Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hugo Chavez died

He was seriously ill. Now, Hugo Chavez died. He was fighting cancer.

In January I wrote about his difficult astrological positions, reflecting the situation: see that post and watch the quincunxes with Neptune, following a hard transit of Saturn (resonating the natal aspect between Sun and Saturn). All this was accompanied by the change of the progressed sun sign that indeed changed his way of life, unfortunately the bad way.

Now he died. There are a number of transits related to the 8th house of life and death, often mirroring a critical moment, and the 4th house of endings. Transit Uranus, ruler of the 8th house and transit in the progressed 8th house, too, makes 4 hard aspects. Two of them are inconjuncts (symbol of losing balance and loss). There is a third inconjunct coming from Neptune.

Here is the list, there may be even more:

- transit Uranus ruler 8th house square natal Ascendant
- transit Uranus ruler 8th house inconjunct progressed Moon
- transit Neptune inconjunct natal IC
- transit Uranus is in the progressed 8th house
- transit Uranus is inconjunct progressed Saturn
- and a sort of lost quatronovile between transit Uranus and Venus, ruler IC

If the time of birth is exact and correct, transit Neptune has just left his 8th house.

In times of trouble, when you are already ill or very weak and old, those kind of aspects are too much. As you may see in
an earlier post of January 2013

the astrological situation was far from hopeful already.

Now 3 quincunxes and 4 hard aspects of ruler 8 clearly warned for a vital crisis.

Post about the natal chart of Hugo Chavez:

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