Thursday, February 14, 2008

and the birth charts of most wanted Valentine David Beckham and lucky women Carla Bruni, Kate Middleton

A David Beckham fan fainted after being kissed by her 'Valentine'. David Beckham was born 2nd May 1975 at 9h30 a.m. in London. His chart has Moon and Venus (the female symbols) prominent in his chart. Both make no major aspects in sign. That draws attention! Also the planet of luck and successes (Jupiter, on top of his chart) is right in the middle of Moon and Venus. And if that does not say enough, there is also the amount of indications for being an idol in his chart.

1. Sun semi sextile Jupiter and inconjunct Neptune
2. Sun square Jupiter/Neptune
3. Jupiter in 10 and Neptune ruling the MC
4. Neptune square MC, end dispositor of the MC through Pisces-Neptune-Jupiter....again!

Men who are considered attractive usually have a Capricorn or Saturn influence and so has David Beckham. Saturn is conjunct his Ascendant. Read more about good looking men ...

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in the article about his ambassadorship


Carla Bruni won the heart of the French president. What makes her attractive? Let us look at her birth chart (23 December 1967, 18h10 in Turin).

Saturn and Capricorn are influencial in the charts of attractive males. Carla happens to be a Capricorn. Maybe being 'cool' is also important for attractive females. David Beckham has a prominent Moon and a prominent Venus (both female symbols). Carla has Sun and Mars in hard aspect with Aries Point. Sun and Mars are the male symbols.

But most important is the easy relationship between Venus and her Ascendant. Venus is trine the Ascendant. That does not make it too difficult for her to look good:)

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Kate Middleton has been the lover of prince William of England for some time now. What do the positions on her birth day tell us? She is a Capricorn. Just like in the charts of the Dutch princess Máxima and the Belgian princess Mathilde there is a hard connection between Sun and Saturn. She combines it with a semi square with Uranus. Saturn and Uranus combined symbolise the theme of the limitations of freedom. Being a member of the royalty does have it's limitations.

This year Jupiter will cross over her Sun. Should that be the announcement of marriage? Venus is square Jupiter in her chart and 157.5 degrees away from Jupiter/Neptune. The combination of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune indicates a 'fairy tale marriage'. It is a combination that is frequent in the chart of those who have a royal wedding. A succesfull mariage is also announce with the combination of Venus with Jupiter and Pluto. As an example: Dutch princess Maxima (Venus in a midpoint yod with Jupiter/Pluto), princess Mabel (Venus semi square Jupiter/Neptune), Sarah Fergusson (Sun conjunct and Pluto semi square Venus/Jupiter) or princess Diana (Pluto 157.5 Venus/Jupiter). There are variations on the theme, like in the chart of Grace Kelly: Pluto 112.5 Venus/Mars and semi square Mars/Jupiter.

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