Saturday, March 9, 2013

Transit Neptune conjunct Ascendant: unclarity

Not everyone ever gets transit Neptune on the Ascendant. You need to have your Ascendant on the right side of the zodiac to experience this:). I happen to be a 'lucky one' and I can report about my transit experience.

What happened was, that I went to a shop for an eyesight test. This was just to make sure that the test of the week before was correct. Someone else assisted and she was in a real hurry. She didn't care much about the fact that I slipped out of the chair, that the instrument was not in balance and that I told her that I didn't see a thing. That was so unlike the week before!
After various attempts to make me 'confess' that I could read the figures she stopped. After using a bright light in my eyes, she adviced me to hurry to a doctor, because one eye had lost 50% of the sight because of cataract.

I was really confused when I left (typical Neptune!) and started to do some test myself. I can see, I can see with both eyes and one eye is not much better than the other. However, there are spots en there is unclarity. I always thought that it was because of the screen but now I keep seeing them all the time.

Isn't Neptune the symbol of uncertainty, unclarity and mist?  I'm wandering in it! And there is more to this story:
- With Pluto and Uranus on the brink of hitting my Sun/Moon midpoint, I wouldn't be surprised if I had to see a surgeon.
- When I had that test transit Saturn was semi square my Venus and transit Mars was square my Venus,  killing my pleasure in buying new glasses:).

PS when you google Neptune and Eye you get an optician.

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