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Capturing the Friedman's: update
and about the effect of Mercury inconjunct Neptune

I was throwing away files when I saw this post that I wrote in 2007:

Received 10/04/2007 22:05
Capturing the Friedmans, is a documentary that I saw yesterday. Arnold Friedman (born 20th March 1931, see the documentary about his birthday and the stone on his grave) and his son Jesse were convicted in a very peculiar childs' abuse case. Hypnotism by psychologists and a very influencing method of interrogation by the police contributed to a pandemonium of tales about sex orgies after the day in 1984 that the police found child pornography in the house of Arnold Friedman. His son Jesse was supposed to be assisting his father in the evil. There was no fysical evidence at all and some of the statements were clearly false, yet they were convicted after they pleaded guilty to prevent to get life in prison. Arnold Friedman killed himself in jail, so that his son would get a sum of money to start all over again when the best part of his life was over. In 1995, the year of the death of Arnold Friedman, Sun Arc Mars opposed his natal Sun.

In 1984 Transit Neptune squared Arnold Friedman's natal Sun. It is an indication of being seen in a negative light. (Re: the McCann case, see the message of September 25). As soon as people turn into suspects, Neptune is there. Neptune is also there when there are mysteries, when the media is involved (too much) and when certain things remain unsolved.
'Capturing the Friedmans' was a very interesting movie that leaves you wondering. It might be caused by the ambiguous attitude of the film maker, who still refuses to tell the audience whether he considers the Friedmans' guilty or not. But anyway...thanks to that movie I have a DOB.

Arnold Friedman's chart has a prominent Sun in the final degree of Pisces, close to Zero Aries and trine Mars. Saturn is the oriental planet (I don't consider the inner planets Mercury or Venus oriental, unless they are prominent because of being unaspected or connected to Zero Aries). This Saturn is in Capricorn and afflicted. He was a conformist in the first place (a tiny man with enormous glasses). He was a valued teacher before 1984.

Now look at the most narrow aspect in his chart. That is Mercury inconjunct Neptune. This immediately reminded me of the chart of Patrick Dils. I wrote an article in Dutch on about the case of Patrick Dils, a man who was convicted for murder and later released with a large sum of money and excuses. Mercury-Neptune is confusing...

Jesse, the son of Arnold, is free (after 16 years) and is in appeal. That is what Wikipedia tells us.

On his site Jesse now writes about his parole and the rejection of appeal (because of asking too late) and how this effects him. I very much like the phrase he posted:

"Does a firm persuasion that a thing is so, make it so?" -- William Blake

In the late 80's sexual abuse and 'lost memories' were hot items for psychologists. Also in my country. In my country, in 1987, a whole village came to believe that children had been abused or molested by 'clowns' in a cellar. They actually BELIEVED it was true. It started with ONE child with strange little injuries (that could be caused with playing games) and it ended up in an interrogation of all children by a psychological institution. They used puppets and pointed at the puppets asking if the children were touched there and there. And this method produced an unbelievable amount of positive answers. As Katherine Beckett said in 1985:
"While no one condones child abuse, concern about child sexual abuse now
borders on hysteria." [...] The child abuse industry operates on the presumption of guilt." Right, who benefits from it, that is the question, helas!

With Mercury inconjunct Neptune one easily becomes the victim of a mistaken idea.

Astrology chart Jimi Hendrix, the simple way

Keep it simple, stupid! That is the slogan of Noel Tyl and of course he is right. In particular when it is about simple (evident) charts, such as the chart of Jimi Hendrix and when we want to know the main issues and the important facts. This is the chart.

The essentials of what we know about him (a famous artist, died after taking sleeping pills with wine) are highlighted in the chart drawing. Neptune on top, Jupiter square Midheaven very tightly, and Mars oriental - first important planet rising before the Sun - for an orientation on activities, energy, muscles...When I saw that I was surprised, until I read in Wikipedia that his FIRST job was in the army. Sometimes it is easy to keep it simple.

Of course there is more to be said about the chart of Jimi Hendrix. But I like to keep it simple today.

Astrology chart of Mumbay, November 26, 21h15 IST

An event chart draws the picture of a moment in time with a range of possibilities or potentials that need not happen. But most of the time, IF something happens the event chart corresponds with the event. The terror at Mumbai is astrologically represented by minor aspects and midpoints in what I name 'the chart behind the chart' and in particular by: Uranus square Mars/Pluto and 75 degrees from the midpoint ASC/MC. The midpoint of Ascendant and Midheaven is the only true astrological connection to the place of the event, Mumbai as this midpoint corresponds with the latitude and longitude of a place on earth.

At first sight, this chart is the chart of an international gathering of people in times where money or politics are somewhat 'uncontrolled' (as Pluto is 'calling'). Jupiter happens to be the symbol of hotels and travelling and the Moon of housing. Both are important in this chart (Jupiter angulare, Moon rising before the Sun).

At second sight you see the importance of the position of the dispositor of the MC, Mars in 22.5 degree aspect with that calling Pluto. Mars-Pluto is the combination for using force and for political struggles. And Uranus is exactly square the midpoint combination of Mars and Pluto. Uranus is always there when there is news. And news mostly is not pleasant.

Mars-Pluto's aspect is valid for all of the world at that moment in time. Uranus square Mars/Pluto, too. The only connection with Mumbai would be with the cross of the chart (ASC and Midheaven). And that connection is there: midpoint ASC/MC is 3d45 Gemini.That is exactly 75 degrees away from Uranus = Mars/Pluto.

Above is the event chart of the moment of the first attack in Mumbai showing 'the chart behind the chart'. Notice the active minor aspects (Sun-Saturn 75, Mars-Neptune 75, Saturn-Neptune 150) and midpoint combinations (Uranus almost exactly square Mars/Pluto for the potential of radical action). And compare the chart with the one below, showing only the major (Ptolemaic) aspects.

At the same moment somewhere in Mumbai there might have been a party going on, people celebrating their birthday or wedding. But there is a potential for violence (is not there always?). That potential is shown in the tightest midpoint combination of the moment: Uranus square Mars/Pluto (rebels using violence) and in the minor aspect Mars 22.5 (half semi square) Pluto.

Another observation is that Pluto (in the final degree of Sagittarius) is 'calling' (not making Ptolemaic aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees). Pluto is the dramatic component in event charts, pointing at the use of force, power or politics. I dare not hope that this was the final case of religious fanatism. But this one will be remembered because of the amount of the killed and injured people and because of the international effect with so many tourists involved. Also the attack was committed by foreigners. Jupiter is exactly on an angle for 'the crucial international' component.

To me it seems that the 'chart behind the chart' holds the key to not very obvious information that becomes apparent at the moment that something 'triggers' the potential. On the other hand, this event must have been prepared and coordinated a long time ago. One might wonder why the terrorist choose this moment and day over others and what relationship there is with this moment and the charts of the terrorists, like there was with Atta and September 11.

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Astrology chart Tina Turner

Today it is Tina Turner's birthday. You can read more about the come back chart of Tina and a few examples of the influence of transit Pluto...right here.... The latest news is that she wants another comeback!:) This is the picture of her chart with an oriental Neptune tightly square the ruler of the Midheaven (Venus) and Venus also biquintile Uranus. It is the picture of an artist and a singer with talent for music and rythm:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Astrology chart Christian Klar with Mars 112.5 Uranus

Christian Klar will be free in January 2009 and see...his solar return chart for this year has Uranus (planet of freedom and independence) is on the Midheaven!

In his natal chart the prominent planets are:
Pluto (on top, square ASC)
Venus (oriental, conjunct DESC)
Venus is BTW exactly square Pluto and Venus is end dispositor of the Midheaven
Sun is calling!

Pluto on top for politics and power. Mars is quindecile (75 degrees)from Pluto for the potential of using and abusing power or violence in an obsessive way. And we see a conflicting desire for power and money (Venus square Pluto). Venus with Pluto always intensifies sympathies and antipathies. The combination of Venus, Mars and Pluto shows intense passion.
The issue of the value of money is very important in the life of Klar. Recently (last January) he strongly argued against capitalism.

I found the terrorism (Mars-Uranus) in the distance between Mars and Uranus (112.5 degrees, in the 22.5 range). Having an aspect between Mars-Uranus, repeated midpoint combinations with Mars/Uranus or having a prominent Mars and Uranus seems to be the necessary tool in the charts of freedom fighters, terrorists and extremists. The aspect could however also be useful in the charts of sportsmen and sportswomen. More about this aspect on my site Astromarkt.
Mars is connected to both Uranus and Pluto. This combination often leads to radical or impulsive action.

Politics, influence, money and making strong and intense choices are as crucial in his life as the drive to make dramatic changes right away. In his field he is leading or drawing attention.

His Mars-Uranus connection is 67.5 degrees. It is a mini minor aspect that I 'discovered' working with midpoints in the 22.5 degree range. Some midpoints were related to the same planets and the distance between these planets was 22.5 degrees or 67.5 or 157.5 or 112.5.
Klar has both Mars and Uranus related to the midpoint ASC/MC in the 22.5 degree range.

I value the half semi square and the other distances in the 22.5 dial. I name them half semisquare (22.5), and sesquisemisquare (67.5) but I have not found more names yet and I am still searching the net. It is complicated to read these aspects, but on a certain level they contribute to the complete picture. Of course, the planets need to be significant in the chart or in the progressions in order to take them into account.

Alfred Witte used the 22.5 degree dial for the first time. It is a 'frustrating distance'.
The Mars-Uranus connection with the ASC/MC midpoint could be read as the very crucial impact (ASC/MC) of the drive to make changes right now (Mars-Uranus).

Mars and Uranus, the article
Venus and Pluto in aspect, the article

For more examples, use the labels below

Astrology chart of Bernhard Kohl

A two year ban for cycist Bernhard Kohl is for the time being the final word in the doping case I mentioned in the earlier post on this site about the Sun-Jupiter connection with doping. Just like Rasmussen, Marion Jones, Floyd Landis and Beltran, Bernhard Kohl has a tight Sun-Jupiter aspect in his natal chart (in his case Sun 67.5 Jupiter). At the time of the discovery after winning in a glorious way, his progressed Sun was square Jupiter.

To see the positions on his birthday and the links to the other trapped sports men and women, click HERE ...

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Mayerling drama: charts of Prince Rudolf and Maria Vetsera

In the earlier post about Sissi of Austria I mentioned the suicide of her son Rudolf on January 30, 1889, together with his mistress, Maria Vetsera at Mayerling Castle. The story of their suicide is in my memory thanks to the ballet that I saw long time ago.

Just like his father (Franz Josef), Rudolf seemed to prefer young women, because Maria was only 17 when she met him (30). In those days marrying older men was more common than today. But in this case his age and status was important for the relationship. And...he was already married.
Her Saturn is square his Venus. His Saturn is on her Midheaven. And THAT makes me think of his guilt (Saturn) related to her end (IC/MC). It is assumed that he shot her and then himself. Both left notes to explain the suicide.

Who was Rudolf? Saturn oriental and opposition Moon-MC, Uranus conjunct ASC: it is easy to see the need to break free. With Mars opposition Uranus and ASC his short and hot temper drove him into the arms of many women, to comfort him as a compensation for the fact that his grandmother had a hard hand of educating and that he was separated from his mother too young and too often (Moon in Capricorn calling for 'calling' needs). Bad memories of his early days complete the story (Saturn near IC). Venus, Sun and Jupiter were 'calling': there was a potential for being a party animal at any possible level. Imagine that in those days!
He had a venereal disease, scandals seemed to follow him and there was a broken relationship with the German emperor's son about ??? That impressed him very much and lead to the end of his military functions. Nobody knows why.
His progressed Moon inconjunct Saturn on the IC reflects the existing Moon-Saturn opposition on the IC-MC axis and activated (apparently) a bad mood and bad memories.

Pluto and Neptune were at that time close to the Ascendant of Rudolf.
In January 1889 Rudolf's Ascendant and MC had recently changed sign and his Sun was moving to the next sign within 2 years. A period had ended. He was in a negative situation (Neptune was on his Ascendant - maybe he was under influence (drunk or using drugs). With Pluto opposition Mars and conjunct Uranus in his last days his explosive nature was tested after a stressful situation (transit Pluto on the ASC). But there was ONE fortunate aspect. I don't like to be cynical, but Jupiter was trine his natal Sun. And Jupiter rules his 8th house of life and death. It must have been an easy way out of several problems (venereal disease, for example).

There are no progressions of that kind in the chart of Maria. On her last day Maria Vetsera had transit Saturn exactly square Pluto with transit Jupiter square Sun and Mars. With Sun and Moon in Pisces she was romantic enough to follow the plans of Rudolf, perhaps. Her Sun inconjunct his Sun tells us that they were not two of a kind. She was a child, he was much older. In her natal chart Moon is oriental, Mars is opposition Aries Point and Uranus is on top. Perhaps that is the key to the radical action. Moon oriental and Venus opposition Ascendant, tell us that she looked very good (Uranus exactly square Venus) and we can see it on the picture in the chart. Time to ask the main question (WHY?) and trying to find the astrological answers that will never be confirmed by the persons involved.

Why did they die together?

Is it because of the oriental Pluto on top of their composite chart, with Mars on the IC? Is it because in HER chart Mars and Uranus were as prominent as they were in his? Or was it because his Saturn was on her Midheaven? The combination of the three seems to have been enough:

1. Mars-Pluto for use of violence or the impact of sex in their relationship,
2. Mars-Uranus for shared tendency of acting on impulse,
3. His Saturn-her MC: his status linked to her position in life (and death).

About the mother of Rudolf...
Mars and Uranus

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Astrology chart of Elisabeth (Sissi) of Austria and chart of Romy Scheider

The life of Empress Elisabeth (‘Sissi’) of Austria is food for imagination. That is why she is the main character in operettas, musicals and movies.
As a 16 year old (!) Duchess of Bayern she married the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef. She got 4 children. One of them, Rudolf, later committed suicide. Elisabeth was cheated by her husband and could hardly stand up against her severe mother in law, Sophia. She travelled through Europe in order to escape the rigid court protocol. But she had to take her psychological problems with her. She had anorexia and took unnecessary risks that gave the idea that she wanted to get killed. Eventually, she was murdered. An Italian anarchist stabbed her in her heart close to Hotel Beau Rivage near Geneva on September 10, 1898.
How does that dramatic life show up in the chart of Elisabeth?

The symbol van nutrition and heirdoom is Ceres. Ceres is on her Midheaven. The Moon in Scorpio – restricted by Saturn – rises before her Sun. Jupiter is conjunct the Ascendant. If you want to know what that means, read on.

The Astrological I.D. of Sissi is marked by:

1. Ceres, planet of genes, DNA, nutrition and production of heirs. It was her main destiny to see to it that a new emperor to be should be born. Tragically, the only son she had killed himself. One of the meanings of Ceres is ‘diet’. Sissi had a very strict diet (anorexia).

2. The oriental Moon (= the Moon rising before the Sun) is another symbol of what a woman is. It is not easy to have the Moon in Scorpio if you are subjected to the role of ‘somebody’s wife’.

3. Jupiter is exactly on the Ascendant. Jupiter symbolizes the international, the traveler. And Sissi was traveling. She crossed Europe, she married and moved to another country and she died abroad. Traveling and foreign countries were crucial in her life.

4. Chiron is conjunct Midheaven. Bob Marks sees this placement of Chiron as fear for failure. Such a fear can in an extreme way lead to an excessive urge to ‘achieve’ or the other way: to run from responsibilities. And that is what Sissi did. She traveled to run from her the obligations of her status.

I.D.: the symbols of motherhood are angular in her chart and crucial in her life. The other item is traveling (angular Jupiter).

5. Not directly visible in the chart drawing is the fact that Neptune does not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. Neptune is the symbol of movies, fantasy, romance, ideals, beliefs and of discretion. This planet is biquintile Saturn and quintile Node, shaping a golden yod that can mean illnesses in the family. Depression was common in her family.
The prominent Neptune is in the fifth house of children.

Eventually Elisabeth started to resist against the draconic methods of education that her mother in law had in mind for her children. But in her own chart you see the same sort of rigid tendencies. And so it is in hre life, dieting, and even doing sports (very strange in those days) in order to remain young forever (Virgo Ascendant likes everything to remain young and new)
Sun is in Capricorn, Moon in Scorpio and Ascendant in Virgo for being severe. With Venus square Saturn she did not value herself much. Her husbands cheating on her did not contribute to that. She used to hide her aging face behind scarfs and voiles. Another example of her stubborn rigid ideas is that she kept insisting to speak Greek with a not Greek speaking Greek princess of German origin. Yes, Sissi knew how to speak Greek. She had Mercury trine Jupiter.

The Moon conjunct Saturn is the ideal aspect to keep punishing yourself with unpleasant memories. It is also an aspect for the restricted mother. Elisabeth was not allowed to educate her own children. Only in 1865 when the progressed Sun changed sign to Aquarius, she resisted with the help of her husband and won the battle with Sophia.

Sissi doesn’t seem to be a chearful and happy person, but..Jupiter on the ASC helped her to be open minded and to seek for a way out.

On April 24, 1854, when she married and her life changed completely , the signs on the progressieve angels of the chart changed.
In her solar reutrn Venus is on the DESC and on either side of the MC you see Uranus and Pluto: a revolutionary change.
On her wedding day Venus – planet of love and marriage – was oppositon her Ascendant and Jupiter (indication for a big party). Transit Neptune was square Midheaven and that tells us that her position did not get better by marrying the Emperor.

Son Rudolf killed himself together with his lover Maria Vetsera on January 30, 1889 . Transit Saturn, dispositor of the 5th house of children, was inconjunct her Mars, ruler 8 (house of life and death). The inconjunction illustrates a lost. And there was Mars (ruler 8) square MC.

One month before the progressive conjunction of Sun and Mars, Elisabeth was stabbed to death. There are indications in the solar return for that year. Positions are the other way around as on her day of birth. Jupiter on Descendant (see Jupiter on ASC at birth) and Ceres on the IC (at birth on the MC). Maybe also Pluto in the 8th house is a clue for the way she died. Note that the vocational routing ends in Saturn-Pluto-Mars and that this combination is often reflecting unnatural death causes. It is an important clue in the chart of Romy Schneider, the movie star in the role of Sisi.

Romy Schneider ‘was’ Sisi in a range of movies. Her Midheaven is square the Moon of Sisi of Austria, thus linking her works – MC- to the personality of Sisi. Tragically also Romy Schneider lost a child and never got over it.

Neptune is the oriental planet in her chart and Jupiter is angular on the MC. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune prominent in a chart is typical for people with a believing audience, like in the case of movie stars (the audience has to use a lot of imagination).

Venus sesquisquare Zero Aries shows the importance of beauty and arts in her life. Also Sun and Moon are related to Zero Aries. Her most important role remains the role of a woman in a so called ‘fairy tale marriage) (Venus with Jupiter and Neptune), but in her personal life she was not happily married. She divorce 3 times. In 1981 she divorced and her son died with progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Saturn and progressed MC conjunct Saturn). She killed herself on May 29, 1982 with Solar Arc Mars sesquisquare Saturn/Pluto. And in the solar return chart Pluto was on the ASC. The same dangerous combination can be found in her natal chart.
Sun, Moon and Mars are related (in the 22.5 degree range) with Saturn/Pluto. Sun is sextile Pluto and quindecile Saturn. Mars is biquintile Saturn.

Romy Schneider (source Astrothème) was born in Vienna, September 23 , 1938 at 21h45

Basics of astrology

Saturn and Pluto

Chiron in sign and houses, by Bob Marks

You can be Sissi if you like in Austria

Click the labels below to find more relevant examples...

Astrology chart Hillary Clinton 20:00 hours indeed?

Though it is not official yet, it seems that Hillary Clinton has accepted to be Secretary of State (Minister of Foreign Affairs). As long as neither Obama nor Clinton have confirmed this, the message in the NY Times remains just speculation, But if that is true, the probability that she was born at 20:00 hours grows. That hour was initially supposed to be the correct birth time of Hillary Clinton. Later there were doubts. But using 20:00 hours transit Jupiter would be semi square her natal Midheaven today and transit Uranus inconjunct her progressed Ascendant: positive crucial change would have come into her life. We will just have to wait till Tuesday, when Obama is to present (the names of) his team.

Reading of her birth chart at Astromarkt

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Astrology chart of André (Kanga-)Rieu (concert in Melbourne today)

Today André Rieu and 250 other artist had a mega concert in Melbourne, and I saw it on Dutch TV. It was a great show for a wonderful public. I have posted his natal chart before and you can read it here.

The Pluto-Uranus inconjunction in Mukasey's chart

On July 28, 1941 in the Bronx, Michael Mukasey was born. He grew up to be the USA Minister of Justice. Today he suddenly collapsed. I don't have his hour of birth, that might give more detailed information. Nevertheless there are a few indications for a sudden change and shock (with Uranus as the symbol reflecting the situation):

Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Sun this year
Transit Sun opposition Uranus and progressed Saturn
Transit Pluto inconjunct Uranus

With this combination of transits - at a certain age and in certain situations - Pluto and Uranus might reflect a dangerous or dramatic change (Pluto+Uranus) on a day with sudden disadvantages (Solar transits) in a life changing year (Uranus-Sun SA)

Given his natal chart, Mukasey is first of all a fanatic and strategic politician (Pluto for power is rising before his Sun) and diplomate (Venus is not making aspects in sign and is 'calling'). Mars sextile Jupiter is his tightest aspect and that refers to making progress in life.

For more about the daily transit of the Sun, read this....

PS: He left the hospital, where they could not find anything else but exhaustion as the cause for fainting.

Astrology chart of cricket player Sourav Ganguly

On special request I present the chart of Sourav Ganguly, famous former captain of the Indian cricket team, who recently 'retired' at age 36 after a disappointing year with Neptune opposition progressed Sun. This was followed by an inconjunction (for having to let go) by the transitting Jupiter. I think that this retirement will allow him to do more what he really likes, since he is and was born rich enough to use all the potential of his chart, that you see here below.

The natal chart has Neptune on the IC, for the importance of the amorphous world. Whereever he goes, he takes the image of the goddess Kali with him.
Notice Moon on top and Ceres on the Ascendant: those planets represent the softer sides of human kind, the nurturing and caring side. We know that he supported younger cricket players in order to teach them (Moon on top!) and so I am happy to read that he has been appointed to be an advisor and ...that he owns a restaurant (Ceres for nutrition). But where did the success in cricket come from, apart from the fact that he had been trained by his father since he could stand? Where is the agressive player and willing coach in this chart?

First of all: he has Saturn oriental (rising before the Sun). So he first did what he had to do, make a career, please his father. Also, what I found was that Jupiter and Pluto are not making aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. I name that 'calling planets'. Jupiter and Pluto 'calling' reflect an enormous self confidence. The combination of those planets prominent in a chart promises successes with exclamation marks. This is especially so in this chart, since both are connected to the Sun and since the Sun is conjunct ASC/MC for the star who was born with the ability to win in a creative way (Sun quintile Pluto) and who had an obsession for having successes with games (Sun quindecile = 165 degrees from Jupiter in the fifth house). It must be hard for him to give this up!

The vocational routing through the Midheaven leads to Mercury in Gemini, the sign on the Midheaven. Gemini is usefull for sports like tennis and cricket, as the arms and hands are the tools. Mercury and Gemini are also the symbols of communications. I was told that he has his own column in a newspaper. Sourav Ganguly really uses all of his potential!

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Identical patterns in the charts of M.L.King, Schapelle Corby and Tsar Nicholas II

Today, searching for examples of Sun conjunct Midheaven, I 'discovered' a shared (identical) pattern in 3 charts. Maybe you have read my article about identical aspects that two partners are sharing? A pattern is more than one aspect or placement. Martin Luther King, Schapelle Corby and Tsar Nicholas II share 6 important identical placements or aspects in their charts. In their lives what they share is a period of imprisonment and taking risks, perhaps. And (even Corby) their fate was of importance to the people of their countries.

The pattern is formed by the prominent planet, an angular placement, a placement on top, AND 3 shared aspects at the time. Scroll down to see the indicated patterns. They are:

- Calling Sun (no aspects within 5 degrees of orb or within sign)
- Sun conjunct Midheaven (orb < 4 degrees)
- Saturn is prominent
- Moon is related to Uranus
- Sun is semisquare Venus
- Mercury is on top of the chart

I think that it is a pattern with the calling Sun on the MC as the key, leading them to playing the starring role in a reality drama.

1. Calling Sun conjunct Midheaven
It means drawing attention at any possible level and a spotlight on the condition and position (the status) that is of crucial importance.
2. Saturn's prominence
Restrictions, limitations and obligations are prominent in their lives. Sometimes because of the law, sometimes because of the protocol, but anyway: they have to deal with barriers.
3. Moon related to Uranus
This aspect combination tells us that they have a need for excitement, change and indolence. So they are not likely to listen to good advice and they will not be stopped because of warnings.
4. Sun semi square Venus
Vanity perhaps? Wanting to be loved and not being able to say no?

Even though they are different kind of people they followed a pattern that eventually made them the star in a public drama. Martin Luther King had enemies and so had Nicholas II. They were identified by their public position and they died because of it.

Schapelle could have been sentenced to death, but being a foreigner helped her survive. She drew attention (Sun conjunct MC) and she had an excited or different behavior, too (Moon-Uranus). As she was good looking, they noticed her (Sun-Venus) and she had bad luck (Saturn related to Aries Point). All three of them have enemies and followers. Nicholas, who died a cruel death and was a person of cruel measures himself (Mars-Saturn and Pluto are prominent), is now considered a Saint. Martin Luther King, who did not seem to have lived the life of a saint, is still a worshipped person. And there are many people who believe that Schapelle Corby is innocent and even more who think that 4 years in an Indonesian prison is about enough. She wrote a book about her trial. I think it is a rather cynical reflection of the prominence of Mercury and Jupiter in her natal chart, that she is writing in a foreign jail. Mercury is the symbol of transportation and communications. Jupiter is the international and symbolizes traveling and publications. Neptune is opposition her Sun/Moon midpoint and on the final day of her trial transit Neptune was inconjunct her progressed Sun and MC to express the lost of her life as it was.

The Australian astrologer Helen Hartley published the reading of the chart of Schapelle Corby (born July 10, 1977 at 11:50 AM in Brisbane). I am not sure if that reading helps to liberate Schapelle. You find it here:

There is an earlier post about the chart of Martin Luther King on this blog ...

PS about Tsar Nicholas II's chart: the prominent Saturn on the IC reflects a mistake of the past that was not forgiven. With Progressed Sun and Midheaven inconjunct Saturn he gave the order to shoot at a crowd of people asking for more civil rights. The Tsar doesn't help us, said the people. And that in fact iniciated the end of his position.

Here are the charts. There is a lot more to tell about them, but this IS a blog and I am just pointing at astrological patterns...

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Astrology chart of Hitler, the short way

On my site Astromarkt I once published an article in Dutch about the natal chart of Hitler, the man who had one ball short (yes, we know for sure now).

In that article I wrote that with 50% of the positions in earth and none in water, you could easily see that he was rather 'hard'. Without placements in the water signs you can nevertheless be very sentimental about small issues, and it seems that Adolf Hitler was too.
I wrote that the combination of the ambitious Moon in Capricorn with the persistent Sun in Taurus could eventually lead to a rise in position. And that the Moon in the 3rd house sometimes CAN lead to prejudice (having your opinion determined by the changes of the day and the group you belong to). And I wrote about Mercury conjunct Descendant and without Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. This 'calling' Mercury means that this is the chart of a communicator (and a sometimes unreasonable one). You can try to read the story on Astromarkt..., or ... you can have a quick look at the chart using the method that I describe in my book Astro I.D. *), the short way:

Sun and Uranus are calling**), Mercury is angular = crucially rising before the Sun...
That tells us that we deal with a : controversial - URANUS - communicator - MERCURY - and leader - SUN -. or someone with controversial opnions that are being noticed.

It is also a tough man (much earth, no water) with a passion (Venus-Mars conjunction). Politics are to be found in the link between Pluto and the midpoint Sun/Moon that shows that he is a politician in heart and soul and that he has the need to be influencial, powerful, rich or BTW, Pluto is in the 8th house of sex,life and death and problems. In this case, with Pluto in the 8th house, problems with sex and power. And that brings us back to the first alinea.

PS Pluto is tightly sesquisquare Uranus. The combination of Uranus and Pluto often cause immediate changes or force those kind of changes.
PPS Notice that Ceres (not in the drawing) is on top of this chart in the 29th degree of Cancer. That makes you think about the symbol of Ceres. Just click on the label below this message to find more about Ceres.

Conspicuous by absence, about missing elements, and unaspected planets
Mercury at work

*) Astro I.D. is available in Dutch only
**) 'calling' refers to: not making aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees

Astrology chart Indira Gandhi,
born November 19

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi was born on November 19, 1917 in Allahabad, India. She was the only child of the first prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. Here you see the natal chart of Mrs. Gandhi with an angular Uranus and Saturn (sesquisquare Zero Aries), Mars oriental, and Ceres the first planet to rise before the Sun, angular and crucial on the IC. Mrs. Gandhi was born in an influencial and important family. Her father and the dynasty (Saturn and Ceres) were important for her position in life. Seen in the light of that position we could read Cers on the IC like this: mother (Ceres*) of the nation (IC).

MOON IN CAPRICORN: Need to be in charge
Moon in Capricorn is 'void of course'. I use that term for the natal moon, even though it is generally being used in horary charts. I mean that the Moon will not make any more aspects in sign. The latest aspect was the sextile with the Sun. Moon in Capricorn shows a need to be in control and is symbolizing an urge for a career. Given the importance of Saturn (being related to Zero Aries and close to the Ascendant and 'calling') this Moon in Capricorn tells us a lot about the personality of Indira Gandhi. Saturn is often prominent in the charts of people involved in the administration.
Together with the Sun in Scorpio, this Moon gives the ability to withstand political adversities. The rulers of Scorpio and Capricorn are Saturn and Pluto. Those planets symbolize the 'die hard'.

Indira Gandhi lost her son Sanjay due to an aero plane crash on June 23, 1980. Observations of the transits, progessions and the solar return chart show a Mars-Uranus connection, indicating shock and injury.
That day Mars was inconjunct her Uranus, symbolizing the accident. Transit Mars was also opposition her Midheaven and transit Uranus was sextile her ASC, while transit Sun was square Mars.
Ceres is in her solar return 8th house of life and death in the year of her son's death, 1980. That was also the year in which her progressed Sun changed sign for a change in life or lifestyle.

She did not die a natural death. She was murdered by a Sikh guard a few months after she ordered to attack a temple, an attack that cost the life of about 1000 persons. On the day of her death the tightest aspect was that of transit Saturn opposition the Midheaven. For the issue of unnatural death we see several indications:
- Mars semi square the midpoint Saturn/Pluto and
- Vulcanus 67.5 degrees from ASC/MC and semi square Pluto/MC.

When she died, it was with the Moon conjunct Midheaven (change!) in the progressed chart and the progressed ASC was opposition progressed Sun/Pluto (for a life endangering situation). The progressed Uranus and Pluto were sesquisquare for a revolutionary change.

*)Ceres, btw, also symbolizes inheritance. The angular position of Ceres points at the crucial importance of the symbol of Ceres in her life. For more about Ceres, see the earlier post.

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Also born on November 19, Walter Pullen
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Chart of day of birth Mikel Gorikoitz Aspiazu Rubina

Mars-Uranus combinations are useful tools in the hands of people who are in a hurry to make changes and 'get on with it'. Sometimes the impatience causes accidents. In the article about Mars-Uranus (see link below) I mention examples of terrorists with this combination of planets highlighted in their charts. It is an aspect that shows the potential (not the need!*) of a hot temper and and explosive nature. Sometimes even real explosives are being used, like in the case Mikel Gorikoitz Aspiazu Rubina, who was arrested today. He is an important leader of ETA (a terrorist Basque organization). In his natal chart the Sun is square Mars and Uranus and conjunct the midpoint Mars/Uranus (i.e. Sun is right in between Mars and Uranus). Above you see the chart of the day of his birth at noon (there is no HOB available).

Often in times of arrests (when life is immediately changing in a dramatic way) we see a combination of transits of Uranus and Pluto, the symbols of change. So it is in this case. (More examples: click the labels below). We see transit Uranus with Sun and Uranus. And we see transit Pluto with Sun, Mercury and Mars.

Uranus is now in the 19th degree of Pisces. That is inconjunct his natal Uranus and inconjunct his progressed Sun (losing - inconjunction - independence - Uranus -).
Transit Pluto in the final degree of Sagittarius is now inconjunct his progressed Mercury and trine his progressed Mars. In the progressed chart Mercury is square Mars for 'sharp' discussions and (apperently) interrogations. Transit Pluto is also quindecile his natal Sun.

Here you see his chart (a free product), transits and progressions. Notice that transit Saturn is conjunct progressed Venus (separation). He was with his wife in France when he was arrested.

Mars in aspect with Uranus, with links to more examples

See Wikipedia for information about ETA

Death of Reyes (FARC) and Mars-Uranus in HIS chart

*) On the same day Giorgi Kinkladze, a Georgian football (soccer) plaer was born

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day of birth of Valerie Jarrett

The present Saturn-Uranus-theme keeps coming back again and again in the life of Barack Obama, who has Saturn inconjunct Uranus in his natal chart. On Election Day, Saturn was opposition Uranus. Now Obama selected Valerie Jarrett as his prime adviser. One of Valerie Jarrett's tightest aspect is Saturn trine Uranus. That might be good news. She might be able to be the bridge between the old and the new and support Barack Obama at the point where he (with this quincunx) tends to 'try to hold on to old concepts, desperately'(as astrologyweekly describes the effect of Saturn inconjunct Uranus). With the appointment of Valerie Jarrett as senior adviser of the president-elect, we might start thinking that Saturn-Uranus means 'old' (Saturn) friends (Uranus).

I find it interesting however, that her Mars in the 21st of Pisces is opposition Obama's Mars in the 23rd of Pisces. I read that they are old friends but working together in a certain hierarchy might be different than friendship. Mars is the planet of work. Mars is also the planet of energies and conflicts. The opposition of their Mars might be stimulating competition. I have seen this effect in marriages and in sports. I am curious how the opposition will manifest in this case.

At present, there are difficult transits with the natal positions of Jarrett. Saturn opposition Mars, Mars square Pluto, Pluto trine Pluto...we see a combination of hard political struggle and to some this sort of a combination even means danger. Neptune is square her Sun right now and most of the time this means a bad press or being seen in a negative light. It doesn't correspond to her rise to a top position in Obama's 'household' today. So an hour of birth would be appreciated!:) On the other hand, those transits might refer to being tired AFTER a long period of hard working. It would not surprise me.

Valerie Jarrett is an idealistic believer (Neptune oriental), full of enterprise (Sun trine Mars) and with the need to be number one (Moon in Aries). Without HOB it is hard to see what's crucial in her life. The fact that her family was already at a certain social level together probably was of help, too. I read that she is very loyal and discrete. Sun Mercury and the oriental Neptune in Scorpio are illustrative for the 'silent force' of Neptune/Pluto-combinations (see link below to more about that combination).

For a possible divorce or not getting married at all there are 4 key indications. Jarrett, who was married for only 5 years, has 2 out of 4 of those aspects indicating difficult relationships in the chart of a woman: Sun-Uranus and Mars-Saturn. The other two are, btw, Sun-Mars and Venus-Uranus.

Saturn and Uranus, old wine, new bags

All about Obama

Neptune and Pluto, the silent force

Before Jarrett, Karl Rove had this position of senior adviser. Click to see his chart.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Astrology chart Frida Kahlo

In July 2007, 100 year after the day that Frida Kahlo, the famous and tormented artist, was born, I wrote about her chart on my site Astromarkt. This is a translation of what I found in her chart. It is a complete reading of her natal, transits and progressions related to her vocation, her suffering, her marriages and relationships and the accident that crippled her. She was born July 6, 1907 at 8h30 a.m. in Coyoacan Mexico and died without children on July 19, 1954, shortly after she became only 47. She had a life full of love and pain. Venus conjunct Pluto is the tightest aspect in her chart and that combinatiion links pain to love and art and produces intense feelings.
Her chart shows the artist. Notice Taurus on the Midheaven, disposed by Venus in Gemini and the routing ending in Venus again. Neptune rises before the Sun for an orientation on the immaterial world, like the world of arts. Jupiter is not making major aspects in sign and orb 5 degrees. Jupiter rules the 5th house of creativity and is parallel with Neptune. So is the Sun with Venus…
The elevated position of the Moon in Taurus is another sign for sense of beauty.

Frida Kahlo was born with Mars conjunct Uranus, and both were retrograding in the fifth house. When she was very young a heavy accident crippled her. She underwent several operations. Mars-Uranus is a combination that is frequently related to accidents. There is an article about this combination of planets on Astromarkt…*)

At age six she got polio. That was when Saturn retrograded to the natal positon. That is a very rare progressive aspect! Saturn disposes of the 6th house of illnesses and is positioned in the 8th house of life and death, sexuality and problems. The progressive MC was conjunct natal Moon in the final degree of Taurus (change of perspective and possibly it is the moment that she became aware of her sense of art).

She was studying medicines when she had the accident (in September 1925, age 18) Afterwards she stopped her study and more or less forced by circumstances she focused on arts. For that moment of vital changes in life we see the following indications:

1. In 1925 her progressed Sun changed sign
2. In the solar return chart of 1925 Uranus is on the IC and Pluto is conjunct the Sun. Uranus and Pluto together strongly indicate the unexpected, sudden change and danger.
3. On September 11, transit Uranus is square natal Pluto: that is a confirmative transit of the earlier mentioned under 2.
4. On September 13 Neptune is exactly square her Midheaven
5. Jupiter is activating the Sun-Mars-Neptune constellation. Should I read this as Jupiter helping inactivity or should we see Jupiter as the doctors saving her life?
6. Transit Uranus inconjunct Ascendant (exactly on September 16) is an indication for a possible shock or surgery.
7. Progressed Midheaven is inconjunct Uranus in 1925.

You see that there are an impressive lot of indications for dramatical changes and for having to give up her career (Neptune
In her natal chart there are Mars-Uranus, Sun-Neptune and several midpoint combinations as a sort of a predisposition for accidents and surgery, probably because of impatience and being a dreamer (not noticing things in times).

The pain and suffering did not stop her to marry and the scars and handicaps did not stop sexual relationships with men and women. Venus conjunct Pluto and square Saturn shows the ‘die hard’ when it is about love. Notice Sun opposition Mars and Uranus: two of the four most frequent indications for divorce in the charts of women (the other two are Mars-Saturn and Venus-Uranus afflictions).

In the year of her marriage with Diego de Rivera (an artist) she had the very fortunate progression of Moon trine Jupiter. The Moon was sextile MC and also square Venus and Pluto for intense feelings of being in love. The progressed Moon also was trine progressed Venus. She must have been very much in love with Diego.

Later Frida and Diego divorced after him having an affair with her younger sister, but in 1940 they married again! Her progressed MC was conjunct Venus and Pluto, her progressed Moon conjunct progressed Venus and the solar return chart has Moon conjunct Sun (all indicating love and marriage), with Jupiter on the MC for a celebration.

I don’t have the chart of Diego de Rivera, but I do have the chart of Leon Trotzki (born November 7 1879 at 22h10 in Janowka). Frida had an affair with the famous politician..His Moon is on her Ascendant, his Midheaven is square her Jupiter (ruler 5) and his Mars is trine hers.

She died one week after celebrating her birthday. The solar return chart’s Moon was conjunct the natal Midheaven to indicate a change in condition or position. Venus (ruling the 8th house of life and death in the solar return chart) was inconjunct Frida’s prominent Moon in Taurus.

On her dying day transit Pluto was square MC and conjunct ASC. Mars was square Saturn. The combination of Pluto, Mars and Saturn is always a critical one. With Jupiter opposition Uranus on that day we might speculate that her death released her from the pain she had. In the year before her death she had suffered a lot of pain (transit Saturn was conjunct her natal Sun) due to the amputation of her leg. It has always been suggested that she helped death with an overdose.

What an intense life she had! She was a very special person with a very special and intense chart. Most of the time the chars of extreme persons and/or lives are very explicit!

Mars and Uranus combinations
Venus and Pluto combinations
For more posts about astrology related to arts, accidents, Venus, Mars, Pluto or Uranus, just click on one of the labels you see right under this post.

Mercury square Jupiter and the natal chart of Joran van der Sloot

There is much disagreement about the question if Joran van der Sloot did or did not kill Natalee Holloway but there is a lot of agreement about the idea that he is a liar. The tightest aspect in his natal chart is Mercury square Jupiter for exaggeration of communications. See below for an explanation of the way the combination of Mercury-Jupiter might produce over-communicating.

In the article about Mercury and Jupiter on Astromarkt (only in Dutch) you see this:

Especially when there is a conflict between Mercury and Jupiter receivers of the message notice that facts are sometimes just opinions and opinions are broadcasted as if they were facts.
In other words: the messenger is not always thrustworthy and switches opinions from day to day. That is because the facts have to be adjusted to the conviction, from day to day. Another problem is: who remember all of his exaggerations? The person born with a hard aspect between Mercury and Jupiter will have trouble to remember them all and the audience feels as if the speaker is twisting and turning facts.

The conflict Mercury/Jupiter is a conflict of bad judgement, not being willing to hear the truth and not always wanting to know the real facts. Sometimes they mention facts that they even don't believe themselves, so how can the receiver of the message belief it? In the case of politicians who have to express the opinion of the party, but in fact have another idea it is sometimes clearly visible. With Mercury/Jupiter afflictions one does not always tell the facts, but when needed they say it all (even if that is indiscrete).

The sesquisquare of Mercury with Saturn in combination with the square of Mercury and Jupiter tells us that there is a serious disadvantage for Van der Sloot in saying too much and in making up stories.

Of course, there is an advantage in being able to talk much and make more of the facts than they really are. Salesmen benefit from it, so do authors of fiction and columns or blogs when they need a lot of words to fill their pages. It is the person with the tool in hands, who decides how to use it.

Mercury is the planet of communications and communicators. Journalist, writers, teachers, messengers, books, pens, prescriptions...they are all part of the world of the symbol Mercury.

Jupiter is the planet of higher education, develpoment, growth, convictions and wisdom. Church leaders, coaches, stimulating persons in general, advisors, cars, horses and guides belong to the world of the symbol of Jupiter. Jupiter makes things better (most of the time) and Jupiter makes things greater.

So when Mercury is related to Jupiter the communication skills are greater and sometimes the contents of the message will be made greater than it is. And sometimes with this combination in your chart, you just talk too much.

Click on 'VanderSloot' for earlier messages and links to posts about the case of the missing Natalee Holloway.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The capacities of the day of birth of Meg Whitman

When Meg Whitman joined Ebay, the company became a success. Her name was mentioned as a possible vice-president instead of Sarah Palin, but with transit Neptune square her natal Sun there was a big chance of dissapointment. Still, Meg Whitman is a capable person for business and politics as we know. And on her day of birth we see the astrological symbols of her capabilities:

1. a 'calling' Sun for leadership
2. a 'calling' Jupiter for successes
3. a 'calling' Uranus for changing 'the world'
4. Sun quindecile (75d) Neptune for a possible 'double' life or living for an ideal in an obsessive way
5. Sun-Pluto 15 degrees with Sun-Saturn 105 degrees for the very strongly focussed die hard
6. Mercury conjunct Pluto and square Saturn for politics and strategy (see the charts of USA presidents, who generally have this combination in their charts).
7. being inventive and unique (or controversial sometimes) with Uranus oriental
8. notice the combination of Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto: a combination for success

Day of birth of Pierre Omidyar (Ebay): born to be leading in business

The day of birth of Pierre Omidyar, founder of Ebay, was a special day. On that day, the Sun was 'calling' (no major aspects in sign), Pallas was conjunct the Sun and rising before the Sun, Saturn was the classical oriental planet and finally: Venus and Chiron were connected to Aries Point. The closest aspect on that day (apart from the aspects with the Moon) was Jupiter semi square Uranus. This is the day that a peson could be born who is a:

- leading figure, drawing attention at any level (Sun)
- a person who is focussed on patterns (Pallas)
- a business man, hierarchic, serious, perhaps in science (Saturn oriental)
- inventive (Jupiter with Uranus)
- and know as a nice and alternative person (Venus and Chiron; think of charity).

And we even don't know what time he was born! Within the right conditions and situations the chart offered the possibility and characteristics of a successful business man. The time line produces a progressed square of Mercury and Saturn in 1995, when he started Ebay, the website and business (Saturn) met communications (Mercury) or science (Saturn) met commerce (Mercury). He became rich in short time in 1998, with Mercury still square Saturn in progression, because Mercury had been retrograding.

Chart of Nancy Reagan, President Ronald Reagan and astrology

A week ago, Barack Obama joked about Nancy Reagan saying that HE did not consult dead presidents. Later he apologized. Nancy Reagan consulted astrologers, she was not using mediums. I think that this is a good moment to read the chart of the former first lady of the USA. (Click here for the Dutch version of Nancy Reagan's chart reading)

Her Moon in Leo is calling (not making major aspects) and crucial (angular, on the MC)
Her Venus in Taurus is calling, too
And her Node is conjunct the Ascendant

We can also see the man with power in her chart (Mars and Pluto rising before her Sun).

The Moon in Leo is most prominent in her chart. Nancy distinguishes herself by a need for attention, luxury and glamour at any possible level. Imagine how a woman with a screaming Moon in Leo on the Midheaven will always and above all be and you see the spitting image of Mrs. Bouquet or Mrs. Bucket, a character in a British television series. Mrs. Bucket wants to have attention the royal way and she wishes to be a sort of a first lady. Well, Nancy managed to be one!

Venus calling tells us about good taste and manners, diplomacy, cooperation skills and beauty or charm. And the placement of the Northern Node on the Ascendant indicates that her way of acting is adapted to the sort of company.

All this leads to the conclusion that this chart belongs to a very proud and representative lady.

Moon/Venus/Node- combinations indicate a group of beauties. Nancy Reagan was a beauty queen, a movie star, and as the wife of Reagan she made the White House a palace, because Venus is for decorations:)
But watch it: she didn’t have the position because SHE was a leader or a chairman. She had a position politics (Pluto, Saturn) prominent. All of her life Nancy Reagan remained a royal beauty queen with an important sort of company.

Now let us have a look at the character. Does her character ‘go’ with her I.D.?
We see Sun in Cancer and a Moon on top for imitation, education, acting and keeping things going in the house. Sun and Moon are in mutual reception and that makes us aware of the importance of marriage in her life. Performing, showing off (Leo and Moon on MC) was important for her. The Libra Ascendant makes us think of her prominent Venus. She combined a certain starry role (Moon in Leo on MC) with the will to keep traditions alive.

So yes, her ID and character are matching. That is how you get the rather traditional (Moon, Cancer) role of the presidents’ wife, in combination with drawing attention, glamour and luxury (Leo). Leo is also a good sign for being loyal and she has always been loyal to President Reagan. Her Pluto square his Midheaven and his trine her Ascendant show the great influence that they had on each other.

I have found Jupiter-Uranus combinations in all of the charts of astrologers. And where do we find Nancy's interest in astrology? Perhaps it is the combination of the Sun sextile Jupiter and trine Uranus and the creative biquintile of Uranus with Midheaven in the chart of Nancy.

I also see Jupiter-Uranus combinations in the chart of her husband. Jupiter, square the Aquarius Sun, with Jupiter quintile Uranus...

Well, history is positive about the Reagan-period. And that is positive for astrology, whatever jokes they are making.

More charts of USA Presidents of the past and what they have in common.

Jennifer Aniston and the interview

Mars conjunct (progressed) Ascendant might indicate meeting anger and that is what Jennifer Aniston met today. Brad Pitt phoned her after reading the interview she gave in Vogue. In that interview Jennifer told the world that Angelina Jolie had announced her relationship with Brad during Jennifers'wedding with Brad and she also expressed her admiration for her ex.

I have written before about the connection between the three persons. Click here to see that post and the charts in the article 'Sharing an idol'.
Mars conjunct (progressed) Ascendant might indicate meeting anger and that is what Jennifer Aniston met today. Brad Pitt phoned her after reading the interview she gave in Vogue. In that interview Jennifer told the world that Angelina Jolie had announced her relationship with Brad during Jennifers'wedding with Brad and she also expressed her admiration for her ex.

I have written before about the connection between the three persons. Click here to see that post and the charts in the article 'Sharing an idol'.

Astrologers: do the witch test

This long post is about scientists testing an astrologer in the 90's in Belgium. A long time ago, but still a valid way to see what may happen when astrologers meet science. is still proud of it and many use the contents of their site as the proof that astrology fails. They tested one astrologer, under their terms. The astrolger had to try to match 7 charts with several mostly not very life changing events. She had 7 hours to do so, without more background information than a descripton of the event (no gender, sometimes not even a date, no information about ´what happened next´).

She could have gained millions. Could she REALLY? Do you want to give it a try? Join in testing witches (after translation), or first check the data in this post (below). And if you do it for the money: please first ask if the money is (still) available and if the scientists will show up for control. And maybe you reconsider after reading the conditions and terms for the test and about how they did not stick to the protocol.

What happened?, a Belgian skeptic forum had a great idea. They would give a lot of money to the astrologer who was able to pass their ‘scientific’ test. A Belgian astrologer had said on television that she was aible to see certain events in a chart. So for over 2 years a member of Skepsis urged the astrologer to give it a try with Skepsis. They offered a lot of money. And in the end this astrologer gave in. She failed the not scientifical, prejudiced and badly prepared test in very cold and intimidating conditions. And the people of had already predicted that! They said to each other beforehand:
Quote: (I translate): ‘Our intuition says rather strongly: No, based upon what we all learned at the university and by what we know about the status quo in scientific thinking, this is not possible' End of quote.

If they knew beforehand, why than did it takes such a needless, diffuse and complicated test in such a hurry?

Was this test science? Is astrology identical to one astrologer? Is astrology predicting? And is this test without prejudice, and is the material adequate? I don't think so. This test was done based upon wrong ideas about astrology, to start with.
Skepsis believes that astrologers can (or should...) see earth quakes coming at any possible time and place on earth. So with triumph they published the news that AN Indian astrologer had NOT foreseen an earth quake. Wow!
Here you see their message about the Indian astrologer, in Belgian

There were 7 charts and as it happens there also were 7 things wrong about this test. Those 7 mistakes turned this test into a witch test in a witch hunt against astrology.

1. There are 7 charts and there is a lot of unnecessary data, while the information that is really needed is missing (occupation, gender, present situation)
There is no consistency in the given information, so it takes time to create order in the chaos. Why didn’t they mention: data, event, consequences-present situation- gender- occupation 7 times?

2. Although Skepsis had a protocol stating that only IMPORTANT events should be part of the test, they choose to take only 2 important events (severe illness and change of profession) and those events happened both around 1990!

3. Two of the charts were of the same day! The astrologer protested, but (said the scientists): a lot of people are born on the same day, so …continue. This cannot have been done in order to make it more easy:) It is the same issue as with the two important events in 1990.

4. The conditions of the test were rather strange. The scientist complained about icy cold hands. In these circumstances the astrologer worked without her own library and only with her calculation program at hand.

5. The scientist intimidated the astrologer when she said that 7 were too much. They told her that for a decent test it would take at least 7 charts. Why? This was the first time that such a test was done with astrologers, so they could not proof that it took 7 charts. Why didn't it take 7 astrologers instead of only one to prove astrology wrong?

6. The astrologer had only 1 day (7 hours) to complete the test. The scientists insisted that it could be done in one day. How did they know? Intuition again?

7. They had promised to use cases that were very different from each other and events with impact! I see a case of a person whose insured car had been stolen. And there were 3 relationships ending softly in a certain year (…!), even though they had a protocol that said that they would use material of a bitter divorce with conflicts.

This site is for astrologers, so I need not explain that she had to draw at least 21 charts: a birth chart, several progressed charts and the transits for all of these charts for a few years or moments and possibly also solar return charts!

DATA of birth (day/month/year/24hours):
24/4/1939 11u45
13/01/1955 7u00
22/06/1955 0u25
22/06/1955 23u45
20/08/1960 21u25
04/09/1968 18u10
12/04/1964 10u15

- diagnosed for multiple sclerosis in 1990,
- change of profession (becoming an actor) in 1990
- a not announced leave of a partner with financial consequences on a certain day
- stolen car
- person with misty career looses job and starts living together in a year
- a move in a year without problems
- another move with a stomach perforation in 1997, no data
- slowly ending relationship

Try to find this within 7 hours, with cold hands and without your books and win millions by finding 2 out of 7. If you find only 1 or less you have been found a light weight. But inquire first if you want to win the money*)

Real statistical research about astrology is done by Astrodatabank. Check the research department.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Astrology chart of Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul had a stalking fan and today this fan was found dead in a car, close to the house of Paula Abdul. It must have been a scary experience. We see transit Uranus inconjunct the Ascendant of Paula today, with Neptune inconjunct MC, Jupiter square Ascendant. Her progressed Sun is inconjunct Jupiter and Jupiter inconjunct progressed Mars. Do you notice, with me, that there are 3 inconjunctions today, tight inconjunctions? Inconjunctions in transit indicate a loss, something that leaves your life. Click 'inconjunction' below this message to find out more about that aspect.

Paula Abdul was born June 19, 1962 at 14h32 PDT in Los Angeles, according to
The Moon is on a crucial spot, conjunct IC, in her chart and Mars is oriental. As an astrologer I am pleased to see that Venus does not make any aspect. That makes Venus, planet of beauty and arts, 'calling': an important planet to consider when the vocation is concerned. Paula Abdul has a call for arts, entertainment and fun. Popularity is crucial (Moon, ruler 10) and we see energy. Mercury is end dispositor of the Midheaven. Communicating (using voice or writing it), art/entertainment and energy/enterprise with the Moon (educating, acting, feeding)...those are the prominent items in her chart.

Paula Abdul is a choreographer, a dancer, a singer, a tv-personality and for some times even an actor. But it seems that she is at best in choreography. Her Astro I.D. tells us that she above all an artist at any possible level (Venus on top, calling). Notice how the Sun is separating the last aspect in sign (a void of course Sun?:). She sure knows how to draw attention.*)

I have stated before that Pluto's transit often goes with a come back. Paula Abdul had her come back as a singer his year. And transit Pluto was opposition her natal Sun...And as a matter of facts, Pluto is the symbol of being confronted with death, too. 2008 was a year of intensity for Paula Abdul.

*) I am aware that it is rather controversial to name the Sun 'void of course' in astrology, where only the Moon seems to be able to 'void of course' and only in horary charts. In this case I mean that there will be no more aspects with the Sun in the sign of birth in progression. I think that sort of 'intensifies' the nature of the Sun, that will not be influenced by aspects. The Sun is in Gemini. Gemini is the sign of dancing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Case Natalee Holloway (Joran van der Sloot) and the charts

The case of the missing Natalee Holloway is a continuing case and I have written several posts about it (see links below).
Last Sunday evening Peter R. de Vries presented a television program with Joran van der Sloot (suspect in the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway) in the 'starring role'. A member of the De Vries-team pretended to be willing to buy Thai girls and Joran accepted 1000 euro to deliver them, but he did not have them yet. I don't know what the legal result of this action will be, but Joran fled his home in Thailand, anyway. For my earlier posts about the case and the connection between the charts of Natalee and Joran, see:

Birth chart Peter R. de Vries
Missing people (Holloway case included)
Emmy Award Peter R. de Vries for Holloway case

Peter R. de Vries at present has afflicting transits of Uranus and Neptune, but last Sunday transit Jupiter was conjunct his progressed Midheaven for a lot of viewers and compliments. Meanwhile Natalee's body is still missing...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Natal chart Ian Fleming, author of James Bond

Ian Fleming was born May 28, 1908, at 10 past midnigth in London (Mayfair). He created James Bond. In his birth chart you see the angular formula for successes: Sun and Jupiter are prominent in his chart. He had but a few years to enjoy it.

The writer in this chart can be found easily. Mercury is the final dispositor of th the MC-routing (through Jupiter in Leo, Sun in Gemini, Mercury in Gemini). and watch the pattern:
Mercury is conjunct Pluto
MC is quindecile Pluto
Being a writer is strongly connected to politics, danger, power and force.

The tighest aspect in his chart is Venus conjunct Uranus (love adventures). I liked to find on Wikipedia that he started writing about Bond with his marriage. He married late - in his forties -, afraid to loose his adventurous and flamboyant life style. So he created an alter ego who could do what he could not do as a married man...That explains the Bond-girls! And Venus-Uranus is an indication for the love for adventures and tension.