Friday, February 15, 2008

REINHOLD EBERTIN: Born 16th February

Reinhold Ebertin was born 16th February 1901 at 4h40 a.m. CET in Görlitz, Germany, now 107 years ago. His famous work is Combination of Stellar Influences (COSI); a work that I would like to recommend. Not only because it is the first book that introduced midpoint combinations but also because these combinations can be used to read aspects between 3 planets or positions at once.

Reinhold Ebertin has a crucial Jupiter on the Capricorn Ascendant and the Moon in Capricorn oriental (rising before the Sun). He had the need to be taken seriously. Neptune is tightly trine the Sun and Mars is tightly trine Jupiter. This indicates a spiritual person with enterpirise.

Astrology is involved with Jupiter-Uranus. Most (if not all) astrologers have this (midpoint- or aspect)combination prominently in their charts. So has Ebertin. Uranus is semi square Sun/Jupiter and Uranus is in Sagittarius. Sun is septile Jupiter and quintile Uranus.
These minor aspects indicate being inspired by a conviction or inspiring self confidence combined with creative insight.The combination shows creative inspiration through astrology. Another strong influence in the charts of astrologers is Chiron. In the chart of Ebertin Chiron is in a crucial position on the Ascendant, conjunct Jupiter.

The German Wiki speaks of dubious publications in Nazi time, see
COSI was published in 1960.


Observer said...

Interesting chart.

I use a 90 degree dial and 1 orb -

what would be the max orb limit you suggest?

Astromarkt said...

I prefer tight orbs always, but in certain conditions I take into consideration: a maximum of 2 degrees. Those conditions are: confirmation by other midpoints or aspects.
Recently I started looking at the midpoints and aspects of even 22.5 degree (and 157.5 etc.) and see that they are valid as well. I generally don't read them one by one, but in a group (indications for ambition/successes or indications for talents).