Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony Curtis died

Shortly after the passage of Saturn over the progressed midpoint AC/MC (symbol of endings) and with transit Pholus opposition natal Sun (symbol of the turning point), together with transit Jupiter 75 natal Sun*), Tony Curtis passed away.

The midpoint AC/MC (right in the middle of Ascendant and MC) shows what is crucial and prominent in life or for the moment. When Saturn is making a hard aspect with the midpoint AC/MC restrictions, responsibilities, age, endings etc. have great impact or influence.

See the post about his talent and chart on Art&Astrology:

See the Guardian for the news:

*) The personification of Jupiter is (for example) a doctor. When people are being helped Jupiter is often reflecting this assistance and comfort.


Alberto Contador, Jupiter and the positive test

Usually (or should I say: in the cases that I studied) there is a Sun-Jupiter combination in the charts, transits or progressions when someone is found positive in doping cases. Being positive CAN have a negative meaning.... I have written about that before (see the links).
This time Alberto Contador has been found positive (but it might just be a matter of food contamination, says Contador's publicist). Transit Jupiter is in an exact minor aspect with the progressed Sun (75 degrees). There is no aspect between the natal Sun in Sagittarius*) and Jupiter in the natal chart (unless 20 degrees distance has a meaning). More minor aspects with Pholus and Uranus mirror the upheaval and the conflict (like transit Pholus semi square natal Mars).

Time unknown chart of Contador

Sun-Jupiter transits and progressions keep popping up when doping is involved (or when someone is being found ‘ positive’). All about the negative positive Jupiter in doping cases:
and see the labels

News about Contador:

*) Jupiter is the dispositor of Sagittarius

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jimmy Carter rushed to hospital

CNN mentions that Jimmy Carter is in hospital , in Cleveland, after falling sick following a landing iat Cleveland Hopkins Airport this morning. This happens with transit Uranus trine Midheaven following Sun square Mars in the progressed chart. The Progressed Midheaven is inconjunct Jupiter. Maybe he worked and travelled a bit too much for a man of his age (he is 85)? He recently went to Korea and wrote an autobiography, etcetera. He was in Cleveland for book signing...

Let us just wait for more news. Meanwhile,

see the post about Jimmy Carter's chart on this blog....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Chart of Pamela Anderson

A few days ago I wrote about the indications for beauty in the charts of some famous beauties. Now I post about Pamela Anderson, the most sexy woman in the world since Marilyn Monroe. Here is the chart and here are some observations. One thing is for sure: she has a Venus-Saturn-Pluto midpoint combination. All the other beautiful women on this blog have a connection between Venus and Saturn and Pluto: it means that love and beauty don't come easy when business is involved. Her Venus/Saturn is square Pluto. Beauty hurts...Quoting Pamela:
"Natural beauty takes at least two hours in front of a mirror."

There is an important role for Uranus in the chart of Pamela Anderson. The A-rated chart has Uranus, ruler MC,  on a crucial spot, square Ascendant. This crucial Uranus is part of a golden Yod between Sun, Moon and Uranus. It seems that she is being motivated to create upheavel and excitement in her life and that of others.
Besides, the Ascendant in Gemini points at ' forever young'. Venus and Uranus are connected to the Ascendant. This connection is frequent in the charts of beauties (and related to beauty surgery, too). 

Taking all tight aspects into consideration, there is a picture already.  And looking at the chart again, there is also a  clear Astro I.D. The most prominent issues are reflected by the most prominent planets and asteroids. Notice the prominence of Uranus, Venus and Pholus. Venus and Pholus are on the meridian, in opposition and in aspect with the Ascendant.  Uranus, ruler Midheaven, is square Ascendant. Venus, Uranus and Pholus relate to the career and position by means of the shocking/exiting  (Uranus) presentation (AC) of beauty and glamour (Venus is in Leo) that initiated a turning point with a risk of shooting your own feet (Pholus). This might get back to when she was 21 (see later). This combination shows that it is important to be popular, too. You might read Venus-Pholus as  ' beauty and popularity polls' , with a position (MC) depending on it. 

Pamela is 43 now, no longer young. Saturn will almost be square her natal Sun, ending a decade and resonating the Sun square Saturn in her natal chart, reflecting the fight for self respect, managing and controlling life, facing the bad sides (like the Hepatitis C; Saturn is the ruler of the 6th house of illness)). Pamela has two children. Recently she said that she was sorry about her career because her children were being teased. Right now transit Saturn is in the 5th house of children.

PS Pamela Anderson started her career as a model when she was 21. That is when her progressed Sun sign changed (the indication that life and lifestyle will be changing; and that is what happened after the BC public cheered when she showed up...).

Sophia Loren has tight small aspects with both Saturn and Pluto. You see her chart here...

More charts of beautiful women and Venus-Saturn-Pluto here....

 Post about male attraction:

And see the labels below for more info...


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quaoar and Iphone

Should Quaoar, the symbol of new realities and creations, be the reflection of the Apple Iphone, I wonder? Or should Quaoar be the reflection of MY I phone in MY chart, only? And if Quaoar is the symbol of it, does Quaoar include excitement and enthusiasm? It sure feels that way!:) I am completely in love with the gadget, like all the other persons I know who bought the phone. Like for example my coworker, whose husband tragically said that he wished that he was an Iphone! 

 Why do I think that Quaoar is reflecting the new device or interactive creations like this? Quaoar moves over my Sun, Midheaven and progressed Ascendant right now, so it was about time for new horizons. And you wouldn't believe it, but in fact it is true that buying this changed a lot. Really, the Iphone changed the way I do things, my daily pattern! I even bought wine using an application, watch the stars above using a tool that perfectly mirrors the signs, stars and planets with all the names, I carry my music with me and I have a pocket ephemeris for the transits all the time. No need to carry maps or a dictionary when I am in another country: it is all in the phone and within reach, just like YouTube, Twitter and all the newspapers, CNN and the radio. A few clicks and there you are. It is a quick working computer with a phone and a camera in a small tablet. Yes, sometimes I even make a call:)!

So, as you may understand,  I spend less time blogging now... I hardly touch the computer. And, there are so many more things to explore, so many applications...I can't wait to see a giant like with handy apps in my small but effective screen. 

But: back to Quaoar...

In the chart of Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) Quaoar is exactly trine Mercury in Aquarius. Merucury is the ruler of Midheaven. That seems to be a perfect statement for easy ways to open new realities and for creating new perspectives in communications. 

Quaoar is now in the 20th degree of Sagittarius, 19d38m to be exact. A transit of Quaoar starts creating new perspectives or realities. Maybe not life changing for most of us, and of course depending on the surrounding transits, the circumstances and your situation. 

Please use the poll: have you noticed Quaoar somehow?

LINKS About the chart of Steve Jobs during the upheavel about the Iphone's antenna for more about Quaoar on this blog Mark Andrew Holmes made a glyph for Quaoar More about the I phone


Saturday, September 25, 2010

David and Ed Milliband

Chart of noon on the day of birth of Ed Milliband 
David Milliband has been defeated by his younger brother Ed and now Ed Milliband is the new leader of Labour. See the Times...Why not have a look at the positions of the days of birth of the brothers and see how the results are reflecting in their charts*)?

David Milliband was born July 15, 1965. Transit Pluto was square his Ceres today and transit Saturn is almost on his Mars. The progressed Sun is sextile Mars and the sextile with Mars offers an easy way out of a battle or struggle. There is no sign of success or joy.

Ed Milliband was born December 24, 1969
Today he has transit Pluto on the natal Sun and transit Jupiter was opposition natal Pluto. Sun, Jupiter and Pluto: that is a winning team. In the natal chart he has the same aspect combination. The tightest aspect in his chart is Sun in Capricorn trine Saturn, a statement for ambition and management. 

It is clear that the chart of Ed Milliband had the most fortunate aspects. The individual charts with Midheaven and Ascendant could have made a difference, but apparently they did not. 

Continue for the match between the brothers and for more charts...BTW: The competition is reflected by Mars inconjunct Mars.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Astrology of Facebook man Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg had an idea and now he is one of the richest persons in the world. He invented Facebook. Why he? Without hour of birth there are the following tools to see.

1. He has a 'calling' Mercury (a mercury without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). That means that he is in for communication at any possible level.
2. Uranus is also ' calling' and that is a statement for controversy and rebellion as well as for... techniques. 
3. Pholus doesn't make major aspect, either. 
Now we have 3 important positions, for Mercury, Uranus and Pholus. Together they mean: 
a turning point in communication techniques.

There is more, like always...He also has 3 biquintiles in the natal chart. Biquintiles are good for creations. And speaking of creatons and arts: Venus sesquisqaure Neptune is for sensitivity.  Of course, you can have ideas and make no money at all. Not Zuckerberg! He is a Taurus with Moon in Scoprio. These signs are ruled by Venus and Pluto. His Venus is quindecile Pluto and both are strong in own sign. It is an indication for a strong focus on earning money. And then we have Jupiter, trine Venus and quintile Pluto to add some succes, support and luck...How much more individual chart position does one need to make it to the top?:) He is even richer than Steve Jobs (Apple) (link to his chart and the synastry with his business partner Wozniak). 

Here is the chart of his day of birth. Possibly (or better: probably) the individual chart with the angular positions give even more insight in the capacities of Mark Zuckerberg. 

If you were born on the same day as Mark Zuckerberg and you are not a wealthy man or woman, don't blame your chart. It is the combination of a period in history, circumstances, situations, genes AND the chart that ' does it'. But, you will always be the kind of person to make money, talk/write/communicate a lot and make the world a better place or change the world (perhaps through inventions).

For more about Venus-Pluto, the money axis, see the label below or go to the article on Astromarkt about Venus-Pluto.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chart of Johan Cruijff re: 14282

Famous Dutch football player Johan Cruijff has his own 'star' now that asteroid number 14282 has been named after him. The number is not listed in the files (yet), so I couldn't see if this asteroid 'hits' a personal point in the chart of Cruijff. His AA rated chart has progressed Midheaven inconjunct Pholus in this period, but I doubt that this is referring to the asteroid. Progressed Sun is trine must be Progressed Ascendant conjunct Neptune, because that is 0.0 degree orb, exactly today! Now his name (Ascendant) is a mythe (Neptune) forever and ever...

Continue for more about the chart, transits and progressions...

Laughing Swiss politician

A Swiss politician named Hans-Rufolf Merz couldn't stop laughing when he answered questions about Bindenfleisch (don't ask me what kind of meat it is...see Wikipedia, continue for the link...) and that is a hit on the internet.  Why (or with what mirror in the sky)?
Transit Pholus is semisquare his progressed Sun now (a turning point in life) and Neptune is semisextile progressed Sun (a hype). These aspects are resonating the Sun semi square Neptune and sextile Pholus aspects in the natal chart.  Also progressed Mercury is quindecile natal Jupiter (for an obsessive success in communications). The combination of these three aspects might just end up in a somewhat embarresing experience in communications (at least, if he wasn't  trying to be funny:). He already appologized to the public worker whose answers he was reading. And the factory immediately produced a new wrapping with the Minister's face on it...

BTW, watch Mercury in Scoprio, biquintile Saturn and square Pluito. That is the signature of the communication strategy (the political mind). The combination of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto is frequent in the charts of politicians like American

See the hilarious video, too:

End read about Bindenfleisch/Bunnerfleisch on Wikipedia here...


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Astropost: Paris Hilton arrested (and when to have a party)

Party animal Paris Hilton has been refused entry to Japan. For the last few months she manages to be arrested, kicked out of countries and fill the papers, like last July (See Astropost: Paris Hilton arrested (and when to have a party) for her chart (just click).

The Astrodatabank chart is C-rated, but seems to fit well with the events. This week transit Saturn was on her Midheaven. And Neptune, the planet of scandalls, will return to join her natal Sun, so we might expect her to be in the news again and again...Saturn and Neptune aren't easy to deal with...wether you are rich and famous or not.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Sophia Loren, born September 20

On September 15 I published about the Venus-Saturn-Pluto combinations in the charts of beautiful women. This combination might refer to the pain and efforts to be a 'die hard'  beauty. Today I had a look at the chart of Sophia Loren.

Her ' cool'  Venus in Virgo is in minor aspect with Saturn (quatronovile, 160d) and Pluto (semi square). And that is in line with the other beauties...


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Astropost: Progressed Sun sign changing

One year ago on Astropost: Progressed Sun sign changing
The Sun remains in one zodiac sign for about 30 days. That is 30 years in a progressed chart. If you live long enough your sun sign is changing twice in a life time. Often this period of change is mirroring a changing life style.
A dramatic example?
On October 9, 1967 Che Guevara was executed after a disastrous attempt to create a revolution on the mainland of America Latina. His Sun had move to Leo in 1966, when he left Cuba. In 1997 his body returned to Cuba. That was when his progressed Sun moved to Virgo.


Jimi Hendrix final day

Jimi Hendrix died 40 years ago yesterday, on September 18, 1970. There is a post about the very clear easy reading natal chart on Art&Astrology. This post is about the transits and progressions on the day that he died after taking too many sleeping pills with wine and about the importance of Mars and Neptune in his natal chart.

The most important planets in the natal chart are Mars (oriental) and Neptune (elevated) and they are semi square and in aspect with the important midpoint Sun/Moon (the midpoint of motivations, hard and soul). With such a combination you might be driven by ideals, art, dreams, visions...But you might also loose or waste your energy because of the use and abuse of drugs or medications. It seems that Hendrix took the sleeping pills, not knowing that the British pills were stronger than the American were. That day, September 18, 1970 was a risky day for Jimi Hendrix. On that specific day we see a combination of danger, misunderstandings and risks:

1. Transit Saturn was on the progressed IC (indicating a final episode) and trine progressed Ascendant.  In the natal chart Saturn is sesquisquare Midheaven. 
The resonation of the transit sort of activated the promiss in the natal chart and it was the promiss of an early or untimely end of the career. 

2. Jupiter is conjunct the Descendant of the progressed chart. Natal Jupiter is exactly inconjunct the Ascendant of the natal chart. That means that Jupiter would be conjunct the cusp of the 8th house of life and deathin the equal house chart. The exact conjunction in the progressed chart is resonating the risk of death while on a journey (he was in England).

3. Also transit Mars is square natal Saturn. The combination of Mars-Saturn is the combination of energies ending and the risk of death.

Saturn (endings), the eight house (life and death) and the risk of death...on one specific not very fortunate day (with transit Sun square Ascendant)...Three is a crowd...But that is not all. Continue for the other transits and progressions, the chart drawing and more...

Jupiter in Pisces, John Henry Newman and the Pope

John Henry Newman was a man of religious courage in his days. When he became a roman catholic he lost his job and the contact with one of his sisters. That is not the reason for beatification by the Pope today. His theological works are important and it seems that he did two miracles. See the news..That is enough to become holy (a saint) in the Roman Catholic Church. 

Jupiter in Pisces seems to be important in this case. It is interesting how the important 'calling'  Jupiter in Pisces (sign of Christianity) of Newman is reflecting the importance of his faith and religion. When Jupiter is calling, travelling and conviction are of extreme importance, at any possible level. The Pope also has an important Jupiter in Pisces (see yesterday's post). When I noticed that in synastry the Jupiter of Newman is in aspect with the Sun and Midheaven of the Pope, I asked myself for the xxth time: who benefits from who when Jupiter is part of an aspect in synastry? 

You see, the charts don't show it, just as the chart doesn't clarify who is the victim and who is the actor in a Mars-Pluto conflict. The prominent 'calling' Jupiter  of Newman is square the Sun of the Pope and inconjunct the Midheaven of the Pope. 

The progressed Sun of Newman was   sextile natal Jupiter in the past months preceding the beatification, with transit Pluto sextile his natal Sun. That progressed Sun of Newman is now in the 26th degree of Virgo, inconjunct the Pope's natal Midheaven. 
BTW The progressed Sun of Newman was trine Jupiter when he became a priest in 1825. Continue for the chart of the Pope and (in green) the positions on the day of birth of John Henry Newman and for links to more posts about religious devotion, popes and the sign of Pisces....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chart of the Pope and visit to the UK

The Pope is visiting the UK. This is the chart of Pope Benedict with today’s transits.

A dwarf planet and an asteroid hold important positions on the angles of the chart: Quaoar and Ceres. Quaoar square Ascendant might show new horizons for the Pope (and his church). Transit Quaoar, the symbol of creative new realities, is on a hot spot, on top of his natal chart, square the Ascendant, reflecting the event of yesterday. Transit Quaoar is trine his progressed Mars. And with the symbol of the roots and motherhood (Ceres*) is right now on his Midheaven we see the importance of ‘family’ (and perhaps in the situation: the mother church). Ceres is semisquare the crucial midpoint AC/MC in the Pope’s natal chart. (See the links below.)
This visit to the UK is a historic visit. What happened was, that for the first time in 500 years the Pope of Rome set foot in an Anglican cathedral and he stood there together with Archbishop Rowan Williams (see the post about his chart and the upheaval around him in 2008) . It was a moment of importance for the churches of Rome and London. For the backgrounds, read the Telegraph about it…

Transit Ceres and transit Quaoar in contact with the angles of the chart are mirroring a sort of a creative recipe. Time will tell what the result of the cooking will be…and meanwhile it is red hot in the kitchen. With Pholus in Sagittarius this is apparently the time for a turning point for religions and convictions in general with the risk of ‘shooting own feet’.

The journey to the UK is being reflected by the transit of Jupiter and Uranus conjunct natal Mercury. Jupiter-Uranus is the ‘Thank God’ (relief) combination of positive change (for the person involved). Uranus might be mirroring the controversy about the visit and the upheaval about the arrest of a group of terrorists planning an attack during his visit. The combination of Mercury and Jupiter is in general the combination of travelling (abroad). Mercury is reflecting transportation and Jupiter is the planet of the international. In the natal chart of the Pope, Jupiter is in Pisces and on the Ascendant.

For more about the Astrological ID of the Pope and links to earlier posts about him, continue…

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Astrology chart Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

This post is about the special position of Sedna in the chart of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway. Sedna is a deity who was given up or sacrificed by her father in order to keep the sea monsters calm. Sedna is a planetoide, not a dwarf planet, because it is not certain if her shape is round like the shapes of planets. She is now positioned at 22d30 Taurus. In the chart of the Princess, Sedna is opposition her Moon and square her Ascendant.
(Astrology Weekly gives an official time of birth of 17.07 LMT for Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, born September 22, 1971 in Oslo. )

Why a post about the Norwegian Princess? She is hot news today because of the publication of her book about 'talking with spirits'. See the news...Before she wrote this book, she used to run classes for talking with angels. Religious persons in her country are upset. That is perfectly mirrored by the transit of the planet of upheavel, Uranus, opposition her natal Sun. 
All bad things come in three: transit Saturn is opposition the progressed Moon and conjunct natal Venus. That is perhaps limiting joy. She has Jupiter opposition progressed Sun soon for a success with question marks.

Continue for the  chart and for more about Sedna, the myth and the possible modern reflection of Sedna. The controversy about the Princess's business caused the King to make her less royal...

Charts of beautiful women and Venus-Saturn-Pluto

Attractive modern entertainers and actors, (those males who know and use their appearances), often have the hot planet Venus in a cool sign like Virgo or Capricorn. And they have Saturn in aspect with Venus or the Ascendant. We admire them from a distance. Males with closer contacts with women have more placements in Taurus and Libra. But how about women? I compared the charts of eight women who are considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. And I found Venus-Saturn (just like in the charts of men) and Venus-Pluto, together, in 7 of them. But there are exceptions (there always are...): Catherine Deneuve. However... She has Venus 'calling' in the eight house (the house of Pluto) trine the Capricorn Ascendant.

In the post about Britney I mention the professional femme fatale (Venus-Saturn-Pluto: the 'die hard' in cases of love and beauty) in her chart. Maybe that is a way to see Venus-Saturn-Pluto. There is an expression in my country:
If you want to be beautiful, you must suffer
Just depilate and scrub and you will see how true that is... And how about the challenge (Pluto) of aging (Saturn), a serious problem for the beauty and the charm...?
Suffer for beauty, charm, estetics or vanity....maybe that is exactly what Venus-Saturn-Pluto is about. (However, see this link to an article with movie about the experiment that proves that kindness improves the looks,... of apples...:).
Continue to see the charts and observations and for links to posts about the women....and about apples...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

George Michael gets eight weeks

Wham! George Michael gets eight weeks in jail. See the NY Post…link...And that is news now that

a.    the transit midpoint of Saturn/Uranus is square his natal Sun (mirroring limited freedom),
b.    transit Saturn inconjunct his progressed Midheaven (reflecting a bad position including lost of respect) and
c.    transit Pholus square his natal Mars (showing the risk of a turning point in a fight or conflict).
d.    Also transit Neptune is inconjunct the midpoint Sun/Moon (disappointment and sadness or isolation) and
e.    progressed Sun/Moon is conjunct Orcus (an oath or broken promises in the spotlights).
f.     Very important is the transit of Pluto opposition his natal Sun: problem with self esteem and authorities…having to start all over again.
g.  Progressed Moon conjunct Progressed Midheaven: another indication of change and a condition to remember.

In times of trouble your transits are not alone…It takes at least 3 to tango. We see two inconjunction at the time and inconjunctions are often showing lack of balance or losts. Pluto is for challenges or stress. These threee observations are sufficient to show getting out of balance because of stress. It must be hard times for George Michael. And his friends expected these troubles. His friends were worried before (in December 2009). That is when I wrote (see :
Transit Saturn is moving to the lowest spot in the chart (and it will only get better when Saturn - status - is going up). Transit Pluto is opposition his natal Sun; this rises the question 'do I have to change my lifestyle?'. Transit Saturn is square the natal Sun and will come back a few times to perfect the square. The combination of Saturn and Pluto is the combination of the 'die hard' and the disadvantages of power, politics, influence and money. With Saturn and Pluto on his tail, George Michael may find it even more difficult to control life than he uses to, but the Saturn and Pluto combination also is reflecting rigidity and refusal. Those aren't easy transits...
Also, with progressed AC/MC in hard aspect with natal Neptune we can see how addiction (and arts!) gets a growing and crucial influence. The progressed Ascendant conjunct Moon highlights the situation (and maybe introduces someone who cares) 
 This summer he hit a shop. That was with:
… transit Jupiter is inconjunct Uranus (for a 'relief, but..') and square Sun (in order to make you count your blessings) ánd sesquisquare progressed Sun (for a frustrating positive experience or for being found positive and be frustrated about it, see the Sun-Jupiter related doping cases).
Here is the chart with progressions and transits for today, September 14, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Colin Firth: most attractive

In the post about male attraction in the chart (link follows) I mentioned Saturn with Venus. Now I read that British women find Colin Firth most attractive. A poll among 1500 women resulted in a first place for Colin Firth. Of course I started looking for his day of birth to see the positions in his chart and yes: Venus square  a strong Saturn in Capricorn.  In the post about good looking guys  I also mentioned Taurus and Libra. Well, his Moon is in Taurus and his Venus in Libra*).  He also has Mars opposition Jupiter and quintile Pluto for successes and a minor aspect between Venus and Jupiter. Maybe this Venus-Jupiter doubles his charmJJ
I use to include Pholus in the charts, lately. Colin Firth has Venus trine Pholus. This combination of charm (Venus) and a centaur armed with an arrow(Pholus) made me think of this little guy:
*) (Taurus and Libra are also frequent ‘tools’ in the charts of actors and artist and he is an actor and a singer. See Art&Astrology for examples of artists, actors and entertainers with the pattern of artistic talent in their charts... 

The news about the poll is here...

See the post about male attraction with links to the posts about the charts of famous examples like Sean Connery, James Dean, Clark Gable and Matt Damon)
or go to the post about Brad Pitt (Venus in Capricorn)

USA today: Pholus on Ascendant?

Natal, transits and progressions for the Wall Street Crash in 1929

If the chart of the USA has a Sagittarius Ascendant, transit Pholus is now close to the USA’s Ascendant (and transit Pholus is already close to the Pluto of September 11. 2001). 
Pholus - Ascendant is often reflecting a turning point in a situation. The nation’s situation is changing, with the risk of damage (possibly caused by own decisions). It is not the only transit today. Transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Sun might stop certain developments and be depressing, but the progressed Sun trine natal Jupiter will follow a few days later. It seems to be a period of ups and downs with a chance of sudden windfall later and most of all: a turning point in history, in retrospective. 
Pholus is often indicating an important moment in retrospective. (Transit Pholus was exactly opposiition the Progressed Sun of President Obama, on the day that his idol J.F. Kennedy died. Even though Obama was only a todler then, this moment in history had impact.)

Pholus doesn't seem to offer insight in the nature of the starting moment of something that became important afterwards or later...I wonder what the importance of Pholus on the USA’s ascendant will be, when we look back at it later. Continue for some Pholus-moments in the history of the chart of the United States.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Bush's at September 11, 2001

transits with chart of GW Bush on September 11, 2001
On September 11, 2001, the progressed Ascendant of George W.Bush, the President in those days, was square natal Uranus (a shocking situation) and the progressed Sun was inconjunct natal Eris (symbol of discord). Transit Neptune inconjunct Progressed Sun completed the disaster, the losts and the sadness. Transit Quaoar trine Ascendant shows the new reality on the horizon. Things changed and transit Pholus square his Ascendant made things change the hard way.

His wife Laura (link to more about her chart) was directed to the safe cellars of the White House. There were rumors about attacks planned on the White House. Transit Saturn square the natal Moon describes the sad experience.
Almost everyone knows where he/she was when hearing/seeing the news of the Twin Towers, even if they were not directly involved. The chart of Presidents often correspond with events in the nation (during their government). The chart of G.W.Bush shows surprise/shock and a changing horizon/perspective. The inconjunction with Neptune is reflecting lost balance. When such tight aspects happen (three times) in your chart, there is likely to be an incident or event that will be remembered later. 
More on September 11 ...

The 3x double transits of September 11, 2001

Natal USA chart with Transit Mars square MC and Transit Pluto on the AC.
Natal Saturn is conjunct the attack chart's AC (scroll down)
The chart of the USA and the chart of September 11, 2001 in New York are strongly linked to each other. Three aspects relate one chart to the other one and back (vice versa, cross-over). Of course this can happen once, or twice, but three is a crowd, especially when the transits are in such a limited period of time and when they are significant for what happened. On the moment that changed the course of history there were 3x2 of the most challenging transits between the chart of Indepence Day and the chart of the first hit on September 11. Transit Ascendant-Saturn-Pluto and Uranus were related to Ascendant, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus of the USA chart when Mars hit the USA Midheaven.

In short:

1. Ascendant of USA- transit Pluto + USA Pluto – transit Ascendant
The combination of Pluto-Ascendant is resonating the semi square in the natal chart of the USA, born in the middle of Independence WAR.
Pluto-Ascendant is showing a dangerous or challenging situation. 

2. Progressed USA Ascendant-transit Saturn + USA Saturn-transit Ascendant
Saturn-Ascendant is mirroring a sad or bad situation.

3. Mars of USA – transit Uranus + USA Uranus + transit Mars
Mars-Uranus is the combination of the ‘short fuse’ and is very frequent in the chart of terrorist. See Astromarkt about Mars-Uranus…

There is also a repeating aspect in synastry and in the attack chart. Midheaven of USA-transit Mars + MC of moment – transit Mars. So Mars was hitting the Midheaven of the moment of attack + the Midheaven of the USA: the status quo was hit. 

For more about the aspects and the charts involved, continue.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen and Pluto

Tomorrow, just a few minutes after posting this (starting on Friday September 10, 2010) there is Magnus Carlsen vs the World on Internet. Here is the link to where you can try to beat him:). ..

Chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen was born on November 30, 1990, just like Antoine N'Gossan, an Ivorian football midfielder and the Swedish football player of Beninese decent, Yosif Ayuba. Tactics and strategy are necessary in chess, football and politics. These qualities are represented by

Pluto is important in the chart of these three men. Pluto is the planet of orientation (the planet that rises before the Sun) on November 30, 1990. It means that tactics and strategy (and winning!) come first...
The importance of Pluto for his career is shown by the progression/transit at age 13, when Magnus Carlsen became a Grandmaster. That was with transit Pluto conjunct Progressed Sun (in a year of transformation and challenges)...

Continue for the other qualities in the chart of November 30, 1990 and see the links to more about Sun-Pluto and another prodigy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Laura Bush's Accident at age 17

Laura Bush wrote 'Spoken from the heart'. The sad story about the accident that cost the life of a young man and that was caused by a mistake of Laura Bush, made me have a look at her chart with progressions and transits for the fatal day. It is an Astrodatabank B-rated chart, but the progressed Midheaven square transit Neptune and Ascendant opposition Mercury seem to fit in the picture and these aspects are pretty close. Also watch transit Pholus close to Progressed Midheaven and square natal Ascendant (a crucial turning point). And see the progressed Sun sign changing: her life style was changing that year. Continue for the chart and the match with George W.Bush...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Astropost: The capacities of the day of birth of Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman spent a lot of her money in the race for becoming the Republican Governor of California. Hey Meg, California is not for sale, says the Huffington Post. But it seems that she is not the only one (read this...). In November 2008 Meg Whitman's name was mentioned as a possible candidate instead of Sarah Palin.
See Astropost: The capacities of the day of birth of Meg Whitman


Monday, September 6, 2010

Julia Gillard and the hour of birth

Corrected h.o.b. for Julia Gillard with Sun on AC when she became the PM

With reference to the post about the elections in Australia,and with many thanks for the mail:) here is the possible chart of Julia Eileen Gillard WITH hour of birth (according to a friend of her mother she was born at noon).  
A birth around noon with Uranus in the ninth house would be in line with the fact that she was born in a Baptist family and says not to believe in a god. Uranus in the ninth is often the indication for another religion or belief than the parents had.

To see the explanation of the  corrected 11:52 a.m. chart by Alice Portman, click here... . She used the emigration to Australia at age 4 to correct the chart. This corrected chart has the Progressed Sun on the Ascendant on June 24,, when Julia Gillard became the Australian PM!
Possible birth chart of Julia Gillard with transits and progressions for June 24, when she became the PM
A corrected chart is a chart with an estimated hour of birth based upon the correspondence between events in an individual's life, transits and progression. When there is no hour of birth available for you, you could give it a try to find a possible hour of birth. Personally, I have an offical hour of birth and my mother;s time (just 3 minutes later). I have tried to find the exact minute a few times and I ended with possible hours of birth between 12:25 and 12:45. The official time is in the middle:)! 

A lot of charts of VIP's are corrected or estimated charts. (Sometimes you can recognize corrected hours of birth by the minutes and seconds). That is why the work of Astrodatabank to find the true hour of birth and mention the source or controversy is so valuable and appreciated. 
For example the chart of Joan of Arc, that is a DD-rated chart. An AA-rated chart is one with birth certificate in hand (like Barack Obama's chart:). A DD-rated chart has a date that is not verified. Always check the rating to see if you can use the chart as a tool for understanding and learning about transits and progressions! 

Astropost: Astrology chart Natascha Kampusch and PriklopilThe Saturn-Uranus and Sun-Pluto connection

Wednesday September 8, 2010 is the release of Natascha Kampusch' book. Natascha Kampusch was kidnapped by Wolfgang Priklopil. Reed Astropost: Astrology chart Natascha Kampusch and PriklopilThe Saturn-Uranus and Sun-Pluto connection about her chart and the interaction between their charts.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Carlos Cruz' Venus quindecile Pluto

Carlos Cruz, a Portugese television celebrity, has been found guilty of child abuse in the Casa Pia Child sexual abuse scandal. The orphanage children came forward with their stories in 2002. Cruz was arrested in 2003. On September 3, 2010 Cruz got 7 years and I read that he might be released in 2014, with progressed Sun -> Jupiter.
Just like in a few other cases of abuse*), there is a Venus-Pluto aspect in the chart of Cruz: Venus quindecile (165 degrees**) Pluto.

With Venus-Pluto desires are stronger and when those desires are wrong, not allowed or...if you can't afford them, there is a big problem. There is another side on Venus-Pluto: the same intense desire or wish can get you where you want to be.

Many more people are born on that day with Venus-Pluto and (hopefully) few were child abusers. Venus-Pluto is the combination of making money, too. Many modern artists have a Venus-Pluto combination. And Venus-Pluto can simply intensify desires and wishes (in whatever way) or enjoy money and power.
Here are a few links to others born on March 24, 1942: (Zéllo Visconti, Brasilian artist) (economist and politician in Argentina)

- Scott Ritter case: Venus square Pluto and Mars

- Philp Garrido and Josef Fritzl both have an aspect between Venus and Pluto. Josef Fritzl and his daughter both have Mars afflicted by Pluto.
- Christopher-Paul Neil is a child abuser with Mars oriental, afflicted by Saturn and Pluto, with Venus inconjunct Pluto

Another post about Venus-Pluto:
Father Lawrence Murphy had Progressed Venus quindecile Pluto during his study for priest. Transit Pholus was conjunct progressed Venus and square progressed Mars in the year that he started as a priest.
Here is a list of famous persons with a Venus-Pluto aspect in their chart:

Eric Clapton Venus square Pluto

Prins Charles Venus trine Pluto
Frank Zappa Venus trine Pluto
O.J. Simpson Mars = Venus/Pluto=Venus/Saturn (it is Saturn making it worse…)
Steven Spielberg Venus square Pluto
Yasser Arafat Venus conjunct Pluto (and 150 Saturn)
Christian Dior Venus square Pluto
Chuck Berry Venus square Pluto (exact)
Howard Hughes Venus opposition Pluto
Richard Nixon MC=Asc=Venus/Pluto
Bill Clinton Venus sextile Pluto (and conjunct Mars and Neptune)

Jacqueline Kennedy Venus sextile Pluto
Greta Garbo Venus sextile Pluto
Lois Rodden Venus sextile Pluto
Shirley Temple Venus square Pluto (exact)
Cher Venus semi square Pluto
Condoleezza Rice Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio square Pluto
(aren't they strong women?)




**) A quindecile is the aspect of strong focus and sometimes obsession.


His arrest in 2003 was in the year of transit Pholus (the turning point) square Venus and progressed Venus square natal and progressed Pholus. Pholus-Venus is the starting point of changing preferences and sympathies (vice versa as it seems...). More about Pholus? See the labels...