Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Thanks to Nasa for providing this picture...There will be more shadow on the moon on the 20th...


Here you see the chart of the start of the total lunar eclipse in San Francisco on the 20th February at 19:01 hours.
Below you see the chart of the same starting moment in New York (at 22:01 hours local time).

I have not noticed any special effects so far where lunar or solar eclipses are involved, but I will check this one. At the very moment of the eclipse the Sun is conjunct my prominent Jupiter, ruler Sun and MC, in the second degree of Pisces (and close to the Ascendant). So it this one does not 'work' nothing works!:) I will let you know later.

For more information about eclipses, go to Nasa.

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Promissed to get back and almost forgot...I noticed! Mail me if you want to know how:)