Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quaoar and Iphone

Should Quaoar, the symbol of new realities and creations, be the reflection of the Apple Iphone, I wonder? Or should Quaoar be the reflection of MY I phone in MY chart, only? And if Quaoar is the symbol of it, does Quaoar include excitement and enthusiasm? It sure feels that way!:) I am completely in love with the gadget, like all the other persons I know who bought the phone. Like for example my coworker, whose husband tragically said that he wished that he was an Iphone! 

 Why do I think that Quaoar is reflecting the new device or interactive creations like this? Quaoar moves over my Sun, Midheaven and progressed Ascendant right now, so it was about time for new horizons. And you wouldn't believe it, but in fact it is true that buying this changed a lot. Really, the Iphone changed the way I do things, my daily pattern! I even bought wine using an application, watch the stars above using a tool that perfectly mirrors the signs, stars and planets with all the names, I carry my music with me and I have a pocket ephemeris for the transits all the time. No need to carry maps or a dictionary when I am in another country: it is all in the phone and within reach, just like YouTube, Twitter and all the newspapers, CNN and the radio. A few clicks and there you are. It is a quick working computer with a phone and a camera in a small tablet. Yes, sometimes I even make a call:)!

So, as you may understand,  I spend less time blogging now... I hardly touch the computer. And, there are so many more things to explore, so many applications...I can't wait to see a giant like with handy apps in my small but effective screen. 

But: back to Quaoar...

In the chart of Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) Quaoar is exactly trine Mercury in Aquarius. Merucury is the ruler of Midheaven. That seems to be a perfect statement for easy ways to open new realities and for creating new perspectives in communications. 

Quaoar is now in the 20th degree of Sagittarius, 19d38m to be exact. A transit of Quaoar starts creating new perspectives or realities. Maybe not life changing for most of us, and of course depending on the surrounding transits, the circumstances and your situation. 

Please use the poll: have you noticed Quaoar somehow?

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