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Astrology chart of Taurus astrologers Deborah Houlding and William Lilly

Though I generally prefer not to publish about charts of contemporary astrologers, the lack of Taurus astrologers forced me to make an exception. I could, of course, name William Lilly only. Lilly is a very famous astrologer and his chart is A-rated, so perhaps even with a correct day and hour of birth. But I like to show you what's the difference between astrologers 'born under Taurus' and the others, so here is something on the charts of both Willliam Lilly and Skyscript's Deborah Houlding, who is equally famous, what is not surprising because her Sun/Moon midpoint is in hard aspect with both Jupiter and Pluto. That motivates an awful lot!:) It is a very successful combination that is in line with her position in the world of astrology.

I always want to find the astrologer by means of Jupiter-Uranus and in a different way the chart of Deborah Houlding is also showing this aspect. Her Sun in Taurus is square Uranus, while Jupiter on Midheaven is making a minor aspect of 75 degrees with the Sun. Midheaven also is in a quindecile (165 degree) aspect with Uranus. Her Mercury quintile Uranus mirrors a creative way to find new words and meanings and to deal with the controversy that astrologers find on their way. Here is her chart with transits and progressions for her coming birthday. For a better view, just click the picture.

William Lilly's chart is an A-rated chart, but I wonder, as it is a rectified chart and there is no document of his day of birth. So I publish the chart of Astrodatabank here and hope that Lilly is indeed born under Taurus.

Because now I have to find out what William Lilly and Deborah Houlding share. I found this site ( ) with Lilly's 'Christian Astrology' retyped and with comments of Deborah Houlding. Perhaps that it is the continuity of working on that basic material that demonstrates the fixed and earth side of Taurus?

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The friendship in the synastry of Putin and Schroeder

Friendly soldier's greeting, somewhere in Europe
Thirty percent of the Dutch and perhaps even a larger percentage of Eastern Europeans are afraid for a next World War. That is because of the crisis in Ukrain and the possible threat coming from Russia in the Baltic region (Nato territory). Meanwhile, former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Vladimir Putin are good friends. Schroeder sort of defended his friend in an interview and now he is 'under fire'. Where in the charts can we see that?

First the relationship between the charts of Putin and Schroeder.
Here is the chart of Gerhard Schröder and the transits are for the day of birth of Putin. There is more on Putin's chart and on his Sun on the Grand Square in an earlier post.
Chart of Schroeder, transits of dob Putin
When I look at the compatibility of charts, I always include the 'shared' aspects. In this case, both Schröder and Putin have a 'calling' Venus. When Venus 'calls' the ladies keep calling you:), but there is more. Venus is the symbol of diplomacy and charm. When Venus doesn't make an aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees, Venus is 'calling'. That means that you may manifest style, charm, diplomacy and perhaps a bit of vanity at any possible level, somehow and anyhow. As they both have this calling Venus, they share the same tendency to be kind to persons they like (in a special way). Venus of Gerhard is sesquisquare the Venus of Vladimir, so even though they like each other, there may be some kind of frustration because they don't always have the same preferences, even though they are 'compatible'. It is pleasant that the Venus of Putin is close to the Ascendant of Schroeder. That makes him feel comfortable and loved. So let's say that there is mutual sympathy (sometimes frustrating, but still pleasant).

Putin is a Libra, Schroeder is an Aries and that shouldn't match (if they were partners). Gerhard Schroeder's Moon is in Libra, however, and the Sun/Moon midpoint of Schroeder is close to Putin's Sun, as a sort of a compensation for their different nature.

Sympathy can't be enough to keep these VIP-politicians 'going', so what's more?

A. Putin's Pluto is exactly conjunct the Midheaven of Schroeder. There is a certain kind of authority or something that impresses Schroeder. 

B. The Saturn of Putin is conjunct the Sun of Schroeder. Even though there is a barrier or something that stands in the way (like age, status), there is at least respect. 

So that Putin impresses Schroeder and Schroeder is impressed, while Putin respects Schroeder.

It is a mix of liking and admiring each other. This friendship isn't liked or admired in Germany today, re the crisis in Ukrain. That is obvious, when you see the chart of Gerhard Schroeder, with transits and progressions. He is in the news (Uranus) the bad way (inconjunct) and subject to criticism. Friendship with the 'enemy' is not done. 

1. Saturn on his way to square Midheaven (criticism, end of a certain status) for the 2nd time
2. Progressed Midheaven inconjunct Uranus (alienation, upheaval with a loss of status)
3. Transit Saturn is about to make an inconjunct with progressed Venus (hurt feelings)

Here is his natal with transits and progressions (click to enlarge)

On the friendship
About an enemy soldier who rescued two little girls and died with Progressed Sun inconjunct Uranus. He got a hidden statue 62 years later.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Donald Sterling's Mercury-Jupiter

Any aspect between Mercury and Jupiter is rather fortunate for communications and the reach of the voice. It is definitely one of the aspects contributing to success in the world out there. Jupiter, however, has an arrogant and exaggerating side that, with Mercury, doesn't really help human interactions. I wrote about that side of Mercury-Jupiter before and in that post I mentioned the late Mr. Phelps's Mercury inconjunct Jupiter.  Mr. Phelps knew how to broadcast hate speech.

Today, I have a new example of the difficulties of Mercury-Jupiter affliction: Donald Sterling, born April 26, 1934.  He was talking too loud. On April 9 this year there was an audio recording of a conversation that was released on April 25. He was arguing with his Stiviano who posted a picture on Instagram posing with Magic Johnson.
His Mercury is in Aries, opposition Jupiter. His progressed Mercury is at 16d Cancer now, square Jupiter. 
Whenever a transit or progression repeats a natal combination, the effect is harder than with other transits or progressions (see about 'resonance'), so it was likely to expect some kind of opinion being broadcasted loudly, as one might expect to happen with a person with a Mercury-Jupiter conflict (at least once in a life time). 
In the natal chart his Mercury is opposition Jupiter and square Pluto. That is a combination for an expanding vocabulary and success in communications or business. It might even be so, that in spite of what he said, there will be people supporting his opinion, because Jupiter helps blindfolded and not always according to our wishes. Mr. Phelps also had his supporters...
It is also true, that he had a great career. He really made it. He began as an independent divorce and personal injury attorney and became a business magnate, rich enough to own the Los Angeles Clippers (a team valued at 575 million dollars). Mercury is sesquisquare Jupiter/Pluto and that one of the indications for success on April 26, 1934.
It takes more of such indications, of course. But, as we don't know what time Donald Sterling was born, we will never know about his MC or AC, the exact midpoint Sun/Moon and/or angular placements, but I guess there will be more keys to success for us to find once that we know his hour of birth.

He probably always had that kind of ideas. In 2006 he was accused of racism, too. That was with transit Jupiter inconjunct his natal Mercury. Transit Saturn was square his Sun in that period. That transit mirrored criticism. Now, transit Saturn is trine progressed Sun (making it easy to criticize him:).

This time there are a few difficulties.
a. Transit Ixion is inconjunct progressed Sun. I wrote about Ixion's meanings and one of them is that of 'the bad guy'. See that post

b. Transit Eris is square Progressed Sun (discord!)

c. Transit Mars is opposition Mercury (for a dispute)

d. And even more important: Donald Sterling's progressed Sun is conjunct Pluto, making way for challenges, stress and crisis. There will be consequences and maybe there is a price to pay. No matter how old he is, because there will be no discrimination.

In I mention that with progressed Sun conjunct Pluto Salvador Dali married his Gala and that it was the very first time that he had sex. Sun-Pluto times are intense times and impressive times that change you.

So, there is more than enough astrological evidence for an angry dispute and the challenge of being 'a bad guy'.

PS The picture above shows Jupiter with Mercury and Virtue.


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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Putin's grand square and 14th degree of Cardinal signs

There is a Grand Cross in the air: Jupiter in Cancer oppositie Pluto in Capricorn, square Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries. It is like a high speed crossing point with a problem: who is first, who has the right to move first. Vladimir Putin has his Sun at one of the points of the crossing, in 13.9 Libra. He is part of the 'game'.

The 14th degree of cardinal signs includes the 14th of Libra, a degree affected by the transits of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto at the same time. The Grand Cross means busy days for anyone with the Sun, Midheaven, Ascendant or Moon in a 14th degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn...and lots of tension.
The tension in Ukraine seems to mirror the tension in the chart of the Russian leader. Why? Because the charts of leaders (and coaches) very frequently show what happens to the people (or the team).

The 14th degree of Libra is pictured in Zodiac Images. Janduz speaks of a scene with a man and a woman spying on each other like in a play.
Putin was a member of the KGB before he became a politician. Both jobs include strategies. Pluto is the symbol of policy, strategy and power. It is the first (dwarf)planet rising before Putin's natal sun and - if the time of birth is correct -, Pluto is also the planet on Midheaven. That is how important strategy, politics and power are in this chart. 
As Pluto and Midheaven are in the 22/23 degree of Leo there, transit Saturn in the first house is square his Midheaven.  It  could just be personal (he divorced last year) but with Saturn-MC there is always the sense of being alone, being aware of your responsibilities and mistakes, the public fall (of your pedestal or a real fall with consequences). But as his hour of birth could be wrong, I'd like to focus on the 14th degree of his Libra Sun and the Grand Square
Putin's chart has a 'calling' and out of bounds Moon in Gemini (perhaps inconjunct the Scorpio Ascendant). That Moon is a signal for a need to communicate and for needs and at any possible level, with surprising reactions.
So, his Moon is highly unpredictable.
A. Read about Out of bounds Moon:
B. Quoting myself about the Moon not making ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees:

The Moon is of importance when you want to keep memories alive, like with historic facts or when you play a certain role on stage, but the Moon is also important for cooks. This calling Moon will shine on habits and daily needs.
The other side of the calling Moon is that what you need is so important, that sometimes you are overruled by your needs. If this Moon rises before the Sun, the person involved will be lead by needs and emotions.

This important, unpredictable 8th house (!) Moon tells us of his need to keep memories and history alive and to communicate that. The inconjunct with the Ascendant shows overreaction. The sentimental (Moon) journey (Gemini) comes in the shape of a Scorpio Ascendant, defensive by nature. It is what happens and what the Russians say: they feel that they are defending their interests and the Russians in Ukraine and Crimia. A historical after-cold-war mistake now creates tension.

And his Mars is also out of bounds (for the workaholic).

The tension of the Grand Square maybe makes him very nervous and stressful, but also brings him success. He (and because of his position: Russia) choose to support Al Assad in Syria and Assad is winning. He invaded Crimia and he is allowed to keep it. There are indications for his successes.

1. In the progressed chart Mars is square Jupiter (and the square is getting tighter)
2. Jupiter and Pluto square his natal sun means midpoint Jupiter/Pluto on his Sun = success
3. Jupiter and Uranus in hard aspect with his Sun contribute to relief and unexpected progress
4. Mars and Jupiter in hard aspect with his Sun help him to move on
5. Uranus and Pluto in hard aspect with his Sun force changes (and rebellion)

The pictures of the Grand Cross degrees are:

1. A man coming out of a wine cellar, toasting, and a dog and a lion looking at each other, rather friendly (14 Aries)
2. A serene sky with a beautiful star above flowers. A crowned lamb nearby, decorated with a star (14 Cancer, a degree for fame)
3. 14 Libra is that degree of the spying couple, acting
4. 14 Capricorn is a degree of a frog playing the harp and means harmony

Now, who's afraid of the Grand Cross in such friendly, starry, harmonic and (OK) spying/acting degrees? The Wine Cellar 14 degree Aries man has Uranus for a surprising taste. The serene sky has Jupiter for even more success. The frog has Pluto (very convenient for the symbol of frogs). Only that Mars in Libra might be a problem, because there will be competition between the spying man and woman.

It is obvious that the Grand Cross brings tension. But, the 14th degree doesn't harm Putin up to now. In fact: he seems to get what he wants. He got the Olympics, he got Crimia. He sees his friend Assad win. And though it's lonely at the top, there must be compensation for that. Here is the chart with transits and progressions for now (click to enlarge):
Meanwhile, how is Obama (leader of the West) doing? The Grand Cross doesn't hit his chart at all. It is Saturn.

Saturn will be semi square his AC/MC midpoint (again) late in October 2014, when Putin gets transit Saturn square MC. It the same 'coincidence' that occurred in early March, when I wrote about 'Lots of Mars' in their charts and synastry. I have no idea what to expect, but I know that Obama will have Jupiter on his Descendant mid October and that Putin will see transit Jupiter on his Midheaven in November. AC and MC of Putin is less sure than of Obama's!

How to interpret this? Only if you know what happened between now and October you can be certain that it means a successful ending for both. Let's hope that it is a successful ending of the new cold war. BTW:

In 2014
Eris is in the 23rd of Aries, inconjunct Saturn in the 23rd of Scorpio
Eris is discord. Saturn is cold. 
Cold War with a loss involved.

Vladimir Putin has Sun conjunct Saturn, for the manager who might turn into a dictator
On the artist in the chart of Vladimir Putin:

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The 26th of Aries and Libra (the eclipse degree) and the predictable path

Every image (just like the picture of a chart) will be interpreted differently, but there is a core meaning that we recognize, usually. The Sabian Degree is a combination of astrology and the paranormal.

In the version of Helene and Willem Koppejan of the Zodiac Image Handbook the image of the 26th degree of Aries is that of a royal person handing over his scepter to a kneeling servant. There is a big sun shining above the king and a smaller one on the servant. Janduz explains this degree like 'easy success'. The second image mentioned is that of  a man with more gifts than he can hold. So far for the Sun.

The Moon in the 26th of Libra is the Moon in the degree of a glorious but not yet won fight, according to the interpretation of Janduz. The picture is that of an armed knight fighting a roaring lion  and a scared man on the left, only holding a stick.
There are always two images for every degree in the Zodiac Image Handbook by Koppejan. The second image is that of an eagle and a white dove turning into each other, fast. A powerful bird changing into a bird of peace and a bird of peace becoming an eagle, in other words.

There has been said much about the Moon degree, but how about the Sun? It was a day for an easy success with on the other hand, a role switch for those with the power to make peace. As it was an eclipse, there was a moment in history without a view on a process of peace that actually was in the shadow? And see, meanwhile Russia and Ukraine came to an agreement, behind the scenes! And the President of the USA has his doubts about that.

I like Sabian degrees, and welcome their addition to the usual tools for interpreting astrology charts. It is, however, not so that every person born with the 25-26 degree of Libra will face a glorious fight in some way. The actual degree needs to be a prominent one (like on the AC-DC or MC-IC or 'calling' = NA), like Mars in the chart of Pope Francis. Otherwise we'd have to assume that every person born on a October 19 would win in the end (with assistance) and that every person born with 25-26 Aries Sun would have a lot of present to share. That can't be so, says  logic. Also, some of the judgements are rather hard to deal with and leave the question: how to change such a picture of a part of YOU? And can we change ourselves and alter a picture of ourselves? I wonder. What is your opinion? Please do the poll!

An eclipse including Ceres hit the chart of the Greek PM during the monetary crisis and the demand for help from the EU. See I quote:

The degree of the Moon at full moon is 25th Sagittarius.The Zodiac Image Handbook (by Koppejan) shows the image of a couple at the end of an exhausting party, sitting at the table with left overs and empty bottles. Janduz said that this is a degree of exaggeration. And there is another image of a rich boy on horseback (by Rudhyar and Marc E.Jones). Maybe this is the eclipse that tells us not to be carried away  by luxury
The Sun's degree (25 Gemini) shows the picture of on old man in a library, quite the contrary of the picture of the Moon and in line with this opposition. It is a degree of intellectual culture, says Janduz. The second image in the Zodiac Image Handbook is that of a gardener, taking care of palm trees. Culture again and cultivating. 
Eclipses come in families, says Bernadette Brady, about the Saros Cylcle ( I bought her book'Predictive Astrology' and in that book are all eclipses in the family. The one of tonight belongs to number 13. Brady relates this family to Australia, where eclipses of this range seem to stimulate the community spirit(or stormy weather, real or in politics). 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Pharrell Williams' transit Saturn inconjunct Saturn

Pharrell Williams' hit 'Happy' scored an international record high and that is so amazing that it made him cry, yesterday, when Oprah Winfrey (use the link) interviewed him. Earlier, in March 2013, there was the shared success with Blurred Lines (see YouTube) and now he made it on his own.

You probably know that I am convinced that there is more value in transits and progressions when they connect those planets that make a natal aspect (I named that: the 'resonance' effect). Well, the release of 'Happy' was on November 21, 2013.

  • That was on a day with Mars sextile Jupiter. 
  • In his natal chart Mars is conjunct Jupiter 
  • Transit Jupiter was sesquisquare his progressed Mars (and Mercury and Venus, too). 

This triple Mars-Jupiter 'event' (meaning successful action) corresponded with the success of 'Happy' more than the inconjunct of transit Saturn with natal Saturn did (of course). That reminded me of a mail that I got from a lottery winner who wasn't happy with her astrologer, who failed to notice the Jupiter-progressed Moon notice and only looked at her Saturn square Saturn to predict her a sad year instead of the lucky win. Time (very Saturn word) to have a look at the Saturn cycle.

The Saturn-cycle can never have a 'resonance effect'. Maybe that is why the Saturn-cycle doesn't seem to be as important for the development of an individual as transits and progressions. Another reason is, that we all go through those same cycles and when I say WE, I mean WE ALL. At a certain age we grow up, recognize our mistakes, are 'responsible', age and deal with the bad sides of aging. That is what transits of Saturn do when they hit Saturn. The conjunctions are especially important (the Saturn Returns) in our lives. They come when we realize that we aren't 'young' and/or 'getting old'. Find out more about those here: and read that Saturn-Saturn is memento mori time.

Time goes bye and flies like an arrow, and even harder when it is 'memento mori time'. I have no idea in what way Transit Saturn inconjunct Saturn (memento mori) popped up in the life of Pharrell. I hear him speak of his grandmother (who pushed him into the music business) and perhaps it is a sad moment when you know that she missed your hit. (Remember that when Obama was chosen, his grandmother had died just before his presidency was a fact and that transit Saturn was confusing if you would relate it to winning or losing instead of a family matter).

On the outside we only see his extreme success, but the Saturn inconjunct could certainly relate to temporary loss of balance because of a matter of position, career and status. Here is the chart of his day of birth with transits and progressions for the day that Happy was released.
Click to see a larger picture
Pharrell Williams' hour of birth is unknown, so that Midheaven (the position in society, the career), the degree of the Moon, the Ascendant and Sun/Moon midpoint can't be taken into consideration. We just don't know where they are or where. I know that anything 'disproportional' is related to the inconjunct and that the quincunx always includes 'having to give up on something'. But if we focus on Saturn, we miss the rest. Even without the time of birth, there are a lot of keys to being 'happy':

- Progressed Sun inconjunct Galactic Center could be read like a disproportional STARRY attention (but only if you know:);
- Progressed Sun is biquintile progressed Uranus and that is for a creative change in life and lifestyle;
- Progressed Mars conjunct natal Pholus expresses the turning point in what he does, actually;
- Progressed Venus sesquisquare progressed Uranus; he married in October 2013 with the mother of his 5 year old (maybe Uranus is related to his 7th house);
- Progressed Sun was hit by transit Jupiter (and this will happen again); that is a key to being happy!
- Transit Jupiter/Uranus midpoint hit his natal Sun and Venus recently (and this will also happen again). It is for positive change.
- Transit Pluto sesquisquare Sun refers to stressful change and challenges. There is a lot of pressure when you suddenly became so famous!
-On the day of release transit Jupiter was sextile Progressed Mercury, semi square progressed Venus and sesquisquare progressed Mars (with P Venus square P Mars coming up).
The transits with the progressed chart outnumber those with the natal chart. Maybe that means that he should enjoy this period as much as he can and be HAPPY!

PS If he was born in the late morning, his Taurus Moon semi sextile Venus would also be 157.5 degrees from Neptune (sesquisquare and half semi square), part of the pattern of artistic talent.

On the death of Obama's grandmother one day before Election Day 2008 Quote:
"That lost explains the difficult transits of today in his chart, 3 inconjunctions (meaning: having to let go...and being unbalanced), 2 of them coming from planets in his 7th house (the grandparents house). Some transits don't refer to winning or losing, only to personal feelings."
He had two inconjunctions and one was transit Saturn inconjunct

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blood Moon written in red, pink and orange

Some see an eclipse as a bad sign. Yesterday I watched the movie Noah and that is in a way a movie about a person who believed the bad signs that he (and only he) saw. It was a movie with a colored vision of humanity divided in the good (obedient veggies) and bad (blood thirsty flesh eaters), with the good doing bad things, too. Anyway, 25 euro and a bucket of pop corn later I knew that the movie Noah would be part of my next post. I study astrology since I was 15 (and I won't tell you when that was!). I know that charts don't 'predict' but 'reflect'. So I also know that the upheaval about a blood moon is a sign reflecting the fear and unrest in society more than vice versa. And yes, I know that this eclipse is full and rather unique. Read NASA about it:

John Hagee is a conservative christian who 'predicted' fundamental change involving Israel in 2007. Nothing happened and now he gives 2014/2015. It sounds a bit like the Maya calendar prophecies of 2012 and indeed: there are a lot of such prophecies (see Exit Mundi ). This is the chart of his day of birth. Watch the present transit Saturn near inconjunct his Sun and read about the examples on this site: It isn't a happy transit.
Although it is a mistake to kill the messenger, it is right to have insight in the visions of a prophet, because what he thinks and what he says might have something to do with his personal ideas and maybe less with your reality. For example, he mentions the tetrades as related to the expulsion of the Spanish Jews, but not that the eclipses occurred AFTER that expulsion, so that it could hardly be called a prophetic eclipse. Yet, people choose to believe what he says. Watch the Sun-Jupiter-Neptune combination of fans, followers and religious beliefs.

I remember how I watched a not moving cloud before the moon on a summer night once. I was the only one interested, on that parking place. Nobody noticed, they watched their burger, their map or their children. In the days before electricity and TV, eclipses may have been spectacular. Today only those interested watch them. And apparently, mr. Hagee is one of them. So are a lot of astrologers. 
This full eclipse of April 15 will not be visible in Northern Europe or in Israel at all. Here is the chart for 'Blood moon' in Seoul.

I don't often write about eclipses (see the posts). This one is rare, says NASA and we are lucky to be able to see it (in America, for example). It is in the saros series 16 South and means 'wasted energy' according to Brady. The chart pictures a lot of nervous energy, like the tight Uranus-Pluto square and the combination of Mars, Eris and Saturn. The chart mirrors the worlds tension (Ukraine, Korea, Syria), but doesn't tell what we didn't know already. There is a threat of escalating aggression all over the world and it is hard for those in charge to avoid war at larger scale. Little we can do about it… 

We aren't Noah and my garden is too small for an ark. It also doesn't help to worry. Last week I felt completely powerless and sad when I found out that the care takers of the elderly home of my mother simply didn't give her her medication because it 'wasn't on a list' even though they knew her medical condition and history. I found out by accident that you can't feel safe and secure and content, ever. Yet, last night, in spite of the near full moon, I slept like a log for 12 hours and I woke up with pink cheeks. I wish you the same good nights sleep and a happy Pink /orange Moon!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Synastry Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng

Maybe this post is a bit cynical. It is about an alleged affair that sparked the 3rd (…) divorce of Rupert Murdoch.

A 'devastated' Rupert Murdoch divorced last year after he found out that his wife had very warm feelings for Tony Blair. Tony Blair had an affair? It rhymes, but he says: no.

With Pluto opposite his progressed Sun and Uranus/Pluto midpoint semi square his Sun/Moon there is reason to expect some turbulence and stressful challenge in his life right now, still or again. Venus square Uranus in his natal chart and an out of bounds Pluto in the 5th may be a problem when you want to be true. But that is all speculations.

What I really want to know is: how is the synastry of Rupert Murdoch and Tony Blair? Does their synastry show the influence that Tony Blair had on the divorce of Rupert Murdoch? And how about the synastry with Wendi Deng?

Rupert Murdoch has Jupiter in the 7th house and conflicts between the 1st and 7th. That is a key to divorce, anyway. He also has a 'calling' Venus and lots of money, and so he married a very young woman. It was his 3rd marriage. Tony Blair married only once.

Click to enlarge

The Venus of Tony Blair is conjunct the Nodes of Rupert Murdoch: that is good for relationships and maybe that is how they became close. Rupert's Venus is trine Tony's AS: that is sympathy again.
Saturn of Rupert is conjunct Tony's Chiron and Ruper's Chiron is conjunct Tony's Sun, a recipe for real hurt. There is also Saturn square Saturn (generational or age difference).
The Neptune of Rupert Murdoch is square the Mars of Tony Blair. That is a negative synastry.
And last but not least:
 Sun/Moon of Tony Blair is quindecile the Uranus of Rupert Murdoch. 
I think that that is the most devastating and disturbing interaction between their charts, because now transit Pluto hits that particular point. Transit Pluto is square the Uranus of Murdoch and in between Sun and Moon of Tony Blair. What Rupert Murdoch says now, will of course damage the family life of Tony Blair. There is no solid proof of any affair, however and Blair denies it.
This synastry aspect shows me that it is good to check quindecile (165 degree) aspects with Sun/Moon (or AC/MC or any position) in future.

Wendi Deng's Sun (December 8, 1968) is inconjunct the Sun of Tony Blair, signifying attention in an disproportional way (and the risk of loss). His Venus was (…) trine her Sun and her Jupiter trine his Mars. That is OK for liking each other. However: their Moons never matched and neither did their Venus (Aries-Capricorn). They were worlds apart in many way.

Rupert and Wendi weren't the perfect match, either. Their Suns didn't match (Pisces for him, Sagittarius for her) and their Moons neither (Sagittarius and Cancer). Mercury square Mercury doesn't help communications much. Venus Aquarius for him and Capricorn for her (but septile, so they managed to like each other). Her Mars in Libra square his Pluto in Cancer might have been a problem, too, but most of all her Venus opposite his Mars…that is for questionable passion. The fact that there is Venus-Mars says that there was sexual attraction, but the opposition often separates.

So all is well that ends, well…except for the upheaval, that is:). However, there is also a Cherie Blair, with her Sun quindecile Tony's Venus and her Venus opposite his Sun. Will long-lasting love win in the end?

The Oxford Astrologer on the divorce last year

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RIP Sue Townsend (on her chart)

Do you remember 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole?' Well, I do and when I do, I smile. It was such fun! The author, Sue Townsend, died yesterday. She had diabetes and had lost eyesight lately. Here is the chart with transits and progressions for yesterday and what do we see:

The book on a teenager is being reflected by the 'calling' Mercury (communications!) in the third house, close to the Moon (children, a.o.) rising before the Sun.

For diabetes: Venus opposite Jupiter and Ceres is 'calling'.

For the day of death:
- Progressed MC inconjunct Mars in 8 (definitely lost energy)
- Progressed Sun conjunct Uranus and trine Jupiter (for a relief)
- Transit Jupiter and Uranus in aspect with the natal ascendant (relief again).

See Wikipedia:

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Skinny diet = Saturn + Ceres

It is not healthy to be fat, and it is just as dangerous to be too skinny.

Grown up women who look like walking skeletons are 'bon ton' in Hollywood and beyond, risking there lives to appear young and look good (in their eyes). I wrote about Courtney Love in 2009, when she appeared to be too skinny and what I mentioned was that CERES and SATURN accompanied that period in her life.

Ceres happens to be the symbol of 'motherhood' and of whatever (kind of) nutrition you take. Ceres is also about genes (seeds) and heirloom. More on Ceres? See this...
And Saturn minimizes.

I had progressed Sun conjunct my Ceres when I was a young mother and very thin. You wouldn't believe me if you saw me now, but really, I could hardly sit:). It hurt! I managed to weigh so little without any particular effort because I smoked, I didn't like to eat a lot and I had a 'thin day' every week when I only had one orange and a glass of milk (and water, tea, coffee and cigarettes, of course). I liked some candy on the other 6 days, but not much of it. So I had a BMI of 17.6…and that is a lot more than  some of the most famous female stars today.

The Progressed Sun conjunct Ceres marks a period of dieting. When that goes with transit Saturn, you might watch your weight with care and avoid getting too thin, especially when there is an in conjunction.

I was lucky that the transit Saturn inconjunct my natal Sun didn't 'connect' with my 8th house, I guess. And when I quit smoking, several years later, I gained weight. Some people aren't so lucky when their diet is being highlighted by the progressed Sun.

Young mother Peaches Geldof had progressed Sun conjunct Ceres and in the last year she had transit Saturn inconjunct her Sun. Her Saturn is important (rising before the Sun), so the transit is, too. Her extreme vegetable diet was mentioned in this article in the Huffington Post:

On the day of her death we see:
- transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Venus and
- transit Uranus square Saturn and Neptune,
Uranus with Saturn and Neptune is a generational transit that might mean (according to Ebertin): sudden illness or weakness while Saturn-Uranus' biological meaning is linked to surgery and suddenly blocked heart rhythms, same as for Uranus-Neptune.

Here is the chart with transits and progressions.

The autopsy hasn't given any explanation of her sudden death at such a very young age. Perhaps there is a reason not directly related to her diet or weight. What happened is still unknown. I am afraid that horoscopes don't give a direct answer, either, especially not without hour of birth and disregarding the unknown circumstances, genetical factors etc. But I believe that Ceres with Saturn in the chart at the some time is a warning, in particular when you don't weigh enough to deal with the demands of motherhood combined with the pressure to be pretty and slim. Being too skinny is risky and doesn't help you survive challenges. Read this before it is too late.

Ceres Saturn and being skinny: Courtney Love in 2009
Early death of Amy Winehouse

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Aries astrologer Joan Quigley

It is April 10, the birthday of Joan Quigley, one of the most noted astrologer's in the USA, because she was Nancy Reagan's private astrologer since 1973 (her progressed Midheaven trine her natal Uranus). Astrodatabank mentions that unsuccessfully tried to start a business in 2001 (with Progressed MC semi square Pluto and progressed Sun square Uranus).  She is 87 now and the transits of Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter all hit her progressed Sun lately.

The importance of the angular Mercury, the angular Jupiter and the 'calling' Uranus*) would already point at the 'helicopter view mind' that is required to study (Mercury) astrology (Jupiter-Uranus), but also shows how important communications (Mercury), techniques (Uranus) and guidance (Jupiter) are in her life, apart from family matters (Ceres).   The Aries Sun shows enterprise and the Leo Moon is for the glamour. Being the advisor of USA's First Lady is of course something to be proud of. The cool Virgo Ascendant is trine Venus, corresponding with the fact that she was pretty. Perhaps Sun in 8 inconjunct Ascendant shows us that she was 'a star' in the eyes of many, but (inconjunct = 'but') exaggerated, or at the cost of her own lifestyle.

Her Pluto is conjunct the Sun of Nancy Reagan, whose Saturn is inconjunct the Sun of Joan Quigley and opposition Quigley's Jupiter. So there is a Sun Saturn side for Nancy Reagan and a Sun Jupiter Pluto side for Joan Quigley, corresponding with the fact that the relationship was a success for the astrologer while people mocked Nancy Reagan for consulting an astrologer (even Barack Obama did).

Well, let's not be sad about the lack of appreciation and let's find the astrology in her chart that you see here with transits and progressions for today, her birthday.

1. Uranus is 'calling' (no aspects in 5 dg orb or in sign) and rising before the Sun + at Aries Point.
2. Jupiter is opposition Ascendant.
So both Jupiter and Uranus are important

Midpoint Jupiter/Uranus is in the 25th degree of Pisces, square Mars in X (and square the Galactic Center)

I also like Neptune/Pluto midpoint semi square Midheaven for the discretion that was required in her position.

Here is an interview with her in 2002 called 'The cosmos of Joan Quigley'
I hear her say that she entered the mass market in the early 90's and found that she couldn't deal with it, because there is no mass astrology (very true) and that one day astrology will be recognized (I have my doubts…but I am glad that I did:).

Chart of Aries Astrologer Dane Rudhyar:
a pioneer in humanistic astrologie

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mickey Rooney, life, death and chart

Mars-Saturn is one of the symbols of death (and other things*). Transit Saturn was square Mickey Rooney’s progressed Mars and semi sextile his natal Venus when he died, age 93 (!and they didn’t want him to serve in the army because of his heart!). Also transit Pluto was opposite his progressed Moon in 8. More transits and progressions accompanied him on the final journey, like transit Jupiter in 8 square Mercury and Jupiter also trine progressed Ascendant. Jupiter is often visible in the chart of someone who was very old or ill and died (See Jupiter, when you die)
Finally, there was transit Uranus trine Mars to make it fast. 

Mickey Rooney was an actor. First of all, he had ambition and followed his parents (Vaudeville artists) in their footsteps (Saturn rises before his Sun). In his branche he was exceptional (Uranus square Sun/Moon midpoint) because of his size. Uranus with Sun/Moon is not a guarantee for a long lasting marriage, so it is not surprising (sic…) that he married 8 times.

Rooney’s chart is a B-rated chart so that the Ascendant, MC and Moon may not be correct and only those transits and progressions in blue are valid (whatever hour of birth). The pattern of artistic talent is mostly formed by minor or major aspects between Moon, Venus and Neptune related to Midheaven. In this chart we see Moon 105 degrees Venus and opposite Neptune but no aspect of Moon-Venus-Neptune with MC. The Midheaven ruler is Mercury in Libra and as Venus is in Libra, too, Venus is the final ruler of the MC. That makes Venus double as important as Venus already is, because: Venus is ‘calling’. Entertainment, love, women, talent, diplomacy and everything nice and pretty would be manifested in his life, somehow, anyhow and at any possible level. Didn’t it?

See on Mars-Saturn aspects or visit my blog ART&ASTROLOGY for more charts of those who work in the field of art or entertainment.

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