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The 26th of Aries and Libra (the eclipse degree) and the predictable path

Every image (just like the picture of a chart) will be interpreted differently, but there is a core meaning that we recognize, usually. The Sabian Degree is a combination of astrology and the paranormal.

In the version of Helene and Willem Koppejan of the Zodiac Image Handbook the image of the 26th degree of Aries is that of a royal person handing over his scepter to a kneeling servant. There is a big sun shining above the king and a smaller one on the servant. Janduz explains this degree like 'easy success'. The second image mentioned is that of  a man with more gifts than he can hold. So far for the Sun.

The Moon in the 26th of Libra is the Moon in the degree of a glorious but not yet won fight, according to the interpretation of Janduz. The picture is that of an armed knight fighting a roaring lion  and a scared man on the left, only holding a stick.
There are always two images for every degree in the Zodiac Image Handbook by Koppejan. The second image is that of an eagle and a white dove turning into each other, fast. A powerful bird changing into a bird of peace and a bird of peace becoming an eagle, in other words.

There has been said much about the Moon degree, but how about the Sun? It was a day for an easy success with on the other hand, a role switch for those with the power to make peace. As it was an eclipse, there was a moment in history without a view on a process of peace that actually was in the shadow? And see, meanwhile Russia and Ukraine came to an agreement, behind the scenes! And the President of the USA has his doubts about that.

I like Sabian degrees, and welcome their addition to the usual tools for interpreting astrology charts. It is, however, not so that every person born with the 25-26 degree of Libra will face a glorious fight in some way. The actual degree needs to be a prominent one (like on the AC-DC or MC-IC or 'calling' = NA), like Mars in the chart of Pope Francis. Otherwise we'd have to assume that every person born on a October 19 would win in the end (with assistance) and that every person born with 25-26 Aries Sun would have a lot of present to share. That can't be so, says  logic. Also, some of the judgements are rather hard to deal with and leave the question: how to change such a picture of a part of YOU? And can we change ourselves and alter a picture of ourselves? I wonder. What is your opinion? Please do the poll!

An eclipse including Ceres hit the chart of the Greek PM during the monetary crisis and the demand for help from the EU. See I quote:

The degree of the Moon at full moon is 25th Sagittarius.The Zodiac Image Handbook (by Koppejan) shows the image of a couple at the end of an exhausting party, sitting at the table with left overs and empty bottles. Janduz said that this is a degree of exaggeration. And there is another image of a rich boy on horseback (by Rudhyar and Marc E.Jones). Maybe this is the eclipse that tells us not to be carried away  by luxury
The Sun's degree (25 Gemini) shows the picture of on old man in a library, quite the contrary of the picture of the Moon and in line with this opposition. It is a degree of intellectual culture, says Janduz. The second image in the Zodiac Image Handbook is that of a gardener, taking care of palm trees. Culture again and cultivating. 
Eclipses come in families, says Bernadette Brady, about the Saros Cylcle ( I bought her book'Predictive Astrology' and in that book are all eclipses in the family. The one of tonight belongs to number 13. Brady relates this family to Australia, where eclipses of this range seem to stimulate the community spirit(or stormy weather, real or in politics). 

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