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Astrology chart of Mao Tse Tung

One of the founders of the People’s Republic of China and the first President of the nation was Mao Tse Tung. He was born December 26 1893 at 7h30 a.m. in Hsiangtar or Siang Tan. The hour of birth has a C-rating only, according to Astrodatabank, so I will pay more attention to the planets.

The first thing that I notice is that the Sun doesn’t make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That is ‘peregrine’ or ‘calling’ Sun and it means that he will draw attention at any possible level. This prominent Sun is quintile Saturn (for a creative way to be in charge). He was also born with the Sun in Capricorn and a Leo Moon in a tight square with Uranus. The combination of Capricorn-Leo is not rare in politics or management, neither is the combination of the dispositors of these signs (Sun-Saturn). It involves ambition to be a leader or manager.

The second thing is that the Sun/Moon midpoint for this hour is in aspect with both Saturn and Pluto. It is the combination of the ‘die hard’, the politician who is not afraid of hard confrontations. He is being motivated by ambition and power. More about Saturn and Pluto….

Mars is rising before his prominent Sun. This is reflecting the activist and fighter, a soldier, entrepeneur or promotor.

Conclusion: this is the chart of a die hard political fighter and leader. But where in this chart is the adored God-like person who improved the lives of many and was hated, too, and responsible for the death of millions? I think that progressions and transits on crucial moments in time offered the opportunity to become that person. The chart of Mao (and any other chart) should be read given the conditions and situation at the time and place in history.

- January 1935: Mao becomes the political leader, the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party. That is with Progressed Midheaven opposition Pluto (a challenging position, profit, power). At the same time progressed Jupiter returned to the natal position (successful progress) and it was just after transit Pluto square progressed Saturn (the ‘die hard’ was born).

- In 1942 he married his third wife, Jiang Qing. That was in the year of progressed Sun trine Saturn while the Ascendant afflicted both Saturn and Pluto. He introduced his management practices. Party leaders had to criticize themselves the hard way (so called rectification campaign).

- In 1944 he became the states leader according to the Communist party, but only after a civil war (on October 1, 1949) he became President of the People’s Republic of China. That day the transiting sun was sesqui square progressed and natal Jupiter and trine progressed Pluto (the combination for success). Transit Uranus was opposition Mao’s Sun (life changing) and Saturn was trine the Ascendant (he was respected and made name).

- In order to secure his powerful position he organized the so called Cultural Revolution in 1966. In 1966 there was a conjunction of Uranus and Pluto. This revolutionary aspect was exactly square the progressed Sun of Mao Zedong! Maybe it meant a radical change in HIS life. But it certainly meant a radial change for the people of China.*)

When Mao died on September 9, 1976 transit Uranus was exactly conjunct the progressed Sun of China (see the chart in the earlier post). Also the progressed Sun of China was trine Uranus. It was apparently time for a change and it was of course a shock for his followers. Or liberation…Uranus is the symbol of freedom.

Above you see the natal chart of Mao Tse Tung and the transits on the day of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. More about China in an earlier post…

*) This is a good example of the influence of the leaders' chart for his followers.
His transit of dramatic change caused dramatic upheavel, and a lot of arrests and (ruined) lives.


Chart of China (60 years old)

The People's Republic of China is 60 years old. Time to have a look at the natal chart and transits. The Moon happens to be conjunct mine. I have never been there, but perhaps I would feel more at home than I can imagine. Maybe it is a good idea to go there and see how it feels:)...

China's name contains the word 'people'. The Moon - symbol of the people - is conjunct the Ascendant (name) and in Aquarius (sign for a republic, opposition the royal Leo). I wonder if anyone manipulated the time of this chart because of this, but if not: it is a brilliant astrological statement.

Saturn was rising before the Sun, without major aspects and in Virgo. This is reflecting the conservative and restrictive orientation. Mercury is semi sextile Saturn and so is Mars. In fact,Saturn is positioned on the midpoint of Mercury and Mars, restricting (Saturn) discussions (Mercury-Mars). But the prominence of Saturn might also reflect a more fysical restriction: the famous Chinese wall, here on a Nasa picture.

Venus is conjunct Midheaven. It was the end of war: peace! (Venus symbolizes peace). Venus AND the Moon are reflecting feminine qualities. With the foundation of the People's Republic China started one of the first nations in the world with equality for women. Political struggle (Mars-Pluto conjunction) often led (and perhaps still leads) to suppression, however. For more about that, see Amnesty International...

The solar return (or birthday) chart has the Moon in Aquarius square Midheaven. That means that there will be a desire for change. The Ascendant of the Solar Return is inconjunct the natal Moon in Aquarius and lately the progressed Ascendant was square natal Moon. That is again a sign of wanted change. Also, transit Pluto will be square natal Sun in a few years time. There might be political difficulties (and reforms), if a country's natal chart works as a person's natal chart does. In that cse, there will be a period of transformation ahead. But didn't we already know that? There might be a visible effect of the economical crisis within 2 years and that may force the Republic to make vital changes in order to get back on trail.

Here is the birthday chart:


Little hero with Pluto square her Mars-Jupiter

A Belgian little girl named Fleur had her fifth birthday last Sunday. In the night after her birthday she woke up because the roof was falling down. There was a fire. She took her toy and blanket and went to the bedroom of her parents to wake them up. Now she is a five year old hero!

It is nice to see that on her day of birth Mars was conjunct Jupiter. Mars and Jupiter were rising before the Sun, together. They were 'oriental'. That is reflecting successful action! On her birthday transit Pluto was square Mars-Jupiter. That is how you get a tremendous combination for success (Mars-Jupiter-Pluto). And for danger, that too!

See the picture and read the story (in Dutch, translate on Google):


Gordon Brown and the elections

In the post about the chart of Gordon Brown (May 2009) I wrote about the elections in 2010:

The politicians won't drop him, but there will be elections before June 2010. That is when transit Pluto hits his Midheaven. His progressed Midheaven is about to conjunct his Sun and to be inconjunct Saturn, hitting the inconjunction of the natal chart. That makes his position hard, compared to that in September 2008. He may be blamed by the public. Often Pluto complicates things and perhaps he will have a difficult time in spring 2010. But Pluto also often means 'come back', however difficult. Should he have to return to parliament and step back later, with MC inconjunct Saturn? With Uranus on the MC of his solar return for 2010, the results may be surprising. It was a surprise that he became MP, too.

SUN-SATURN: being in charge
Nevertheless, even with such difficult aspects Gordon Brown made it to the top of the UK, just like George W. Bush managed to be in charge of the nation. See the topic about Sun and Saturn, managing to be in charge.

Gordon Brown came back before. He is like Jumping Jack Flash, but...

There are more and more signs that Gordon Brown will loose the elections and that he will have to get used to another life style, just like his progressed Sun (changing sign!) tells us that he will. The combination of transit Pluto on Midheaven and Progressed Midheaven inconjunct Saturn is at least a difficult one. There is stress (Pluto) and there is a big chance of losing status (inconjunction with Saturn). Saturn-Pluto-combinations in politics often reflect the hard sides of politics. Falling down is a hard thing. And there are no helping transits whatsoever.

I noticed that he has a very charming wife, btw. She is born October 31, 1963. On that day Venus didn't make major aspects so that beauty, taste, style and charm could develop and grow to any possible level. That important Venus is trine her husbands' Venus and Mars. She may like his passion. But, with transit Uranus square progressed Sun her life style is changing, just like his. They share an aspect between Sun and Uranus, so perhaps together they will be more than able to 'survive' a change.


Changing laws, changing charts of laws...

This chart is the chart of the implementation of a Dutch law (the AOW, the general old age law in free translation:) on January 1,1957. This law granted those who were over 65 years old, working or not, rich or poor, an income and ended the dependance of the elderly. This law is subject to discussion these days. Today is the last day that unions and employers have to come up with an idea of how to change this law, read: how to make people work longer. The government wants that people work till 67, employers say that it should be 67 (but starting in 2025) and the unions want flexibility.

The law's chart is a nice chart and it fits. Moon in Capricorn (caring for the old ones) and Jupiter on the Ascendant for support. But now transits and progressions of Saturn threaten to end the nature of the law.

Last month the progressed Sun was inconjunct Uranus and within two years there will be another inconjunction with Uranus (the natal position). It means changes with a loss...

When the law is ripe enough to get a nice 58+ arrangement (in 2015) the progressed Sun will be square Saturn and in 2020 (when the law is 63) progressed Sun is square progressed Saturn. The law is getting OLD! And on the first of January 2013 Saturn is on the law's Ascendant. Should that be A date to start reducing the benefits of this law?

Anyway, Saturn, the planet of aging and limitations is 'hitting' the chart of this law for the elderly and might be marking the end of a period or the end of the law itself.

Astrology works for laws, too:)


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Chart, transits and progressions of Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski (born August 18, 1933 at 10:30 MET = 9:30 GMT in Paris) has been arrested in Switzerland for a 1970 rape charge when he was on his way to the Zurich film festival (for a tribute). What does his chart say about the timing of this arrest, the artist in the chart of Polanski, his successes, how his works correspond with his experiences, and the possible explanation for his behavior (towards women)? And what could be the effect of the unaspected Mercury, Saturn and Neptune?

There are very telling transits informing us about a scandall, Solar Arcs announcing the issue of limited freedom and there is a progressive Sun square Saturn while in 1970 transit Saturn was square his Sun: the mistake is being highlighted again.


Watch his transits (I used a maximum of 1 degree orb:
Mars conjunct Midheaven
Uranus inconjunct Mars
Uranus inconjunct Sun
Neptune opposition Sun
Uranus trine Pluto
Neptune inconjunct Pluto

What does it mean?
Your reputation is being 'hit' and 'hurt' with Mars on Midheaven.
There will be a disproportional and unbalancing upheaval regarding your life style and activities.
You will be seen in a negative light due to other person’s activities
And your life will easily change completely

The combination of Uranus and Neptune, both inconjunct the Sun, is a disaster for a celebrity. It shows that there is a negative (Neptune) press (Uranus).

Of course with Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars in aspect with Uranus and Pluto in the natal chart of Roman Polanski, there was a high risk from the start that dramatic changes would occur. Arrests also dramatically change a life style, that is why Uranus-Pluto combinations are frequent in case of an arrest.

The Solar Arcs of Roman Polanski also tell an important tale. They announce the issue of restricted freedom.

SA Uranus inconjunct Saturn and SA Saturn conjunct Uranus open an opportunity for the natal minor aspect between Saturn and Uranus (75 degrees) to ‘start working’. The combination of Saturn and Uranus is the combination of the issue of limited freedom and the resistance against it. Polanski escaped Warshaw and he managed to stay out of jail for more than 30 years the same way. Click the label below to see more examples.

What comes around goes around...In 1970 transit Saturn was square Polanski's natal Sun and in his SR-chart the Sun was square Saturn. Next February progressed Sun will be square progressed Saturn. Saturn is the symbol of mistakes and guilt and of the disadvantages of a life style. Often when an aspect combination of the past is being repeated, the present event has a link with the past. The mistake of 1970 is being highlighted again...

The pattern of artistic talent*) in the chart of Roman Polanski is made like this:
Cancer Midheaven
Moon in Cancer
Moon sextile Venus
Moon semi square Neptune
Venus half semi square AC/MC

Venus conjunct Jupiter and sextile Pluto made him popular and allowed him to earn a lot of money. There is three times a combination of Sun, Jupiter and Pluto (for example: Sun conjunct Jupiter/Pluto) because the Sun is positioned right in the middle of Jupiter and Pluto.

The Sun is conjunct the midpoint of Moon and Venus and of Moon and Jupiter. Also Jupiter is conjunct Sun/Mars. This huge amount of indications for success and protection helped him to survive World War II and brought him successes. Jupiter, the planet of protection and of 'abroad', is half semi square AC/MC and semi square Sun/Moon. He managed to get out of the hands of justice by living in France. The position of Jupiter in the 12th house has been seen more often in the charts of those who find asylum in another country (like Kaiser Wilhelm, for example). Polanski originated in Poland and lived abroad since

The Moon is in an 'oriental' position, rising before the Sun and conjunct Pluto, close to Midheaven. Roman Polanski grew up in terrible circumstances as a Jewish fugitive during the war. His father survived the war but didn't want to see his son any more. His family members already noticed uncommon, brutal behavior. Pluto conjunct Moon intensifies needs, I read. Who knows what really happened and how that felt? The Moon-Pluto conjunction simply reflects dramatic experiences or memories and intense reactions, but also shows us strong and intense needs (perhaps as a result).

Pluto's afflictions turn every Mars-activity into a 'must'. Mars square Pluto and opposition Uranus indicates the possibility of impulsive acts of violence. Moon, Mars, Uranus and Pluto were aspected by the progressed Midheaven in his early years in Poland when most of his family was murdered and his position was dangerous. These experiences of course affected him. It was a tense and stressful period. Roman Polanski's dramatic experiences (Moon - Pluto) were of crucial importance for his later position in life, too. His work always has a strong psychological effect. Perhaps psychological problems were 'exposed' and 'controlled' by producing and directing psychological thrillers, perhaps he could make them so intensely scary because he experienced fear and danger when he was very young.

Venus inconjunct Uranus can have the effect of disproportionate adventures or incidents with females, due to 'getting out of balance' when falling in love. About the effect of Venus-Uranus, see an earlier post and/or go to Astromarkt.

Mars square Pluto is a difficult aspect reflecting the use or abuse of force, influence and violence (or having to defend yourself against it). On Astromarkt there is more about this aspect. The combination Venus sextile Pluto and Pluto square Mars shows us intense passion and the possibility of getting into trouble because of that (as a victim or abuser).

Mercury, Saturn and Neptune don't make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. Mercury, symbol of communicating, doesn’t make minor aspects either.

A prominent combination of the three planets can point at mental illnesses, but they also reflect ambition (Saturn), fantasy (Neptune) and communication talent (Mercury), making a business (Saturn) of telling tales (Mercury-Neptune). Unfortunately, a prominent combination of Mercury, Saturn and Neptune also might mean that something is wrong with understanding messages (wrong interpretation, given or received). Well, that is what a movie maker does when he is scaring you by telling you a tale about someting that never happened...

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*) More examples of the pattern of artistic talent on


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Princess Máxima's progressed Moon trine Jupiter

Dutch Princess Máxima will be mr. Ban Ki Moon's advisor about micro credits. Read about it here... She looks very happy with the appointment, that happened with a most fortunate progressive aspect:
Progressive Moon trine Jupiter
It is a heavenly statement for being supported and for feeling great!:)

Here is the chart. You see the natal chart (positions on the left) and the secondary positions (on the right and outside the circle):


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Progressed Sun sign changing

This post is about 'progressed Sun' and the effect of the changing progressive sun signs (and progressive aspects in such a period). I used the picture of Sun and Earth above because the progressed Sun movement is based upon the movement of the earth.

The zodiac has 360 degrees, divided into 12 pieces, the sun signs. The sun moves through the zodiac in an average 365,25 days every year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Capricorn is the 10th sign. Pisces is the last sign. Every day the Sun moves about 1 degree further in the zodiac. This is 'secondary progression'.
In June the Sun will move less than 1 degree, in December the Sun will move more than one degree per day. So when you are born in summer, it will take a little bit longer before your progressed Sun will reach the next sign, than when you are born in winter.
While I write this, the Sun is in the 28th degree of Virgo, the 6th sign (more specific: in the 178th degree). The Sun will be in Libra in just 2,5 days.

The earth moves around the axis every day and one spot on earth 'sees' the complete zodia in one day. A progressed Sun-day ends when the earth is back on the same position on the axis as it was when we started calculated. We get an impression *) of the complete year (movement around the Sun, solar return) in one day (movement around the earth axis, the earth return:). The positions of 24 hours after birth give an impression of the situation 1 year after birth. The positions 30 days after the day of birth give insight in the 30th year after birth.

When a person is born today, with the Sun in the 28th degree of Virgo, it will take 2years before his progressed Sun changes sign and another 32,5 years to change sign again. The period of about 2,5 years before and after the moment of change (Sun at 0,0 degree of a sign) is a period of changes to come and changes to get used to.

When you were born with Sun in Sagittarius (the ninth sign) your life style will change when your progressed Sun enters Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces (and if you are very very lucky: Aries). This transition from one sign to another marks a period of change and transformation, it is like sunrise and sunset (and you see it coming). When you have a rather calm life the transition will be calm. When your life path is marked by steep hills, you will see notice a more sudden change. Sometimes life ends because of illnesses or age, sometimes a way of life ends because you get married, move to another state, start another job etc.

During the movement through the sings and degrees there are aspects with the natal chart. There are also aspects on the day after birth between the positions of the day after birth. Those aspects lay the foundation for possible development in the next period. If your sun sign changes and the first aspect is a square with Jupiter, you will start the new episode in a more positive situation than if the first aspect would be an opposition with Saturn. Especially in times of change, events or meetings 'hit' harder, whether they are positive or negative, because you are more vulnerable. That is logical. When you are moving from one place to another (packing your bags) and someone helps you to get started in the new place you will have a long lasting feeling of comfort. In case your new neighbors are hostile, you won't feel happy for long. I can imagine that a new sun sign feels like a fresh new start when the last aspect in sign was rather complicated, too.

On this blog there are several examples of the effect of changing sun signs that you can find by clicking on the label 'changing sun sign'. If you don't have the means to calculate a chart, go to to find the degree of your Sun. Every sign has 30 degrees. If your Sun was in the 15th degree at birth (that is when you are born around the 7th of the month), it will take the progressed Sun about 15, 45 and 75 years to move into the next sign. When you were born on the 23rd of the month you will be about 30, 60 and 90 when your progressed Sun sign changes.

*)I wrote 'impression' in Italics because there are limitations to this way of having a view in future conditions. In reality, the planets move faster than the movement in one day for a year. The progressions show a possible development based upon the situation at birth (expectations). Transits (and solar returns) tell us how the real world outside has evolved since that moment. History and time don't stop and the world moves on. It is the real world that has an impact on the nativity. That is why it is important to know the social, economic and cultural situation of a person (and the gender!). Charts, progressions, solar returns and transits tell their own story, like a blue print, a concept that has to be seen in the light of an even more complicated field: the world outside. And who knows how the world will look like in 30 years?

See the post about signs of changing times for more information about indications for changes in your life.

For more about progressions and changing sun signs I advice to read Cafe Astrology about Secondary Progression

One example of a famous person and changing progressed Sun signs: on October 9, 1967 Che Guevara was executed after a disastrous attempt to create a revolution on the mainland of America Latina. His Sun had move to Leo in 1966, when he left Cuba. In 1997 his body returned to Cuba. That was when his progressed Sun moved to Virgo.

Zie ook Astromarkt in het Nederlands...


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Chart of Queen Mother Elizabeth (and the Windsors)

The Daily Mail has a story about the late Queen Mother of England called 'That spiteful old soak dedicated to making our lives hell', quoting the Duke of Windsor in 1971. 'Our lives' were the joined lives of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. When you have a quick look at her chart you immediately notice Mars-Neptune opposition Saturn, on the horizon. This aspect is indeed of crucial importance. She spent half of her life alone and lost her husband Albert (later King George) in her early 50s, in 1952.

It seems that she blamed the Duke of (former King Edward VIII) for this. Because of his abdication, in order to marry the divorced Wallis Simpson, Albert had to become king and that was too much for his health.

Saturn is the symbol of blame and restrictions or barriers. Queen mother Elizabeth and Wallis Simpson had their Saturns in bad aspect with each others Suns! (Saturn of Wallis Simpson is square the natal Sun of the Queen Mum, and the Queen Mother's Saturn was exactly opposition the Sun of Wallis Simpson). It is likely that the ladies blamed each other for the bad sides of their lives. There is another reason for not accepting her sister in law: she didn't belong to the nobility. Leo (Sun sign of Elizabeth) CAN be very proud.
Also, Edward VIII had a strong Mars on Aries Point, square the Sun. Elizabeth had Mars conjunct her Ascendant and semi square Sun. They were both fighters, both 'sharp'.

The Queen Mother had an afflicted Scorpio Moon, square Sun, semi square Saturn and sesquisquare Neptune. Scorpio Moon ladies are tough and that is why we see lots of them managing big companies. Scorpio is the sign that doesn't forget and seeks revenge (when afflicted). Because of the abdication of the Duke the Queen Mother's husband had to become King and she considered that to be one of the main reasons for his early death. Heredity is an item in the synastry between their charts: his Ceres is square her Ascendant/Descendant.

They share aspects the kind of aspect that show us that they shared bad memories (Moon-Saturn) and unpleasant affairs (Mars-Neptune).

When her husband Albert died, in 1952, her progressed sun sign had changed sign to Libra, reflecting her changing life and life style. From that day on she was 'Queen Mother' and she hated that title. Notice that Ceres - the symbol of motherly love - is not very far from Midheaven (and perhaps correction of the hour of birth would even bring Ceres closer to the MC). So she became a most prominent female icon.

More about the match between Simpson and Edward on my blog

Read more about the feelings of the Duke on Daily Mail...

About Venus-Uranus, see Astromarkt...


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Chart of the day of birth of republican Joe Wilson

Joe Wilson, the Republican who shouted 'Liar' when President Obama was explaining his policy in the Senate, was born 31 July 1947 in Charleston, South Carolina. He is not the most popular man in the Senate right now. His progressed Sun is conjunct Neptune and transit Pluto is inconjunct his progressed Mars. That means that he is being seen in a negative light and that there is an issue of disproportionate political struggle.

On 31 July 1947 the Sun was in Leo and the Moon was in Capricorn, which promises an ambitious character. Uranus is the first outer planet rising before his natal Sun and Uranus is the symbol of controversy and upheaval, especially when conjunct Mars. Mars and Uranus often cause incidents and accidents and most of the people with this combination prominently placed in their charts have a hot temper. On Astromarkt I wrote a complete article about Mars-Uranus, the components for explosive acts. Transit Pluto is now inconjunct his progressed Mars. The inconjunction has unbalancing effect and often forces the energy of the planets involved to react in an outrageous way. Mars-Pluto is the combination of political struggle and using or abusing force or influence. Transit Pluto inconjunct progressed Mars tends to use or abuse force and influence in an excessive way. And with such a transit people often have to defend themselves against strong enemies (in competitions or in politics). Mars-Pluto makes a person angry. Joe Wilson was, and the majority of members of the Senate are still angry.

Another bad sign in the chart of Wilson is the progression of the Sun into the direction of Neptune (Progressed Sun conjunct Neptune). That is often indicating isolation and a bad press for celebrities.

The unaspected Venus in his chart mirrors the true diplomat. It didn't help much so far, at least not in this case...

This chart has no hour of birth. Still, if you know the situation and circumstances and see the most prominent placements and transits, it is easy to understand that a person with a hot temper uses his power in a disproportionate way and gets a bad press. There are many ways for planets to 'manifest' themselves and in the case of a politician in the USA Senate, this was a way that is a good translation of the combination of the planets involved.

Related post: the effect of Sun-Neptune combinations. I quote:
Am I who I think I am, or am I who other's think what I am?” said a person I knew. She had an oriental Neptune conjunct the Sun.

With progressed Sun in hard aspect with Neptune you are sometimes certain that you are not what others think you are but they see you in a bad light, as a suspect or in a negative way. In a few cases what you did before caused this.

The chart was drawn on

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chart of Serena Williams explaining behaviour?

Serena Williams didn’t take it well when she lost her placement for the US Open Finale (see the You Tube video). She smashed her racket and looked aggressive. Emotions seemed not to be in control. How could that happen? Does her chart explain the behaviour? Yes it does! She is first of all following her emotions (Moon rising before the Sun) and right now the progressed Moon is in the final degree of a sign, without aspects. Emotions are being highlighted. Behaviour (the way that you do things) is also symbolized by the Ascendant. The natal Ascendant is inconjunct her natal Sun: 'starlike' behaviour that is not always been accepted by the outside world, just like now...

It is easy to see the star in this chart and the strong will to be a winner (‘calling’ Sun and Pluto are both in aspect with AC/MC, for example). It is also easy to combine circumstances (training all her life), genes (her sister is also a tennis player) and the chart to get a super star. Speaking of stars: how about the effect of Sharatan? Here is more about the chart of Serena Williams...

The Moon is rising before her Sun and is square Neptune. She may be overly sensitive. In the progressed chart the Moon is in the final degree of Virgo, a Void Moon opposition Aries Point. Emotions – at any level, moods – are shown to the public…

Mercury is on the Descendant and not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees: this is reflecting ‘communicating at any possible level’.

Mars is inconjunct Midheaven: sport and enterprise, but…it costs energy or involves aggression (too much).

Her natal Sun doesn’t make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees: it is a ‘calling’ Sun, drawing attention at any possible level. The inconjunction is reflecting the risk to loose balance. And the Ascendant is the gate to the outside world. Sun inconjunct Ascendant: arrogance and possible lost of honour are two of the interpretations. The attitude helped her to be a star, perhaps, but the outside world doesn’t always ‘buy’ the starlike airs, even if she IS a star).

What the drawing above doesn’t show is, that Sharatan is on the Ascendant. The fixed star Sharatan means: violence, defeat, accidents, injury, danger, honors (according to The Ascendant shows how we present ourselves. Serena Williams is a famous top tennis player and honors have come her way. But every professional sports man or woman will be defeated one day. And no one wants to be defeated, so: beat it?:)

PS Source of the birth data: Astrothè


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Silivo Berlusconi says it again (but why?)

Berlusconi manages to be in the news reports all over the world, again. Berlusconi said (standing next to a smiling Zapatero:) that he doesn't have to pay for sex and that paying for sex would spoil the pleasure of seducing the ladies, or words like that. As a lot of Italians seem to like the escapades of their leader, still 50% of them support him. His wife stopped supporting him. She wants a divorce.

There are more posts about Silvio Berlusconi and his chart (click here to see them all...) and the main reason for the fact that he is repeatedly 'news' is Mercury inconjunct Uranus (IMO). Mercury - symbol of communications - is on his Ascendant and Uranus -symbol of upheavel - is in the 8th house of sex, a recipe for having a way of shocking communications about sex. That explains, but there is more...

Why are the (young) ladies so important for Silvio's ego? It is Pluto. Pluto is the symbol of politics and sexuality. His Pluto doesn't make Ptolemaic aspects in sign. Out of sign there is a square with Venus, ruler of the first and eight house. The eight house is the house of Pluto. There are more reasons for the importance of Pluto:

Sun sesqui semi square Pluto (67.5d); for frustrated self esteem and wanting to be an authority or a winner or...(at some level) a man with potential;

Moon sesquisquare Pluto; for fanatic habits and intense needs;

Mercury quintile Pluto; for creative ways to impress the audience;

Venus square Pluto (out of sign); for the desire to impress the ladies and dominate them (by earning lots of money, for example);

Ascendant sesqui semi square Pluto; for presenting yourself as an authority, with problems doing so;

Pluto half semi square AC/MC; for the crucial importance of politics and money.
With Moon and Venus in hard aspect with Pluto it is no surprise that he is a fanatic womanizer.
Transit Pluto is trine Mars right now and that enables him to have a good defense and to win any battle. But...with Jupiter inconjunct Neptune he might find the church on his way. The Italian Roman Catholic Church won't be pleased with such a VIP member! As he has Jupiter square Neptune in the natal chart, this aspect might be more important than he thinks.


Rehab for Alan Turing

Yesterday I mentioned the name of Alan Turing in the post about Dutroux, related to the combination of discretion and dangerous secrets (Neptune/Pluto). Today I read that there will be an official appology for the way the authorities prosecuted Alan Turing after WWII for being gay, in spite of his tremendous value in the battle against Nazi-Germany. In his natal chart Sun is conjunct Pluto (out of sign). These days transit Pluto is opposition his natal Sun. For more: I also have posted comments on the original post about his chart, that you can find on this blog, too, with links to the news about Turing:

For another rehab (of Martin Luther, the reformer), see my post of March 2008


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dutroux's day out

Today, with transit Pluto exactly sextile his Neptune, Marc Dutroux was allowed to enter his house of horrors for the last time before demolition. I have written about his chart before (see Astromarkt).

Neptune and Pluto together are the combination of discretion and secrets and silent force. That is why this combination is so prominent in the charts of investigators of crime, in the charts of 'magicians' and in the charts of those who are occupied with scary things such as mediums or...astrologers:).

In the natal chart of Dutroux Neptune is the oriental planet (the first outer planet rising before the Sun). Pluto is important because Pluto is conjunct Midheaven. Neptune is sextile Pluto and the Sun is half semi square Neptune/Pluto. And today the aspect is active again, by transit. So it is no surprise that there are rumours (Neptune!) about privilages and hiding facts about important partners in crime. As Neptune rules the fifth house you can also view the effect of this transit as acceptance (sextile) of a 'break' out of the usual environment (I-V) surrounded with mystery (Neptune/Pluto).

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More about the combination of the silent force, Neptune/Pluto on this blog, and in the chart of Alan Turing...


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9 1839: female serial killer born

Two years ago I wrote an article about someone born on September 9. Her name was Good Mie. Here it is in short.

Good Mie was a female serial killer who had the habit to pay for the insurance of her later victims, just to collect the money when they died. That was soon after they became ill due to poison that she could easily obtain. She was named 'Good' because she took such good care of the persons that she had poisoned... She was saving money for her old age...

This is the chart of a restricted and limited person. We can see that by ruler 1 retrogading AND afflicted by Saturn. She has intense desires (Venus and Pluto) and a strategic mind (Mercury-Saturn-Pluto). She also has a reputation of an idealistic person (Neptune on MC) and looks younger than she is (no grey hair at all at age 44 and given her circumstances: Gemini ascendant). She used to be loved (Venus conjunct Jupiter) and she was creative (a lot of quintiles). She uses force if needed (Mars and Pluto in MR and Mars in Scorpio). And she was not exactly in the circumstances to NOT use force.

She was poor all of her life, lost most of her children, had an alcoholic father (Neptune on the MC?) and often she did not have a home because her parents did not pay the rent and were kicked out of the house. She had a very rough and hard life and she had Moon in Libra, Venus in Libra conjunct Jupiter on the midpoint Ascendant/MC: she must have longed for a pleasant family environment and a well decorated house and maybe was saving for old age (they are all 3 in the 4th house of old age). And then you see what happened to her: hard labour! Saturn is in the 6th and squaring her ruler 1.
In the article I concluded:
So it is the mixture of character (a desire for comfort and joy -reflected by the opposition between Venus and Pluto-), experiences (awful background, children dying, a trauma perhaps) circumstances (poverty, opportunity for buying arsenic and no control after death) and time (bad situation, many people dying) that made her do it and that allowed her to do it.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mars conjunct Uranus 1: Jupiter trine Neptune 0

Trines are the decoration of a battle field of conjunctions, squares and oppositions. Today I left my house at 7:25, exactly when transit Jupiter was trine my natal Neptune. I felt OK, the sun started shining, I was at the office sooner than expected. That is perhaps the other side of the effect of the transit of Mars conjunct Uranus. Speed! So I had no great (Jupiter) dreams (Neptune) but hectic (Uranus) action (Mars) instead.

How did Mars manage to ruin a perfectly warm day for smooth daydreaming? Well, by sending me 3 emails that forced me to completely change the agenda, the input and the background information for a meeting. This happened 3 times, so I really had to run! Mars-Uranus is the combination of speed! It was hectic, but it was okay. But then I found out that the chairman of the meeting had another meeting instead and that noone knew!

That did it! I noticed it at 16:15, when the actual Midheaven was square my natal Mars and Saturn was on top, invisible, high up in the sky. (Still, it IS a miracle that I notice it in time! but only if you love to see the bright side:)

So now I know: Mars conjunct Uranus has a stronger effect than Jupiter trine Neptune has (even though Jupiter and Neptune are important in my chart). That is because Mars and Uranus create an explosion (can't miss that). Jupiter and Neptune only shape a soft and silent dream. Though in the end, the smile lasts longer than the shock. I am relaxed again,really!

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Liz Taylor and Michael Jackson

Elisabeth Taylor has transits of Mars and Saturn with (progressed and natal) Midheaven today. She was one of the guest on the funeral of Michael Jackson. Mars-Saturn is the combination of death, of separation (Saturn) from a man (Mars).

She was fond of Michael Jackson. Their Sunsigns didn't match (and of course they didn't have to live together 'as one'), but their Moonsings did and his Moon in Pisces may even have been close to her Sun and Mercury in Pisces.

Elisabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson both have/had Venus conjunct Uranus, the aspect of the firework in the rollercoaster. That is the aspect for love of adventure and excitement, of feeling for the rhythm and of artistic aspirations. Both have/had the kind of love life that produces news and excites the readers. Sharing the same aspect creates a spiritual bond. More about sharing aspects on my site Astromarkt...


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chart of Dawn Fraser (fighting an intruder)

Astrology works with symbols. Planets and positions in the chart are symbols, the equivalent of a complete vocabulary. Neptune, for example, is the symbol of the fantasy, dreams, art, mystery, secrets, mediums and ... the media. Uranus is the symbol of (among other things!) NEWS ... and astrology. Dawn Fraser, a champion swimmer in Australia, has a progressed chart with Midheaven in the 25th degree of Leo. That is exactly inconjunct Uranus and opposition Neptune. She is in the news today because she fought with a young man who was in her garden without invitation and who (she says) threatened to kill her. Her chart shows that he should not have done that. She is defensive, self supporting, she has got muscles and she acts immediately! The chart is clear about that. Angular Mars sesquisquare AC/MC , square angular Sun and inconjunct Uranus is 'Astrological' for prominent, speedy, sometimes controversial, immediate action and anger.

Dawn Fraser has an angular Mars and Sun in the natal chart. The Sun is square Mars. It is obvious (at first sight) that we deal with a performer (Sun), a promoter (Mars) or someone who is a star (Sun) in sports (Mars) in whose life men, action, sport or enterprise is an important aspect. And why is she a swimmer? Gemini on Midheaven refers to the use of limbs (arms, hands) and Neptune (God of the sea) is square her Midheaven). Also the Moon - ruler of the water sign Cancer- is rising before the Sun and 'calling'*).

Sun square Mars is not afraid to hit, beat and strike if necessary. It is an aspect for those who (have to) deal with aggression or who have to be assertive. They are often placed in situations that require action.

Another interesting observation is that Mars is inconjunct Uranus and sesquisquare Pluto. This combination of aspects demands - Pluto- immediate - Uranus - action - Mars ...That is very useful in sports when you want to be number 1 and: for immediate action when you are dealing with an intruder.
Uranus-Pluto is the combination of impulse and dramatic changes. That is why Uranus-Pluto combinations are involved with arrests. Dawn Fraser was arrested once (in 1964), when transit Uranus was conjunct her Ascendant and progressed Mars was inconjunct Pluto. Conclusion:
When you see the combination of Sun square Mars and Mars inconjunct Uranus you see an 'angry young woman', even at old age. Intruders are being warned!:
BTW: Mars and Pluto are in aspect with the crosspoint of the chart (the midpoint AC/MC) to tell us that she will defend herself. Mars and Pluto refer to the drive to be a winner or an authority.

*)The Moon in Leo is rising before her Sun and is not making aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees (calling). For more about 'calling planets' use the label. For more about the Mars-Uranus combination in charts, see my site Astromarkt.


Ban the bulb; the chart of Edison

In Europe the light bulb has been banned. People are supposed to use Led light or CFL instead. The 100 Watt bulb was the first to be banned, yesterday. Should it be just coincidence that transit Pluto (symbol of transformation and change) was inconjunct the progressed Sun of the inventor? The inconjunction is the symbol of lost and loosing balance. The bright invention of the 19th century doesn't please the authorities anymore.

Thomas A. Edison is the official inventor of the light bulb. The first time that he managed to let the light glow was on October 21, 1879. On New Years Eve 1879 the public walking around Menlo Park saw dozens of light bulbs burning and soon after that his invention became a commercial success.

It is said that he was born around 3 a.m. In the year 1879 progressed Jupiter ruler 1 was inconjunct progressed Midheaven to illustrate an extraordinary success, but....The 'but' is that there were 2 other persons (Heinrich Göbel and Joseph Swan) who invented the light bulb a few months before he did. Apparently it was light bulb time! Uranus (symbol of electricity) was in the first degrees of Virgo, opposition Jupiter in Pisces, in 1879. The combination of Jupiter and Uranus is the combination of the invention and the inventor and of someone with an open mind who can see possibities beyond what is already here and now, able to make a positive change. He was the owner of a laboratory with inventive employees.

The Jupiter/Uranus combination is highlighted in his chart.
1. Jupiter rules Sagittarius (sign of the Moon and Ascendant in his chart).
2. Uranus rules his Sun in Aquarius.
3. Uranus has a prominent place opposition natal Midheaven
4. Jupiter is trine Midheaven, so that both Jupiter and Uranus are connected with Midheaven (the symbol of career).
5. The midpoint Jupiter/Uranus is in hard aspect with the Moon (for an inventive soul)
6. In the months before and after the invention of the light bulb the progressed Sun of Edison was semi square Jupiter/Uranus (a) and progressed Mercury was conjunct progressed Uranus (b) while progressed Midheaven was opposition Jupiter/Uranus (c. a midpoint Yod pointing at the fact that his name and status changed in a positive way)Three indications for an invention and positive change together promissed the realisation of the issue.

Mr. Edison married twice, both times with someone who was much younger. Notice the double bodied sign Gemini on the cusp of the seventh house of partners...Gemini is not only the symbol of twins, the twins are also young:). See my other blog about double bodied signs and more than 1 marriage...
For more about Jupiter and Uranus, click the label 'Jupiter Uranus' on

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Couples with the same Moonsign

Moon in Aquarius is not an uncommon position of the Moon in the charts of comics, comedians and clowns. I have several examples on my blog, like Dutch clown Cor Witsche (born August 5, 1925, 15h30 AMZ in Amsterdam), comedian Corrie van Gorp (June 30, 1942, 22h Rotterdam), author of comedies Wim T. Schippers (July 1, 1942, 16h45 Groningen; less than a day later than Corrie van Gorp). A great example is Bill Murray, born September 21, 1950 in Wilmette Illinois (time unknown) who's Moon is in Aquarius, too. In a minute I am going to watch Groundhog Day for the ?xx?th time, I just love it. Maybe that is because my Moon is in Aquarius, too, more likely it is because it is a cult comedy! But, this post was supposed to be about the Moon in sign and about what happens when your Moon and your partner's Moon happens to be in the same sign. It is just for fun, just like Groundhog Day. The Moon's sign is only one of the many ingredients that make you the person who you are, of course. That is OK. Because if you and your partner where only a Moon in the same sign, life would perhaps turn into an everlasting Groundhog Day.

When lovers have the same position of the Moon, they feel close and comfortable. Friends often have the same Moonsign. It makes you feel as if you belong together ('We are family').

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson both have Moon in Pisces in the natal chart. The Moon in Pisces is a romantic Moon. Many artists have the Moon in Pisces. It gives feeling for the 'mood' of the moment, it increases empathy and fantasy. The Moon in Pisces is also frequent in the charts of addicts and that is because of the need to hide away, run away from reality and live a life of dreams.

There are more examples of couples who shared the same Moonsign. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love both had Moon in Cancer. They shared the need to belong, to feel at home and to keep memories alive. Moon in Cancer is part of the astrological pattern of artistic talents and they were both artists. They also shared highlighted emotions with Moon in Cancer.

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka (the 'Ken and Barbie' murderers) both have Moon in Aries, the need to 'act right away'.
These three examples maybe show us that sharing a Moonsign may feel as 'coming home' but is not precisely reflecting a stable relationship between a man and a woman. Shared experiences and emotions may be too intense. Living in the same household might be hard when two of a kind keep reacting in the same way. They share the same good and bad moods. When the Moons are conjunct (in the same degree or within 3 degrees of orb in the same degree), they may feel the same way about a lot of things and often experience the same changes of moods at about the same moment, even when they are apart. This twin soul is very hard to separate and they easily live together in the same house or room.

Of course, you don't need to be lovers to have Moon conjunct Moon or Moons in the same sign. Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands has Moon in Aquarius and so has her beloved daughter in law, Máxima. They feel comfortable with each other. Mothers can have the same Moon sign as their child. 'Just friends' can have the same Moon sign. You can have the same Moon sign as your dog and sigh at the same moment...

Here is a short list of the possible effects.


Moon in Aries: action, sport together, working together, arguing together:), always something to do in the house (do it yourself. As a mother you like to have a job AND children and your children should be independent a.s.a.p. You are used to having to do things fast and on your own. Your way, of course:). So when a couple has Moon conjunct Moon in Aries, there may be some conflicts...Such a drive, with Moon conjunct Moon in Aries.

Moon in Taurus:
You surround yourself with the more sensual and comfortable things in life and nice objects of art (paintings, sculptures). You are very loyal to family, kids and old friends. One of the nasty things of a moon in Taurus is too think that they have not been treated as they should have been or as they deserve. In which cause they react very emotionally and stubborn. You need matter and material and money in the bank.
With Moon conjunct Moon in Taurus it may take a long time to end up like fighting bulls. Such a nice couple, with Moon conjunct Moon in Taurus.

Moon in Gemini: dancing or shopping together, taking a walk, having a good discussion and dressing up identical as if you were twins, city slickers with a second house. Sometimes people do not get the Moon in Gemini, as you seem to have two faces. You are the kind of woman that cooks while watching television and nursing a child at the same time, no problem, but you prefer going out shopping. That is because you want to follow the trends and look young and modern.
Such a busy couple, with Moon conjunct Moon in Gemini.

Moon in Cancer: family life, just being together in the same house, collecting photos or objects, always visiting family members and the children never far away or ...never leaving mother. You respond emotionally to your environment and close ones and have a special bound with family/mother. An attic full of photo's, a soul full of memories...When in trouble or afflicted you really think your intimates are the best, whatever they do is right and you support them all the way. This strong moon is at best when emotions are involved. You will be such an emotional couple, with Moon conjunct Moon in Cancer.

Moon in Leo: showing off together, dramatic acts, having a party, glamour and glitter in the house...Those with Moon in Leo have a sense for status and sometimes they walk around showing off where there in fact is nothing to be shown but fake. It is a position for pretensions. They just have a need to draw attention and look royal (dressed up with 'jewels', 'furs' etc.). Wow, this couple with Moon conjunct Moon in Leo is drawing attention!

Moon in Virgo: helping and serving each other or others, cleaning the house together, buying shoes and bags together, a practical household...You notice every little thing and that is why you are of perfect use in practical processes such as photography. As a mother you like your children nice and clean and you never forget the plants in the office. A modest attitude and at least pretending to be useful: that is Moon in Virgo. But with Moon conjunct Moon in Virgo you also tend to be very critical at each other and to see every little spot. It is such a neat couple, the Moon conjunct Moon in Virgo (and they are so clean). Perhaps you are often having a bath together?

Moon in Libra: looking nice and charming, doing a 'beauty day' together, the house as a style icon...But what to choose? Moon in Libra just cannot decide. They just NEED company. Mothers with Moon in Libra might pay special attention to the equal division of candy among their children...A couple with Moon conjunct Moon in Libra is very indecisive. As they don't want to hurt each other, they may end up with another partner out of the blue. Still, they are a very nice couple and he always brings her flowers.

Moon in Scorpio: looking bold and brave together, sharing dangerous experiences, difficult eating habits, minimalist household but expensive. When this couple with Moon conjunct Moon in Scorpio is not defending themselves against others, they might start defending themselves against the other partner and end up like cactuses in a desert when there is no more passion. They need challenges and are a daring couple. Don't ever challenge them!:)

Moon in Sagittarius: acting positive and cheerful, driving or traveling together, learning a language together, dreaming of a house abroad...When things are getting wrong or bad you became nervous and hurried. A couple with Moon conjunct Moon in Sagittarius is a busy couple, always on the way and always looking for more and better. They are so successful!:)

Moon in Capricorn: sharing ambitions need to be economic and classical, use of stone in the house, need for decorum and status. A couple with Moon in Capricorn might be working hard to make a career or consider parenthood as their goal.

Moon in Aquarius: cars, techniques, electronics and the latest new devices and freedom (living together but apart...or apart together), sudden and surprising changes, sense of humor. As they are individualist, but like to have some company too, in extreme cases they will have to organize a domestic meeting.

Moon in Pisces: romance, candle light, the same need to hide away in the strictly private twilight zone or to travel far far away, swimming in the moonlight, loving the same movie...

OK time to watch the rest of Groundhog Day!