shocking moment.

3. They shocked the world, but there was no Mars-Uranus explosive matererial in their charts.
Do the charts of two men who caused bank crashes (Kerviel and Leeson) look alike? Find the answer:

Except for a sharp mind and passion the charts of Leeson and Kerviel don't have much in common. If Kerviel was born in the early morning, he and Leeson would share the Moon in Virgo (for a need to offer services). In the charts of both men Saturn is prominent (related to Zero Aries, Aries Point. That is a signal for the importance of hierarchy, management and rules. I think it is interesting that in both charts Mars and Neptune are rising before the Sun. 

The progressed charts: Neptune in a hard aspect with Jupiter, right on the day that the fairy tale ended. Jupiter-Neptune is a combination for speculations that is also found in the charts of religious people and in the charts of idols (like Tom Cruise, who is both idol and religious, see message below). The hard aspect might point at the negative consequences (Neptune) of arrogancy (Jupiter).

(Note: Jupiter and Neptune are related to believing audiences. They couldn't have done what they did, without a number of fans.)

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Sextiles, trines and crime (re: Fernandez de Souza)

Are sextiles and trines*) really symbols of harmony? Or are they the symbols of the easy way out? And is the easy way out, in certain situations, the criminal way? Do these aspects tend to 'give in' and 'give up' (with the hard aspects as symbols of 'resistance' and 'effort'?)
I have some examples on this blog and a recent one: Bruno Fernandez de Souza.

The Brazilian professional football goalkeeper Bruno Fernandez de Souza had the mother of his son killed because he didn't want to be a father and didn't want to pay. A friend suggested to have her killed and (as he says) he accepted this. It is a horrible story. Bruno Fernandez de Souza tried to kill himself in prison in September 2010, but he failed. Now he has to stay in prison for 22 years. That won't be easy.

This is the chart of the day of birth of Bruno Fernandez de Souza. Count the blessed sextiles and trines…

There is only one stress aspect within 5 degrees orb and that aspect happens to be a wider Mars square Saturn (the symbol of the issue of death, discipline and punishment). There is also the combination of Mars in aspect with both Saturn and Pluto, illustrating the issue of unnatural death. But: there are 7 sextiles and trines!

There has been research in the world of astrology, almost always concentrated on stress aspects. But I saw an overdose of easy going aspects in the charts of those involved in crime (victims AND killers). Here are some links:

A French case of killer and victim, both with charts full of sextiles and trines:

Sharon Tate had so many trines in her chart… She and her killer Susan Atkins even had a grand trine. Their synastry also was loaded with trines. Yet, they were connected by violent death. and shared a Sun-Saturn aspect: (see about having the same aspect combination)

Dorice Donegan Moore killed Abraham Shakespeare after he won the lottery. Count the trines and the sextiles in her chart...

Ted Bundy had a number of trines and sextiles, too...

It is not that trines and sextiles have to lead to crime. It is that they tend to find easy ways out. And there are indeed many criminals with stress aspects, too.
What I mean to say is, that soft aspects don't mean easy lives and nice persons.
In order to make it easy on themselves they may damage others or themselves, just like those with hard and stress aspects do. Lots of trines and sextiles also don't stop that one stress aspect and they are no guarantee of easy living and happy ever afters.

*) For the starting student astrology:
- aspect is a distance between objects
- sextile is about 60 degrees distance
- a trine is an aspect of about 120 degrees

Resarch by Bob Marks:

More research:

Also visit: for example about Mars - Saturn or use the label crime or criminality

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hugo Chavez died

He was seriously ill. Now, Hugo Chavez died. He was fighting cancer.

In January I wrote about his difficult astrological positions, reflecting the situation: see that post and watch the quincunxes with Neptune, following a hard transit of Saturn (resonating the natal aspect between Sun and Saturn). All this was accompanied by the change of the progressed sun sign that indeed changed his way of life, unfortunately the bad way.

Now he died. There are a number of transits related to the 8th house of life and death, often mirroring a critical moment, and the 4th house of endings. Transit Uranus, ruler of the 8th house and transit in the progressed 8th house, too, makes 4 hard aspects. Two of them are inconjuncts (symbol of losing balance and loss). There is a third inconjunct coming from Neptune.

Here is the list, there may be even more:

- transit Uranus ruler 8th house square natal Ascendant
- transit Uranus ruler 8th house inconjunct progressed Moon
- transit Neptune inconjunct natal IC
- transit Uranus is in the progressed 8th house
- transit Uranus is inconjunct progressed Saturn
- and a sort of lost quatronovile between transit Uranus and Venus, ruler IC

If the time of birth is exact and correct, transit Neptune has just left his 8th house.

In times of trouble, when you are already ill or very weak and old, those kind of aspects are too much. As you may see in
an earlier post of January 2013

the astrological situation was far from hopeful already.

Now 3 quincunxes and 4 hard aspects of ruler 8 clearly warned for a vital crisis.

Post about the natal chart of Hugo Chavez:

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturn Scorpio - Pluto Capricorn and the elderly

In a lot of Western countries the situation of the elderly used to be better than ever before in history. up to now. Unlike the old and ill in history those who were too old to take care of themselves didn't have to depend on children, church or donations. They didn't have to take a blanket and die alone on an icy mountain. They were take  care off by the state.  Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio are symbols of state finance. Now that Pluto is in Capricorn states can't afford to have debts any more. Can they still afford to provide for the elderly?

In my country the State pension for all elderly (regardless of their income or possessions) started in 1956, with Saturn in Scorpio in a narrow square with Pluto in Leo. That was an important moment in history for the elderly and their children. They were liberated. There was less to worry about. Of course, you had to pay (Pluto) taxes (Saturn)...

Most companies also joined a pension fund for their employees. Some of the companies even offered free retirement funds and an early retirement at age 57!

Meanwhile, people got older and older. The generations born after World War II got less children than ever before. They were not needed for future care anymore and the world -including Europe - was overcrowded, they said, in the 60/70's.

We all had a good life and good prospects until the crisis. Technology would conquer and win! We might even live forever in prosperity.
Old man drinking coffee at Fosnes Nursing Home in Norway at Christmas Time by Thomas Bjorkan
The picture shows how comfortable old age looked like...

Now, with Saturn in Scorpio in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn they start arguiging about when to retire and about what the elderly should be given.

When in 1956 the first 65+ men and women were enabled to live on their own, people were not against the fact that they had to pay for them. There was more and more money to be earned and the future was bright. Now we see depression all around. Those under the age of 40 fear about their old age and their future and a controversy between the grandparents and grandchildren or parents and children seems to be on the way. When the man or woman aged 40 will be 65+ there will be even less children to provide for them and they will still be paying for the 85+...

There was no problem when there was enough money, but ... this money was invested the wrong way and the governments and employers took away money from the funds in the good years. So now we have a problem (Pluto) with the elderly (Capricorn) that is in fact an economical crisis and political failure of governments without a policy that looked ahead for more than their four years caused all this.
There is no time for taking the old men and women outside, no time for a talk or a walk. And politicians point at family (even if there isn't any and even if the family has to work harder and longer than ever). They must do it. We are back at the starting point. When Saturn is conjunct Pluto, in January 2020, will financing old age start all over again, another way? I'll have to find out more about Saturn conjunct Pluto in history to see what happened. However...

Just like with shares results of the past are no guarantee for the future... That is because the world of the past is not THIS world and the symbol of Pluto in Capricorn differs from history.  I wonder how the situation for the elderly was in the days of Pluto in Capricorn in history.

At least, I didn't have to dive into history about Pluto in Capricorn, because I found an interesting study on Celestial Insight. I'll be back on the conjunction with Saturn in those days...

Also visit: for example about Saturn and Pluto aspects and the boomerang effect of the aspect. Quote:
No water in the wine with Saturn and Pluto on the label....

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Neptune inconjunct Varuna and the water drain

Public toilet in Groningen (Netherlands) by Remco Koolhaas and Erwin Olaf
Or should the title be: Neptune inconjunct Varuna and leaking lavatories? I didn't want to be rude, but in fact: this IS about dirty water and more during Neptune-Varuna progressions.

One of my aunts is 88 years old and lives in a so called appartment building for the elderly. "So called" because lately they started filling the old and never renovated building with ex-detainees. The tattood guys live amid the feable and ill oldies. It is affordable, but since a year there are more and more problems. The carpets curl, the elevators are out of order and/or there are water problems (veteran disease risks). Worse is that this Virgo lady, who is very very clean and hates dirt, had to endure a "renovation" of the drain pipes because they were leaking from above (...) , later her toilet refused to flush and now she told me that the plumber was in her house to fix a dirty problem coming from the pipes of the upper appartments.

Of course I wondered how this was reflected in her chart. It was in her progressed chart (so it won't last forever) like this:

- progressed Neptune (sea, drain) inconjunct Varuna (waters)
- progressed Sun was trine Neptune since 5 months (she accepted that she doesn't leave her house any more now that she is ill*)
- progressed Sun square Varuna (the battle with the god of waters)

Isn't it accurate of that chart?

*) Pope Benedict also has a Sun trine Neptune progressed aspect now that he retreats.

Chart of Benedict XVI: the day after

Yesterday the papacy of Benedict XVI ended by abdication. Here you see three charts of Benedict XVI: the natal chart with transits, solar return 2012 and: natal and progressed together. Transits and progressions clearly mirror the kind of change in the life of the now ex-pope. I'll show you how.

Natal and progressed positions Benedict 16t
1. In the progressed chart we see Pluto on the Ascendant, exactly. The Ascendant is the symbol of the situation (your view on the world outside) and … of the name. Pluto is the symbol of transformation, value, authority, stress, challenge, issues of life and death and change. There is hardly a better symbol than Pluto-Ascendant to describe what happened yesterday. Pluto also may refer to (too much) pressure. As Pluto is the ruler of the 8th house and positioned in the 4th this is a symbol of final issues (like this one) and a possible indication for the danger of death. I read that he recently had fysical problems.

2. Progressed Neptune is exactly trine natal Sun. That is a beautiful description of realizing a dream and the start of a period of seclusion. It is the kind of aspect that smoothly accompanies the start of a period of withdrawal (like when you step back).

3. Transit Pholus semi square the natal AC/MC marks a rather frustrating key turning point.

4. The solar return of his birthday in 2012 (valid until the next birthday in 2013) has Sun opposition Saturn. Afflicted Sun-Saturn moments are moments of discontinuation, ends and... goodbyes.

solar return 2012-2013
Two times symbols of change, one time symbol of an ending and the symbol of a smooth start of a more isolated way of life are about enough for a man of his age. But after I published this, I realized that there is even more, like:
- transit Uranus sesquisquare progressed Mars
- Jupiter novile progressed Sun (rejoycing positive change)
- Neptune transit quindecile progressed IC (weakness, basically)
- transit Uranus trine Saturn (breaking free)

I don't really know what to make of Progressed Mars trine Ceres. Ceres is an important figure in his chart and represents motherhood (or the holy mother figure). He said that he will continue to work for the (mother)church.

On Transit Mars inconjunct Progressed Mars you can see the energy drain of the final days of the papacy.

See the post of June 2012 about the power struggle in the Vatican, Cardinal Sodano and Cardinal Bertone and their synastry with the Pope.
( ). I quote:
" Cardinal Sodano (November 23, 1927) has denied the rumors about a power struggle in the Vatican (perhaps anticipating on the end of the papacy of Pope Benedict). But before, he denied that there was any abuse by priests... "

Also visit: for example about the astrology of popes or use the labels for more about religion.

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