Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Bush's at September 11, 2001

transits with chart of GW Bush on September 11, 2001
On September 11, 2001, the progressed Ascendant of George W.Bush, the President in those days, was square natal Uranus (a shocking situation) and the progressed Sun was inconjunct natal Eris (symbol of discord). Transit Neptune inconjunct Progressed Sun completed the disaster, the losts and the sadness. Transit Quaoar trine Ascendant shows the new reality on the horizon. Things changed and transit Pholus square his Ascendant made things change the hard way.

His wife Laura (link to more about her chart) was directed to the safe cellars of the White House. There were rumors about attacks planned on the White House. Transit Saturn square the natal Moon describes the sad experience.
Almost everyone knows where he/she was when hearing/seeing the news of the Twin Towers, even if they were not directly involved. The chart of Presidents often correspond with events in the nation (during their government). The chart of G.W.Bush shows surprise/shock and a changing horizon/perspective. The inconjunction with Neptune is reflecting lost balance. When such tight aspects happen (three times) in your chart, there is likely to be an incident or event that will be remembered later. 
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