Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chart of Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson was born October 24, 1972. He murdered his pregnant wife for the insurance money, planning to start a new living with his mistress. Now he is jail, in the death row. This is his progressed (!) chart with transits and progressions of December 10, 2002. (See the natal chart on Astrodatabank).
progressed chart with transits (Scott Peterson)

The natal chart of Peterson has Uranus conjunct Mars rising before the Sun. It is the same astrological statement for an extreme drive as famous footballer Pele has. But this guy didn't play football:).  

There were indications for possible divorce and affairs*) in the chart:
- Mars conjunct Uranus
- Venus quintile Neptune
- Moon opposition Neptune
- Moon inconjunct Sun
But Saturn in the 7th, square Venus sort of intervened. This aspect shows that he had a desire of keeping up appearances in marriage and that he related marriage and love to security and status. 

Scott Peterson reported his wife missing the day before Xmas with the transit Northern Node (community) opposition Progressed Mercury (report) and inconjunct (lost) Ceres (mother/wife). It is not known when exactly he killed her. It was 14 days after progressed Sun opposition Moon and 14 days after the day he told his lover that he lost his wife and would be alone at Xmas...So let us see the chart with transits and progressions of December 10, 2002:

- Progressed Midheaven close to natal Mars
- Transit Mars conjunct Progressed Mars 
- Transit Quaoar inconjunct Progressed Moon
- Progressed Sun square Progressed Pholus
(BTW- Progressed Midheaven is between transit and progressed Eris)

Those positions could be seen as the reflection of an important act (MC-Mars), to deal a blow (Mars-Mars), a moment of feeling new perspectives (Moon with Quaoar) and an important turning point in life (Sun-Pholus). In the natal chart Pholus is in aspect with Sun and Moon.

What is interesting in this chart is, that the Midheaven doesn't make any Ptolemeic aspect. Maybe that placed the career goals in his life and his ambitions on any possible level, subject to circumstances and influences of others. A calling Midheaven can refer to a position at any possible level,too, high or low...

BTW Mars-Saturn semi square Pluto is an indication for the issue of untimely death (his or others).

 *) In the chart of males having 2 or more of the following aspects means a higher risk for divorce:
- Conflict between Mars and Uranus
- Conflict between Moon and Saturn
- Conflict between Moon and Neptune
- Conflict between Venus and Neptune

For men and women conflicts between the first and seventh house make it difficult to maintain relationships. Venus in Aries and Mars in Libra are the equivalent of conflicts between the first and seventh house (when they are afflicted).

Women with 2 or more Sun-Uranus, Venus-Uranus, Mars-Saturn and /or Sun-Mars conflicts in their charts have a greater risk to end up marriage in divorce.


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