Friday, October 29, 2010

Mariah Carey: 11:45 a.m.?

11:45 AM, that is what Astrotheme says about the hour of birth of Mariah Carey, born March 27, 1970 in Long Island City (NY). Astrodatabank however uses the X for the day and hour of birth. The Astrotheme data give the following reflections of 'being pregnant'":

Transit Jupiter (symbol of success) is conjunct natal Ceres (symbol of motherhood)
Transit Pholus is opposition progressed Mars (a turning point in sex, energy or job, due to others)
Progressed Venus square Nothern Node (loving relationship)
Could this 11:45 a.m. chart also fit a singer like Mariah? I think that it does. Continue to read about that and about the (lack of) match between the charts of Mariah and the natal positions of her first husband.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A matter of Jupiter-Neptune
(Marcial Maciel Degollado and his popes)

Father Marcial Maciel Degollado abused his wife (!), his children and other men's children all the time that he was a priest in Mexico, and it seems that Pope John Paul 2 knew about it. But what if this became common knowledge? Marcial Maciel Degollado also founded Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ. He was an important man in church and seems to have been rich, too..For whatever reason Marcial Maciel Degollado could continue his practices for decades.

Here is the chart. The transits are the positions on the day of birth of John Paul 2.

First of all: there is a Venus sesquisquare Pluto. It is not uncommon to see an afflicted Venus-Pluto in the chart of abusers in the Roman Catholic Church. See the post for more examples. Continue for the synastry of Degollado with John Paul 2 and with Pope Benedict, the men who shared Jupiter conjunct Neptune, the combination of religion.

Barack Obama and the November 2 elections

This is the progressed chart of President Obama on Election day November 2, 2010, when the Americans choose their members of the House of Representatives. The result of the election is important for the presidency and for the Obama administration. If the Democrats fail to win, the President will become a lame duck. The importance of that day is visible in the progressed chart of Obama. I have said before,that the 'president in the chart' is more visible in the progressed chart than it is in the natal chart. (Obama 'grew' into his position and status.)

On November 2, 2010 the progressed Descendant is conjunct Quaoar: sunset for new realities? It might be read as the creation of a new situation. Either he wins with a great majority or he looses a lot, but there will be a major change.

That doesn't seem to effect his position for the next presidential election of 2012. That is with the fixed star Sirius opposition progressed Midheaven and after Sun trine Jupiter. Unless he is being forced to step back earlier and unless that there is a better candidate, he is likely to be re-elected anyway. He will start the next episode of 30 years in prosperity (positively). This progressions offers opportunities for growth, travelling, international affairs and happiness in general.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tariq Aziz, Mars-Saturn, Jupiter inconjunct Pluto and April 28

With transit Saturn square progressed Mars Tariq Aziz has been sentenced to death yesterday. See Yahoo news:
In his natal chart Mars is sextile Saturn and sesquisemisquare (67.5d) Pluto. The Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination is the combination of the importance of untimely or unnatural death (of yourself or others). The resonation of Mars-Saturn (tight aspect in natal chart and transit today) adds to the importance of the transit. The situation (being judged in a country ruled by opponents, risking death penalty) adds to worries.

Tariq Aziz once was an important person in the government of Saddam Hussein. Watch Jupiter in his natal chart… 

Jupiter is sesquisquare Sun and inconjunct Pluto. Sun-Jupiter-Pluto is a combination that often shows success and confidence. However, the inconjunction between Jupiter and Pluto means that there is a price to pay for success. The combination of the tightest aspects (Mars-Saturn and Jupiter-Pluto) already tells us about the strong influence of disproportional successes and hard measures. Does it surprise you, that he became a minister in 1983, with progressed Sun opposition Jupiter? It is an astrological statement of fortune and rise to success. Even without hour of birth, there is a clear message in the chart of the day of birth.

That is why I checked the others born on April 28, 1936. And then I recalled the birth data of Saddam Hussein: April 28, 1937. They were born on the same day (of another year). In ' The power of birthdays, stars and numbers' the 28th of April is linked to the fixed star Hamal. That star is of the nature of Mars and Saturn...The qualities of those born on April 28 should be: patience, discipline (Mars-Saturn!), working hard, concentrated energy and leadership. The negative sides are: use of violence and being unscrupulous. It seems to correspond with the character of Saddam and Tariq. But I very much doubt if Penelope Cruz fits in this pattern. So if you are born on April 28, remember Penelope...I have written about her marriage lateley. See Astrology & Love...

For more about Mars-Saturn, read this…
All in all it is about inevitable, obligatory action or inactivity based upon duty, age, fear or caution. 

For more about inconjunctions, see the post about the effect… or use the label for more examples


Monday, October 25, 2010

The leader in the chart of Hillary Clinton

The hour of birth of Hillary Clinton is still a well kept secret and Astrodatabank rates this 8:02 a.m. chart as DD: that means that the data are questionable. So what can we rely on when we look at this chart for the day of birth? Her Astro I.D. shows a prominent Sun (for leadership) and a dito Jupiter (for the international). Even without hour of birth we see the basics of success and confidence. Her individual chart and character, her situation and conditions, the historical/cultural context, the progressed chart and transits and lest but not least her marriage to Bill Clinton...this all contributed to the development of Hillary Clinton.

1. We see that the Sun doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degress and is quintile Saturn. 
That is for the star, the leader and creative manager, drawing attention and being in the center of it somehow...

2. We can be certain that Neptune is the first outer planet rising before the very prominent Sun. 
It means that there is an idealistic approach always and that she doesn't just do 'it' for gain.

3. Jupiter is also ' calling' for the international that she is today.

4. Mercury in Scorpio is tightly square Saturn: she is a strategic communicator, a true politician.

An idealistic leader with fans and followers, who is a strategic communicator....ehmm...perhaps all we need is a prominent Pluto or Saturn for politician or government. 

Continue for more about Mars, Saturn and Pluto combinations in the natal chart and in 2011 and for the chart drawing...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chart of Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson was born October 24, 1972. He murdered his pregnant wife for the insurance money, planning to start a new living with his mistress. Now he is jail, in the death row. This is his progressed (!) chart with transits and progressions of December 10, 2002. (See the natal chart on Astrodatabank).
progressed chart with transits (Scott Peterson)

The natal chart of Peterson has Uranus conjunct Mars rising before the Sun. It is the same astrological statement for an extreme drive as famous footballer Pele has. But this guy didn't play football:).  

There were indications for possible divorce and affairs*) in the chart:
- Mars conjunct Uranus
- Venus quintile Neptune
- Moon opposition Neptune
- Moon inconjunct Sun
But Saturn in the 7th, square Venus sort of intervened. This aspect shows that he had a desire of keeping up appearances in marriage and that he related marriage and love to security and status. 

Scott Peterson reported his wife missing the day before Xmas with the transit Northern Node (community) opposition Progressed Mercury (report) and inconjunct (lost) Ceres (mother/wife). It is not known when exactly he killed her. It was 14 days after progressed Sun opposition Moon and 14 days after the day he told his lover that he lost his wife and would be alone at Xmas...So let us see the chart with transits and progressions of December 10, 2002:

- Progressed Midheaven close to natal Mars
- Transit Mars conjunct Progressed Mars 
- Transit Quaoar inconjunct Progressed Moon
- Progressed Sun square Progressed Pholus
(BTW- Progressed Midheaven is between transit and progressed Eris)

Those positions could be seen as the reflection of an important act (MC-Mars), to deal a blow (Mars-Mars), a moment of feeling new perspectives (Moon with Quaoar) and an important turning point in life (Sun-Pholus). In the natal chart Pholus is in aspect with Sun and Moon.

What is interesting in this chart is, that the Midheaven doesn't make any Ptolemeic aspect. Maybe that placed the career goals in his life and his ambitions on any possible level, subject to circumstances and influences of others. A calling Midheaven can refer to a position at any possible level,too, high or low...

BTW Mars-Saturn semi square Pluto is an indication for the issue of untimely death (his or others).

 *) In the chart of males having 2 or more of the following aspects means a higher risk for divorce:
- Conflict between Mars and Uranus
- Conflict between Moon and Saturn
- Conflict between Moon and Neptune
- Conflict between Venus and Neptune

For men and women conflicts between the first and seventh house make it difficult to maintain relationships. Venus in Aries and Mars in Libra are the equivalent of conflicts between the first and seventh house (when they are afflicted).

Women with 2 or more Sun-Uranus, Venus-Uranus, Mars-Saturn and /or Sun-Mars conflicts in their charts have a greater risk to end up marriage in divorce.


Celine Dion's twins

(Such beautiful cakes on!)

Yesterday, on Saturday October 23, Celine Dion gave birth to a healthy pair of premature boys. There is a lot of interaction between her chart and the chart of the baby boys (with time of birth). 

Transits are actual positions of planets, Sun and Moon. Transits with the chart of a mother on the day of birth of her children are, of course,  the natal positions of the child that is born. The transits with the natal positions of the parent characterize the nature of the relationship from the start. The child is a living reminder of the period in life and of what happened on the day of birth. 
There were a lot of transits mirroring the situation when the children of Celine Dion were born, as you will notice. There were also important progressions in her chart. There is a list in this post (scroll down).

 Continue for the charts of Celine's twins, the chart drawing of Celine Dion and the link to the post about the artist in the chart of Celine Dion..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Astropost: Lindsey Lohan's inconjunct Pluto and Neptune

Judge order: Lindsey Lohan has to remain in rehab until January 3! It is her year of restrictions in line with:

Her progressed chart with Sun trine Saturn and sesquisquare Uranus, exactly in this year, repeating and highlighting the combination of Saturn and Uranus in the natal chart (Saturn-Uranus is THE combination of restricted freedom).

And there is more:

Progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Neptune (the combination for 'fallen angels' and difficulties in living up to expectations)

Also this year:
Transit Pluto inconjunct progressed Sun - and conjunct progressed Neptune-for possible lost self esteem (other effect: winning, but at your own expense).

The effect of the combination of those difficult progressions and transits with her personal situation is apparently unvolutarily therapy.

See Astropost: Lindsey Lohan's inconjunct Pluto and Neptune


Astrology chart of Pele

How does the natal chart of Pele reflect the international football player? Pele, born on October 23, 1940 has an AA rated chart on Astrodatabank that you see in this post. It is a chart with:

a. Mars oriental (for an orientation on energy, muscles, action, sport and enterprise; being driven in the first place).  Mars is the most prominent planet in the chart. That is because Mars also doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That is a 'calling'  Mars. It means energy and drive at any possible level (with that drive)! 
Mars makes a minor aspect. Mars is sesquisquare with Uranus. That shows an accelerated drive and energy. 
Now we have a person who is first of all and at any possible level highly driven and energetic.

b. Pholus in the 5th house inconjunct Midheaven refers to games (shooting with the foot) that changed his position and status in a disproportionate way. When he was a little boy he played football without shoes, bare feet. That was part of his secret:) And I bet that he hurt his feet sometimes...
Pholus is the symbol of the centaur who shot himself in a foot. Pholus also means ' turning point'. The position of Pholus in the 5th house (of games) shows us the nature of the game. This game changed his life...

c. The midpoint AC/MC is semi square natal Sun. The Sun is the symbol of leadership and performance (or games!). I quote myself:
 AC/MC with Sun
The crucial importance of leadership or performance

And this above is just part of the explanation. Let us add Brazil, the popularity of football, the trainer who noticed him...Together with the special drive and talent this generated one of the best football players in history. He was an artist in his field and the chart shows it: Moon, Venus and Neptune are in aspect with each other and with Midheaven. And he is not just an artist with a football. Did you know that he had an art exhibition? Here is the link...


Friday, October 22, 2010

Nicolas Cage in financial problems

A lot of houses and a squadron of Rolls Royces led to the financial problems of Nicolas Cage. That is what his business manager said (see the link:
But what says his chart about financial problems? Here is the picture:

Progressed Venus was inconjunct natal Pluto early this year, reflecting finances (Venus Pluto) out of balance (inconjunction). The inconjunction often mirrors a lost. In this case: money losts!

Today (now that another instituation wants money) transit Saturn is exactly square his progressed Moon. Soon Transit Saturn will be conjunct Midheaven and opposition Jupiter. That doesn't sound good for those who speak 'Astrologic' . It sounds depressing, to be correct. But: transit Jupiter is square natal Ascendant again and so perhaps this time to, some help and assistence is available. 

What is the reason behind his expenses? Mars is in the second equal house, together with Venus conjunct Saturn and Pholus. That is a bad omen for money, because Saturn and Pholus together produce nasty turning points. 
Also the Moon is quindecile Jupiter in the natal chart. It is the reflection of a desire for more and more and more, in an obsessive way. Jupiter is oppostion Midheaven and therefor important. 
There is also Venus conjunct Pholus in the second house of money. Perhaps that means ' turning points in wishes and preferences' . When you are rich, you can afford (for a long time) to give in to changing tastes and preferences. Pholus is, however, also the symbol of hurting yourself, shooting your own foot. The Venus-Pholus combination is a risk in the house of money...

Cage married a few times and marriage is not cheap these days:). See Astrology & Love about the marriages of Nicolas Cage, the indications for the number of them, and the match with Lisa Mary Presley, Patricia Arquette and Cristina Fulton. 
Here is the link:

BTW the pattern of artistic talent is as follows:
Moon 112.5 (square + half semi square) Venus
Venus square Neptune 
Midheaven and Moon in Libra
AC/MC in hard aspect with Venus and Neptune
That is relating Moon, Venus and Neptune with midheaven (ruled by Venus).

For more such patterns, see Art & Astrology. 
For more background information about astrology, see the labels.

Someone knew more about Cage's Rolls Royces, see this blog...


Juan Williams, new perspectives and Quaoar

Voila, a new perspective for journalist Juan Williams, who got fired by NPR today after being political incorrect and now signed a new and better contract wit Fox News. See the news here... 

That is a true Quaoar effect, I think. Quaoar is the symbol of new realities and perspectives. Quaoar is exactly trine the natal Sun of Juan Williams today. 
(And mine, but nobody offered me a anything today....;(

Want to know more about the possible Quaoar effect? See this post...


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Astropost: 2012 Exit Mundi or Age of Aquarius?

See Astropost: 2012 Exit Mundi or Age of Aquarius? (written in 2009). It isn't 2012 yet, but it is getting closer...



See: Astropost: ACCIDENTS HAPPEN?:
An academic study lead to the conclusion that there is a relationship between star sign and deathly accident. And that relationship is corresponding with the ideas in astrology!

In 2003 there were 1028 deathly victims in trafic in Holland. Of them, 106 were Aries, 106 Gemini, 100 Sagittarius, 100 Pisces, 92 Taurus, 86 Cancer, 83 Leo, 80 Virgo, 80 Aquarius, 76 Scorpio, 75 Libra, and only 43 of them were Capricorns. Capricorn is the most carefull sign!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Mars by Velazquez
Mars is the symbol of many things and one of those things is ‘infection’. Saturn is the symbol of many things and one of them is ‘precaution’.
 Today, for example, I posted about Margareth Thatcher’s transit Saturn conjunct Mars (now that she is in hospital). 

The combination Mars-Saturn is the combination of many other things, too. Continue for more about Mars-Saturn and links to posts with examples of the effect of Mars-Saturn in natal charts, progressions/transits and synastry. All in all it is about inevitable, obligatory action or inactivity based upon duty, age, fear or caution. 

Re: Chart of Anna Chapman's day of birth

Anna Chapman has her own Iphone poker game now and this month she there will be pictures of her in the magazine for men: Maxime. Read Astropost: Chart of Anna Chapman's day of birth about how the positions of her day of birth are corresponding with those of spies like Mata Hari and Christine Keeler. BTW, transit Jupiter has just been conjunct her progressed Sun and that means successes in life...:)


Chart of Margareth Thatcher, Sun/Moon and Mars-Saturn

Yesterday Margareth Thatcher was admitted to hospital (news here). A flu-related infection made it necessary to do some tests. Right now there is a nasty combination of progressed Sun/Moon with natal Mars and midpoint Ascendant/MC with transit Saturn. See the chart.  The astrological 'mirror in the sky' shows that there is indeed reason to be alarmed. Such a combination of aspects might be fatal considering her age (she is 85). The solar return chart has Uranus (ruler 8) on Midheaven and that is another reason to take care.

Continue for  the chart of Margaret Thatcher and links to posts on this blog about the former PM...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bankruptcy of Crystal Cathedral?

The Crystal Cathedral is in financial trouble. The famous minister, Robert Schuler, was born September 16 1924. That means that his progressed Sun is now in the 20th degree of Sagittarius, square natal Uranus, the recipe for upheaval and unexpected change. That progressed aspect is resonating the natal Sun opposition Uranus and the effect is stronger because of that resonation. 

Here is the chart of the day of birth of Robert Schuler, progressions and transits.

What the chart drawing doesn't show is that transit Quaoar is conjunct progressed Sun. Quaoar is the symbol of new perspectives. Maybe he finds a way out of trouble, somehow? Or maybe he manages to create a new life style, retiring? Natal Mars quintile Jupiter and transit Jupiter conjunct progressed Mars are good for successses, so: who knows. And indeed: who knows!? Because the man of the Hour of Power has an unknown hour of birth...So it is not known where exactly the Moon is, how the angular positions are and what object is in aspect with Sun/Moon midpoint or AC/MC. But every well known person with a progressed Sun in hard aspect with Uranus somehow manages to be mentioned in the newspapers. Uranus is also the symbol of surprises, sensation and The news is the possible bankruptcy of the Crystal Cathedral.

There is more about Robert Schuler and his son on this blog...
Some of the highligths of his chart:

- Neptune rises before the Sun 
That is for an idealistic or romantic orientation. 
- Jupiter inconjunct Pluto is the aspect that shows the risk of successes and the price that you pay for it.

LINK to the news

If you wonder what Quaoar is, see this post...


Sun/Moon and AC/MC combinations

Yesterday's post was about the transits and progressions with Sun/Moon midpoint. Sun/Moon midpoint is what it says that it is: the midpoint between Sun and Moon. Ascendant/Midheaven (AC/MC) is another important midpoint. It is the crosspoint of meridian and horizon, the very spot on earth uses for calculating the chart. The angular positions (positions on Ascendant or the meridian - MC or IC -) are prominent positions. The planets on those positions have great impact on the Astrological ID. They show up like special marks do. Any aspect with Sun/Moon or AC/MC is an important aspect. These aspects show more about the nature of a person's motivation and the vital importance of a chart. 
BTW Sun/Moon and Ascendant/Midheaven can't be calculated without knowing the hour and place of a birth. Those who don't know the hour of birth could have a look at the post about Zero Aries. Continue for the combinations of Sun/Moon and AC/MC.

Here are example readings for combinations with Sun/Moon and the equally important midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sun/Moon progressions and transits

Sun/Moon is the midpoint between Sun and Moon*). Sun/Moon is important in relationships and is an indication for the nature of your motivation. Any aspect with Sun/Moon is important for your well being. I noticed that even inconjunctions with Sun/Moon have relevance. Sun/Moon is important in relationships, too. There is a post about the progressed midpoint Sun/Moon, too (scroll down to see the link). And there is more…How about transits and progressions with your Sun/Moon? I think that transits and progressions with Sun/Moon might have a strong effect on how you feel. 
Let’s see if what I think could be true.

Barack Obama’s Sun/Moon midpoint is at 97.94 degrees, the 8th degree of Cancer. Just recently transit Saturn was square his Sun/Moon (the first 2 days of October). The poll results were rather bad and I guess that this didn’t cheer him up. Saturn can be rather depressing when you have bad polls. You see, Saturn on Sun/Moon shows you plain reality and the need for stability and respect. It can be good and it can be bad, depending on the rest of your chart. More Obama? check the labels...

Michael Douglas has transit Pluto semi square Sun/Moon, following the transit of Saturn over Sun and Moon and midpoint Sun/Moon. We all know about his challenging period right now (trying to conquer cancer).
Pluto on Sun/Moon shows that you need strength and courage.

George Michael’s Sun/Moon in the 27th degree of Cancer was inconjunct Neptune in September/October, during his time in jail (Neptune is the symbol of shame, isolation and with the inconjunction of lost illusions). Sun/Moon with Neptune shows the need of privacy and hiding away.

With Progressed Mercury conjunct Sun/Moon (need to study) I finished the academy. I married in the year that Progressed ruler 7 was exactly conjunct Sun/Moon. This happened again in 1996 (but by then I was already marriedJ). It also happened at age 2, BTW, because of a retrograding planet.

More examples? And how about you?
Just look at the transits of the day of birth of your children to see if the situation at the time corresponds with the relationship with the child. For example, with Jupiter you would expect a prosperous birth situation and a happy start. But with Saturn there might be difficulties and fear from the start, or worries. Use the labels to find out more.

For example readings of Sun/Moon midpont and AC/MC midpoint combinations with the planets, see next post. Reading this message later than October 19? Then use the label Sun/Moon or AC/MC to get to list.

The progressed Sun/Moon midpoint is another object for study…

Sun/Moon is important in family and love relationships. See Astrology and Love…

*) You can calculate Sun/Moon and other midpoints rather easily. See the post about how to calculate and interprete midpoints…


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sun and Saturn (like in the chart of Gretha Smit)

In the natal chart Gretha Smit (in 2002 she won silver  in Salt Lake City on the 5.000 meters women speed skating) has Sun opposition Saturn. Any aspect between Sun and Saturn in progression or transit will have a strong effect resonating the natal aspect. So did transit Saturn inconjunct her progressed Sun. 
Skater Gretha Smit (1976.01.26) had transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Sun, when newspapers revealed an accusation about trying to buy a starting place from a Polish skater (the accusation is being investigated).
That is what I wrote on on February 21, 2010 (link below)...That transit finished her career. Saturn - Sun aspects often end periods in life and sometimes untimely. This transit occured when Paris Hilton was arrested and I noticed this transit when a criminal cop was arrested. An inconjunction symbolises losts, giving up or getting out of balance. 

An investigation followed and now she has been punished for trying to buy a starting place during the Turino Olympics in 2006. That was, by the way, when her progressed Sun sign changed...(and that ment that her life and life style was about to change).  Gretha Smit is furious about the judgement and about the punishment. She said she just passed an note, unaware of the contents. about your transit Saturn inconjunct Sun? Just continue...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Astropost: Could Stieg Larsson write?

Stieg Larsson didn't only write books. He also trained rebellions (women) in Eritrea! More about the chart of his day of birth on Astropost: Could Stieg Larsson write?


Aries Point or Zero Aries and your Sun

Aries Point or Zero Aries is the first degree of the zodiac (0-1 Aries). It is the position of the Sun when spring begins (for the northern half of the globe). This important position can reflect some of the impression that others have of your way of presenting yourself, for example as a serious and ambitious person (Saturn, like Christina Onassis and Saddam Hussein) or as a leading figure (Sun), just like Tony Blair and Prince William. Just read the article on Astromarkt for more about Zero Aries....

Your Sun is at Zero Aries on 20,21 or 22 March (and you are supposed to draw attention somehow, be a leader, show off or have a special fysical appearance). Hard aspects like squares and oppositions between Sun and Aries Point exist when you were born on:

3, 4 or 5 Februari
5, 6 or 7 May
21, 22 or 23 June
7, 8 or 9 August
22, 23 or 24 September (that is an opposition, when it is springtime in Australia)
6, 7 or 8 November
21, 22 or 23 December

Maybe you were born on such a day. Are you a Sun-Aries Point person and is it true that people don't fail to notice you? Or (perhaps because of a shy Ascendant) have you never noticed that you have a Sun-Aries Point aspect (and hasn't the outside world really noticed you)? Please use the poll.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Mars-Uranus, sparks and Uranus in (Zero) Aries

Mars-Uranus is the combination of the short fuse. On Astromarkt is an article about Mars-Uranus and on this blog you find examples starting with this post when you use the label Mars Uranus. I think that the Prodigy's 'Firestarter' is a perfect illustrtation of an extreme case of Mars-Uranus:). Just watch the video on YouTube and you will see why.

Continue to see the links to the lyrics and the video and for more about Uranus in Aries and Aries Point:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Timeless posts reposted

Very busy today, so here are just a few links to timeless posts on Astropost, like:
Test your knowledge, simple test for beginning students in astrology
What is a prominent position in a chart? Find out, use the link...
I am joking (a bit) about the use of astrology when it comes to warnings...

The chart of Casanova, a timeless seducer...
(correction, I gave the wrong link, sorry!)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rescue of first miner

In 2010 there was a mining accident in Copiapo. People all over the world were excited when the first miner was rescued.

This is the chart of the moment that the first miner was rescued and arrived above earth (at 00:10 today). What is in the chart?

1. Uranus and Jupiter are elevated. The combination is reflecting the relief...All over the world people are happy with the rescue. 
2. Ceres and Moon are on either side of the horizon, mirroring the return to the family (Ceres is the symbol of roots and genes, Moon is the symbol of home). 
3. And we see Venus and Saturn without major aspects in sign; there is joy and there are concerns at any possible level (sic...) There is a strong concern for the results and there are great responsibilities (Saturn is rising before Sun and Mercury). They go together with the relief and joy.
4. I particulary like Sun square Venus/Jupiter, for joy. It is a perfect day to get married, by the way...
5. And how about the moon in the very final minutes of Sagittarius? It is a void of course Moon (a Moon that will not make any more aspects in sign). There is a myth about the bad effects of a Void Moon in the charts of inaugurations.  
I doubt that the family of the first miner would agree with a ' bad'  void moon.... 

If a Moon is without major aspects in sign, the Moon is ' calling' (IMO). That means that emotions are without control, at any possible level. And that is perfectly understandable here....

The post about that void moon is here...
For more background info, check the labels.


What is Quaoar? And about aspects with Quaoar...

Not at all
  3 (14%)

Yes, strongly
  3 (14%)

Yes, in a way, a bit
  4 (19%)

What is Quaoar?
  11 (52%)

Those are the results of my poll with the question: Have you noticed Quaoar?
If you answered: what is Quaoar, than here is the answer:

Quaoar is one of the biggest asteroids and the Indian God of creations. In astrology Quaoar is reflecting a new reality or perspective. For examples and more info, read the posts that you find here:

But perhaps you would like some more explanation. I think that Quaoar shows the creation of new perspectives (good or bad). I think that Quaoar in the natal charts shows where/how you can create or be confronted with new realities. Quaoar is very small. To have some impact, Quaoar should be prominent in the natal chart (on the angles, rising before the Sun, on Sun/Moon or AC/MC or in very tight aspect with an important planet or light). 

What could it possibly mean in a birth chart? Let me guess how aspects of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars and Ascendant with Quaoar could be 'translated' (using tight 1.5 degree orbs), with examples of course. Quaoar is of importance in the charts of Paul McCartney, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Ahmadinejad and Steve Jobs. Continue ....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chart of Juan Carlos and Alberto (his first son?)

According to a Dutch newspaper (and nowhere else on the internet) Alberto Fernando Augusto claims that he is the son of King Juan Carlos, born when the Spanish king was only 19 years old. Here is the chart of Juan Carlos (the transits are for the day of birth of Alberto Fernando Augusto Sola Jimenez on September 3, 1956 in Barcelona). On that day in 1956 Pluto rises before the Sun conjunct Jupiter and the Moon is in Leo, very likely in hard aspect with Pluto and Saturn.
chart of Juan Carlos with transits of d.o.b. Alberto

Transit Pholus has recently been square his Sun and Jupiter (turning point in life and conviction) and transit Quaoar is almost square his Mars (new perspective in a struggle). 
 As he is 54 the progressed Sun is now in the 5th degree of Scorpio and that is square natal Uranus and almost square Pholus. That is a lot of change, new perspectives and turning points in one year. 
Chart of day of birth of Alberto, with today's transits

How is the match with the chart of his supposed to be father?

His Jupiter is opposition Juan Carlos' Mars
His Sun is trine JC's Uranus
His Pluto is inconjunct the King's Midheaven
His Neptune is square the King's Midheaven
His Uranus is opposition the Sun/Moon of Juan Carlos and 75 d AC

If his story is true and Juan Carlos is his father than the combination could be the reflection of a few parts of the story. For example, Neptune and Pluto with the King's MC ...that is for the secrecy and discretion that he associates with the King's position. And Uranus opposition Sun/Moon is expressing the enstrangement and the upheaval in the family life of the king.

URANUS (alienation and sensation)
The Uranus-Sun combination doesn't lessen the distance, that is certain. Uranus is of vital importance in the interaction between the charts. Uranus is (among other meanings) the planet of sensational news...and that is just all that it might be. 

In the natal chart of Alberto Fernando Augusto the Sun is semi quintile Uranus and Sun is trine Uranus in the chart of the King. They seem to share an aspect that includes independence and individuality. And perhaps this combination mirrors the enstrangement (alienation) that separated the lives of a father and the son that was born before births were wanted.

Juan Carlos is not the first king with children of other women than his own. Think of Albert of Belgium, who has never recognized his daughter. Albert has Sun semi square Uranus, Juan Carlos has Sun trine Uranus. Let us see if the nature of the aspect makes a difference for the child in question. A simple DNA-test could tell the truth about the story and offer an opportunity to correct past mistakes. But why should a king go through such a procedure, anyway? Transit Uranus is almost on the progressed Sun of the King and sextile his Midheaven. Perhaps it is just coincidence that Uranus has such an important part to play in the charts of both men and perhaps Uranus is just reflecting the upheaval about the question if Juan Carlos was a father at age 19. But if it is not, Uranus might be mirroring something from the past that comes back for another chance.  However, there is another possibility: that the charts of Juan Carlos and Alberto Sola Jimenez and their names just happen to be interacting and that they have nothing to do with each other. Only if they are related or when they would meet each other, the interaction of individuals could mirror the interaction of charts. 

Sometimes your chart makes aspects with the chart of another person, a celebrity or someone you don’t know. This interaction of charts only has a meaning when you are personally involved with the person, when there is personal interaction. That  is because:

Charts don’t tell, charts don’t judge, charts simply mirror earthly situations, but always in the context of the situation and conditions of time and place.

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PS the picture in the paper shows a man who looks a lot like Juan Carlos. That might of course have influenced his belief that he is his son and it might also mean more. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Michael Douglas and Pluto

AA rated chart of Michael Douglas, transits and progressions

Pluto is the symbol of problems, challenges, force, power, strength, strategy and intensity. With Pluto, you get to your core business and you often learn what is really important for you. When Pluto hits your Sun, you are living more intensely than ever, for whatever reason. Michael Douglas just finished his chemo and transit Pluto is square his Sun and about to join the natal Moon in Capricorn. Pluto-Sun  transits often accompany a come-back (with all of the difficulties that it takes to get back). A comeback requires an extra strong enforcement and so does a recovery or a cure like hell...Pluto is the symbol of destruction and reorganization and that is why the transit of Pluto seems to match with the effects of a cure against cancer. 

There is more in Michael Douglas' chart. The progressed Ascendant is opposition Saturn (in the 8th house in the natal chart) and that is resonating the hard situation.  Pluto is the ruler of the 8th house of Scorpio. Saturn is in the natal 8th house. Now there are 2 indications for life threatening situations. The progressed Moon in the 8th house is the 3rd reflection of the life and death conditions.

It takes 3 to tango. When there are 3 important indications pointing in the same direction, it is likely that a major event is taking place. In the case of Michael Douglas it is a heavy and nasty treatment against a life threatening tumor, indicated by the 8th house of life and death. The transits and progressions are not with Jupiter, Venus and the 5th house of pleasure...This example is illustrating that you need to study the repeating and prominent signs, as well as the significant events to see how astrology matches real life. 

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It is not the first challenging event in Michael Douglas' life this year. In Apil his son Cameron was convicted to 5 years in prison. See the post about that... (use the link)...