Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mars conjunct Uranus 1: Jupiter trine Neptune 0

Trines are the decoration of a battle field of conjunctions, squares and oppositions. Today I left my house at 7:25, exactly when transit Jupiter was trine my natal Neptune. I felt OK, the sun started shining, I was at the office sooner than expected. That is perhaps the other side of the effect of the transit of Mars conjunct Uranus. Speed! So I had no great (Jupiter) dreams (Neptune) but hectic (Uranus) action (Mars) instead.

How did Mars manage to ruin a perfectly warm day for smooth daydreaming? Well, by sending me 3 emails that forced me to completely change the agenda, the input and the background information for a meeting. This happened 3 times, so I really had to run! Mars-Uranus is the combination of speed! It was hectic, but it was okay. But then I found out that the chairman of the meeting had another meeting instead and that noone knew!

That did it! I noticed it at 16:15, when the actual Midheaven was square my natal Mars and Saturn was on top, invisible, high up in the sky. (Still, it IS a miracle that I notice it in time! but only if you love to see the bright side:)

So now I know: Mars conjunct Uranus has a stronger effect than Jupiter trine Neptune has (even though Jupiter and Neptune are important in my chart). That is because Mars and Uranus create an explosion (can't miss that). Jupiter and Neptune only shape a soft and silent dream. Though in the end, the smile lasts longer than the shock. I am relaxed again,really!

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