Friday, October 8, 2010

Jupiter-Neptune and speculations

Jerome Kerviel has been convicted. He got a few years in prison, but he probably won't have to live a life of misery till he dies. The billions that he lost when he speculated with the bank's money probably won't have to be returned. It would take him 177.000 years of hard labour to do so, anyway...This is the news and here is Wikipedia about Kerviel....

The conviction is 2,5 years after his losts. Kerviel has Venus biquintile Pluto (for a creative way to earn money) and Sun trine Jupiter (for self confidence and successes). He also has Jupiter biquintile Pluto. It is a combination for big money and I think billions are big enough. But why did it go wrong? When it went wrong the progressed Sun was square  Jupiter and Neptune was square natal Jupiter. He did too much. Transit Saturn opposiion Venus mirrored the deception and lack of money, transit Pluto 75 Pluto made a problem of values. 

The Neptune-Jupiter combination is the combination of speculations, beliefs and big dreams. Neptune-Jupiter has a stage, a believing audience and fans. When Nick Leeson ran away soon after loosing 1.5 billion dollar transit Neptune was opposition his progressed Jupiter. Transit Neptune was square Kerviel's natal Jupiter when it all went wrong. The same combination that mirrors fans and followers is the combination for the risks of speculations.  Leeson and Kerviel also share a Saturn in hard aspect with Aries Point. Perhaps that is just the reflection of ambition.
Chart of DOB and transit/progressions today

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