Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chart of day of birth of Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo has won a prize, the Nobel Prize, but he is in prison, in China for the same reason: his work for human rights. I wonder if it is a joy to get the Nobel Prize when you are in jail and maybe that is why the progressed Sun is opposition Jupiter (success and support with a question mark - does he benefit from it or not? -) and inconjunct Uranus (a change/surprise, but...with a lost). The relief or positive change (Jupiter + Uranus) has it's hard sides (the hard aspects). The nature of the aspects (afflictions, hard aspects) have - of course - a harder effect in a hard nation.*). 

When Xiaobo's progressed sun sign was changing, his life changed, too. He was arrested and convicted and the Chinese authorities want him to stay in jail for another 10 years, Nobel Prize or not. What character does one need to go against a government that doesn't tolerate political incorrect thinking? The chart of the day of birth of Liu Xiaobo is here:

Xiaobo is a Capricorn with Saturn rising before the Sun and Saturn is in Scorpio exactly square Pluto.

Saturn's position is pointing at a very serious person and the square with Pluto is showing the disadvantages of politics and the 'die hard' who doesn't give in or give up. Saturn-Pluto's are often confronted with tough and severe enimies or they do hard work alone. 

PS Transit Uranus is now in aspect with Saturn (sextile) and Pluto (inconjunct) now that the world heard about his unfortunate situation and offered him money that he won't be able to receive. 

About Saturn and Pluto on Astromarkt....

When Saturn and Pluto join forces you get a strong concentration, a focus. Scientific specialism, for example, or the heavy training of a sportsman. Saturn is the governmental law, Pluto is the law of the street (where the strongest is the winner), so if they join eventually the law will win. Strictly maintaining ancient rules: Saturn and Pluto together! Those with both of the planets in the fourth house will have a hard and unpleasant background (but with good aspects there can be done something about or with that experience). You seldom see water in the wine with Saturn and Pluto on the label....
There is a certain 'boomerang' effect with Saturn-Pluto combinations. The slightest error in the past made during a Saturn-Pluto aspect might turn against you later, when Saturn joins Pluto again. Investigations about peoples' past bring errors to the light during a progression or transit that combines the planets and force the native to resign. Saturn brings up the disadvantages of research and investigations.

A long time ago I wrote about Sun signs and this is what I wrote about Saturn in Scorpio:
Saturn in Scorpio Making a problem of your career and status, so that limitations are your challenge and you look severe and fanatic sometimes.

*) A chart has to be seen in the light of the gender, social/economic situation, culture, political status quo and history. What is hard in a free country is even harder in a restrictive society. Also, the same chart doesn't lead to the same kind of work or life! On the day of birth of Xiaobo a cartoon designer was born in Belgium. He was never arrested and he is not in politics. I have no idea in what way his life changed when the sun sign changed. All that he shares with Xiaobo is just working with ideas and words (Mercury sextile Mars). The differences are in the situation in the home land and of course in the individual chart (with angular positions, Sun/Moon and AC/MC, etc.). It just happens to be a fact that a prominent Saturn in Scorpio is square Pluto on that day in 1955 and that Xiaobo's situation is the mirror of the picture in the sky, corresponding with the nation that he lives in. Many were born that day, few share his kind of life. 


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