Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Statue for the enemy

There are many statues in rememberance of the alied forces and well conserved grave yards, too, in Holland. Now a statue has been made for an 18-year old German soldier, who died after saving two little Dutch children from alien fire. His name was Karl Heinz Rosch. The father of Karl Heinz Rosch came to Goirle after the war, but nobody wanted to tell him about it, because he was 'the enemy'. But the people did not forget about it and now, 62 years later, Rosch has been honoured with a statue. It had to be placed in the neighbours' garden, since the authorities dared not give it a public place.

Why now, why he?

Karl Heinz Rosch was born October 3, 1918, hour unknown. He has a 'calling' (not aspected) Moon for caring. He had Mars opposition Saturn and sextile Pluto with Saturn 157.5 degrees from Mars/Pluto: indications for a violent death. There was a war going on, and he took a risk that was even more risky with these aspects.

6 OCTOBER 1944
When he died:
- Neptune was sesquisquare Mars (frustrating act of compassion, wrong action)
- Uranus sesquisquare progressed Sun (frustrating tension)
- Jupiter trine progressed Mars and sextile progressed Pluto (a successful action)
- Saturn conjunct progressed Node and sesquisquare progressed Saturn (for saying goodbye)

In 1944 he had progressed Sun inconjunct Uranus. In that period of time he did not belong to any group. He spent a lot of time in Dutch houses, but as a German he did not belong to them, he was the enemy. He must have felt that in a strong way.

About 18 Months ago his progressed Sun changed sign to Capricorn. A documentary about his life and heroic rescue was being made. When the people started asking for a statue, transit Pluto was conjunct progresed Sun. Pluto is an astrological word for a lot of things and one of those things is 'prize'. He finally was praised. And he got the attention that the calling Sun asked for. 62 years later.

Link to the picture of the statue...

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