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ABout the birth chart of Kang Kek leu 'Duch' and other war criminals

Kang Kek leu 'Duch' tortured people in the Pol Pot period of Cambodja. He was born 17th November 1942, so last year his progressed Sun changed sign (when he was arrested and his life style changed). It seems he became a christian a few years ago, that he is sorry and that he cried when he visited the place where so many Cambodjans were tortured to death.

There is no hour of birth available, so we do not know wether there are crucial placements on the cross of the birth chart. What we know are the positions on the day, valid for many. Still, this composition of planets should show some possible entries into the world of a man who killed fanatically. And that is so...

See how Mars in Scorpio, rising before the Sun, is inconjunct Saturn and square Pluto. Notice how the Sun conjunct VEnus and trine Jupiter allowed him to live on as if nothing happened between 1975 and 1979. Notic that in 1978 his progressed sunsign changed into Capricorn and that in 1979/1980 the progressed Sun squared Neptune and was inconjunct Uranus. That tells us about hiding (Neptune) and about liberty (Uranus) being unbalanced, hard to get or lost (inconjunct).

Another thing I would like to point at is the Moon in Pisces. I have noticed before that the Moon in Cancer or Pisces were involved in the charts of those who misbehaved in war times. For example, I have the birth data of 3 women who abused and beated jewish prisoners in WW2 and they have these placements, too. I have written an article about bias, that includes these observations.

So, the 17th of November of 1942 was a day that would likely 'produce' individuals who are very committed to their family or group or party. And this man was one of them. It was also a day for people who were willing to gain either way, possibly very fanatic in sports and politics and maybe, in certain conditions, these characteristics would work out the wrong way. Most of all, because Mars is oriental (rising before the sun and not being limited by a more prominent Mercury - for sense - or Venus - for kindness and sympathy)...Mars is often oriental in the charts of the war criminals in Ruanda, too. Yet, it could be the sign for an entrepeneur, someone who was very energetic or active instead of being a war criminal. That said,
. the combination of a Moon in the 'bias' signs,
. the strong drive to use any means to win and
. the luck he had to be supported enough to stay out of prison until he was 65,
. together with the fact that he became a christian at the right moment (so that it is mentioned in all newspapers, very helpful for his case)...fits the life of Duch.

On the 12th November 2006 I wrote about war criminals in Ruanda:
These are a few of the names of wanted criminals of the war in Rwanda in 1996. You can find them and others on the website of Trial Watch.
There were of course thousands of these criminals, but they were supposed to be the leaders.
Today the Sunday Times mentioned that four genocide suspects who now live in the UK face trail in Rwanda. I compared 6 of the wanted men in the Trial Watch list to see 'why', and I found this:

1. Moon Pisces (see the special about Nazi Grandma Huth) and a peregrine Mars oriental. Sun conjunct Mars/Saturn and Mars/Neptune, semi square Mars/Uranus. No positions in earth.
2. Moon in Pisces (again) and Mars conjunct Mercury in the last degree of Cancer conjunct the Sun (peregrine). No positions in earth. Oriental Mars conjunct Sun/Urnaus.
3. 50% watersigns (see the Nazi Grandma special); Mars biquintile Pluto and Sun in Pisces. Oriental Mars. Sun sesquisquare Mars/Uranus.
4. 50% firesigns. Sagittarius Moon and Sun. Oriental Mars semi square Sun/Uranus.
5. 50% firesigns and no earth. Mars tightly conjunct Saturn and square Uranus. Sun Sagittarius and Moon in Leo. There is a midpoint combination of Mars/Saturn/Uranus repeated 3 times.
6. Pluto oriental, square Mars (connected to Aries Point, in the 16th degree of Scorpio) and Saturn is peregrine. Sun is conjunct Mars/Uranus.

They all have extremes and a prominent Mars (oriental 5 out of 6, AP 1).

In the days of the Rwanda genocide (summer of 1996) Uranus in the 5th degree of Aquarius was inconjunct Mars of nr. 1, opposed to the Sun of nr. 2, square to Neptune of nr. 3 (who also had Pluto square Pluto). Number 4 had Saturn square Saturn at the time and Jupiter conjunct his progressed Sun. In that year he also had SunArc Mars conjunct Saturn and sesquisquare Uranus. Nr. 5 had Transit Uranus square to his progressed Mars. Nr. 6 had Transit Neptune square Sun.

Maybe this is an interesting study to make. Please look at the article about Mars/-Uranus and Mars/-Pluto. And isnot it interesting to have a look at the chart of a heroe of that period, Paul Rusesabagina, born 15th June 1954. As the manager of the hotel Rwanda he saved about 1200 people (Hutu and Tutsi) out of the hands of guys like those mentioned above. He has Sun/Jupiter and Sun/Mars on Aries Point, Sun trine Neptune as most narrow aspect (being idealistic or helpfull). He has radical midpoint combinations, too (Sun with Uranus/Pluto, 3 times repeated), and Mars is oriental in his chart, like in those of the men above. In his case Uranus was inconjunct Jupiter (and linked to Mars) at the time of the genocide. It seems Sun trine Neptune (empathy!) was showing the right way... "

"Vincent Bajinya is a medical doctor and he will be transferred to Ruanda to face the judge as he has been accused of taking part in the mass slaughter in Ruanda. He was born in Kigombe Rhengeri at 28th February 1961. His peregrine Mars is sesquisquare Saturn/Pluto for being confronted with unnatural death and violence at any possible level. These days both Saturn and Pluto trine his progressed Sun. That trine is rather peculiar and I would have liked to see his hour of birth.

Apart from Vincent Bajinya, also Charles Munyaneza, Celestin Ugirashebuja and Emmanuel Nteziryayo are sent to Ruanda. There is a special about Ruanda on Astromarkt. Compared to other wanted mass criminals in Ruanda Vincent Bajinya also has a prominten (in this case peregrine) Mars. Mars is septile Uranus.Ten years ago -during the events- his progressed Sun squared the progressed Mars and at the same time Uranus inconjunct Mars. Most of the other wanted men had Mars related to Uranus in 1996, too."

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Transit Jupiter is right now square his progressed Jupiter and Jupiter is on top of his birth chart: talking about the eternal candidate for the presidency of the USA, Ralph Nader (born 27th February 1934 at 4h2 in Winsted). As it seems his decission to be running again makes him feel good and supported.

He is of the Green Party and thinks he makes a difference. Mostly that difference causes that Republicans become winners, but that does not stop him in his aspirations. So again this time, he says he wants to be a president. On the 27th (in 3 days) he will be 74 and within the year the progressed Sun will be square Saturn. I bet he does not become a president at all:)

Friday, February 22, 2008

and how about his chart?

The secondairy (progressed) Sun is in opposition with the progressed Saturn and in a semi square with natal Uranus. This combination of Saturn and Uranus always seems to show up in the charts of those who have to deal or finish with limited freedom. In the case of Wrigth (born April 24, 1958) it means the start of life in prison.

Without a proper hour of birth we miss crucial factors such as the Midheaven, the Ascendant and the degree of the Moon. In this chart you only see Sun opposed and Venus sesqui square to Neptune; Mars opposed to Pluto; and the prominent position of Venus (rising before the Sun and not making major aspects in sign). This marks a person who is probably disappointed in love life, with a special focus on women and with the tendency to force things and act with force or violence. Circumstances, family life and maybe genetic influences did not limit the use of strength to the golf field, unfortunately. Watch the combination of Mars-Saturn-Pluto aspects that is often introducing the theme of unnatural death into the lifes of those born with this combination.

See Astrodatabank for more about serial killers

Relevant: Mars and Pluto


Jennifer Lopez gave birth to a twin last night. Here you see both charts. The first is of the baby girl, born at 0h11 and the second one is of the baby boy, born at 0h23. Apart from the apparent difference in gender (that will give them different challenges and opportunities in life) there is a slight difference in their charts. The baby boy has Saturn within 1,5 degree orb conjunct the MC. The baby girl has the Sun within 1 degree orb conjunct the IC. Though both will have a crucial Sun opposed to Saturn on the meridian, the accents will differ (one for business, one for show?). Of course there will be more midpoint combinations (especially those with MC or Ascendant involved) that distincts the first baby from the other where character and talents are involved.

The placements of Moon and Saturn high up in the chart might point at their famous parents and the influence that this has on their lifes.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Their charts go together for a party!

Is not it lovely? On the day that Mary J. Blige was born (11th January 1971) Venus was trine the Sun of Elton John and Jupiter square his Ascendant. Also the Sun was trine his MC. Those (Sun, Venus and Jupiter together) are in for parties. And now Mary J. Blige will sing a duet with Elton John (born 25 March 1947 16 hours in Pinner) on his yearly Oscarparty. I think it will be fun:).


Thanks to Nasa for providing this picture...There will be more shadow on the moon on the 20th...


Here you see the chart of the start of the total lunar eclipse in San Francisco on the 20th February at 19:01 hours.
Below you see the chart of the same starting moment in New York (at 22:01 hours local time).

I have not noticed any special effects so far where lunar or solar eclipses are involved, but I will check this one. At the very moment of the eclipse the Sun is conjunct my prominent Jupiter, ruler Sun and MC, in the second degree of Pisces (and close to the Ascendant). So it this one does not 'work' nothing works!:) I will let you know later.

For more information about eclipses, go to Nasa.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

and this shows his birth time and year...

I think it is likely that Fidel Castro was born in 1926 on August 13 at 4h44 a.m. in Biran because his progressed Midheaven and Ascendant would be semi square transit Saturn right now (a sign for stepping down) and transits of Mars would be afflicting Uranus and Saturn, thus limiting his freedom of movement.

It would also fit in other ways. Mars on top for the military outfit. Mercury crucially on the Ascendant for his rethoric drives. Pluto oriental for being a politician in the first place. Sun square Saturn as the most tight aspect in his chart (an aspect he shares with dictators like Stalin and Chavez). El comandante would have Sun in Leo AND Ascendant in Leo. He was adored, too, and for that we see Sun opposed to Jupiter and conjunct Neptune (the Jupiter-Neptune combination that is always there in the charts of religious people who deal with 'followers' and in the charts of those who deal with 'fans').

Yes, 13th August 1926, 4:44 Biran, definitely.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Birth positions of the manager and friend of Britney Spears

Sam Lutfi is the friend of Britney Spears and sometimes he refers to himself as her manager.

He was born 16th August 1974 in Los Angeles with a Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Leo. So much of Leo just asks for a leading role. Sun is sextile Uranus: he is an independant media manager. He is a person who likes to show off and he is rather independant. With 50% of the planets in fire signs he is adventurous and active. He seems to be a rather 'flashy' person. Britney Spears' mothers says it did not take long before he started living in Britney's house.
The Moon is rising before his Sun. That is the sign for an 'involved' person, who is in the first place a caretaker. That seems to suit him.

Why are they friends? Their Moons are in opposite signs (she a Moon Aquarius, he a Moon Leo). That suggests opposites atracting each other (and with a difficulty to live together because of the differences in backgrounds and habits). Her Neptune is trine his Sun (he inspires her) and his Uranus is square her Venus. That is an aspect for love at first sight or for a love adventure, mostly not for long, unless there are other indications. His Neptune is conjunct her Mercury. He might confuse her,too. Neptune, however, is also the planet of empathy and helping people. And of drugs, b.t.w. So thanks to Neptune we will never know it as astrologers, if the rumours are right:)

In the meantime the father of Britney arranged that Sam Lufti is no longer Britney's manager. It seems half of her million's worth bank account has been spent. And more and more tales and rumours surround Sam Lufti.


Ruth Rendell has become 68 years old today. The popular writer of psychological detectives is still active as a member of the House of Lords for Labour. She was born 17th February 1930 at about 9 (source Astrolab). This chart shows the following I.D.:

Saturn on the MC (crucial conservative and hierarchic)
Maan opposition Ascendant (popular)
Mars oriental (enterprise, action, agression: an iron lady)
Mercury on top (above all communicator)

Would it be coincidence that Moon/Mercury/Mars/Saturn are prominent? They symbolise psychology, writing and death.

She started working as a journalist. Uranus is the planet of news and makes a tight square with her Midheaven. The symbols connected to the midheaven just have to come out sometimes...But eventually she found her destination in the old House of Lords. (Saturn is in Capricorn).

I happened to notice that the midpoint Sun/Moon (for what you want most) is in hard tight aspect with the midpoint for solving problems and mysteries (Neptune/Pluto)in her chart.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Official death announced

Yesterday was the moment of official death of Steve Fossett. Fossett was born 22nd April 1944 at 1u58 in Jackson. He has been missing since September 4, 2007 (with transit Uranus semi square Sun). Just by accident I discovered that yesterday transit Pluto (ruler progressed 8th house) was spot on in opposition witht the exact position of secundairy (progressed) Saturn on the day when he got lost. Check the drawing and see for yourself.

When he got lost he had a tight semi square coming from both transit Mars and transit Uranus. That does look like an accident. Mars - Uranus is indicating a motorcrash or unexpected collission or blast. In his natal chart the Sun is conjunct Mars/Uranus.

Read more about Mars Uranus... or about accidents and astrology...

PS Steve Fossett has Sun inconjunct Neptune. That is an aspect that shows up in more charts of those involved with missing people (like Maddie McCann and Natalee Holloway). See the article....

Friday, February 15, 2008

REINHOLD EBERTIN: Born 16th February

Reinhold Ebertin was born 16th February 1901 at 4h40 a.m. CET in Görlitz, Germany, now 107 years ago. His famous work is Combination of Stellar Influences (COSI); a work that I would like to recommend. Not only because it is the first book that introduced midpoint combinations but also because these combinations can be used to read aspects between 3 planets or positions at once.

Reinhold Ebertin has a crucial Jupiter on the Capricorn Ascendant and the Moon in Capricorn oriental (rising before the Sun). He had the need to be taken seriously. Neptune is tightly trine the Sun and Mars is tightly trine Jupiter. This indicates a spiritual person with enterpirise.

Astrology is involved with Jupiter-Uranus. Most (if not all) astrologers have this (midpoint- or aspect)combination prominently in their charts. So has Ebertin. Uranus is semi square Sun/Jupiter and Uranus is in Sagittarius. Sun is septile Jupiter and quintile Uranus.
These minor aspects indicate being inspired by a conviction or inspiring self confidence combined with creative insight.The combination shows creative inspiration through astrology. Another strong influence in the charts of astrologers is Chiron. In the chart of Ebertin Chiron is in a crucial position on the Ascendant, conjunct Jupiter.

The German Wiki speaks of dubious publications in Nazi time, see
COSI was published in 1960.


Jane Fonda used a 3-letter word on television. In the USA (unlike in The Netherlands) that is a big issue. So we see a big aspect in her chart. Transit Neptune square Midheaven. Neptune is for media and mistake.

Jane Fonda was born 21st December 1937 at 9:14 a.m. in NY and she has Sun inconjunct Pluto, sextile Mars and square Uranus. All that does not really seem to fit a movie star. So it is a pleasure to notice hat Jupiter is crucial (on the Ascendant) and so is Pluto. Neptune (for movies and media) is oriental (rising before Sun and not particulary prominent Mercury and Venus) and Neptune is sextile MC. The Sun is square Aries Point. The combination is for a movie (Neptune) star (Sun) with great succes (Jupiter and Pluto). Having said that, we might also take into account that she is also a political activist. That DOES fit with the prominence of Pluto ruler 10.

There is another part of Fonda's life: fitness! Look at Mars inconjunct Pluto and quintile Uranus not only for activism/radicalism but also for a special strong energy that turned her into a fitness guru for a while.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

and the birth charts of most wanted Valentine David Beckham and lucky women Carla Bruni, Kate Middleton

A David Beckham fan fainted after being kissed by her 'Valentine'. David Beckham was born 2nd May 1975 at 9h30 a.m. in London. His chart has Moon and Venus (the female symbols) prominent in his chart. Both make no major aspects in sign. That draws attention! Also the planet of luck and successes (Jupiter, on top of his chart) is right in the middle of Moon and Venus. And if that does not say enough, there is also the amount of indications for being an idol in his chart.

1. Sun semi sextile Jupiter and inconjunct Neptune
2. Sun square Jupiter/Neptune
3. Jupiter in 10 and Neptune ruling the MC
4. Neptune square MC, end dispositor of the MC through Pisces-Neptune-Jupiter....again!

Men who are considered attractive usually have a Capricorn or Saturn influence and so has David Beckham. Saturn is conjunct his Ascendant. Read more about good looking men ...

More about Beckham:

in the article about his ambassadorship


Carla Bruni won the heart of the French president. What makes her attractive? Let us look at her birth chart (23 December 1967, 18h10 in Turin).

Saturn and Capricorn are influencial in the charts of attractive males. Carla happens to be a Capricorn. Maybe being 'cool' is also important for attractive females. David Beckham has a prominent Moon and a prominent Venus (both female symbols). Carla has Sun and Mars in hard aspect with Aries Point. Sun and Mars are the male symbols.

But most important is the easy relationship between Venus and her Ascendant. Venus is trine the Ascendant. That does not make it too difficult for her to look good:)

More about Bruni and Sarkozy...


Kate Middleton has been the lover of prince William of England for some time now. What do the positions on her birth day tell us? She is a Capricorn. Just like in the charts of the Dutch princess Máxima and the Belgian princess Mathilde there is a hard connection between Sun and Saturn. She combines it with a semi square with Uranus. Saturn and Uranus combined symbolise the theme of the limitations of freedom. Being a member of the royalty does have it's limitations.

This year Jupiter will cross over her Sun. Should that be the announcement of marriage? Venus is square Jupiter in her chart and 157.5 degrees away from Jupiter/Neptune. The combination of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune indicates a 'fairy tale marriage'. It is a combination that is frequent in the chart of those who have a royal wedding. A succesfull mariage is also announce with the combination of Venus with Jupiter and Pluto. As an example: Dutch princess Maxima (Venus in a midpoint yod with Jupiter/Pluto), princess Mabel (Venus semi square Jupiter/Neptune), Sarah Fergusson (Sun conjunct and Pluto semi square Venus/Jupiter) or princess Diana (Pluto 157.5 Venus/Jupiter). There are variations on the theme, like in the chart of Grace Kelly: Pluto 112.5 Venus/Mars and semi square Mars/Jupiter.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Thanks to a reader of (Dutch blog) we have the HOB of Peter Vries and we see that it fits. Mars is on the MC. Every time he takes action against a person,Mars is strongly involved (Mars inconjunct the Mars of Joran, f.ex.). We also see that right now Jupiter trines his progressed MC, Progressed Mercury trines Jupiter, Transit Jupiter trines progressed Mars and Pluto trines Progressed Pluto. Wow! But that there is a transit of Neptune coming up as well...Also notice transit Uranus conjunct the MC. That is for being in the news. And is Uranus also for astrologers?

His MC is in Pisces for media and the end dispositors are Neptune and Pluto (the detective combination). And some astrologers certainly have such a combination, too.


Kurt Westergaard is the Danish cartoonist who is in danger after the publications of his cartoons, imagining a muslim warrior with a bomb in his hat on a page wearing a title with the name of Muhammed in it. His life had been threatened before, but this time five potential murderers were caught. They planned to kill him AND his wife.

Kurt Westergaard was born July 13, 1935 (unknown time). Mercury is the most prominent planet in his chart. Mercury does not make major aspects in sign and is square Aries Point (Zero Aries). That says that he will be known for his opinion or for the way he is communicating. There is another sign for publishing: Moon in Sagittarius indicates the need to publish or announce. There is a quintile with Neptune and a sesqui square with Jupiter involved with Mercury. In this special case communications (Mercury) about religion (Jupiter and Neptune) showed up as a theme in this life. It also means that he is able to 'imagine' a picture (Neptune) and that he is exagerating, just like cartoonists usually do. His Jupiter is in a tight sextile with Neptune. And when the riots were most frightening (in February of 2006) Jupiter in Scorpio (for a strict opinion or conviction) was square Neptune in Aquarius (for the rebellion and freedom of an artist). Jupiter square Neptune could also be read as: a struggle (square) with a religious theme (Jupiter-Neptune).

Cartoonists are artists. So is Kurt Westergaard. Look at his Venus and the aspects that Venus makes.
Kurt Westergaard is in serious danger say the news papers and says his chart. Transit Pluto is now square his progressed Sun. The progressed Sun recently changed sign. This is supported by progressed Mars sesqui square Sun and inconjunct Uranus.
Notice how the Sun conjunct Pluto in his radix comes back in the actual transit with the progessed Sun. Kurt Westergaard is not the kind of man who hesitates to make life more difficult than it is. He is courageous, fanatic and strong, but at the moment he is forced to perhaps go 'underground' (Pluto).

Aries Point
Mars and Pluto

Their charts for February 21

The Texas debate of Obama/Clinton has been set for February 21. I use a 14:02 HOB chart for Obama since a few weeks and said in the article about his chart :
"When he won the IOWA pre-elections using 14:02 we get:
transit Jupiter trine his natal MC today and progressed Moon conjunct Jupiter on the 5th of January (very matching, I think) and on the 21st February he will have progressed Sun trine progressed Jupiter..."

That is very prosperous for the debate day. Hillary Clinton however has tough aspects on February 21. I see: Saturn opposed to MC (but her HOB seems to be questioned) and Uranus sesqui square Sun (perfecting the 23rd). Jupiter is inconjunct the Mars-Pluto connection in her chart. Although the quincunx is supposed to be a difficult transit, I have seen examples of inconjunctions with a good effect. If her HOB is correct, it could mean stepping back. So the 21st we will see...

See the charts of the democratic candidates:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Two very important persons were born on 12th February 1809: Charles Darwin (at 6 a.m. says my Astrolab databank, in Shrewsbury) and Abraham Lincoln at 6h54 in Hodgenville, according Astrolab and Astrothème, so less than 1 hour and a continent away...Still there are remarkable differences between their birth charts.

Lincoln has a Sagittarius MC conjunct Neptune, a prominent Sun on the Ascendant, a Moon rising before the Sun and the mutual reception of Jupiter and Neptune are the is the final dispositor of the Midheaven routing. Saturn is conjunct the MC.

This man is an idol (Jupiter/Neptune), an idealist who strongly presented himself as a leader (Sun).

Charles Darwin has a Scorpio MC (for influence, investigating, politics, money, sex or cases of life and death). Like Lincoln he has the Jupiter/Neptune mutual reception on the end of the MC routing. And unlike Lincoln he did have something to do with religion as a professional. He studied theology.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Her chart and progressions

Today the Catholic Church remembers the 'Miracle of Lourdes'. Exactly 150 years ago a country girl, Bernadette Soubirous, now a saint called Maria Bernarda, said she saw the appearance of Mary (the mother of Jesus according to the bible) in a cave. Since then Lourdes is a famous place.

Bernadette Soubirous was born 7 January 1844 at about 14 hours in Lourdes. Her birth chart shows Venus conjunct her Midheaven, Jupiter (calling, making no major aspects in sign) on top of her chart and the Moon rising before the Sun. She was first of all 'receptive' and 'involved' and above all someone with a conviction. In February of 1858 the progressed Midheaven was conjunct Jupiter. In the months following the visions progressed Moon and Venus also joined Jupiter. And when she was proclaimed a saint in her solar return chart Jupiter was sitting on the MC (and Neptune on top*). And transit Jupiter was inconjunct her progressed MC.
Also notice that het Ascendant is in Gemini and trine Venus. It is the symbol for a beautiful woman who looks younger than she actually is. And the amazing fact is that her body seems to remain in good condition since she died.
About the visions: the MC in Aquarius semi square Uranus and Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception is indicating a) that she could have been someone who changes the world by helping others and b) that she was sensitive in a rare way. The Uranus/Neptune combination is frequent in the chart of those who use drugs that make a person get visions. See f.ex. (in Dutch with an international drawing) the chart of Klaas Bruinsma.
*) Notice Jupiter and Neptune in the tenth house. The prominence or the midpoint combinations of Jupiter and Neptune are frequent in the charts of idols and religious persons. Neptune is conjunct Jupiter/MC and Venus/Jupiter.
BTW Her sun sign had recently changed into Aquarius when her life style changed completely due to the visions that she had.

Pluto and the award...

Herbie Hancock was born 12th April 1940 at 3:30 a.m. in Chicago (according to Herbie is almost 68 and finally got a Grammy, an award for the best album of 2008. This happened to him with a transit from Pluto inconjunct (quincunx) his natal Pluto. Just like in the case of Peter R. de Vries Pluto in aspect with Pluto indicated being rewarded/awarded. I wonder why it is an inconjunction. I think it might be because of the discrepancy between the reward and the efforts that he made to get it at last?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Once a couple...for a short period of time...

Cher says that she had an affair with Tom Cruise in the 80's. His Uranus square her Sun points at the possibility of an 'adventure'. Her Venus on his Midheaven promises a good influence on his carreer. And his Mars not too far away from her Sun shows that he might be her kind of man. His Pluto sextile her Ascendant is fortunate for making a good impression.

Tom Cruise was born 3rd July 1962 at 12:05 p.m. in Syracuse. Cher Bono Alman was born on May 20, 1946 in El Centro at 7:25 a.m. There are very few direct connections between their Sons, Moons, Venus or Mars of the former lovers. Perhaps that shows that there were few 'links', too. Interesting is the composite chart. There you see a tight conjunction of Venus and Uranus: a flash of love...

More about the chart of Cruise
Click HERE for the table of matching signs.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Pluto and Uranus cause upheavel in his chart

Rowan Williams, British arch bishop, was born 14th June 1950 in Swansea, England. A controversial opinion about the possibility (or inevitability) of introducing the sharia (muslim law) in certain parts of the U.K. caused a media scandal these days. Rowan Williams has Transit Pluto square Mars, right after Mars conjunct Sun and we see, of course, Uranus in action. Uranus is always there were the action is... Transit Uranus is presently inconjunct his progressed Sun and Pluto. Above all that: the progressed Sun is conjunct the progressed Pluto this year. All those are signs of problems, anger, change and the theme of influence, life and death and danger. It seems that he has been threatened.

What made him say this (if he said it)? Let us have a look at his birth positions. We see the Moon oriental (for 'involvement' and 'caring'). We see Mars opposed to Aries Point (for being know as a fighter, a man of action and enterprise). And we cannot miss Mercury. Mercury is in the final degree of Taurus, not making major aspects in sign. I call that a 'calling' Mercury. This makes Mercury a prominent planet and communications (at any level) an important item in his life. The opinions draw attention and/or writing and speaking is his vocation. Some people with Mercury 'floating and drifting' just go on talking and chatting...Mercury is sesqui square Neptune, so maybe he is just misunderstood.

Also notice the calling Sun (for leadership) and how Jupiter in Pisces is biquintile Neptune. Connections between Jupiter and Neptune are always there when religion is involved, either in aspect or in midpoint combinations (and/or in the prominence of their positions in the radix, only known when the hour of birth is known...).

The article 'Conspicuous by Abscence' about the missing link in the chart (the element without placements or the planet without major aspects in sign).

Thursday, February 7, 2008

How the quincunxes mark the moment and Saturn plays an important role...

Candidate for the Republican Party in the USA, Mitt Romney, has stopped the race. He is born 12th March 1947 at 9:51 a.m. EST in Detroit (see chart). Transit Saturn is inconjunct his MC right now and opposed to Mars. Also transit Jupiter is tightly inconjunct (quincunx) Pluto. Inconjunctions (distances of 150 degrees) often tell us to 'give up on something'. Notice the position of Saturn low in the chart. This is often an indication of the carreer being at its lowest point.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Picture of a criminal

Wilber Alirio Varela-Fajardo alias Jairo Wilmer Varela o Jairo Varela was a murderer, a former police officer who made it in life by becoming the 'capo' in a criminal organisation of drug traficants. He was involved in the finances of the cartel del Norte del Valle.

Look at the picture. Mars is involved in conflicts with Neptune, Saturn and Uranus. A conflicted Mars can be a sign of agression. The Sun and Zero Aries are connected to Mars/Saturn and Saturn/Pluto. The combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto points at the theme of violent life endings in his life. Look at Neptune, rising before the Sun and conjunct Mars. Neptune is the symbol of drugs. For the finances, see Venus square Aries Point (with possibly a crucial position on the cross for Pluto). He was born November 6, 1957 and died on the 31st of January.

Read all about the influence of Mars, PLuto and Saturn in these articles:
Mars and Pluto
Saturn and Pluto

Friday, February 1, 2008

UPDATE HOLLOWAY CASE: Joran says he was just telling foolish lies...

A few minutes ago, in the Dutch opinion program 'Pauw and Witteman', Joran van der Sloot (supposed to be the last man who saw Natalee Holloway alive) said he was only joking and telling his 'friend' (an undercover reporter of Peter R. de Vries's team) 'what he wanted to hear' and that this (confessing a crime) was foolish of him. If Joran van der Sloot WAS just telling foolish lies...that would explain the lack of activity in his chart and perhaps also the fact that he has not been arrested so far (he was in the disco tonight).

The other side is the chart of Peter R. de Vries with Neptune square Sun (just like in the case of mr. Corbyn who said that a super storm would destroy parts of Holland and Britain in November 2007)...Would this really be another case of a failed media hype? If the confession was false, that would be a disappointment (Neptune!) for Peter R....Yet, the transit of Pluto trine P Pluto worked: ABC already bought the broadcasting (Sunday). To be continued...

Crime reporter solves the Holloway case

It seems that Dutch reporter Peter R. de Vries found out where the body of Natalee Holloway is and what might have happened on the night of her disappearance. He is not willing to reveal more until his program will be broadcasted on Sunday 21:30 MET.

Peter R. de Vries has been hunting Joran van der Sloot ever since Natalee Holloway was reported missing and Joran van der Sloot - the last man who saw her alive - started telling different stories about what happened. There are a few messages on Astromarkt about Holloway and Van der Sloot, for example in the article about meeting people and in the article about sharing aspects in relationships. In december 2007 I wrote about the case:

"Another case of missing persons is that of Natalee Holloway. She vanished after a wild night in the Caribeans. Suspect is Joran van der Sloot, but there is no body to proof that Natalee is death, even. I mentioned in the article about sharing aspects this:

"He is born August 6, 1987, Willemstad. She is born 21-10-1986 Birmingham USA. He was the last person who saw her alive, it seems. As he suspected his and her faith are connected and so are their charts. Apart from the fact that his Mars squares her Pluto and Venus (...) they share :
- Sun conjunct Mars (he) and Sun square Mars (she)
- Sun square Pluto (he) and Sun conjunct Pluto (she)
- Both have Mercury conjunct Venus
- He has Jupiter sesqui square Saturn, she has the square"

When she disappeared Natalee had transit Mars semi square Mars and sesquisquare Pluto, activating the dangerous Mars-Pluto connection in her natal chart. Joran had Pluto conjunct Uranus that day and sesquisquare Venus. He also had Mars sesqui square Pluto. So coincidentally they had the same sort of transit on the same day, added with the aspects they already shared. Joran van der Sloot remains a suspect and was recently arrested for the second time, without any results. On December 8, 2007 they released him for the second time."

On the day he was born Mercury squared Jupiter and both were rising before the Sun. It tells us that exageration is prominent in his life. Sun in Leo with Moon in Capricorn, with a Sun trine Saturn...combined with the Mercury-Jupiter aspect leads to a character of 'keeping up appearances'. Probably he tried to make things look better than they were. He even wrote a book about himself (see picture above), with one chapter about Natalee Holloway in it (this looked a bit like what OJ did). The affair however was life changing for him (and her, unfortunately). The progressed chart shows that in the year of the dissapearance the progressed Sun sign of Joran changed...

But what interaction is there with the chart of Peter R. de Vries (born 14th November 1956 in Aalsmeer)? The most narrow aspect in the chart of Joran van der Sloot is Mercury square Jupiter (the tendancy to exagerate or pretend). That aspect (in the final degrees of Cancer and Aries) touches the reporters' Northern Node (in the final degree of Scorpio). Neptune of Peter R. squares Mercury-Jupiter of Joran, out of sign and Pluto is making harmonious aspects with that aspect. Mars inconjunct Mars suggests an unbalanced battle. Their Moon's colide (Capricorn and Aries). Apart from the profession of Peter R. de Vries (who's speciality is criminal investigations) there is a personal conflict.

Neptune and Pluto together form the 'detective-combination'. Neptune and Pluto are in opposition with Zero Aries in the chart of Peter R. de Vries! The decective in Peter R. de Vries is challenged by the pretentions of Van der Sloot (Mercury-Jupiter). And as the men don't feel comfortable together (Moon square Moon) and there male senses (Mars) are in signs in discord, the personal link and drive was born.

Neptune is the oriental planet in the chart of Peter R. de Vries. Neptune recently squared the Sun of Peter R. de Vries. Neptune is symbolic for a.o. wine...Just days ago Joran van der Sloot threw wine over his face. Next Sunday Peter R. de Vries will have Transit Pluto exactly trine progressed Pluto. This marks the value of winning.

Above you see the time unknown chart of Peter R. de Vries and the transits of today.