Friday, February 15, 2008


Jane Fonda used a 3-letter word on television. In the USA (unlike in The Netherlands) that is a big issue. So we see a big aspect in her chart. Transit Neptune square Midheaven. Neptune is for media and mistake.

Jane Fonda was born 21st December 1937 at 9:14 a.m. in NY and she has Sun inconjunct Pluto, sextile Mars and square Uranus. All that does not really seem to fit a movie star. So it is a pleasure to notice hat Jupiter is crucial (on the Ascendant) and so is Pluto. Neptune (for movies and media) is oriental (rising before Sun and not particulary prominent Mercury and Venus) and Neptune is sextile MC. The Sun is square Aries Point. The combination is for a movie (Neptune) star (Sun) with great succes (Jupiter and Pluto). Having said that, we might also take into account that she is also a political activist. That DOES fit with the prominence of Pluto ruler 10.

There is another part of Fonda's life: fitness! Look at Mars inconjunct Pluto and quintile Uranus not only for activism/radicalism but also for a special strong energy that turned her into a fitness guru for a while.

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