Saturday, October 23, 2010

Astrology chart of Pele

How does the natal chart of Pele reflect the international football player? Pele, born on October 23, 1940 has an AA rated chart on Astrodatabank that you see in this post. It is a chart with:

a. Mars oriental (for an orientation on energy, muscles, action, sport and enterprise; being driven in the first place).  Mars is the most prominent planet in the chart. That is because Mars also doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That is a 'calling'  Mars. It means energy and drive at any possible level (with that drive)! 
Mars makes a minor aspect. Mars is sesquisquare with Uranus. That shows an accelerated drive and energy. 
Now we have a person who is first of all and at any possible level highly driven and energetic.

b. Pholus in the 5th house inconjunct Midheaven refers to games (shooting with the foot) that changed his position and status in a disproportionate way. When he was a little boy he played football without shoes, bare feet. That was part of his secret:) And I bet that he hurt his feet sometimes...
Pholus is the symbol of the centaur who shot himself in a foot. Pholus also means ' turning point'. The position of Pholus in the 5th house (of games) shows us the nature of the game. This game changed his life...

c. The midpoint AC/MC is semi square natal Sun. The Sun is the symbol of leadership and performance (or games!). I quote myself:
 AC/MC with Sun
The crucial importance of leadership or performance

And this above is just part of the explanation. Let us add Brazil, the popularity of football, the trainer who noticed him...Together with the special drive and talent this generated one of the best football players in history. He was an artist in his field and the chart shows it: Moon, Venus and Neptune are in aspect with each other and with Midheaven. And he is not just an artist with a football. Did you know that he had an art exhibition? Here is the link...


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