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Sun and Saturn (like in the chart of Gretha Smit)

In the natal chart Gretha Smit (in 2002 she won silver  in Salt Lake City on the 5.000 meters women speed skating) has Sun opposition Saturn. Any aspect between Sun and Saturn in progression or transit will have a strong effect resonating the natal aspect. So did transit Saturn inconjunct her progressed Sun. 
Skater Gretha Smit (1976.01.26) had transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Sun, when newspapers revealed an accusation about trying to buy a starting place from a Polish skater (the accusation is being investigated).
That is what I wrote on on February 21, 2010 (link below)...That transit finished her career. Saturn - Sun aspects often end periods in life and sometimes untimely. This transit occured when Paris Hilton was arrested and I noticed this transit when a criminal cop was arrested. An inconjunction symbolises losts, giving up or getting out of balance. 

An investigation followed and now she has been punished for trying to buy a starting place during the Turino Olympics in 2006. That was, by the way, when her progressed Sun sign changed...(and that ment that her life and life style was about to change).  Gretha Smit is furious about the judgement and about the punishment. She said she just passed an note, unaware of the contents. about your transit Saturn inconjunct Sun? Just continue...

If you were born April 29 or February 28/29 transit Saturn is inconjunct your natal Sun today. This might bring you out of balance. Perhaps you fall down or perhaps you feel sad about ending an activity or period in life? Or you migh have to face a manager or parent who doesn't seem to get along with you right now. Of course, other transits and progressions and your personal situation of course influences the transit and much depends on where you live, how old you are and if you have or not made a big mistake. If you don't have a Sun-Saturn aspect in the natal chart or if the Sun or Saturn are less important in your natal chart, the effect might also be less strong. It depends on many things how you will experience the effect of the inconjunction of Saturn. 

Another example: see Astropost about a criminal Swedish policeman, mr. Lindberg, who was arrested with transit Saturn inconjunct Sun (...). You can see this article (Policemen in crime) using the link. Here is more about Saturn's inconjunction by transit (part of the article about G. Lindberg).

The inconjunction of transit Saturn happens to a lot of people every year. It depends on your situation and chart and also on your age how this transit will be reflecting what happens. An inconjunction usually involves lack of balance and losing or giving up on something (sometimes you feel lighter afterwards).
Saturn - in difficult position - often mirrors disadvantages mistakes being set back restrictions barriers falling down and issues in bussiness career or other 'responsibilities' and debts...Generally a transit of Saturn inconjunct the natal or progressed Sun might lead to losing (self) respect and fysical or social 'weight'. It might be a problem with the management or your debts (so be prepared). No this it is not the kind of transit that we are waiting for impatiently. But (there is always a 'but' when there is an inconjunction even when it is with Saturn) but in the end you might also experience a sort of a relief when the load is off your shoulder. You have survived this transit before so don't worry too much and try to keep your self respect.

Examples of the effect of the inconjunction with Saturn, starting with Gordon Brown
Amanda Knox has a natal Sun inconjunct Saturn, too. She was convicted for murder. I named the Smit case in the comments. In one of the other comments on that post I added this:

Addition: Two young Norwegians have just been condemned to death for murder in Congo. Just like Amanda Knox they have afflictions between Sun and Satrun in their natal charts. One of them has Sun inconjunct Saturn. As they are about 30 the progressed Sun is moving towards an aspect with natal and progressed Saturn, too.
About the general effect of the inconjunction


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