Monday, September 27, 2010

Chart of Pamela Anderson

A few days ago I wrote about the indications for beauty in the charts of some famous beauties. Now I post about Pamela Anderson, the most sexy woman in the world since Marilyn Monroe. Here is the chart and here are some observations. One thing is for sure: she has a Venus-Saturn-Pluto midpoint combination. All the other beautiful women on this blog have a connection between Venus and Saturn and Pluto: it means that love and beauty don't come easy when business is involved. Her Venus/Saturn is square Pluto. Beauty hurts...Quoting Pamela:
"Natural beauty takes at least two hours in front of a mirror."

There is an important role for Uranus in the chart of Pamela Anderson. The A-rated chart has Uranus, ruler MC,  on a crucial spot, square Ascendant. This crucial Uranus is part of a golden Yod between Sun, Moon and Uranus. It seems that she is being motivated to create upheavel and excitement in her life and that of others.
Besides, the Ascendant in Gemini points at ' forever young'. Venus and Uranus are connected to the Ascendant. This connection is frequent in the charts of beauties (and related to beauty surgery, too). 

Taking all tight aspects into consideration, there is a picture already.  And looking at the chart again, there is also a  clear Astro I.D. The most prominent issues are reflected by the most prominent planets and asteroids. Notice the prominence of Uranus, Venus and Pholus. Venus and Pholus are on the meridian, in opposition and in aspect with the Ascendant.  Uranus, ruler Midheaven, is square Ascendant. Venus, Uranus and Pholus relate to the career and position by means of the shocking/exiting  (Uranus) presentation (AC) of beauty and glamour (Venus is in Leo) that initiated a turning point with a risk of shooting your own feet (Pholus). This might get back to when she was 21 (see later). This combination shows that it is important to be popular, too. You might read Venus-Pholus as  ' beauty and popularity polls' , with a position (MC) depending on it. 

Pamela is 43 now, no longer young. Saturn will almost be square her natal Sun, ending a decade and resonating the Sun square Saturn in her natal chart, reflecting the fight for self respect, managing and controlling life, facing the bad sides (like the Hepatitis C; Saturn is the ruler of the 6th house of illness)). Pamela has two children. Recently she said that she was sorry about her career because her children were being teased. Right now transit Saturn is in the 5th house of children.

PS Pamela Anderson started her career as a model when she was 21. That is when her progressed Sun sign changed (the indication that life and lifestyle will be changing; and that is what happened after the BC public cheered when she showed up...).

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